Because Keeping Criminals In Jail is Unfair

The System was certainly unfair to the person he murdered. Homicide suspect in Seattle slaying was arrested and released more than 34 times

Wednesday night, Seattle police were called to investigate a death that witnesses described as “horrific” at Cal Anderson Park. The suspect is believed to be local homeless notable Travis Berge, though this is not yet confirmed by the Seattle Police Department (SPD). The identity of the victim has not been released.

Maybe he was crazy. Maybe he was just criminal. It doesn’t matter to the person he killed. Either way, one of the principle functions of a government is to maintain order, and this is breaking down in the major cities.

Politicians Lie About How COVID-19 is Spreading

Because they lie about everything. COVID-19 emails from Nashville mayor’s office show disturbing revelation.

It would apparently be a problem for the Nashville mayor if the public discovered that COVID-19 really wasn’t coming from bars and restaurants.

Emails between the mayor’s senior advisor and the health department reveal only a partial picture. But what they reveal is disturbing.

The discussion involves the low number of coronavirus cases emerging from bars and restaurants and how to handle that.

And most disturbingly, how to keep it from the public.

I mean, how would you keep the sheep scared, if there was nothing to be scared of? How would you use COVID-19 as an excuse to issued draconian edicts if the disease wasn’t an issue?

“We raised taxes 34 percent and put hundreds literally thousands of people out of work that are now worried about losing their homes, their apartments…and we did it on bogus data. That should be illegal,” Glover said.

Science knows when politicians are lying. Hat tip ZeroHedge.

And can you guess which party John Cooper is a member of?

The Left versus Law and Order

Two stories. The first is insane. The second points out the fact that The Left isn’t interested in the truth, just instigating more riots.

Why was this guy not in jail? Armed and Dangerous

Simple question: What does it take to get somebody locked up? A murder suspect flees the state, “armed and dangerous,” runs from the cops, gets shot and arrested, then for some unknown reason is turned loose, so that he can perpetrate still more felonies? Everybody keeps telling me that we’ve got a “mass incarceration” problem in America, but if that is so, why was it so difficult to keep Antonio Davis behind bars?

BLM is telling lies? Color me shocked! Cop Shoots Knife-Wielding Maniac, Lancaster Riots After BLM Lies

Riots erupted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, after #BlackLivesMatter activists lied about the police shooting of a criminal. Officials released police bodycam video that shows Ricardo Miguel Munoz, 27, charging a cop with a knife.

But Democrats Always Work for the Little Guy

Just ask them, and they will tell you that. De Blasio downplayed dire extent of NYCHA lead poisoning issue, records reveal

Because actually fixing the problem sometime in the past 40 years or so would have cost money, and while they like to pretend they care about the little guy, they really care a lot more about money and power.

Newly surfaced documents reveal damning details about the scale and scope of what NYCHA knew of its serious lead issues in housing units with kids — all while Mayor Bill de Blasio downplayed the health crisis.

Local Health Department inspectors found lead in 222 NYCHA apartments across 93 developments — more than a quarter of all complexes citywide — between 2010 and 2018, according to records that City Hall only produced after The Post sued it under the state’s Freedom of Information Law.

So public health, and government transparency. What other things do New York Democrats not care about?

This Sheriff Has Some Procedures to Clear Up

From The Other McCain – Biden Voter Update

Two weeks ago, we brought you the story of Jayvon Hatchett, a social-justice activist who had “endorsed the Democratic Party agenda of stabbing white people.” Unfortunately for Mr. Hatchett, Georgia law does not recognize stabbing white people as a civil right, and so they put him in jail, where he continued his social-justice activism.

The sheriff’s department put him in a cell with a white man. Can you guess the result? Stabbing Suspect Who Felt ‘Need’ To Kill ‘A White Male’ Allegedly Kills White Cellmate; Mother Speaks Out.

Hatchett, who is black, targeted the victim, a store employee, because of his white skin, WRBL reported, telling police he “felt the need to find a white male to kill” after watching videos of “police brutality” on social media.

So of course the sheriff’s department didn’t think when they assign him to a cell.

“If this mentally imbalanced individual had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan, they would not have put him in a cell with a black person,” said attorney Craig Jones, who is representing the family, the news station reported.

Can you say negligence?

