Chicago-style Hot Dogs and Politics

Politics, Chicago-style, meets up with Hot dogs, Chicago-style Second City Cop: Burke Sideline

The corruption is so ingrained, they do it right in front of everyone and dare you to do something about it:

Chicago alderman’s law firm gets a new client – The Vienna Beef company – after the alderman goes to bat on tax cuts. And then the firm gets even more tax cuts.

For those not in the know, a true Chicago-style hot dog, starts with a Vienna-red-hot (introduced at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago) on a poppy-seed bun with yellow mustard, emerald relish, minced onions (must be VERY finely chopped), celery salt, tomato wedges, sport peppers (also known as “little green bullets from hell”), and in the past 35 years or so it has become common to include a thin slice of a kosher pickle. Two with everything and an order of fries was a favorite on-the-go meal of mine, when I was young enough to be able to eat anything I wanted without gaining weight. (It would be tough to choose between that a sausage/beef combo with hot peppers from Mr. Beef.)


Leftists Can’t Stand The Idea of Conservative Women

They tolerate everything except difference of opinion. Leftists Tear Down Flyers For Berkeley Women’s Panel | Be EmPOWERed.

In completely predictable fashion, University of California, Berkeley students are responding to the anticipated event “Conservative Women in Media Panel,” by tearing down flyers. The event hosted by the Berkeley College Republicans is scheduled for February 15th and includes a panel of three conservative women: Kassy Dillon, Antonia Okafor, and Allie Stuckey.

Free speech? Debate? Different viewpoints? These can’t be allowed on a university campus! (What’s the opposite of diversity? University!)

Unexpectedly, the Oxfam Scandal Gets Worse

It isn’t just that they were paying for sex. Extortion seems to have been the order of the day. And rape. Oxfam scandal deepens with allegations of ‘sex for aid’ and abuse in charity shops 

In some of the most explosive allegations yet against the charity, Helen Evans accused the her bosses of ignoring her evidence and her pleas for more resources, forcing her to quit in despair.

Ms Evans said that staff had been accused of rape and that sexual abuse by shop managers in UK stores against young volunteers was covered up.

It isn’t a small issue, unless you think 10 percent of staff being sexually assaulted is “small.” (UK tax money supported this insanity, for reasons I haven’t seen spelled out.)

Now That’s What You Call Ironic

UK’s data watchdog agency hit by hackers. Cryptojacking attack hits ~4,000 websites, including UK’s data watchdog – TechCrunch

There were actually several thousand government sites hit across the US, UK and Australia. Apparently the malware Coinhive was added to the plugin Browsealoud which lets visually impaired and blind users surf the internet. The company, Texthelp, which produces Browsealoud is “investigating.”

And Chicago Wonders Why It Has a Crime Problem

JusticeIf you don’t punish criminals, you are not going to stop crime. Most juveniles charged with armed carjackings let go in 24 hours, records show | Chicago Sun-Times

There were a 1000 carjackings in Chicago last year. That is up from 600 and some in 2016. It is a major problem. It isn’t limited to any part of the city but hits everyone. Including the mayor, Rahm Emmanuel.

Last week, former Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy, who’s considering a run for mayor, criticized Emanuel for failing to take control of the problem. McCarthy said “criminals are getting released immediately after arrest. Many times, they’re not being prosecuted. If there’s no sanction, what the hell?”

What the hell indeed.

Go take a look. Lots of good statistics about how armed felons are released and then re-arrested for another gun charge.

“Crime has to have consequences,” said Smith, a former federal prosecutor whose ward includes the Gold Coast, Old Town and Lincoln Park. “We’re not helping our community and we’re not helping our kids. We’re not even giving them a ‘time out’ for carrying a gun.”

If you make something more expensive, you will see less of it. Right now the cost of crime in Chicago is VERY low. [Hat tip to Second City Cop]

UPDATE: More on the same subject from Crime In Wrigleyville & Boystown. CWB Chicago: Guess What Happens When A City Doesn’t Treat Serious Crimes Seriously?

The UN Isn’t The Only Organization Screwing Haiti

It seems that Oxfam is also harboring a bunch of perverts. UK official warns Oxfam to hand over all info on sex case | Fox News

Oxfam has denied that it tried to cover up the use of prostitutes by some of its staff in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake there. Still, suggestions that it failed to give full details about the case to regulators and donors has touched off outrage in Britain.

So are all these feel-good programs making the world a better place, or just exploiting people who are poor and desperate? And why is the UK government giving tax money to a non-profit? Do they have so much extra in tax revenue? (Here I thought they were considering a tax increase to try and fix the problems with their health care system.)

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

Still a frightening phrase in the English language. The bureaucrats in FEMA have been unprepared for every disaster they’ve faced. The Cajun Navy did more good in a couple of weeks than FEMA has done in a few decades. More on FEMA’s latest follies – Living Freedom

You’ve probably heard that, yet again, FEMA’s attempt at disaster relief in the wake of the hurricane that decimated Puerto Rico, is itself a disaster. One of key disasters is their inability to hire contractors with any hope of fulfilling a contract. Case in point – Tribute Contracting LLC. Claire Wolfe says it better.

But no wonder FEMA (apparently having no contractors lined up, 12 years after Katrina) fell for her despite her inability even to flesh out a ready-made website template. With, you know, actual words. In English.

‘Cause look at all those Valuable Services (complete with capital letters) she and her “team” of construction-management-food-delivery-cloud-computing-disaster-relief-refrigerated-truck mavens can supply. But only to governments, of course. (Oh, and I forgot laundry management, too. That’s on a different page.)

And if you think she’s kidding about the website, lacking in actual English, click thru, and as she says, embiggen the image. “You must embiggen (really, you must) to get the full glory of this woman’s competence.”