Leftist Students Proclaim “dialogue is violence.”

We will not discuss things in a civil manner. You shall not think for yourself. You shall only think what we tell you to think. Students storm library, shut down College Republicans meeting.

Hardly surprising coming from the University of California, Santa Cruz. (The University at the Beach.)

They were bent out of shape over the fact that a meeting of College Republicans was underway in one of the Library’s meeting rooms.

A College Republicans meeting at the University of California, Santa Cruz was taken over by protesters screaming that the group’s existence is a threat to the safety of students.

Because nothing says violence like a peaceful meeting, and nothing says peace like a bunch of screaming, antifa-friendly radicals. (War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery. Everyday it feels more and more like 1984.) [Hat tip Insty]


This is the kind of thing I wish I had written: “Never Turn Your Back On A Community Organizer”

NFL team names. NFL Concussions. NFL protests. NFL who gives a damn? Zombie Pirates In Cheesehead Land: Part 1: Never Turn Your Back On A Community Organizer | Adaptive Curmudgeon

Ever feel like the news is talking about a bunch of stuff that Just Doesn’t Matter? In this case, the NFL.

They’ve been bitching about names and mascots for as long as I remember. I don’t know if it’s working. I personally don’t care if the “fighting libtards” with their mascot (a horned Prius) play against the “raving rednecks” and their mascot (a can of Budweiser duct taped to a shotgun) in the Starbucks Bowl at Walmart field so I easily ignore it. 2014 saw a new front that wormed its way into my truck via America’s Pravda. NPR, an organization that is allergic to both fun and testosterone but has a massive repeater network, went on a multi week exploratory journey of their own navel in the name of “stopping sports concussions in football”. I call bullshit. Nobody in NPR gives a flying fuck about the physical health of any player. Have you ever heard NPR hint they care about a millionaire Neanderthal who can bench press Terry Gross while taking a direct hit from a runaway truck? I haven’t. NPR only cares about football players as a gambit for controlling football itself. They’re just busybodies who would shut down any group that doesn’t involve them.

Go read the whole thing. Put down your coffee first.

Gord Downie: 6 February 1964 – 17 October 2017

The Tragically Hip was known as “Canada’s Band.” The Tragically Hip by the Numbers: Remembering Frontman Gord Downie | Billboard

You can read the article for the particulars. Let’s listen to some music. “Fiddler’s Green” and after the break, the song that started it all, “New Orleans is sinking.”

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“This is a serious attack on democracy”

Something has changed in Sweden. Bomb Exploded in front of a Police Station in Sweden – Novinite.com – Sofia News Agency

Sweden was traditionally a very peaceful and law-abiding country.

A powerful explosion occurred shortly after midnight at a police station in Helsingborg, Sweden, the World Agencies said.

This was after a Bomb threat in Lulea Energy Arena on the 13th of October. (Home of the BC Lulea in Swedish basketball.)

I’ve listed this under “Terror,” though the police are putting down to gangs – that have materialized in the past few years. You are free to draw your own conclusions.

Autumn Leaves

We had a taste of jazz saxophone last week, so let’s enjoy a bit more. Art Pepper was a truly legendary jazz saxophone player. If you look up his discography on Wikipedia, or wherever, it is simply amazing how much music he was involved with, both under his own band and working with other musicians. He was a member of the West Coast “cool jazz” school.

This is Art Pepper playing “Autumn Leaves,” from the 1972 album The Way It Was! (Seems appropriate given the season.)

I actually like “Patricia” better, but it is a bit less accessible to the non-jazz mainstream. Or so I’ve been told. Find it after the break.

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More Prosecutorial Misbehavior

Fraud. Acting in bad faith. Generally being really mean to poor people. Why Are Prosecutors Putting Innocent Witnesses in Jail? | The New Yorker

Why? Because they can. Because they care more about winning than about justice.

Throwing victims in jail to coerce their testimony. Why not? A rape survivor breaks down on the stand, testifying against her attacker, and what does the state do? Throw her in jail for a month.

Here is one example. (Fraud and abuse out of New Orleans? Color me shocked.) It isn’t even the worst example.

This past April, the Lens, a New Orleans news site, reported that the district attorney’s office had been issuing fraudulent subpoenas to “order” attendance at private meetings with prosecutors, alongside a warning: “A FINE AND IMPRISONMENT MAY BE IMPOSED FOR FAILURE TO OBEY THIS NOTICE.” The “subpoenas” were, in fact, improvised documents created by the D.A.’s office; they lacked full legal authority. The D.A.’s office told the press that they would stop using the fraudulent subpoenas, which they call D.A. “notices.” Bowman repeated this claim to me, adding that the use of such documents stretched back decades, across many jurisdictions. “This was not limited to Orleans Parish,”

The long term result is folks not calling the cops. You want to be jailed for being a victim of a crime? That is backwards, even by the standards of 21st Century America. Not that District Attorneys seem to be able to take the long view. That doesn’t help them get promoted.

And besides, why not lie and intimidate the public if you can. Public servants? They’re LAWYERS!

Volvo Ocean Race:  Leg One Begins Oct. 22

Leg 1 routeThe Volvo Ocean race is an around the world yacht race held every 3 years. Volvo Ocean Race: Course confirmed for Leg One >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News

In a departure from the traditional long first leg down the Atlantic Ocean, this year the race starts with a (relative) sprint from Alicante, Spain to Lisbon, Portugal.

The map on the right, above, shows the route, click for a larger view. The “relatively short” course is not to be taken lightly. 3 years ago one boat sank and another was dismasted before they got out of the Mediterranean.

“The leg course we’ve chosen is approximately 1450 miles. There’s a varied weather outlook for that course, quite complex for the Atlantic, which will present some challenges for the crews and we expect them to arrive in Lisbon after approximately a week.”

The Volvo Ocean Race changes a bit every 3 years, but it starts in October, and it is a race from Europe to Europe, around the world, by way of a variable number of legs. This iteration is composed of 11 legs, and will end at the Hague. It is expected to be over in June of 2018.

This year’s race features a 65 foot one-design, that was new in the 2014/2015 race. (“One design” means all the teams boats are the same design.) My sailing friends like to dis the America’s Cup boats, because foiling catamarans are such high-tech machines. While the 65 is a monohull, it is pretty high tech, with a canting keel, carbon-fiber mast, and carbon-fiber rigging. All boats are using North brand sails, and they have the same sail inventory.