Whitmer of Michigan Builds a Wall

Or a fence, same difference. Because what applies to you, should not apply to HER. Anti-Border Fence Mich. Gov. Whitmer Building 8-Foot High, Electrified Fence Around Governor’s Residence

Despite her vocal opposition to building border walls to keep Americans safe from illegal immigration, Democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is having an eight-foot high, electrified fence built around her official residence to keep out unwanted visitors.

Because fences are good for her, just not for you. Besides, she’s special.

Because Nothing Is More Important Than the Rules

At least to a bureaucrat. Besides, if they don’t just follow the rules, then you are asking them to THINK. Do you really think that is a good idea? Florida Attorney Says Client Turned Away From Filing Restraining Order Due To Coronavirus Restrictions.

The courthouse was full, and The Rules state that only a certain number of people will be let in. What’s that you say? Your life is in danger? Well too fucking bad, we have to OBEY The Rules.

Now I am not a great believer in domestic violence restraining orders. They fail to restrain anyone from doing anything in way too many situations. But they are interesting legal documents, so that I do think you should have one if you need one. But I also believe that if you need a restraining order against someone, then you need a plan for your personal safety. I recommend a 9mm semiautomatic, a case of ammo, and some instruction/time at the range. Though it is pretty nearly impossible to find ammo these days.

In the meantime, the courthouse in question is revising the rules, because even they don’t think asking people to think and use judgement is a good idea.

And I can’t even call this Peak Florida, because it isn’t a Florida issue, it’s a bureaucracy issue.

De Blasio Wants Cops Wasting Their Time

Because apparently all the other crime in NYC is under control. At least as far as de Blasio is concerned. Blue Lives Matter NYC founder slams de Blasio, Cuomo after report suggesting cops enforce indoor dining

“Politicians like him pick and choose when they want officers to enforce the law,” Imperatrice said. “What happens is they pit the officers against the community which is never good.”

He blamed de Blasio for making police officers enforce mask rules amid coronavirus lockdown orders after promising to defund $1 billion from the NYPD budget and reassigning roughly 600 plain-clothes anti-crime officers.

Oh, and for the record, crime is NOT under control in New York City. Shootings Up in NYC, but you knew that. (Hat tip to Retired Sheriff David Clarke on Parler. Unfortunately, you can’t see Parler links unless you are logged in.)

When Government Attempts to Command the Economy

Usually the attempts to do that end in corruption scandals, or at best, achieve nothing. More ‘Buffalo Billion’ woes as audit finds Cuomo boondoggle a waste of tax money.

So Cuomo thought it would be a good idea to build “technology centers” after the style of Silicon Valley in California, or Boston’s Highway 128. Sounds good. Invest some money near NY universities, and generate tax revenue and jobs. It doesn’t seem to have worked out. But then some of Cuomo’s cronies were getting rich.

The “Buffalo Billion” projects were initially overseen by a longtime Cuomo aide, Alain Kaloyeros, through an arm of the State University of New York system that operated with little oversight.

Kaloyeros was convicted and sentenced to 3 1/2 years for his role in a bid-rigging scheme involving the economic development effort — which reached Cuomo’s innermost circle.

That was one of a few “development efforts.” Let’s let some of the Governor’s inner circle control millions of taxpayer money. What could go wrong?

Now they have created some jobs, just no where near what was promised.

An analysis of the project’s costs and benefits reviewed by DiNapoli revealed that the state would only net 54 cents in “economic benefit” for every dollar spent — a mere fraction of the usual $30 return that each dollar typically yields.

If you lose 46 cents on every dollar you spend, you won’t recoup the investment in volume.

And risk assessment was not done. Risks? What are those? Oh, and it is ALL COVID-19’s fault.

News Flash: A Politician Is Lying

Governor Newsom wouldn’t LIE to the people of California, would he? Gov. Gavin Newsom didn’t take promised pay cut after slashing state workers’ wages.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom failed to take a promised pay cut after slashing state workers’ wages has reportedly failed to take the ten percent pay cut he promised to give himself after ordering reductions in state workers’ salaries due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Newsom had pledged to reduce his governor’s salary by the same amount he was slashing salaries of state workers — 10 percent — back in May when he laid out sweeping reductions in spending.

If you are expecting the self-appointed political-elite to

  1. Live by the same rules they impose on you,
  2. Keep promises, and not lie to the public,

then you are probably going to be very disappointed. (Echoes of “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”)

Oh and the head of the union doesn’t have a problem with governor lying to his union’s members.

