Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

crime scene tapeThe Left will count this as a teen tragically shot. That he was shot in self-defense won’t matter to them. Police: Robbery suspect dead after victim shoots in self-defense

The two teenagers, armed with handguns, approached a small group of people and attempted to rob them, according to the news release.

One of the people in the group approached was a concealed-carry permit holder, [Des Moines police spokesman Sgt. Paul] Parizek said, who shot in self-defense.

One of the two died, the other is in a local hospital. The cops and DA are convinced it was self-defense. The robbery investigation is still open, since they haven’t arrested the guy in the hospital.

I don’t know what the law in Iowa is, but in some states, the would-be bad-guy who got shot could be charged with murder because someone died due to his decision to commit a felony. We will have to wait and see.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in Iowa it just might be your legal right.

Another Affordable-bail Gone-wrong Story

JusticeMore men charged with shooting people while free bail for gun charges.

A West Side man who was on electronic home monitoring for allegedly possessing a stolen firearm as a felon, shot five people Saturday, killing two of them, according to prosecutors.

And as I’ve mentioned before, if you ignore the data, then everything looks good.

For example, Jordan — who allegedly shot five and killed two over the weekend — does not qualify for Foxx’s re-offender count because his pending gun case began before January 1 and, additionally, the alleged murders happened after June 30.

CWBChicago researchers continue to find cases that seem to paint a questionable picture of the county’s bail program’s success with accused gun offenders.

Click thru for that story. I’m sure there will be more in the days and weeks ahead.

My previous post on the subject is at this link.


Omnia is a band that I quite like. They describe themselves as “neoceltic pagan folk.” I don’t suppose it matters what you call it if the music is good. And it usually is.

The released a sort-of “Best of” album in 2018, and they don’t have any shows scheduled. I hope that doesn’t mean they are retiring, though I suppose that could be a result of COVID-19 putting everything on hold. It seems that 2 of the band (Jenny and Steve) purchased a bit of land in the country. Also in Slovenia, which means “the country.” I think. Anyway, a new place in the country probably accounts for lack of time.

This is “Moon” by Omnia from the 2010 album Wolf Love.


Constantine is another movie that you probably haven’t seen.

This movie didn’t impress the critics, for whatever reason. (Too much reliance on Catholic iconography?) It also pissed off the fans of the Hellblazer comics/graphic novels, because it wasn’t very close to the original material. Why? Suits always know best, even when it is clear that they don’t.

It also suffers from wooden acting by Keanu Reeves, but I don’t mind it so much in this case, because John Constantine, at least as he appears in the movie, is not supposed to be likable.

So. John Constantine is an exorcist who stumbles into a plan by son of Satan to unleash the apocalypse for his own gain. I thought it was well done, given the constraints of making a Hollywood movie. Mostly dealing with suits in the movie industry, who don’t understand comics, or much of anything really, and creative decisions made by committee. Still, I like this movie enough to own a DVD copy, and I do pull that out every once in a while.

The supporting cast is great. It includes Rachel Weisz as the detective investigating a situation, and Shia LaBeouf as Constantine’s apprentice. It isn’t the best performance of LaBeouf’s career, but he might just be the shining light in this cast. Oh, and Tilda Swinton as Gabriel, in yet another gender-bending role for Swinton.

This isn’t great cinema. It isn’t even great horror. Great Horror would be John Carpenter’s Vampires. Well, that would be a great Vampire movie.

Most of the scenes available on YouTube are spoilers. If Constantine has a problem it is with pacing, but it tells an interesting story. The trailer doesn’t give much away, but I’m not sure it does justice to the movie. Still it does give you a flavor of what is going on. Anyway, Constantine. You might enjoy it. I have no idea if it is streaming anywhere like Amazon Prime, but I wouldn’t be surprised…

Update: If you do see the film, don’t miss the extra scene at the end of the credits.

Because Putting Resources on the Most Severe Problems Is For Suckers

Maybe Microsoft just doesn’t give a damn about security. Hands-on with Windows 10’s new Start Menu

So for the past 4 months, Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday fixed more than 120 errors in their products. So where is Microsoft choosing to expend resources?

During a Windows Insider webcast, Microsoft teased its vision for a new Windows 10 Start Menu that features partially transparent theme-aware tiles to showcase the new Fluent-based colorful icons.

Microsoft said it will bring the new Start Menu to your devices with Windows 10 version 20H2, which is expected to arrive in October or November.

Of course they are.

I don’t know about you, but when I am working on my PC, it never occurs to me to think, “If only they would upgrade the start menu…” And that was really not the case when I was fighting thru the issues I encountered BECAUSE of Patch Tuesday.

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0

CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSSTexans are still armed, and Home Invaders are still getting shot. Home invasion suspect shot in Flower Mound

So a man and a woman break into a home in northern Texas. They are met by an armed homeowner. What would you expect? This isn’t New Jersey.

