Self-driving Cars? Not Quite

they seem to have trouble with a lot of situations. Even self-driving leader Waymo is struggling to reach full autonomy.

Lane changes. Merging onto a highway. Left turns. And anything out of the ordinary – like a traffic accident. These all confuse the Waymo cars.

“Lane changes appear to be a problem for the cars,” Randazzo says in the video. When trying to move into a crowded lane, a Waymo car seemed to lack a human driver’s ability to anticipate other drivers’ actions and squeeze into an open spot. Instead, the vehicle would turn on its turn signal and wait for a few seconds for an opening to appear. If one didn’t appear, it would turn the turn signal off and wait for a while before trying again.

I guess our “self-driving overlords” have yet to arrive. (With apologies to Small Dead Animals.)


Saturday Links

The Pirate’s Cove had an update/review of the “Yellow Vest” riots in France. As Paris Riots Grow, News Media Forgets A Very Important Detail.

The Other McCain highlights some College insanity. ‘It’s Like Undermining What Our Generation Is Trying to Do’.

Flopping Aces has a post about the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Collusion? Trump Calls Putin’s Bluff On INF Treaty .

The Obama White House deliberately blocked a Pentagon risk assessment report that states “that the breach involved a new missile that violates the limits set by the treaty.

Should a boy’s month of birth determine an ADHD diagnosis? Say Anything has something to say. School Policy Is Definitely Leading to the Misdiagnosis of ADHD.

Crime Prevention Research Center has an update on Concealed Carry Licenses. Our work on the number of concealed handgun permits mentioned in the Wall Street Journal.

David Yamane of Gun Culture 2.0 has some thoughts on the relationship between failure and learning. Alanis Morissette, Travis Haley, AK-47s, and Bananas.

Clayton Cramer has a post on the dirty little secret of civil litigation. Process Servers.

Irons in the Fire has a posting on Energy and Taxes. Ah, the wonders of Green Energy.

There’s a simple beauty about RO for the government. Even though it’s defined as a tax, it doesn’t come out of pay packets but is stuck on our electricity bills. That has made funding wind farms a lot easier for the government than more cost-effective energy-efficiency measures.

Forward Observer has some thoughts on The Value of Early Warning….

Todd Starnes considers the different treatment afforded Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) and Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) from the treatment of George H.W. Bush upon the occasions of their deaths. Media Hailed Klansman & Coward, But Bashes War Hero Bush. (You didn’t think the AP was neutral, did you?)

Indianapolis 911 Has a Problem

They can’t get people to answer 911 calls. Marion County 911 hold times increasing as dispatcher salaries remain low.

The staffing levels at the 911 center are down 33 percent as workers leave the center at an alarming rate.

Officials believe the center has been seeing the turnover because dispatchers in Marion County are paid significantly lower than surrounding counties — and much less than other employees in the county.

But though this has been a problem for a while, the solution seems to elude politicians. (You know, pay the going-rate.)

Average hold times have gone from 12 seconds on average, to 27 seconds. Longest hold time was over 6 minutes. ON hold. They can’t send help before someone answers the call.

The difference in salary between one county and the next is staggering. As much as a 35% difference. The sheriff gets that you can’t pay people substandard wages and expect to keep them in a tough job, but he doesn’t control the budget.

Calling 911 is a fine thing to do. They can send all kinds of help your way. But they can’t send help before they talk to you, and they can’t talk to you if no one is willing to hold the job. So you should probably consider what you will do will your waiting for someone to answer the phone.

Because the Rules Aren’t Supposed to Apply to Cops. Or Something

Rules are only supposed to apply to the Little People. Scathing grand jury report says police union head allowed to hinder investigations.

The grand jury said in its 46-page report that Fraternal Order of Police Fort Pitt Lodge No. 1 President Robert Swartzwelder acted with “deliberate malfeasance” and “utter disregard” for the policies and ethical standards of the Police Bureau following the Jan. 22, 2017, fatal police shooting of a Larimer homeowner, as well as after a non-fatal officer-involved shooting in East Liberty in April 2017.

Rules? Policies? Ethics? These are not going to stop a cop – and a union official – from protecting his own!

Our Demons

Electronica isn’t for everyone. But The Glitch Mob has found an audience that most Big Beat groups don’t find. The members edIT (Edward Ma), Boreta (Justin Boreta) and Ooah (Josh Mayer) are often producing music that could be playing in an action movie during a montage of the bad-guy building his lair, or the hero working in his version of the Fortress of Solitude.

This song is “Our Demons” featuring Aja Volkman by the Glitch Mob. It’s off their 2014 album Love Death Immortality. (If YouTube freaks out and tells you the video is unavailable – it doesn’t like the privacy extensions in your browser – use the link above.)

Developers Know Better What You Need Than You Do

That’s what they believe anyway. I haven’t found anyone who likes this update. I’m sure there is someone somewhere. Truly awful WordPress update has broke many things….

Until we can figure out how to fix WordPress’ “helpful” update that over-rides CSS, Samizdata will be looking a bit weird… sorry folks.

And hey WordPress… fuck you. Maybe time to start looking for an alternative to WordPress.

The update was sold as “this will help.” And “If you like HTML and CSS you won’t be impacted.” Guess that was too good to be true.

There was a survey of people who were testing the new version, and it scored less than 4 out of 10.