The head of the state’s largest labor union, SEIU Local 1000, which represents service workers, was willing to give the governor the benefit of the doubt.

Because a Democrat would never LIE.

Your Tax Dollars At Work – Utah Division

Actually the insurance policy paid, but I can’t help but thing that cyber insurance is a bad bet for the underwriters to take. University of Utah hit by ransomware, pays $457K ransom.

The University of Utah has paid a $457,000 ransomware to prevent threat actors from releasing files stolen during a ransomware attack.

In a ‘data security incident’ notification posted today, the University of Utah disclosed that they were attacked by ransomware on Sunday, July 19, 2020.

The data breach exfiltrated student and staff information from the College of Social and Behavioral Science. Hence the ransom.

The university states that their cyber insurance policy paid a ransom of $457,059.24 USD and that no “tuition, grant, donation, state or taxpayer funds were used to pay the ransom.”

But hey, it’s OK to feed the beast because they are not alone. UC San Francisco paid 1.4 million bucks, so it must be OK.

You Would Think Public Pensions Would Be Boring Bureaucracies

You might be surprised. Public Pension Watch: California and Illinois Executive Resignations, Spiking v. California Rule, and more!

First up is California, where the head of California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) is out for conflict of interest.

There have been governance issues at Calpers for a very long time, and no, not all public pension funds operate this way. You would think one of the largest pension funds in the world, and the largest public pension fund in the U.S., would try to demonstrate the highest in ethics, world-class professionalism, but…
Season 6 Dancing GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Then there is Illinois.

So, here’s another large public pension fund booting an executive. This fund has over $50 billion in assets, making it the 17th largest pension fund in the Public Pensions Database, near in size to the New York City Teachers fund (in assets).

Chicago Tribune: Executive director of massive Illinois teachers pension fund resigns after investigation into ‘performance issues’ [SNIP]

Yeah. “Performance issues”. I looked at the PPD entry for Illinois TRS, and while the funded status is horrible, I don’t think it’s Ingram’s fault. It’s always been horrible.

Anyway, click thru, because those are the only 2 states that it is ridiculously easy to pick on. There are line items for New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and more.

Breakdown of Law and Order in Portland

But that is basically what the people voted for – Democrats who are willing to abandon the city to the mob. Video: Man Unconscious, Kicked in Head by Antifa ‘Security’ Thug in Portland.

The mob considers downtown Portland their “turf,” and control their territory by the use of violence and intimidation. The video shared by Ngo was recorded by Drew Hernandez, who saw the whole thing from start to finish. [SNIP] The reason we have police and courts of law is to prevent this kind of vigilante “street justice” scene where insults escalate into violence.

The video is disturbing but that is what is happening in Portland today. And the Democrats are eager to bring it to the rest of the US through “defunding the police.”

Western civilization and the rule of law. Nice while they lasted.

Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

Since the federal government paid 75% of costs for this project, your tax dollars were used. Even though I’ve been trying to give Chicago a break, they make it too easy with stuff like this. Brilliant use of taxpayer funds: McCormick Place hospital’s cost to taxpayers? $1.7 million per patient. How the deal happened.

Or you could call it “No dollar left behind.”

Taxpayers spent nearly $66 million fashioning McCormick Place into an emergency coronavirus hospital with 2,750 beds this past spring amid fears that COVID-19 patients would overwhelm hospitals in the Chicago area.

Those fears turned out to be unfounded. Just 38 patients were transferred to the sprawling convention center — meaning taxpayers’ cost for the makeshift hospital turned out to be more than $1.7 million per patient, on average.

Now the bids were not exactly rigged, and they were not exactly fair. The company that got a big piece of the pie has ties to the old Daley Chicago machine. Color me shocked, that the people with clout ended up collecting big bucks.

The other three facilities were in Blue Island, Melrose Park and Elgin in previously closed hospitals, where the costs of readying them for patients were considerably lower than at McCormick Place — a total of about $50 million for all three, records show.

The Army Corps itself chose the construction companies for the renovations required at the closed hospitals — none of which has treated even one patient.

