When Security is an Afterthought: Tesla Cars Up for Grabs

TeslaBecause having electronic key fobs and Android apps to control your car is cool! Thieves find a new way to hack and steal Teslas

Hackers may be on their way to bringing to life Elon Musk’s worse fear of a fleet hack as thieves have found another way to hack into and steal Teslas undetected.

Disabling GPS tracking, spoofing the key fob functionality, hacking the Android app.

Tesla battery and motor components are valuable and one chopped-up Model S was discovered, by authorities, in the back of a truck attempting to enter Germany from the Netherlands leading some to believe other stolen Teslas may have suffered similar fates.

Felony Murder

It goes by different names in different jurisdictions. But it is usually an option for prosecutors. Homeowner shoots burglar, other burglar charged with murder

“If you are participating in a felony and someone is injured or killed in the participation of that felony, even if it’s one of your buddies or co-conspirators, you can be charged with that assault or death,” Martha Earnhardt, a spokeswoman with the Montgomery Department of Public Safety, said Friday.

The two miscreants were armed that night in June, but so was the homeowner. One of the miscreants is dead; the other charged with murder.

Can’t charge the homeowner as he as engaged in lawful self-defense.

PhotoBucket and Missing Photos

So Photobucket, an image hosting service I have been using since sometime in 2005 (not a typo), has decided, without warning, to change the way it works. Probably with sound economic justification, but with little or NO warning to users.

I have 66 posts on this blog which still reference images from Photobucket. I will work through them as I can, in the meantime, your patience is appreciated.

(I haven’t even looked at the Archives Blog. I’m sure there are 100s of posts there that need attention.)

The Disaster that Was the Hamburg G20

We’ll start with US News, because while a lot of the best articles are in German, English is easier for a lot of folks. Me included (We’ll get to those German articles in a bit.) Germans Angry Over ‘Orgy of Violence’ at Merkel’s Pre-Election G20 | World News | US News

(The 3 photos reproduced here are from the Bild.de story referenced below As usual you can click them for a larger version.)

The failure of security at the G20 has images running around that are – to say the least – disturbing.

Merkel had wanted to demonstrate to G20 partners, including Putin and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, her commitment to freedom of speech and rejected the notion that some cities were out of bounds as summit venues.

The strategy has backfired, said some commentators.

“I can barely breathe with anger because Chancellor Merkel and Hamburg mayor (Olaf) Scholz trivialize the brutal riots as ‘not acceptable’,” wrote a commentator in Bild am Sonntag.

US News references Bild, but provides no link, because Bild doesn’t bother to translate their stuff into English. (Only fair, I don’t see the German language section of US News…). And we will get to Bild, but first Spiegel DOES translate their stuff into English. Or at least some of it.

Stores were looted, cars burned and bands of anarchists marauded through the streets. At times, the police were completely overwhelmed by the scale of violence at the G-20 summit in Hamburg. What went wrong? Source: Black Friday: Police Failures Mar G-20 Summit – SPIEGEL ONLINE

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