During the 911 call, the homeowner stated he had shot at an unknown male and female, who had allegedly broken into his house through the back door. After the gunshot, both individuals fled the location in a vehicle.

Cops found the vehicle, and the two would-be home invaders. The man had been shot in the chest and was taken to a hospital. The woman was arrested on a parole violation.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in Texas, it is your legal right.

I’m Shocked to Discover BLM Setting Forest Fires

CuffsOK, I’m not that shocked. Suspect charged with arson in wildfire-plagued West Coast has troubling record with BLM.

Authorities along the wildfire-beset West Coast arrested multiple suspected arsonists this week, including one who appears to be a known rioter and Black Lives Matter supporter.

The BLM supporter, Jeffrey Alan Acord, 36, was arrested Wednesday in Puyallup, Washington, after being caught setting a fire in the brush along a state highway.

Why burn down one building at a time, when you can set fire to an entire state?

Affordable Bail Works as Long as You Ignore the Data

JusticeA politician wouldn’t LIE, would they? More murder cases raise questions about officials’ bond court success stories

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, known as Crimesha to Second City Cop (link in the sidebar), loves bail reform.

As we reported Tuesday, Foxx is driving the re-offend statistic down by creating a tight window of opportunity for someone to get caught with another gun.

So the program looks like it’s working, as long as you exclude the data that shows it isn’t.

A gun crime, namely felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, resulted in the first guy having to pay 200 bucks to get out of jail. He was eventually given a curfew, not that that mattered to anyone, least of all the bad-guy.

Stidhum violated his curfew again the very next night and 16 more times during the month of June alone, according to court records. But officials didn’t do anything about it.

On July 16, Stidhum shot and killed 23-year-old Tavion Edwards as the man rode his motorcycle in Lawndale, prosecutors say. Patrol officers heard the gunfire and arrested Stidhum as he ran down a nearby alley. Cops said they found a gun in Stidhum’s pants.

Even though he was out on bail, and had violated the terms of his release a bunch of times, the murder he committed, allegedly, doesn’t count on Crimesha’s stats because it didn’t happen right away. Yeah, that makes sense.

Click thru for the rest.

So yeah, you can prove just about anything you want to prove if you ignore the data that doesn’t help your cause.

In case you’ve been living under a rock this summer, Chicago has a crime problem. Murders and shootings have been through the roof, and the looting isn’t helping things. And while it doesn’t get the attention it deserves, carjacking is surging in a big way this year.

Breaking The Law

Judas Priest is probably the quintessential heavy metal band in my mind. They came around during a time when I was caught up in Progressive Rock and Punk, and not too keen on Heavy Metal, though there were plenty of people around me that were into Metal at the time. They had songs and critical success before 1980, but in 1980 they went for financial success, and achieved it. The album British Steel, released in that year, was 34 on the Billboard top 200, and “Breaking The Law” was listed by VH1 as being the number 40 of the best Heavy Metal songs, and the 12th greatest hard rock song of all time.

This is “Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest from their 1980 album British Steel. I seem to remember an acquaintance saying something about this being the perfect song to listen to while exceeding the (incredibly fair) 55 MPH speed limit Jimmy Carter imposed on everyone. (When YouTube trips, and says the video is “Unavailable” use the link provided.)

The Left versus Law and Order

Two stories. The first is insane. The second points out the fact that The Left isn’t interested in the truth, just instigating more riots.

Why was this guy not in jail? Armed and Dangerous

Simple question: What does it take to get somebody locked up? A murder suspect flees the state, “armed and dangerous,” runs from the cops, gets shot and arrested, then for some unknown reason is turned loose, so that he can perpetrate still more felonies? Everybody keeps telling me that we’ve got a “mass incarceration” problem in America, but if that is so, why was it so difficult to keep Antonio Davis behind bars?

BLM is telling lies? Color me shocked! Cop Shoots Knife-Wielding Maniac, Lancaster Riots After BLM Lies

Riots erupted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, after #BlackLivesMatter activists lied about the police shooting of a criminal. Officials released police bodycam video that shows Ricardo Miguel Munoz, 27, charging a cop with a knife.

But Democrats Always Work for the Little Guy

Just ask them, and they will tell you that. De Blasio downplayed dire extent of NYCHA lead poisoning issue, records reveal

Because actually fixing the problem sometime in the past 40 years or so would have cost money, and while they like to pretend they care about the little guy, they really care a lot more about money and power.

Newly surfaced documents reveal damning details about the scale and scope of what NYCHA knew of its serious lead issues in housing units with kids — all while Mayor Bill de Blasio downplayed the health crisis.

Local Health Department inspectors found lead in 222 NYCHA apartments across 93 developments — more than a quarter of all complexes citywide — between 2010 and 2018, according to records that City Hall only produced after The Post sued it under the state’s Freedom of Information Law.