Now, to be fair, something I HATE doing when it comes to Chicago politics, in March and April the situation in and around New York City was grim. The virus was going crazy. But then Chicago is not nearly as densely populated as New York City. With about half the population, Chicago has something like 8 times the geographic area to house that population. And as stupid as the politicians in Illinois are, they were not as stupid as Cuomo or de Blasio, apparently. At least they didn’t mandate that sick people be housed in nursing homes, with the most vulnerable citizens.

They Allowed the Destruction

Now they want to be paid. Landscape of rubble persists as Minneapolis demands taxes in exchange for permits.

Because nothing is more important than tax revenue. Too bad they didn’t think of that before they unleashed the devastation.

In Minneapolis, on a desolate lot where Don Blyly’s bookstore stood before being destroyed in the May riots, two men finish their cigarettes and then walk through a dangerous landscape filled with slippery debris and sharp objects. The city won’t let Blyly haul away his wreckage without a permit, and he can’t get a contractor to tell him how much it will cost to rebuild the store until that happens.

That would be Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction & Uncle Edgar’s Mystery Bookstores, which were really one business.

So the mayor, et al abandoned the businesses to the mob, and now they can’t be bothered to help them recover. What happens to the city if they walk away? Would you rebuild in a location where the authorities have PROVEN that they won’t have your back? Where the city has demonstrated that they won’t keep law and order? I wouldn’t.

For more info on Don Blyly and Uncle Hugo’s see this from Monster Hunter Nation and Larry Correia: Uncle Hugo’s Bookstore Burned in Riot. Fundraiser Back On! Link Below

Because Keeping Criminals In Jail Is Unfair

We let them out and are shocked when they commit more crimes. Germantown homicide suspect released from Montgomery County jail in April due to COVID-19. OK, so I’m not that shocked.

The man accused of stabbing a 63-year-old Germantown father to death in July was freed from jail only months earlier, amid COVID-19 pandemic concerns, court records confirm.

They even call the rush to release people hysteria.

He wasn’t a violent criminal before, but he is now, and a man is dead. Social Justice? Maybe, but no actual Justice.

Will The Last Person to Leave New York City…

Turn out the lights. A mad rush for the exits as New York City goes down the tubes.

Moving companies are crazy busy, even though COVID-19 seems be on its way out. So people are not just trying to flee the virus.

One likely reason: The virus was but the last straw; New Yorkers are fed up with the shootings and lootings, homelessness on the streets, sub-par online schools, sky-high taxes and the sheer obliviousness of pols like Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

I hope they remember that they didn’t like the liberal policies of de Blasio and Cuomo, and that they don’t vote for the same policies and the same types of politicians in their new locations. But I’m not optimistic.

City and state officials have fueled crime, setting inmates at jails and prisons free and handcuffing cops, and they refuse to do anything meaningful to roll it back. Prosecutors, too, are declining to prosecute. Judges are letting suspects walk.

Last month, Bronx Criminal Court Judge Jeanine Johnson released an illegal-immigrant rape suspect, on no bail.

So what is the result of all those social-justice-motivated actions? Gun violence shot up 177% in July, NYPD says.

There were 244 shootings in July in New York City this year. There were 88 shooings in July of 2019.

Murders increased 59 percent for the month over July 2019 with 54 versus 34. The number of burglaries also rose to 1,297 over 989, a 39 percent increase. The number of auto thefts shot up to 892 from 583 or 53 percent citywide.

The Post article also makes reference to “mediocre schools.” So what are the benefits of paying the high taxes in New York City?

Seems more people are asking themselves that question. NYC moms fleeing Upper West Side amid crime and chaos. (Hat tip for that link to The Other McCain.)

Due to increasingly squalid conditions on the Upper West Side, including two new homeless shelters packed with junkies and registered sex offenders, longtime dwellers are departing the Big Apple with no plans to ever return.

The question, in a detailed form is…

“It’s this slow slide,” [Elizabeth Carr] said. “How can families stay here? Does the city want families to stay?”

The answer to that question is apparently, “No!”

People are having trouble finding brokers for real estate in once-desirable areas because the slide is so fast. Carr, a non-profit exec, is moving permanently to North Carolina.

Others seem to think that mayor de Blasio actually has a “vendetta” against the demographic that is leaving the city. (Their word, vendetta, not mine.)

Allison Eden, 50, a married [Upper West Side] mother of two teens, just listed her gut-renovated West End Avenue apartment of 22 years. “I don’t want to leave,” she said. “But I don’t feel like I have a choice now. How do I let my children cross the street when homeless people are shooting up?

