A Step-by-step Review of a Cop’s Use of Force

The guy had a knife, and attacked a cop. Oh, and he was a Jihadist. Law of Self Defense: ISIS Brings Knife to Gunfight, Gets Shot

The events took place on January 7, but the body cam video and 911 recordings were only recently released under court order, in response to motions filed by media outlets for disclosure. (The body cam video footage is embedded below.)

It’s worth a look. The original video/story is at this link. But Legal Insurrection has a better analysis. (First link at top.)

Immigrant Vandalizes Grave of Terror Victim, Attacks Her Father. Cops Do Nothing

There’s never a cop around when you need one. (This is Sweden, so they are hiding under the bed, fearful of being labeled “racist”.) Father of Swedish terror victim attacked by migrant who vandalised her grave – Police do nothing.

Stefan writes that the man was sentenced to expulsion in 2014, but the decision was appealed to the Supreme Court. In 2015, he was sentenced again, for the grave violation, but avoided expulsion.

The trial for repeated violations of Ebba’s grave will be held in March next year. According to the father, the vandalisation continues “on average three nights a week”.

Sweden is toast. But they brought it on themselves. (Well, Angela Merkel helped.) Hat tip to Trigger Reset.

The Real “War on Christmas”

Hint: it isn’t about saying “Happy Holidays.” Deadly shooting in French city of Strasbourg.

A gunman opened fire near a Christmas market in the French city of Strasbourg, killing at least four people and injuring 11 others, local officials said on Tuesday evening.

Four dead, eleven wounded. The French are opening a “terrorism probe into the shooting.”

Germany has strengthened border controls into Strasbourg.

Strasbourg’s Christmas market is a popular tourist destination, drawing millions of visitors every year.

FBI Stops a Replay of the Attack on the Pittsburgh Synagogue and a Separate Attack

Two attacks were stopped. I expect there will be more. An alleged ISIS supporter and a woman accused of planning a terror attack arrested in Ohio.

“This man spent months planning a violent terrorist attack on behalf of ISIS here in the United States, and eventually targeted a Jewish synagogue in the Toledo area,” said U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman of the Northern District of Ohio in a press release. “The charges describe a calculated man fueled by an ideology of hatred and intent on killing innocent people.”

In a separate incident…

In the nearby city of Toledo, agents on Monday morning arrested Elizabeth Lecron, 23, for allegedly buying bomb-building materials such as screws and gunpowder. She is charged with one count of transportation of explosives and explosive material for the purposes of harming others and property.

“The future ain’t what it used to be.”

ISIL Claims Responsibility for Melbourne Attack

Terror down-under. Melbourne stabbings: Isil claims suspected terror attack that left one dead.

In an attack described by the state premier as an “act of evil”, the man sped a utility vehicle down Bourke Street, one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares, and then stopped and apparently set it alight before randomly stabbing pedestrians. One person was killed and two, aged 26 and 58, were injured.

In The Static Over the US Election, I Missed Reports of a Terror Attack in Germany

From a week ago… A particularly inept attack, but even so. Germany: Possible terror attack on high speed train investigated.

German media reported on Sunday that authorities in the state of Bavaria were investigating a possible attempted terror attack on a high-speed train. The incident, according to the Bild daily, involved a steel wire being pulled across the tracks.

The attack actually happened earlier in October, but had apparently not been announced by the authorities until the 28th of that month.

Update on the Amsterdam Stabbing Story

They’ve confirmed what most suspected. Amsterdam: ‘Terrorist motive’ alleged in attack on Americans.

A 19-year-old Afghan citizen had a “terrorist motive” for allegedly stabbing two Americans at the main train station in Amsterdam, city authorities in the Dutch capital said Saturday.

Not too surprising given the events in Europe over the past few years.

Amsterdam Knife Attack

This seems to be largely absent from the news. Or if not absent, certainly not being shouted. US ambassador: Victims in Amsterdam stabbing are Americans.

Two people wounded in a knife attack at the Dutch capital’s busy main railway station on Friday are both American citizens who were visiting the Netherlands, the U.S. ambassador said Saturday as police investigated possible motives, including the possibility it was an extremist act.

Police shot and wounded a 19-year-old Afghan man immediately after the attack and are questioning him as a suspect.

The investigation is still underway.

Mostly, this story is absent from Google news, Bing, CNN’s main page, etc. Yahoo does have it on their news page, and you can find it if you search, but I guess it is less interesting than Kaepernick’s lawsuit. At least according to a lot of media outlets.

I’m going to jump to a conclusion, and say that this falls under the Terror category. You can’t sue me, because that is only my opinion. And if you don’t like my opinions…

Ricin Plot Stopped in Germany

This could have been very bad. Islamist extremist ricin plot foiled by German police

Sief Allah Hammami, a 29-year-old Tunisian, was held on Wednesday along with his German wife after police found large quantities of the deadly toxin his apartment.

It is believed to be the first time Islamic extremists in Europe have succeeded in manufacturing ricin, which is one of deadliest biological agents known to man.

The LD50 dose for ricin is 500 micrograms. “A 500 microgram dose of ricin would be about the size of the head of a pin.” It can be inhaled, ingested or injected.

This is only one of several attempts by terrorists to get their hands on ricin. There is no antidote. If you are dosed, you will die.

The Family That Commits Suicide Together is a Collection of Nut-job Terrorists

At least this is getting some coverage in the US press. (I look first at Europe and the UK for news, even about America.) ‘Family of Isil terrorists’ behind Indonesia suicide church attack

A family of suicide bombers including children and teenagers were responsible for a series of deadly church attacks in Indonesia on Sunday, the country’s national police chief said.

At least the media in acknowledging the fact that churches are under attack, since they tend to ignore this kind of thing.

Oh, and ISIS claims responsibility.