The 33 Billion Dollar Train That Couldn’t

Couldn’t be built for 33 or 77 or maybe even 100 billion dollars, that is. (And yes, that is Billion, with a capital “B.” This Train Won’t Leave the Station: If high-speed rail can’t make it in California, it can’t make it anywhere.

In the face of cost overruns, and sliding tax revenues, California Governor Newsom canceled most of the high speed rail in California.

This effectively puts an end to former governor Jerry Brown’s “legacy” project, the lone tangible accomplishment for a second gubernatorial stint that had been far better at raising taxes and imposing draconian legislation than building things. Brown wanted to build his beloved train in a state with some of the nation’s worst roads (despite its second-highest gas taxes), a deteriorating water-delivery system, and massive pension debt. With Brown finally in retirement, Newsom took the opportunity to free up billions of dollars that his Democratic allies would like to spend in other ways.

This probably is also bad news for the Green New Deal. But don’t expect the Liberal Left to acknowledge that.


Reporter Doesn’t Understand Why the .gov Shouldn’t Take Care of Every Problem

But then thinking about “individual responsibility” would probably give him a migraine. Sick raccoon leads reporter down a rabbit hole.

A sick raccoon in a yard. “This must be a problem for Government Man” – superhero to the Left.

But alas, after calling various state and local agencies, he could not reach anyone who thought “Government Man” could do anything. Or got the answer, “We don’t deal with raccoons.

I’m still awaiting a response from Jacksonville officials on why it’s animal control officer will not come out and remove a sick animal.

Because he didn’t like the answer “we don’t deal with wildlife.”

Now you can hire someone for between $100 and $400, but he thinks that is unfair. Large size Havahart traps start at $50, but I’m guessing he doesn’t like that option either. (Though I suppose there is a reason the sell the 2 door traps. And the “easy set traps” cost more.)

But no, he is going to pester local agencies because he doesn’t understand that “taxpayer-funded” organizations can’t do everything. What’s that saying? “You just pay for it.”

New York Residents Turn to Private Security

Because the city is letting them down. Union Square residents hire security guards to battle homeless crisis.

First the problem.

[One longtime resident of Zeckendorf Towers at Union Square] added, “The homeless problem in Union Square since [Mayor] de Blasio came into office has been absolutely awful.”

Who would have guessed? And the solution?

Last week, The Post revealed that residents of 12 Upper West Side buildings were paying a total of $140,000 a year — $120 apiece per month — for a guard to patrol the four square blocks that surround a controversial new shelter at 306 W. 94th St. every day from evening until early morning.

Four retired NYPD cops from Integrated Security Services take turns patrolling the Zeckendorf site.

Because they don’t pay enough in taxes, apparently, to ensure law and order.

City Hall says everything is under control and getting better. (What, no mention of rainbows and unicorns?) Bets on whether all those Upper West Side and Union Square residents voted for de Blasio?

For a look at the Deep Blue Utopias on the Left Coast, see this link.

How Do You Have a Standoff With an Empty House?

Your tax dollars at work? ‘Standoff’ in Lehigh County ends after homeowner returns from walk.

So they get a call that there has been a shooting at a house. They arrive, surround the house, order neighbors to “stay inside.” But there was one problem.

A nearly three-hour standoff with police at a Bethlehem Township home turned out to be at an empty house.

The “standoff” ended when the guy they thought was shot walked up to them.

So, if the couple had been on vacation instead of just out for the day, how long would the “standoff” have lasted?

When are cops going to learn that they are being played, or mislead, or just plain given the wrong information? Probably never, since when the kill someone over bad information, nothing happens to them.

This doesn’t rise to the level of “Cops Behaving Badly.” It might qualify as “Cops Behaving Stupidly.” It does point out the fact that they need better procedures in cases like this.

Billions in Tax Money for Illegal Aliens

Of course they get tax refunds. Tax loophole costs billions. From NBC 13 in Indianapolis.

Millions of illegal immigrants are getting a bigger tax refund than you. Eyewitness News shows a massive tax loophole that provides billions of dollars in tax credits to undocumented workers and, in many cases, people who have never stepped foot in the United States. And you are paying for it!

This is completely insane. But then most things the government is doing these days is insane. (Have you been affected by the .gov shutdown? I haven’t.)

Go read the whole thing, it isn’t too long. (Hat tip to Trigger Reset.)

You Didn’t Think the Politicians Would Follow the Law, Did You?

All animals may be equal, but the politicians at the State level are definitely not going to follow the laws. FCC: NY shortchanging taxpayers though safety surcharge money.

According the FCC, money from the “New York Public Safety Surcharge” that can be found on cellphone bills is supposed to be used for the sole purpose of helping counties pay for their 911 emergency operations.

The report indicates that New York hasn’t given out all of the funds since 2009. In 2017, out of $189 million collected, 90 percent wasn’t used for what it was meant for.

The Law? We don’t need no stinkin’ Law!

So as a result, counties have trouble dealing with cellphones (25 or 30 years after they became mainstream) because the politicians need those funds for something better than public safety. (And why is it, do you think, that so many cities and counties have trouble finding you if you call 911 from a cell phone.

No Consequences = Keep Doing the Same Thing

Only he did run into a different kind of consequence. Teen shot dead while trying to rob woman had been accused of attacking Chicago cops last year.

And (as Second City points out) what is with this “teen” BS? A 19-year-old is a legal adult, and he had prior run-ins with the law.

I covered this story when it came up, because self-defense in Chicago is still a bit of a novelty.

The lack of consequences – courtesy of the Criminal Justice System in Cook County Illinois.

Goings was charged with six counts of aggravated battery to a peace officer but they were dropped in October after the teen pleaded guilty to a drug charge. He was given probation and released from jail in early November, just days before his 19th birthday.

That is 6 felony counts. An as Second City Cop says…

Great job there Crimesha. Six felonies pled down to “dead in a justified bus stop shooting because no punishment equals no feeling of consequences.”

Not sure how Kim Foxx got the moniker Crimesha.