“As a parent, this isn’t the place I once knew. I feel like NYC is disappearing so fast and no one’s doing anything,” said the tile manufacturer, who drags her two boys to work with her so they’re not fending for themselves outside alone.

So what happens to the city if all the gainfully employed leave?

Chicago and The Failure of Law and Order

Facepalm X 2You may have heard that they had themselves another riot in Chicago. They looted the stores on (what used to be) The Magnificent Mile. Again. That is either 4 or 5 times this year, I’ve lost track.

Probably Not Trump Voters: Looters Smash Stores in Downtown Chicago.

Democrats are all about social justice, and by “social justice,” I mean smashing windows and looting luxury stores. [SNIP]

Louis Vuitton, Omega — “social justice” is all about name-brand value. If you don’t understand why it was necessary to loot these stores, that’s probably because you’re a racist Republican

How did this start? Well, someone who didn’t want to be arrested shot at cops and missed. The cops shot back and didn’t miss. Result = riot.

In the age of surveillance cameras, there is lots and lots of video. Video: Looters pillage Mag Mile and Loop in social media-fueled riot.

Hundreds of looters ravaged Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, Rush Street, Oak Street, and Loop shopping districts early Monday after plans to burglarize the stores spread on social media. By sunrise, the looting was spreading to Wicker Park and other neighborhoods, according to police scanner traffic.

And some of it is from Twitter. Watch: Twitter videos document overnight looting and riots in Chicago.

But don’t worry, Mayor Groot (that would be Lori Lightfoot) is all over the mostly peaceful parties on the beach, because masks must be worn. City takes new steps to deter gatherings at Montrose Beach after Lightfoot slams ‘reckless’ lakefront party. At least they have their priorities right. Or maybe not.

And don’t you DARE to point out the fact that turning criminals loose encourages more crime. Chicago Mayor Lightfoot pushes back against question about rioters being encouraged by ‘lack of consequences’.

She cut the reporter off – who was talking to Police Superintendent Brown – and while Brown didn’t answer the question, it wasn’t needed anyway.

Earlier in the press conference, Brown suggested that the lenient treatment of people who were arrested during the summer unrest over the death of George Floyd, played a role in what happened in Chicago overnight.

“Not many of those cases were prosecuted to the full extent,” Brown said. “These looters, these thieves, these criminals being emboldened by (the lack of) consequences … emboldened to do more.”

He added that many of the arrests made during May and June, were not “prosecuted the fullest extent.”

That is the attitude that will get Brown fired. He isn’t willing to just blame cops for the problems, being a cop himself, but he calls out the State’s Attorney and the judges. Who granted have failed to hold up their part of the system.

If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want a glass of milk.

Fingerprints? That Takes Effort

Forget all that stuff you saw on CSI, or NCIS or NYPD Blue, the Chicago PD can’t be bothered. A gun stolen, a clean set of fingerprints, and a police department won’t collect the evidence.

Police dispatch records show the officer who handled the man’s call made three attempts over an hour to get an evidence technician assigned.

“The prints are still visible,” the cop said at one point. “I thought they’d try?”

Because it is just that a firearm has been stolen. Nothing important.

Second City Cop gets the Hat tip. He notes… Fingerprints?

Here’s a dirty secret that not many people outside of the Department seem to know about:

  • 95 times out of 100, an ET will not come out unless there is someone in custody

So even if they pick this guy up tomorrow, they can’t charge him because there is literally no evidence.

What’s the Use of Government?

Why do governments exist? Something about securing the blessings of liberty comes to mind. Defund the government.

Municipalities that can’t provide basic services lose any justification for their existence.

Local governments now want to be lavishly funded so that they can shut down businesses, open up prisons, keep schools closed, keep crime high and defund first responders.

What exactly is the appeal of this arrangement?

Would you stay in a place where the police can’t keep you safe (or they have been eliminated in favor of Social Justice), and the politics of an area keep you from defending yourself? What would you do? Sit down and wait to be a victim?

We’ve seen what happens when people decide that local government can’t help them. They abandon their locale, like what happened in Detroit. They leave everything they worked for, because what they really wanted was for their family to be safe. So what happens if you don’t think your family can’t have a future where you are? You don’t stay. If enough people decide to leave, then you aren’t leaving much behind.