Your Feel-good Story of the Day

A bear cub falls into a basement under construction. But there is a happy ending. Wisconsin game warden helps cub escape basement with ladder.

Walz and the homeowner decided to use a ladder to rescue the crying cub. Video shot by Walz shows the animal climbing the ladder to freedom with some off-camera coaching.

Video at the link.


This is Sad and Unusual – Fatal Alligator Attack in Florida

Fatal alligator attacks are rare. Alligator believed to have fatally attacked Florida woman killed by authorities Friday |

Her dogs were found near the lake, one with a recent bite. She was missing, though there was an unconfirmed report that someone saw her dragged into the water.

A 12 foot gator was trapped and killed. A necropsy confirmed that the gator bit Shizuka Matsuki. It is believed she died, and Florida Fish and Wildlife are searching for her body.

From 1948 to 2017, the commission has documented 401 people bitten by alligators, including 24 fatalities. The most recent death occurred in 2016, when a 2-year-old boy playing near the water’s edge at a Walt Disney World resort was killed.

When you see a body of fresh or brackish water in Florida – a pond, a river, whatever – you should consider that alligators probably live there.

There are also crocodiles in the southern Everglades. Sharks are just off shore at your favorite beach. And anacondas have been introduced to the Everglades. Then there are poisonous snakes, fire ants, etc. Oh, and bears can be a problem if you are camping in the pine forests.

They Wanted to Help the Bear, Instead They Got It Killed

They are not pets, they are wild animals. Bear euthanized after being fed in P-L neighborhood | Pinetop Lakeside |

There is a drought, so the bears are stressed. Still no excuse.

Sandi’s husband, Mr. Coberly, admitted to putting out food and water for the bear when he spoke to an AZGFD officer. Sandi Coberly told The Independent that her neighbors were feeding the bear.

It was an act of mercy. The bears were thirsty. Now the mother is dead, and the cubs in captivity. Way to go.

I have the “Don’t Be Stupid” graphic up, but I know that people will continue to do stupid things. (Who was it that asked, “How many animals has Walt Disney killed?”)

Coyote Attack in North Carolina

I’m guessing that wild animal attacks are rare in that part of the country. Wake Forest man injured in coyote attack |

It happened about 9:30 p.m. along the 3100 block of Lariat Ridge Drive as the homeowner was taking out his trash.

The victim defended himself by kicking the animal, but the coyote continued to attack. The homeowner eventually escaped by throwing a trash can at the coyote which caused the animal back away.

It “lurked” in the backyard until it was shot by the homeowner’s son. It will be tested for rabies.

So What Are You Supposed to Do When Wild Animals Are Attacking Children?

Americans have lost their rational fear of wild animals. Even when they are in your backyard, they are dangerous. Coyote attack of 9-year-old Carolina girl sparks concerns in the. The point of the old (original version of) Grimm’s tales was to impress on children that nature was “red of tooth and claw.” Now they’ve been sanitized by Disney, they contain no lessons whatsoever.

The coyote attack this past week of a North Carolina girl at her own house is raising concerns about safety in Upstate areas with frequent sightings.

The animal attacked the girl in the middle of the day, leading the game department to suspect rabies.

But the ready availability of food in suburban settings is making the coyotes stick around and become accustomed to humans.

It is legal to shoot a coyote in your yard, unless your city or HOA laws prohibit that. But if your safety is in question, the law is on your side either way.

So at least in South Carolina, you are entitled to protect yourself.

How Would You Deal With a 500 Pound Charging Mama Grizzly?

Without a firearm, this hunter would likely be dead. Bozeman Hunter Shoots, Kills 500-pound Female Grizzly Bear – Flathead Beacon

Grizzly Bear Management Specialist Wesley Sarmento says the 500-pound female bear began charging after the hunter shot a pheasant outside of Pendroy, a community located 79 miles (127 kilometers) northwest of Great Falls.

There are three 10-month-old cubs that have “low chances of survival without their mother.”

“We have a pretty clear case of self-defense here”

Sometimes you need to defend yourself from wildlife Man shoots grizzly near West Yellowstone; state says “case of self-defense”

The homeowner heard noise coming from the garage. He grabbed a gun and went onto the front porch to see what was going on.

“There was a bear not 10 paces from him on his porch,” [Andrea Jones, a spokeswoman for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks,] said.

Jones said the man told FWP investigators that the bear turned and began to approach him. He shot the bear dead.

The threats you face can come in all shapes. Self-defense is still a human-right.