How Would You Deal With a 500 Pound Charging Mama Grizzly?

Without a firearm, this hunter would likely be dead. Bozeman Hunter Shoots, Kills 500-pound Female Grizzly Bear – Flathead Beacon

Grizzly Bear Management Specialist Wesley Sarmento says the 500-pound female bear began charging after the hunter shot a pheasant outside of Pendroy, a community located 79 miles (127 kilometers) northwest of Great Falls.

There are three 10-month-old cubs that have “low chances of survival without their mother.”


“We have a pretty clear case of self-defense here”

Sometimes you need to defend yourself from wildlife Man shoots grizzly near West Yellowstone; state says “case of self-defense”

The homeowner heard noise coming from the garage. He grabbed a gun and went onto the front porch to see what was going on.

“There was a bear not 10 paces from him on his porch,” [Andrea Jones, a spokeswoman for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks,] said.

Jones said the man told FWP investigators that the bear turned and began to approach him. He shot the bear dead.

The threats you face can come in all shapes. Self-defense is still a human-right.

12 Foot Gator in Harvey Flood Waters

Flood waters around Houston and Southeast Texas are fresh water. That means they’re home to gators. Some of them quite large. Huge Alligator Loose In Harvey Floods, Texas Game Wardens, Troopers Wrangle It – Across Texas, TX Patch

A very big, and by big we mean 12 feet long, and presumably unhappy alligator found higher ground in Hurricane Harvey’s churning floods, and it took a half dozen or so Texas game wardens and troopers to wrangle the displaced reptile so it could be taken back where it belongs.

Still think people are better off not having evacuated? Hazards in the water include alligators (most are smaller than 12 ft!) poisonous snakes, and floating colonies of really pissed off fire ants.

Alligators: The Next Hazard from Hurricane Harvey

Rains are still pounding Texas (and now Louisiana) and the flooding causes gators to look for higher ground. Texas alligators fleeing flood water, ‘get pushed up into peoples’ yards’

I loved the quote, “These animals are stressed.” My guess is that they aren’t alone.

Speaking to one member of “The Gator Squad” was the source of some of this article.

His partner in adjacent Fort Bend County has relocated two or three gators, each three to five feet long, since Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday.

As much as 20 inches of rain have fallen on parts of Texas since the Hurricane came ashore. Some of that water will be days or longer reaching the beaches.

“We’re a week to a month till water starts coming down from some of these areas,” Stephens said. “Everything’s backed up from the Gulf.”

When you see a sign about alligators in Florida, believe it.

And even when you don’t see a sign, you can be pretty sure that alligators are in fresh water. That means lakes, ponds and rivers. Woman loses arm in alligator attack in Florida river |

A sign warns swimmers that there are gators and snakes in the area.

The Wekiva River is north of Orlando, and at least part of it is in a state park.

Wherever you see fresh water or brackish in Florida, you can be pretty sure there are gators. Wherever you see salt water you can be damn sure there are sharks. And in the salt water off the Everglades park you can probably find the American Crocodile, making a comeback after years on the endangered species list.

100 Bear Sightings That Qualify as “Conflict”

Two bears were killed by homeowners INSIDE their homes, and two more were killed by the state all in 1 area of Colorado. 4 bears killed in 1 day in Colorado – Denver7

So while the anti-gunners are going on about life in the big city, and how they want to dictate terms to the rest of us, I would dearly love to see what they think someone should do if they find a bear INSIDE their own home.

[Colorado Parks and Wildlife Spokesman Joe] Lewandowski says his crew hates to euthanize bears, but human safety comes first.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Those 100 sightings are all from Colorado.

Bobcat Attack in Suburban Albany, NY

No reason to have a gun? Tell that to these folks. 2 People Attacked by Bobcat in Delmar

So apparently neighbors have seen bobcats in the area for a while now.

Apple said a woman was in the backyard playing with the homeowner’s dog, when she heard a hissing and a growl.

The bobcat attacked her, biting her several times. The dog then attacked the bobcat, but it ran into the garage where her husband was.

He was bitten as well, but he managed to shoot and kill it. The remains have to be tested for disease.