Krystin Waller – Alligator Hunter

Mike Giles has a nice review of an alligator hunter. Young woman lands a couple of monster gators

Well, OK, he is old school and seems to have trouble picturing outdoors-women. But that said, once you get about ⅓ into the article he gets down to the details of the hunt. She “threw back” the 9 foot 7 inch gator, to go after the “really big one.”

The monster gator fought wildly but he was no match for this determined gator hunter. As the gator finally wore down, Waller slowly pulled him near the boat and took aim.

Boom roared the .410 Rossi Tuffy and the gator had met his match. Waller is a Prostaff member for Gatortaker hooks and she knows a few things about finding, catching and shooting gators.

Law says you have to hook and bring them close to the boat, before you can dispatch them.

Click thru for a photo of Waller with her gator, which measured 10 feet, 2 inches long.

Something Seems Off About This

Can a 5-year-old really “escape” from a coyote? Villa Park girl, 5, escapes coyote in front yard: VIDEO.

This story has come thru my news feeds from at least 2 separate places. And something just seems off. Maybe a 5-year-old is too large for a single coyote. Even when I watch the video, I can’t see why it stopped. Maybe it just wasn’t her time.

The animal began to chase Christine, charging at her and coming close.

“I feeled its ear,” she said. “It almost bited my rib.”

A TV interview with a 5-year-old is not the best.

I know more about wolves than I do about coyotes, even though there are coyotes where I live and not wolves. A wolf can run faster than you can legally drive your car through Villa Park. Which is quintessentially suburban Chicago. So why did the coyote not attack? A dog that size, intent on attack would have done serious damage to a 5-year-old girl.

Think Before Entering a Wilderness Area

Don’t act like prey. And try to remember you’re only an apex predator when properly armed. Cougar encounter near Corvallis renews debate over big cats in Oregon.

A guy running through cougar country has an encounter with a large cat.

He did his best to scare it off, yelling and waving his arms, but the cat crept steadily toward him, finally approaching so close that he was able to kick it in the head.

The startled mountain lion vanished into the woods, and Idema, thinking the animal was gone, turned and began running for home. But when he looked over his shoulder, he saw the cat was back — and gaining on him rapidly.

You can’t outrun a wild animal; certainly not if that animal is a cougar. Don’t try. He was saved by some hikers and their dog. The cougar was, eventually, tracked and killed, which has the “nature is cute and cuddly” brigade up in arms.

He’s more likely to run with a group now, and less likely to run in the early morning or evening hours. He’s started carrying one of those really loud emergency whistles, and last week he bought a canister of bear spray.

Which is better than nothing. Slightly.

Alligators in the Midwest

Another one. Alligator rescued from Michigan school pond residing at zoo.

Staff captured a 3 foot long gator on the pond the day before students were to do some “academic study.” I’m guessing some kind of biology class. As per usual, they have named the gator. In this case they’ve named it “Renegade.”

It was likely an illegal pet that escaped or was released.

Only someone with no experience of gators would think they make good pets. This isn’t the first time that this kind of thing has happened.

“Golfing in Florida is just different…”

Florida Man plays golf. Video: Golfer not fazed by 7-foot alligator walking across Central Florida golf course.

Professional wakeboarder Steel Lafferty was spending his day golfing in Osceola County when a 7-foot-long alligator crossed right in front of him.

The video is less than a minute long, and worth a look. Click thru.

I think every Florida golfer has an alligator-in-the-water-hazard story. I know all of the ones I know do, and they love to share them.

You’re Only An Apex Predator When Armed

As this guy found out. Musician, 44, is dragged from his tent and mauled to death in his sleep by a grizzly bear while on a trip in remote Canada to record ambient nature sounds for his work.

Disney has done much to convince people that nature is not dangerous. It is.

A musician who was collecting nature sounds while camping at a remote spot in Canada was mauled to death by a bear that dragged him away as he slept.

As one of the comments pointed out… While he may have been asleep when it started, I don’t think you would sleep thru that.

Bear preparations include things like electric fences, safe food storage, and guns. I doubt that he asked anyone about this kind of thing, or that he would have listened. (Guns are bad, right?)

When these kinds of things come up, I’m usually amused by the way the people are remembered.

First of all, he wanted to transmit by his music to the public his love and respect for nature.

