Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Even in the People’s Republic of Illinois, self-defense works. Police: Intruder shot by Bloomington homeowner | WJBC AM 1230

A woman living in the 700 block of S. Clayton St. told police she heard the home’s security alarm at about 1:30 this morning and entered the garage with a handgun. She reportedly found a man in the garage and shot him after he began a physical altercation.

Police found him a couple of blocks away. They took him to the hospital, and then they took him to jail.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Texans are still armed; home-invaders still getting shot.

You think that memo would have circulated by now. (This is more of a dog-bites-man story than man-bites-dog.) Dallas Homeowner Shoots, Wounds Two Suspected Burglars | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

So 2 people try to break into a home at 4 in the morning, only to find one armed, Texan (but I repeat myself) homeowner.

Police said they found one of the suspected burglars on the ground and transported the person to Baylor University Medical Center in unknown condition.

They are still searching for the 2nd guy.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Violent and sexual crimes rose in Germany in 2016

German Crime Stats: I wonder if they are as cooked as the British stats used to be. Violent and sexual crimes rose, break-ins fell in 2016: media reports – The Local

Of the violent offences recorded, cases of murder, homicide and voluntary euthanasia rose by 14.3 percent, reaching 2,400 cases, according to Bild. Rape and sexual assault increased by 12.8 percent to more than 7,900 cases. Hundreds of women reported sexual attacks on New Year’s Eve 2015-16 in cities like Cologne, mainly by groups of North African men.

While We’re on the Subject of Hacking – More Car Hacks

The new tech “hotness” in cars has to do with control fobs. Walk up to your car, and it unlocks. Sit in and push the starter and off you go. Mechanical KEYS are SO 20th Century. Shock and key From BMW to Peugeot, these are the makes and models of cars MOST AT RISK of being broken into by car thieves hacking keyless cars.

Please note the wording in the headline. “Most at risk.” This is NOT a definitive list.

Vehicles from 30 manufacturers, ranging from BMW to Peugeot, were unlocked and/or started using a simple hack in German tests.

Tests by the ADAC (German auto club) showed how easy it was to unlock, and in some cases start and drive away, with fancy new high tech cars. From BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, and others. 30 manufacturers? Is there anyone who didn’t get hacked?

“Thefts have been using these loopholes presumably for years, without car manufacturers providing an effective solution – which shows that the automotive industry still has very much to catch up to other sectors of the economy with regards to IT security.

“All the more since keyless systems are also available for small and medium-sized cars and offered partly as standard configuration, manufacturers are called upon to effectively protect vehicle electronics.”

A couple of company statements are predictably worthless. “We take this very seriously…” “We follow all commonly excepted standards…” and a similar bucket of crap. It basically comes down to companies whining that “everyone else is doing the same thing.” Thanks guys.

What can you do? Store you electronic fobs in a Faraday cage.

All Your Credit Cards Are Belong to US

Another major company hacked, another set of credit cards stolen. Holiday Inn parent company says nearly 1,200 hotels were hacked in late 2016 | The Sacramento Bee

They did announce this hack in December when they found it. But they have more info.

“The investigation identified signs of the operation of malware designed to access payment card data from cards used onsite at front desks for certain IHG-branded franchise locations between September 29, 2016 and December 29, 2016,” the company announced.

According to ComputerWorld, 1,174 hotels in the United States were breached, including 163 in Texas, 64 in California, 61 in Florida, 49 in North Carolina, 38 in Georgia, 19 in South Carolina, 10 in Washington and four in Idaho. You can search for a specific hotel here.

Still searching all the properties. No mention of providing credit-monitoring services to anyone who got stung.

“How dare you live without me!” Didn’t work out too well for this guy

They were a relationship. It ended. But he wasn’t willing to leave it there. Man shot to death | The Lawton Constitution

Young-Dever said she was awakened with Stamper standing over her with a handgun pointed to her head and he made threats to kill her. She said she used a gun kept under pillow to defend herself. She said she doesn’t know how he gained entry to the house but that he didn’t have a key and wasn’t supposed to be there.

Cops found him “unresponsive” when they got there. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The investigation continues.

So how would you respond to someone pointing a gun at you in the middle of the night? I would really like the gun-control groups to tell me how the hell this could have been better.

Self-defense is a human-right.

If You Break Into Homes, You Will Eventually Find an Armed Homeowner

You should not be surprised by the result. Armed homeowner fires on men trying to break into Detroit home |

So these guys are very lucky.

“The homeowner fired a shot as the suspect was entering through the window, and all three fled,” Detroit police said. “Nothing was taken and no injuries were reported.”

Self-defense is a human-right.