Basic Skills 101

Because parents can’t be bothered to teach their kids anything. High School Offers Adulting 101 Classes, Teaches Kids to Change Flat Tires.

I learned to drive before cellphones were everywhere. So you couldn’t just call AAA, or your insurance company’s roadside assistance program.

But I didn’t learn this stuff in school.

The videos have been removed (due to hysterical laughter?), but either Lowe’s or Home Depot had series of basic videos that included things like “How to use a screwdriver.” I don’t think most people can afford to own a home, if they don’t know how to do minor repairs. But that’s me. I didn’t start out expecting to own a home with an acre of granite in the kitchen. (Hat tip to Wirecutter, who started me looking for a source.)

So do they know how to cook? I’m pretty sure that they don’t know CPR or first aid.


The IRS Loses to True The Vote

The IRS was used – under the Obama Administration – to target conservative groups. True the Vote Wins Stunning Court Ruling Against IRS in Lois Lerner Scandal.

The IRS was sued by True The Vote for discrimination based on their political viewpoint. (They weren’t crazy liberals, the folks running the IRS couldn’t stand that.)

The judge awarded True The Vote an enhanced attorneys’ fees payment from the IRS.

Judge Walton also ruled that True the Vote is entitled to a “bad faith enhancement” to its requested attorney’s fees. Judge Walton’s opinion held there is “clear and convincing evidence necessary for a finding of bad faith on the part of [the IRS]” in their discrimination against True the Vote. While the exact amount to be awarded is still pending, True the Vote’s application under the Equal Access to Justice Act requested the recovery of $1.9 million in attorneys’ fees.

“This ruling is a victory for all Americans,” says Engelbrecht. “Government cannot be allowed to run roughshod over the Constitutional rights of American citizens.”

The other interesting thing is that there is absolutely NO MENTION of this story in the Mainstream American Media. Media bias? What media bias?

Even in Deep Blue Los Angeles, People Are Beginning To Say “Enough!”

That is, “Enough with the taxes, already.” A shrug from voters to struggling L.A. schools, and have a nice summer, kids.

The LA Times is heartbroken that given a choice, taxpayers who already feel overburdened don’t want to pay more in taxes. Isn’t it the Democratic Way to collect more taxes? Not that any problems are ever solved…

A new levy of some kind has failed. Measure EE it was called. Here are some of the comments the reporter has heard.

The district administration is inept, they carped. The union is corrupt and teacher benefits are bloated. Taxes are already too high. Parents are derelict. More money wouldn’t make a difference. Illegal immigration is bankrupting the district.

The last one is telling. Can it really be that in the Liberal Bastion, of LA in the heart of The People’s Republic of California, that voters are finally seeing the impact of illegal immigration? (I’m sure the LA Times will be labeling all of them Racist Trump-supporters in the next day or two.)

Grenfell Tower Disaster – Two Years On

It’s hard to say who they are painting as the villain, because almost no information has been released. Grenfell investigation: Scotland Yard carries out 13 interviews under caution.

On June 14th, 2017, there was a fire in the publicly owned Grenfell Tower in London. 12 people died. Many were hurt.

Fire fighters initially told people to NOT evacuate. (They didn’t want all those fleeing civilians in their way.) Then the firefighters figured out that they were not going to contain that blaze. In so many ways, this reminds me of Paradise, California.

The city owned the building. The city maintained the building – there was no working alarm throughout the entire building. The city “renovated” the building with materials and in a fashion that would never be allowed by US building codes. Once on fire, the tower went up like a torch. (Click thru for a photo of the blackened hulk.)

Two years, and the investigation is only getting started.

Grenfell Tower info at this link, and Paradise, California info, specifically info on the Camp Fire, at this link. There is a good disturbing photo of the fire at that first link.

Baltimore Wants You to Pay for Their Lack of Planing

Because even though they’ve been told for the past 4 years that they are doing things wrong, why should they be responsible for their actions. Baltimore calls for federal emergency declaration after cyber attack.

City council president wants the federal government to have a larger supporting role in helping the city recover from the attack that disabled computer systems and key citizen services.

This will tell every city, county and state that they don’t need to do anything about cyber security, because when bad things happen, and they will, the federal .gov will bail you out. Can you spell “blank check?”

What is happening in Baltimore isn’t a disaster. It is the completely predictable outcome of the way they have been managing information technology. Refusing to listen even to the people that they hired to fix the mess. I, for one, don’t want to pay for their stupidity. For details on that stupidity, see this link.

The Sad State of Education in America

Because actually learning something in school is SO 20th Century. I was let go as substitute teacher because I corrected my students’ grammar.

Without standards, the whole system is a sham — a very expensive waste of money, cheating both kids and taxpayers.

You would think that a teacher would be let go because they did something awful. The awful in this case was teaching and demanding standards be met.

What students apparently objected to was me handing back their papers, hectoring them about language errors. I told them unapologetically, “This is your native language, people! Second grade mistakes — not distinguishing between ‘your’ and ‘you’re,’ misspelling ex(c)ercise, leaving off caps and periods — from freshmen and sophomores are unacceptable … “

The Left has already destroyed America, they just have to sit back and wait. Anyway, go read the whole thing. (Hat tip to Wirecutter.)

Baltimore Hoping to Blame Anyone But Themselves

Because they have a lot of blame piled up. Eternally Blue: Baltimore City leaders blame NSA for ransomware attack.

This is from a week ago, but apparently not much has changed. And I wanted to see what created this catastrophe of no planning.

City Leaders would like it to be “all NSA’s fault,” but the truth is, they built this catastrophe day by day for the past decade.

Baltimore’s ongoing ransomware dilemma is in many ways a product of more than a decade of neglect of the city’s information technology infrastructure. Since 2012, four Baltimore City chief information officers have been fired or have resigned; two left while under investigation.

Baltimore spends about half of what similar cities do on Information Technology, and most of what they spend is not centrally controlled, so a push to fix problems – like hardening against ransomware – has almost no chance of moving forward.

The Current CIO hired Gartner Group to do a 5-year plan. Not much has been done. His report on the plan says, in part…

Decades of decentralized information technology (IT) management and insufficient enterprise investment has led to a system that struggles to support city priorities and deliver service improvements for both residents and businesses. Furthermore, many of the city’s IT capabilities are outdated and lack the modern-day range of capabilities offered by comparable cities.

He said that BEFORE they got hit with ransomware. So I can see why they want to blame anyone else.