For the continuing disintegration of Venezuela…

Just click through, OK Venezuela Boils « Lawrence Person’s BattleSwarm Blog

When you do, you will find tidbits of info that the MSM is ignoring (in favor of the “fake” crisis du jour).

Even the Secretary General of the Organization of American States has recognized that Venezuela no longer even pretends to be a democracy:

Daily riots, lack of food, and the lack of basic necessities. All from the place that a few short years ago, the Left just LOVED. You have to wonder why Michael, or Sean Penn, or all the others stopped going to visit their friends in that Socialist Paradise.

My One Musical Interlude Per Week Rule

I have musical interludes (usually scheduled for Saturday morning) scheduled out through September of this year. So I will probably relax my rule.

There is a lot of new music (new to me anyway) coming my way these days. Well that, and Saturday Morning Flashback courtesy of WXRT in Chicago letting me relive some of the glory days.

And if you don’t like the free ice cream…

Now if only I had a fast Internet connection

So after getting sideswiped by a lightning bolt over the weekend, I think I am mostly back in business. And yes there were surge suppressors on everything.

New PC. Not top of the line gaming, but not too bad. (The old desktop died a while back. The charging circuitry on the notebook seems to have stopped charging.)

New monitor – actually bought 2 to set up the dual monitor system I have had planned for some time.

New desktop speakers – the old pair still worked but picked up a decided (and very annoying) hum.

None of this was in the budget. I’m just glad it didn’t reach the HDTV (though my brother-in-law just got himself a 4K Ultra High Dynamic Range TV which is sweet…) or any of the AV equipment.

Arbor Day – The Last Friday in April

It was in response to the demise of all the ash trees in the past few years that I decided I needed to do something this year. In the few years I’ve lived in my house 8 trees have come down thanks to the Emerald Ash Borer. Another is dead and will come down this year. One was barely alive last year, but I don’t hold out much hope for this year.

So to replace what was lost, I have planted a bunch of bare-root saplings. They are finally releasing Dutch Elm disease-resistant American Elms. Of the 10 elm trees I planted, I may get 8. 2 of 4 Paw Paws (a fruit tree native to this area). One (maybe 2) Amelanchier out of 4 planted. (Also known as Shadblow Serviceberry.) And 7 or 8 hazelnuts – out of 10. Not too bad.

Of course being bare-root seedlings, they are small, and still require a lot of looking after – water on the hot days and dry spells between rain.

Looking over the yard, the squirrels have also been busy. At least 4 pin Oaks have been planted around the yard. 2 are about an inch in diameter, one is a seedling, and one is a couple of inches in diameter and going on 10 feet tall.

Of all the people marching on Earth Day, I wonder if any of them actually did anything constructive.

Driving in Atlanta Was NEVER Nice – Now It’s a Nightmare

Some bad things are happening in Atlanta.

First on March 30th there was a fire that took out a 100ft section of I-85 (Reconstruction promises to close side streets in the area!) That major thruway remains closed.

Then on the 17th a section of I-20 buckled, killing on guy on a motorcycle.

On the 19th a sinkhole closed a street in Midtown/

On the 23rd there was a 15-car pile up on I-75 in Bartow County (which is only barely in the Atlanta metropolitan area. But still…)

I think my next trip to Florida will be by way of Alabama.

Why Do So Many News Sites Have Autorun Video?

To any news site – I don’t want to listen to your video. I have my own things to listen to (see the category Musical Interlude for a clue). If I want to hear your inane anchors droning on about whatever story, I will start the video myself.

I know it is to too much to ask. They feel like they might lose out on some ad revenue. Or something. But really, isn’t there some way to stop the madness?

Falcon Cams

Peregrine falcons have adopted a number of US cities. In a number of these places, there are nest boxes provided.

And those boxes are usually outfitted with cameras.

We won’t see chicks much before the middle of April, but the cameras are starting to come back online for the spring.

In the meantime we can enjoy this from the BBC.

And this clip – from 2014 – shows a pair of falcons in Cincinnati feeding their chicks.