“Respect for nature?” Not so much. You would show “respect” by recognizing the risks and taking some reasonable precautions, like being armed. Or something. No, he had bought into the Disney version of the wilderness. He never read the old stories about the forest, about how nature is “red in tooth and claw.”

Hat tip to Kim du Toit via Nature In The Raw, in which he recommends one of my favorite shotguns, The Mossberg 500 Mariner 12 gauge. Completely (or as completely as possible) impervious to salt water. With a “mixture of 00 buckshot and slugs” it should handle most situations.

Please, people: as far as that old bitch Mother Nature is concerned, we humans are like marshmallows: soft, slow, tasty and harmless. It’s only when we take on accoutrements (such as the above) that put us at the top of the food chain that we stand a chance of survival.

Too true.

Nature Doesn’t Care How You Feel

Hard to be surprised about this. Florida Woman Says Large Alligator Ate Her 100-Pound Dog.

Robinson says she took her dog off his leash to sit on a bench and the dog was running in and out of the water when the gator snatched it.

SiGraybeard said it best.

  1. Keep your pets away from the water, especially small white dogs or cats. [snip]
  2. Don’t go swimming if you know there are gators in the water. Corollary: if your map says “Florida” on it, and you’re in fresh water, there are gators in there. If it’s brackish or saltwater, there might be crocodiles with you.

Another story on the gator/dog incident says the gator was “removed.” Not sure if that’s a euphemism for killed or not. The gator was 11 feet 3 inches long and weighed in at 400 pounds, according to the trapper.

(And at the link to SiGraybeard is an image of a pamphlet sent out by the State of Florida on dealing with gators.)

Alligators in the News

Gators in Miami. Gators in the Midwest. Lots of gators in the news lately.

The alligator that made headlines in Chicago a few weeks back was captured and sent to Florida. Alligator found in Humboldt Park Lagoon gets full health exam at University of Florida.

Veterinarians said the gator, nicknamed “Chance the Snapper” by Chicagoans, seemed to be in good health after his exam, but they won’t know for sure until his blood work comes back from review.

Another gator in the Midwest – this one in Michigan. Michigan man fatally shoots alligator that lunged at him on rural property.

According to the Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office, the alligator escaped from a fenced enclosure at a nearby property where an exotic animal rescue was operating, WSBT reported.

And a “rumor” of a gator in Oklahoma. Is there an alligator in Lake Thunderbird?.

Facebook user Jackie Dawson shared an image that she said her niece took of an alligator in Lake Thunderbird.

Keith Thomas, Fisheries Biologist for Lake Thunderbird said there is nothing official on the supposed sighting right now, but the game warden and state park officials are looking into it.

A 9-foot gator in Miami isn’t usually news. Alligator spotted in SW Miami-Dade leaves community concerned.

A witness spotted the 9-foot gator in the area of Southwest 57th Avenue and 34th Street at around 6:30 a.m. while he was on his way to work.

And another 9-foot gator in Coral Gables. Giant Alligator Captured After It Takes Stroll Down Coral Gables Sidewalk. (And 9 feet really doesn’t qualify as “giant.”)

Video of the gator, which is about 9-feet long, was first posted on the social media site @OnlyInDade.

Peak Tennessee Gives Peak Florida Some Competition

Meth and alligators don’t mix. Tennessee police warn not to flush drugs down toilet for fear of creating ‘meth-gators’.

Word from The Authorities is “Don’t flush your meth down the toilet.”

But in addition to birds, officials said if the water headed far enough downstream… “it would create meth-gators in Shoal Creek and the Tennessee River down in North Alabama.”

Hat tip to Wirecutter, who says there’s Nothing worse than a tweeker gator.

Man Eaten by Alligator

At least a couple parts of him were in the alligator. Investigators confirm body found in Polk County had been eaten by alligator.

A 12-foot, 450 pound gator is fairly respectable.

It is still unclear if the alligator attacked the man when he was alive, or came across him after he died.

He drowned, which is what an alligator would do if it attacked him.

And the British are still insane on the topic of alligators. Fears man eaten alive after mutilated corpse found next to giant 12ft alligator. Alligators don’t eat anything “alive.” Though drowning doesn’t appeal to most people.

I will leave you with SiGraybeard’s Post on Alligators from a while back.

Don’t go swimming if you know there are gators in the water. Corollary: if your map says “Florida” on it, and you’re in fresh water, there are gators in there. If it’s brackish or saltwater, there might be crocodiles with you.

And then there are the sharks…