So public health, and government transparency. What other things do New York Democrats not care about?

Climate Change? Try Environmental Insanity

Because it was important to save the forest for the animals. Environmentalists Destroyed California’s Forests. Or were we saving the forests for the timber industry?

Year after year, environmentalists litigated and lobbied to stop efforts to clear the forests through timber harvesting, underbrush removal, and controlled burns. Meanwhile, natural fires were suppressed and the forests became more and more overgrown. The excessive biomass competed for the same water, soil, and light a healthier forest would have used, rendering all of the trees and underbrush unhealthy. It wasn’t just excess biomass that accumulated, but dried out and dead biomass.

They torpedoed an agreement brokered by Feinstein in 2002. But the problem goes back a century or more. California Has Always Had Fires, Environmental Alarmism Makes Them Worse Than Necessary

US government scientists and journalists raised the alarm. In 1899 they claimed that forest fires resulted in “sterilization of the soil…for thirty years.”

The US Forest Service adopted a policy of fire suppression. President Teddy Roosevelt and his Forest Service chief, Gifford Pinchot, drummed up fears of timber scarcity in order to expand federal control over forests and to suppress fires.

Gee. Imagine a government interested in the increase in control. Too bad they didn’t know what they were doing.

Within half a century, scientists realized that fire suppression was a mistake. “By the 1960s when we realized it was a problem,” said Keeley. “Vast amount of fuels had accumulated for 50 or more years. The fires became far bigger than what could easily be handled.”

Historians agree. “But by putting out every fire,” noted Timothy Egan, who wrote a book on the Big Burn, “they created the greatest wildfires.”

At this point, the environmentalists are intransigent. There will be no change to the suppression of every fire, or the attempt, for a generation or more.

Harris to #MeToo – Get Lost

Kamala Harris is “proud” of Jacob Blake. Kamala Harris’ pride in Jacob Blake betrays MeToo. Proving once again that Democrats only care about attacking Republicans.

PROUD of him? He’s accused of breaking into a sleeping woman’s house, sexually assaulting her, humiliating her & later returning to harass her. Then the cops she called for help say he resisted arrest, assaulted them & went for his knife. How about a word for his victim, Senator?

So proud.

Does this mean that BLM trumps #MeToo?

This Sheriff Has Some Procedures to Clear Up

From The Other McCain – Biden Voter Update

Two weeks ago, we brought you the story of Jayvon Hatchett, a social-justice activist who had “endorsed the Democratic Party agenda of stabbing white people.” Unfortunately for Mr. Hatchett, Georgia law does not recognize stabbing white people as a civil right, and so they put him in jail, where he continued his social-justice activism.

The sheriff’s department put him in a cell with a white man. Can you guess the result? Stabbing Suspect Who Felt ‘Need’ To Kill ‘A White Male’ Allegedly Kills White Cellmate; Mother Speaks Out.

Hatchett, who is black, targeted the victim, a store employee, because of his white skin, WRBL reported, telling police he “felt the need to find a white male to kill” after watching videos of “police brutality” on social media.

So of course the sheriff’s department didn’t think when they assign him to a cell.

“If this mentally imbalanced individual had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan, they would not have put him in a cell with a black person,” said attorney Craig Jones, who is representing the family, the news station reported.

Can you say negligence?

Roosevelt Bridge: Crumbling Infrastructure?

“Crumbling” is a bit of an overstatement. The Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart, Florida has stood for 24 years, and it needs serious work. The bridge was built in 1996, and carries U.S. Highway 1 (US 1). Florida bridge in danger of “imminent collapse”

Early on the Coast Guard said that it was in imminent danger of collapse, but that appears to have been overstated.

Unfortunately, there are not any good photos of this bridge. It is a box-girder bridge made of precast concrete with 40 piers. It isn’t very interesting to look at. You can find a Wikimedia Commons image at this link. But I can’t really recommend it.

In June of this year, during a regular inspection, cracks and corrosion were found in the bridge. Both the northbound and southbound spans were closed, and Dixie Highway which travels under the bridge was also closed. The northbound span was reopened at the end of June, carrying traffic in both directions, and Dixie Highway was opened on July 3rd.

If there is any good news, it is that repairs didn’t cost as much as originally estimated. Southbound Roosevelt Bridge could be open to motorists as soon as October.

The estimate to design and repair the southbound Roosevelt Bridge is $9.3 million, said Beth Frady, FDOT’s communications director. She said the amount could change if extra work is needed that wasn’t previously found or if weather causes delays or problems.

The initial estimate was for more than twice that amount.

