I’m Sure Some Animal Rights Activist is Crying

Because the authorities had to shoot the gator. Knock, knock: Massive gator startles Merritt Island homeowner.

So a 10 foot plus gator was pounding on someone’s door.

Two neighbors tried wrestling the gator but couldn’t, so they called 911.

A trapper removed the gator, which weighed 350 pounds.

Would have been simpler if the homeowner shot the gator, but at least someone did. (And you have to watch the video to get all the info – it is not included in the written article.)


Gators In Florida – Not the University Mascot, But the Real Ones

The article is of course from a state other than Florida. (This particular article is from Georgia.) Because Floridians (mostly) know there are gators. Gators gone wild: 2018 was their year in Florida.

One could say 2018 was the year of the gator, and we’re not talking about the University of Florida football team.

Everything from the Home Owners Association who wouldn’t let a woman have an alligator removed from her back yard (where her young son plays.) To the 15-year-old girl trapped in a tree for 30 minutes, by an 11-foot-alligator, before a deputy dispatched the gator with an AR-15. And many more in between. (Like the 85-year-old who had his foot bitten a couple of weeks ago.)

Every couple of years, someone doesn’t realize (or believe) that there are alligators in the fresh water. There are alligators in the fresh water. At golf clubs. Along the side of highways. In parks where you are walking your dog. At amusement parks. You should plan your activities accordingly.

You also know the story above is from a happy news station, because they don’t include what was the worst gator attack of 2018.

The video below is ABC News coverage of a fatal alligator attack in Florida, from about 6 or 7 months ago. Alligators can be aggressive in the summer – females are territorial when they are defending nests.

Never walk along waterways in Florida with small children or pets, this time of year; they can be mistaken for prey.

Though some would say you’re the one making the mistake. (You are only an apex predator when you are armed.)

There’s Just No Pleasing Some People

This story has been winding its way through my news feeds for the past few days, and I really didn’t want to say much about it, but the tenor of the “reactions” is just insane. Indian tiger ‘Avni‘ shot dead after 13 deaths.

So. 13 dead humans. The plan was to tranquilize the tiger and relocate her. But after she was hit with a dart, and before the drugs could take affect, she charged. The guy responsible for security shot and the tiger was killed at the scene.

But the environmentalists, the Left, the media (and probably some others) are all bent out of shape because that guy – Sharpshooter Shafat Ali Khan – didn’t stand around and wait to be killed, or watch someone else die.

The mother of two 10-month-old cubs had been linked to the deaths of 13 villagers near the Ralegaon forest in Maharashtra state‘s Yavatmal district since June 2016. There was reported to be DNA evidence linking her to 5 of the 13 deaths in Yavatmal, and forest surveyors said there was a male tiger in the forest whose DNA was found on one of the bodies.

People (not the environmentalists – who live hundreds or thousands of miles away) worry that those 10-month-old cubs may have been taught to hunt humans.

Coyotes in New York State

New York is so screwed. Pleasantville looks into how to deal with coyotes.

“Carry a stick, carry a rock, carry an air horn,” [Kevin Clarke, a wildlife biologist with the state Department of Environmental Conservation] said. “Yell, make your presence known.”

Because carrying a gun would be completely out of the question.

Use the Weapon Available

Humans are apex predators when we are armed. 16-year-old girl saves little brother from cougar with bow-and-arrow.

While this is a story of self-defense, it is also a story of the idiocy of the Left.

Amaya Simpson was out on a routine evening hunting walk with her brother Cole Seymour, 6, on their family’s property on the Colville Reservation, about 80 miles from Spokane. Suddenly, Amaya got the feeling that there was something amiss.

“It’s just kind of an instinct thing, I just kind of got chills on the back of my neck.”

She turned around to see a cougar right behind her kid brother.

She nocked an arrow, and shot it. The two went to get their parents, who – with dogs – hunted it down and killed it.

Although she used her bow and arrow out of self-defense, Amaya said that as her story made national news, she has received many mean comments from people around the country who are critical of her killing an animal. Some people have even made fake Facebook accounts to troll her mother on the social media site.

“There are haters, people who completely disagree with everything I did … Everything you could name in the book, they’ve said it,” she said.

Because as we know, the Left does not value human life. And Amaya has a decent attitude about it.

She pays the online bullies no mind, however, knowing that if she hadn’t shot the cougar, her brother may not be with her today.

Dori [Monson of KIRO radio, who interviewed Amaya] told her that the people criticizing her online are just “city hipsters who think they know what’s going on [outdoors in nature].”

“You are completely right, [those] are the people who it is,” Amaya laughed.

What Tool Would You Want in the Event of a Cougar Attack?

I think I would want a firearm, or at the very least, a large knife. Cougar attack suspected in hiker’s death near Oregon’s Mount Hood, officials say.

But that advice is beyond the pale for CBS in Oregon. Or maybe Oregon, in all its liberal glory forbids weapons in parks. (Why would you need to be armed in nature? Read this article.)

If in the very unusual event that a cougar attacks you, fight back with rocks, sticks, tools or any items available.

This is the sad story of a hiker killed on Mount Hood, by a wild animal. Or maybe it is a cautionary tale.

While this is the first fatal attack in Oregon, there have been fatal attacks in other states.

Although this is Oregon’s first documented fatal cougar attack in the wild, other states with large cougar populations have seen fatal attacks.

Three people have died due to cougar attacks in California, and 10 people have been attacked and suffered non-fatal injuries, according to state records. Colorado also has had three fatal cougar attacks.

Humans are only apex predators when we are armed. Fighting off a wild animal with rocks and sticks ignores millennia of our history. (Though we did start with sticks and rocks, that was a very long time ago.)

Shark Bites in New York Are Unusual

Actually shark bites anywhere are unusual. Two on the same day… Two children suffer bites in possible shark attacks off New York’s Fire Island.

Two children were bitten in the leg in the waters off New York’s Fire Island on Wednesday in possible shark attacks, prompting beach closings, authorities said

While wild animal encounters are noteworthy, the bit that caught my attention was the political response.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo released a statement saying he had deployed DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos to lead a multi-agency investigation into the possible shark attacks.

“I am relieved that both teenagers who were attacked have been released from the hospital,” Cuomo said. “The State will do everything we can to protect beachgoers and keep the community safe.”

And how exactly is that going to happen? Is the State of New York going to eliminate sharks off that part of the Eastern coast? Deploy nets? What? I know politicians love to say “we will take care of you,” but I just don’t see exactly what they are going to be able to do. They could permanently close the beaches (and destroy the economy of some areas), but I doubt they will do that either.

Or is the key phrase in the quote “everything we can?” Everything they can, might turn out to be very little. Maybe they could deploy “No Sharks Allowed” signs, underwater. Declare a “Shark-free zone!” (We need common-sense shark-control. I don’t object to fish, but how can you see a shark as anything but a dangerous assault-fish? </sarcasm>)

There are always sharks in the water, apparently even in New York. If you decide you are going swimming, you should be aware of that. (I was going to include a clip from Jaws – “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” – but I resisted.)