The Daily Mail Seems Unprepared for the Reality of Women Service Members

While a 14-hour-pub-crawl would have been a stretch, even in my youth, this doesn’t seem that far out of bounds to me; aside from the fight, that is. In a drunken Magaluf brawl between these two female squaddies, one almost bled to death. Even more troubling? It’s just the latest violent incident to raise questions about standards in the Army.

How many war movies from WWII and beyond include a scene where there is a drunken brawl in the NCO club, or the local, off-base watering hole, or at least the required scene where the sergeant bails a couple of miscreants out of the local lockup and tries to smooth things over with the town cops/county sheriff? All of them?

But add women service members and suddenly the old guard thinks they should be having tea parties, or something.

This reminds me of the kerfuffle that ensued when the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team won the Gold Medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics and were caught celebrating by drinking beer and smoking cigars. As I noted at the time, “They’re hockey players!”

I include no particulars from the Daily Mail, because it is a rambling account of the day in question, and almost beside the point when it comes to my focus. Which is, they are service members on leave; how do you expect them to act? Apparently the Daily Mail is shocked to find that they don’t act like properly supervised Victorian-era maidens.



I just tripped over a trailer for an upcoming (or recent) episode of the show Supernatural. It is hard to believe it is in its 15th season. (I might have watched part of season 1, when they were still mostly doing “Monster of the week.”) I’m sure its continued success says something about the state of civil society. I have no idea what that would be.

They Want to Live in a Safe Space

Too bad The Real World™ keeps intruding. Shots fired into off-campus apartments near UNCC, police say.

It is the second time this month shots rang out at the University City apartment complex.

Cops are trying to “strengthen” a program designed to make off-campus housing more like on-campus housing, in order to make residents feel safe. Too bad it won’t actually make them safe.

This time a gunman shot a bunch of rounds into an apartment and drove away in the victim’s car.

The world is not a safe place.

Rent a Car Via an App? They Are Stealing Them, Not Renting Them

I don’t think they thought this thru. Rental company Car2Go reports theft of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, more than a dozen questioned by police.

As many as 22 stolen Mercedes-Benzes were recovered Wednesday by police and about a dozen people were arrested, according to law enforcement sources.

Car2Go has suspended operations in Chicago until they can figure this out. There are about 100 stolen Mercedes somewhere in Chicago.

Hat tip to Second City Cop who thinks…

This is fucking ridiculous:

“General Mayhem” in Chicago

At least 500 kids were on the Magnificent Mile, which wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t causing problems. Cops: 38 arrested as hundreds of teens swarm downtown (VIDEOS).

The title comes – apparently – from the description used by the cops.

Thirty-five juveniles and at least three adults in their late teens were arrested as another night of “large group activity” overtook the downtown area on Wednesday, according to multiple Chicago Police Department sources. Most of the arrests were for disorderly conduct while a handful was facing battery, criminal damage to property, and shoplifting charges, the sources said.

Hat tip to HeyJackass!, where it is noted….

By early evening, a CPD deputy chief closed the department’s central detention facility to adult arrests so it could handle the influx of juvenile detainees, according to a source with knowledge of the night’s operations.

Florida Man Strikes Again

There were so many options for the “Florida Man” story today.

This is actually from a while back, but if I had seen the story when it was new, it would definitely have been the Peak Florida. Police: Naked man takes cash, hot dogs from Little League concession stand in Florida. This happened on April 7.

A naked man broke into a concession stand at a Little League baseball field in Florida earlier this month, causing nearly $5,000 worth of damage, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

And this guy gets points for having pallet forks on his tractor. A Florida man didn’t want his wife to leave the house, so he got in his tractor.

Can you guess that they are “estranged?” When she got in her truck to leave, he jumped on his tractor and barreled through a fence.

The victim then said that Stewart used the pallet forks on the front of the tractor to hit her driver side rear window and door. Damage to her vehicle could be clearly seen and matched with her statement, according to the deputy’s report.

My theory is that Global Warming is to blame.

If You’re White, You’re Bad – So Says the Left

This has been evident for a while, but it is nice to see it spelled out so clearly. Congratulations You’re a Racist.

Do you disagree with Representative Omar? You’re a bigot. Do you think the borders should be protected and laws enforced? Here’s you hood, racist. Do you support a policy that breezed past Trump on a November wind? White Nationalist! If you aren’t labeled as one already, you will be soon!

I thought this was clear when the only reason you would not want Obamacare is because RACIST. Or if you thought the gift to Iran to delay their nuclear program by two weeks was a bad idea, it was only because you were prejudiced against a black President. Policy? Ethics? Racist!

But Omar has thrown the whole double standard of what kind of talk is allowed into the spotlight. As they say, go read the whole thing. (Hat tip to The Other McCain.)