“Have you ever gotten halfway to work and realized you forgot your car?”

What are the signs you’ve had too much coffee? Try these tips to balance your caffeine intake.

I know, some of you think you can’t have too much coffee. But you can.

Caf-FIENDS laugh because we know the sensation of blasting off both mentally and physically by trying to walk a hole in the floor at the same time — have you ever gotten halfway to work and realized you forgot your car?

Then there are the breathing exercises.

Inhale coffee, exhale bad thoughts.

Too much coffee? It’s possible.

All Watches Associated with Tropical Storm Marco Are Ended

That there were going to be two hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico was a sign of Global-Warming End-Times. So what does this mean? Tropical Storm MARCO: Special Advisory Number 18 from 1:00 PM 24 August, 2020

Maximum sustained winds have dropped to 40 MPH. And so…

The Tropical Storm Warning and Storm Surge Warning for the U.S. Gulf Coast have been discontinued.


There are no coastal watches or warnings in effect.

Because for a weather system to BE a tropical storm, SUSTAINED winds have to be above 39 MPH, and the storm is weakening.

Aircraft and satellite derived wind data indicate that maximum sustained winds are near 40 mph (65 km/h) with higher gusts. Further weakening is expected, and Marco is forecast to become a tropical depression tonight and degenerate to a remnant low on Tuesday.

So what will the climate folks have to say? I’m sure that they were disappointed that this storm didn’t

SMOD’s Little Brother

Sweet Meteor of Death, that is. NASA: A truck-sized asteroid is headed toward Earth one day before the November election

Named “2018 VP1,” the asteroid is pretty tiny, with an estimated diameter of 1.8 to 3.9 meters, NASA data show.

It’s only 0.41% likely to actually impact the Earth, CNN reported, but celestial objects that size tend to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere anyway, according to NASA.

It is expected to pass between 4,800 and 260K miles above. Which is nearly a direct hit as astronomical distances. It is hard to spot things so small.

one dubbed 2020 QG passed the earth just 1,830 miles above the Indian Ocean last week — the closest such encounter on record — and NASA didn’t even see it coming, they said.

The way this year has been going… not placing any bets, one way or the other.

Texas Woman – Like Florida Man, only farther west

This Waco, Texas woman could give Florida Man a run for the crazy-money. Crazy People Are Dangerous.

Drugs. Blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit. Chased people in her car. Crashed into cars.

OK, that’s crazy enough, but wait — it gets even better!

A history of mental illness. QAnon conspiracy theories. The aliens gave her “free power” to power her 1984 Pontiac Fiero.

Pro tip: Don’t send conspiracy-theory stuff to your crazy friends.

Peak Texas. At least for today.

Antifa versus Sturgis Bikers

Showing up in Stugis, South Dakota, was probably not the smartest thing they could have done. Antifa Goes To Sturgis!!!! Luckily For Them No One Was Demanding to “Defund the Police” There.

So today is the last day of Stugis 2020. Apparently at some point during the week, a handful (less than 10?) of Antifa geniuses decided it would be a good idea to challenge the largest collection of Bikers in the world.

This seems to be the only incident that took place, and the Police were well prepared to not let things get out of hand. As you can see it looks like only 5-6 Antifa-clad protesters were involved — and about 10,000 motorcycle enthusiasts.

If Sturgis police had followed Seattle’s example, then I think that a couple of the Antifa members would have been in the hospital or the morgue. Bikers don’t generally screw around. I saw a news clip, from a couple of years ago, where local news had caught members of The Hell’s Angels, The Faithful Few, Guard Dogs, and Original Sinners.

The video you will find at the link above has no sound. And while you don’t need the sound to see what is going on, the video below has sound. I find the silent videos annoying for some reason, though sometimes the sound can also be annoying.

I particularly like the guy in T-shirt that says “Stomp MY flag, and I’ll Stomp your ass.”

Here’s a link to that local news coverage I mentioned. Unfortunately virtually ALL of the coverage this year is about COVID-19, and how horrible it is that a bunch of people would not wear masks.

Here is some video from 2020 about Shantell Williams, who just set a record for visiting 48 states in 27 days. She made her ride in honor of Bessie Stringfield. (Hat tip for the original link to Pirate’s Cove. There is a lot more of interest at that link.)

You Don’t Want Police Protection?

You won’t get police protection. Three Days After Seattle Police Chief Publishes Letter of Resignation ANTIFA Riots In Seattle — Police Are No Where To Be Found.

Black Bloc ANTIFA took to the streets of downtown Seattle tonight like marauding Vikings when they realized that Seattle Police were not coming out to meet them. The sent through blocks of downtown breaking windows and destroying property, without a single Seattle Police Department officer taking upon him/herself to try to intervene.

No videos of clashes with police if there are no police.

Air Force Helicopter Shot At in Virginia

Welcome to the insane 21st Century. Air Force helicopter took ground fire over Virginia; crew member injured.

The UH-1N Iroquois helicopter, assigned to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, was soaring east of Shenandoah National Park around 1,000 feet when the incident occurred, an Air Force spokesman said Wednesday.

