Get Woke. Go Broke.

In the least-surprising box-office news of the decade… New female forward “Charlie’s Angels” falls flat.

This was a movie I was never going to see. I doubt I will see it for free via my local library when the DVD is released. In time for Christmas? Probably not that fast, but fast.

The following description sums it up nicely.

In terms of feminism and 2019 inclusivity, it checks all the boxes.

Unfortunately, the movie was bogged down by clichés and predictability.

And Hollywood is too blinded to see that “checking all the boxes” results, inevitably, in predictability.

The standard “Men don’t want to watch female action heroes” line is being spread around. The folks saying that conveniently ignore Wonder Woman, the 2001 version of Laura Croft: Tomb Raider, Terminator 2, etc. Or in the world of TV, they also have to ignore Netflix’s adaptation of Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Because if they can’t blame others for not being “woke enough,” then they would have to blame themselves. And they are never responsible for anything. And besides, they got their participation trophies.

Least surprising? See my thoughts on this title from when I first tripped over it’s existence. Hollywood is Officially Out of Ideas.

For a more reasoned, business analysis of why this movie (and a few others) failed, there’s a story in Forbes and Hollywood, and raiding the Intellectual Property vault. Box Office: ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Joins ‘Terminator’ And ‘Doctor Sleep’ As Hollywood’s Latest Failed Franchise

Yet Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

He thought robbing a store seemed like a fine idea. Police: Akron store clerk shoots and kills suspected gunman during robbery attempt.

Two masked, armed miscreants walk into a store and try to rob it.

During the robbery, a 26-year-old clerk pulled out his gun and shot one of the suspects, killing him.

The second guy ran like a rabbit.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Hialeah Cop Gets Pass on Sexual Battery

JusticeCops and prosecutors protecting their own. (Justice? What’s that?) Women and girls said a Hialeah cop sexually assaulted them. The chief gave him a raise.. (For those of you who are challenged by the subject of Florida geography, Hialeah is a suburb of Miami.)

Starting in 2015, internal affairs investigators gathered evidence that Menocal had committed “unlawful sexual activity” with minors, a second-degree felony, and had broken more than 20 departmental rules and policies. The evidence was handed to Velázquez and the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office — but neither the police chief nor prosecutors acted to punish him.

Far from disciplining Menocal, whose well-connected family has held high-ranking positions in South Florida law enforcement, Velázquez gave him a raise — and moved him back onto the SWAT team as a coordinator.

Rules apply to the little people, not the cops. And especially not if his family is “well-connected.” (Hat tip to Wirecutter.)

Higher Education

A case of life imitating art. Breaking Bad: College Edition: Two Professors Charged With Making Meth.

Two chemistry professors at Henderson State University in Arkansas were arrested for allegedly manufacturing methamphetamine on campus. Authorities began investigating Terry Bateman, 45, and Bradley Rowland, 40, after a chemical spill forced the evacuation of the Reynolds Science Center on October 8. The school had to hire an environmental service company to clean the air and ventilate the building.

Not the sharpest tools in the shed

So, I wonder if the folks at Henderson State knew what was going on before the chemical spill.

Boston is Getting Rid of Christmas

Tell me again why we allow a few malcontents to ruin everything?.

Santa will be at the event but he will not arrive in a town firetruck as he has in the past.

That would be too religious, because of the part in the Bible where Santa arrives at the manger aboard a firetruck to bestow gifts of gold, frankincense, myrrh, and an Xbox upon the Baby Jesus.

This whole thing brings to mind “No Christmas for You!” from Foamy the Squirrel. Even though it is too early in the season for Foamy and way too early for Christmas… FYI – Foamy drops a lot of F-bombs. If you’re at work, use some headphones.

A Military K9’s Sendoff

A retired K9 reaches the end of the line. Weblo’s Final Flight: A Special Operations Military Working Dog Receives Hero’s Goodbye.

“Our working dogs are selfless in everything they do simply to please their handlers and those who work with them,” said Sergeant Major (retired) Jeremy Knabenshue, a veteran who worked as a K9 handler in the U.S. Army. “They give everything they have — to include their lives — without question to protect their pack.”

Coffee or Die usually worth a look.

“Angels on the sideline, Puzzled and amused.”

Tool’s lyrics are always interesting, which is part of their appeal, and the song “Right In Two,” from their album 10,000 Days was not an exception to that rule. And their songs have been all over my playlists since I started obsessing over their new album.

Angels on the sideline,
Puzzled and amused.
Why did Father give these humans free will?
Now they’re all confused.

All of the lyrics can be found at this link.

This song is “Right In Two” by Tool from their 2006 album 10,000 Days. (If YT trips over anything and says the video is unavailable, try the link.)

Keeping Trains Running in the Snow

This is the A-2 Interlocking in Chicago. It is just west of The Loop. Seven of eleven Metra lines (Chicago suburban commuter trains) pass through this interlocking, which was state-of-the-art in 1932. If this were to freeze up in the winter, it would bring chaos to commuters. And yes, this does count as a bit of infrastructure that has been ignored so long, it is in desperate need of updating. Current plans are estimated to cost on the order of half a billion dollars, but both Chicago and the State of Illinois are broke.

So here’s a short video of Chicago’s A-2 interlocking in winter. And here is Metra’s description.

Despite popular belief, the tracks themselves are not on fire. Instead, the flames come from a gas-fed system that runs adjacent to the rail, generating heat on the critical areas where the switches are supposed to make contact. Without that contact, the switches default to “fail-safe” mode, which means any trains that need to pass through the interlocking will have to wait until the switches make contact with the rail and complete an electric circuit. Until then, train movement is halted.

A Restraining Order Is Just a Piece of Paper

“The System” is all about hearings and rulings, and not about safety. In wake of murder-suicide, R.I. Family Court proposes added screening for restraining orders.

A District Court judge found her husband, Oscar Hudson, guilty of violating a restraining order against her and issued another.

But Hudson appealed his conviction, then killed Bogran and himself a month later.

Maybe we should pass a law making it illegal for someone subject to a domestic-violence restraining order to possess a firearm. Oh, wait a minute…

As for safety?

“Everything worked the way it was supposed to,” [Family Court Chief Judge Michael B.] Forte concluded, “but it was still a disastrous result.”

I would say that if you have a dead person on your hands, you should stay away from phrases like “Everything worked the way it was supposed to.” But then I’m not a lawyer, and I’m not worried about bureaucratic procedures and ass-covering.

They are going to look into offering “services” to both parties in future disagreements. Those won’t include a Glock, a case of ammo, and all the instruction the abused spouses want or need on how to defend themselves. That wouldn’t be civilized, or something.

Leonid Meteor Shower Visible Tonight

If it is clear, of course. The Leonid Meteor Shower Will Light up the Sky Monday Night.

Prepare to spend an hour or two outdoors on Monday night if skies are clear for the stunning sight of the Leonid meteor shower, which could bring as many as 15 shooting stars per hour.

Unfortunately, the best time to look is 1 AM. Wherever you are, east or west coasts, or in between, 1 AM the sky should be darkest.

It’s just that by 1 a.m. your location will be firmly on the night-side of the planet, so assuredly dark enough for the shooting stars to be visible — if skies are clear, that is.