100 Bear Sightings That Qualify as “Conflict”

Two bears were killed by homeowners INSIDE their homes, and two more were killed by the state all in 1 area of Colorado. 4 bears killed in 1 day in Colorado – Denver7 TheDenverChannel.com

So while the anti-gunners are going on about life in the big city, and how they want to dictate terms to the rest of us, I would dearly love to see what they think someone should do if they find a bear INSIDE their own home.

[Colorado Parks and Wildlife Spokesman Joe] Lewandowski says his crew hates to euthanize bears, but human safety comes first.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Those 100 sightings are all from Colorado.

Bobcat Attack in Suburban Albany, NY

No reason to have a gun? Tell that to these folks. 2 People Attacked by Bobcat in Delmar

So apparently neighbors have seen bobcats in the area for a while now.

Apple said a woman was in the backyard playing with the homeowner’s dog, when she heard a hissing and a growl.

The bobcat attacked her, biting her several times. The dog then attacked the bobcat, but it ran into the garage where her husband was.

He was bitten as well, but he managed to shoot and kill it. The remains have to be tested for disease.

Darwin Award Winner – Killed by Alligator while Hiding in Pond

Water in Florida is filled with all kinds of nasty creatures. Salt water has sharks (and crocodiles, though they are limited in range mostly to the Everglades) and fresh water has alligators. Suspected Burglar Killed By Alligator While Hiding From Police In A Pond

Police said [the dead guy] was attacked by an 11-foot long alligator while he was hiding out after a series of planned break-ins.

Before he was reported missing, [the would-be-thief] called his girlfriend to tell her he would be in the area breaking into homes.

The alligator was euthanized.

Some folks will see Karma at work. I just see insanity.

You Are Only an Apex Predator When You Are Armed

Otherwise you are just food. Grizzly kills veteran hiker in Yellowstone National Park, authorities say – The Washington Post.

And for a Grizzly, you better be armed with something large.

Authorities believe a Montana man who went missing in Yellowstone National Park on Friday was killed by a grizzly bear, according to a statement released by the National Park Service.

Sort of the same reason that I like to stay in the boat, when sailing…

Between 674 and 839 grizzly bears are thought to roam the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, according to the National Park Service.

So You Want to Swim in the Ocean…

Then you should know that there are always sharks. Man bitten by shark in North Carolina is 7th victim this summer | Fox News.

So the latest victim was bitten several times, about 30 feet offshore in waist-deep water. The shark was about 7 feet long.

The man is the seventh person attacked along the North Carolina coast in three weeks, the most in at least 15 years. Most were attacked in water similarly shallow. The injuries ranged from minor injuries to the heel and ankle of an 8-year-old boy in Surf City to unspecified but initially critical injuries to an 18-year-old man bitten Saturday on a national seashore about 25 miles north of Cape Hatteras.

There are always sharks in the water. Even when you can’t see them. That’s why I used to say that I like to stay in the boat.

I love the ocean, but it is a dangerous place. As long as you recognize that…

Second Yellowstone Visitor Injured by Bison

Don't be stupidEven the herbivores can be dangerous. (It is how they protect themselves from predators.) Second Yellowstone visitor injured in bison encounter – CNN.com.

A 62-year-old Australian man who ventured to within 3 to 5 feet of one bison was seriously injured Tuesday when the animal charged and tossed him into the air several times, park officials said in a statement.

This is the second such incident within weeks.

A 16-year-old Taiwanese exchange student was gored by a bison on May 15 while posing for a photo.

People are occasionally killed by bison in Yellowstone. By being gored.

Lion Attack – The Windows Were Supposed to be Closed

Don't be stupidHer window wasn’t closed and she didn’t close it as the lioness approached. The “rules” indicate the windows are supposed to remain closed. (Common sense would indicate that too.) U.S. tourist was photographing lions just before fatal attack, park says – The Washington Post.

“According to witnesses a lioness then began slowly walking towards the vehicle” where the tourist was sitting in the passenger’s seat, La Cock said. “The lady was taking pictures of this lion which then stopped about a meter or two away from the vehicle. Witnesses state that the lady still had her window fully open at this point when the lion lunged towards the car.

“It then bit the lady through the open window.”

Sure, this is a tragedy. But if a lion is approaching you, you should close the damn window.

Just sayin’.

Visitors are handed a leaflet “explaining that it is imperative that windows and doors are kept locked and closed at all times” before entering the first lion enclosure, La Cock said. “Lions are predators and these animals should be handled and treated with great respect.”