The gunfire damaged the aircraft, necessitating an emergency landing at nearby Manassas Regional Airport at 12:43 p.m., the spokesman said.

The injury is reported to be “nonthreatening.”

So why is someone shooting that the Air Force over Virginia? Is someone doing something illegal in Shenandoah National Park, or do they just hate the US military?

Do You Want to Survive?

Or do you want to prove you are a badass? And an idiot. Avoiding a fight is always better, if you can. From The Adventures of Roberta X: You…Make The Call!

Sometimes you can’t. But if you can…

There we were, on our way to [generic location] and they have the street filled up with some kind of a protest! They’re telling us to turn around. One of them’s got a gun.

You make the call! Do we:
A: Get the hell out of there, pronto,
B: Keep trying to press forward.

If you picked B for any reason, you’re a fool.

No they didn’t have the right to do what they are doing. As Roberta says, call the cops.

This is Awkward, Or It Would Be…

If the Left had any shame at all… Gallup: 81 Percent Of Black Americans Want Police Protection, Some Want More.

The survey, conducted June 23 – July 6, showed 61 percent of black Americans supported police spending the same about of time in their neighborhoods while 20 percent wanted law enforcement to spend more time in their streets. Nineteen percent said police should spend less time in their community.

I am accused of writing too much about Chicago, and with good reason, but it used to be home, and miss the city. They way it used to be, anyway.

People who are the victims of crime, don’t generally want the criminals to get off with no repercussions. Cops are required if there are to be repercussions. Or I suppose you believe that a social worker will talk a gang member into turning himself in peacefully. (This is me, not holding my breath.)

Some Days the Jokes Write Themselves

Iran and their fake US aircraft carrier… what could go wrong? Iran hilariously bungles fake US aircraft carrier attack.

So they have a barge done-up to look like an Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, only not as big. They attacked it, and it sank, which is a problem for them because it is apparently blocking their own harbor.

In other words, in Iran’s fervor to show America how effectively it the nation’s military could defend their territorial waters, they inadvertently made it significantly less safe for them to operate in those same waters.

Iran will almost certainly need to attempt to salvage the vessel; not just for the sake of another round of target practice, but because its presence will pose a significant risk to any large ships trying to travel into or out of the harbor it now rests beneath. It isn’t currently clear if Iran even has the means to mount such a salvage effort, however.

Propaganda is a funny thing.

Buckle Up…

It gets bumpy from here. It’s Gonna Blow.

No one is in charge in this collapsing shell game of a country. In Louisville hundreds of armed blacks threaten to “burn the motherfucker down,” meaning Louisville, if they don’t get their way. All cringe before them, with reason. They have guns. Larger numbers marched in Georgia, armed, ready to rock and roll. BLM says it will “go into the suburbs” to get Whitey. Who will stop them? Not the government. It fears them. Weimar Kentucky. An American Freikorps.

Hat tip to The War on Guns – It’s Gonna Blow – Be a Miracle if it Don’t.

What’s Next?

Worldwide pandemic. Riots. Freedom on the decline. Totalitarianism on the rise.

And now we have World scrambles to fight massive plague of locusts that could leave millions hungry.

As the pests begin to migrate again in the second half of June, experts warn that, without continuous aid to mitigate the spread, the devastation could leave millions of people in at least 23 countries hungry by the end of the year.

I expect either Sweet Meteor of Death, an alien invasion, eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano, or activation of the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

Self-defense Is Legal In Florida

But then I always suspected it was. No charges likely in fatal shooting of Bradenton man at Hookah Lounge, cops say.

And there is a Hookah lounge in Sarasota? I guess I really only ever went there for the overpriced drinks and the great view at Marina Jacks. (The view is worth it, and drinks and food are a bit overpriced, but not insane.)

[The dead guy] was shot and killed just before 4 a.m. at the business at 4034 N. Washington St.

Deputies say after interviewing witnesses and reviewing surveillance video, “detectives feel confident the shooting was the result of self defense.”

Self-defense is a human-right.

Meanwhile, In the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

Don’t expect to see a lot of coverage from CNN/MSNBC/NPR/EIEIO unless they can find a way to blame Trump. Venezuela on Brink of Famine With Fuel Too Scarce to Sow Crops.

After seven years of economic collapse, Venezuela’s crisis has entered a troubling new phase. In a nation that’s home to the world’s largest oil reserves, fuel shortages have grown so acute that fields are going bare.

Venezuela is now on the verge of famine, the International Crisis Group warns. More than half of the land used to grow vegetables last year won’t be replanted, according to farming federation Fedeagro. Corn production is expected to cover less than a quarter of national demand.

Fuel shortages are a result of not maintenance on drilling and refining operations.

And with no oil, and with prices as they are, there is no money for foreign trade. Do I feel sorry for the people of Venezuela? Not too much. They voted for this insanity 20 years ago. There’s a saying… something like “you reap what you sow.” They wanted Socialism. This is the result of Socialism 100% of the time. So I’d say that they made their bed, and now they have to lie in it. Though what is it with socialist regimes and agricultural failure? The Chinese, the Soviets, even CHAZ…

Hat tip to Daley Gator.