Now Stuart is right on the Atlantic Ocean, and the water of St Lucie River at the point where this bridge stands is saltwater. Saltwater is hard on concrete and steel. (Rust Never Sleeps is not just the name of a Neil Young/Crazy Horse album.) But they knew that when the bridge was designed and built. The Indian River Bridge on Florida Route A1A, which is a bascule bridge in Fort Pierce, about 10 or 20 miles north of the Roosevelt Bridge, was built in 1963, and it is still operating, though it is listed in Poor Shape overall, getting a score of 49.9 out of 100. It does still “open on request” for boats using the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway. So you can build infrastructure to last in that environment.

A Review of the Media’s Attacks on Trump

And the Left’s attacks. But I repeat myself. Desperately Derailing Donald

In case you haven’t been paying attention. If you have been paying attention seeing it all in one place is a bit amazing.

In terms of bombshells, what does the Left do after the 2016 suit to decertify voting machines, the FISA court abuse, the effort to sabotage electors’ votes, the first impeachment drive, the Logan Act gambits, the Emoluments Clause joke, the 25th Amendment ruse, the Russian collusion hoax, the 22-month-asleep-at-the-wheel Mueller and his “all-stars,” Ukraine! Ukraine!, the second impeachment drive, and the 2020 trifecta of Trump as Typhoid Mary, Bull Connor, and Herbert Hoover?

The point is, in Jussie Smollett fashion, the demand for scandals is outrunning the supply and time grows short.

Lauren Jobs, who owns The Atlantic, and The Atlantic’s attack on Trump of “disrespecting the military…

All this was from a left-wing media that not long ago damned a “militaristic” Trump for being infatuated with generals, and putting far too many in his White House, while needlessly spending billions on manpower and equipment to repair a military hollowed out by the Obama Administration.

And as I noted on Twitter, Anonymous sources can say whatever the hell they want. Or what the reporters want.

It goes on.

“Do you believe that gun saved your life?”

How would you react to an encounter with a dangerous fugitive. Gordon Co. homeowner says pistol saved his life during terrifying encounter with fugitive

Eddie Cloer was in his yard feeding his cat when he felt something hit his back.

“He had his gun pointed at me even after he shot me,” says Cloer.

He says Dalton Potter shot him in the back, and he knew right away it was the man that everyone had been looking for

The homeowner was able to get his own firearm.

During a Thursday news conference, Whitfield County Sheriff Scott Chitwood says Potter received a head wound after being grazed by a bullet during his confrontation with the homeowner.

The homeowner spent the night in the hospital, but he did agree to an interview from his hospital bed.

“Do you believe that gun saved your life?” asked NewsChannel 9’s Stephanie LaChance.

“Oh yeah. Without a doubt. Without a doubt,” he responded.

California Energy Problems

When something like the North Complex Fire breaks out in California, authorities assume that they are going to notify people via all kinds of modern communications. But there is a problem with that assumption. Power outages hamper evacuation warnings and distance learning in wildfire-torn California

PG&E turned out the power to keep power lines from starting even more fires. And in some of these areas, cellphone coverage isn’t too good. And internet goes away without electric power. Even if you have a generator, chances are your ISP’s entire network doesn’t have redundant power. And you wondered why the old copper telephone lines had their own power source.

Mays scoured the Butte County Sheriff and California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) websites as best she could with her limited reception. “It was two hours past the evacuation order before I could even see the [evacuation] map on my phone,” Mays told NBC News.

Now it seems like she got out Okay, but in the case of the Camp Fire, two years ago, waiting two hours would have been a death sentence. Probably.

Now most of the cellphone towers around me have diesel backup generators, well, some of them do anyway, but they probably only have 3 or 4 days of diesel. Natural gas not being available. Where I am sitting right now, I often can’t make or recieve a cellphone call, and I don’t try to surf the web via 3G, because I finally have decent internet service at this location. One of the reasons that I have an old-style phone, not real-old-style, is to be sure that I can dial 911 in an emergency. The county recently announced that it can accept text messages to 911, though they prefer that you call. (They’re not QUITE ready for 1997.)

The moral of the story is, don’t rely on other people to make decisions for you, especially when

  1. Your life may depend on the actions you take, or don’t take, and
  2. You can’t reach those people to know what they are telling you anyway.

Chicago Cops Back Trump

This isn’t the most shocking news of the day, but given the way politics in Chicago have been my whole life, it is a little surprising. Backing Trump Re-Election A ‘No-Brainer’ For Chicago Police Union

The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police board of directors’ unanimous endorsement of Trump last week came within days of the national FOP backing Trump, just as it did four years ago. Catanzara characterized the decision by the Lodge 7 board as a “no-brainer” given all Chicago police officers have endured in recent months, he said.

Chicago Cops have problems, and most of them have the fingerprints of the Democratic Party on them. A Mayor (Groot) who won’t support them. A State’s Attorney (Crimesha) who won’t prosecute crimes, and especially won’t prosecute resisting arrest. (She’s only talked about that last bit.) Both are Democrats blessed by the national party.