They Suffered a Failure of the Victim-selection Process

They picked the wrong guy to rob, a 62-yr-old veteran of America’s armed forces. UPDATE: MCSO Identifies Three Suspects In Home Invasion | WKRG

They tried to invade his home before, and they told him not to report the incident to police. He reported the incident to police. So this time they showed up and fired weapons through his door. He was hit, but returned fire.

[Captain Paul] Burch [of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office] says a preliminary investigation suggests that two of the suspects were able to escape with their injuries and drive away in a getaway vehicle. They ended up at the Dollar General on Dauphin Island Parkway, where the first crime scene developed (as seen below on WKRG Facebook Live).

The third home invasion suspect was taken into custody near the home on Thomas Road.

The 2 collapsed at that Dollar General. Cops are still looking for the getaway driver.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Canadian sniper makes record-breaking kill shot

This is quite a record. Canadian elite special forces sniper makes record-breaking kill shot in Iraq – The Globe and Mail

A sniper with Canada’s elite special forces in Iraq has shattered the world record for the longest confirmed kill shot in military history at a staggering distance of 3,540 metres.

That’s 2.2 miles, for you metrically challenged types.

I was in a “discussion” on social media with someone who couldn’t understand that a Canadian held this record, and not someone from the USA.

I tried to explain, that Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia actually give their snipers rifles designed for long distance work.

As best I can determine, the US Marines and the US Army use sniper rifles (that would be the M40A5 and M24 respectively) based on the 7.62X51 NATO cartridge. Both rifles have a barrel length of 24 inches. PALMA (long-distance competition) rifles in 7.62 NATO come off-the-shelf with 28 inch barrels, and custom rifles are often 30 inches or a bit longer, because that cartridge benefits tremendously from the extra barrel length. Even then, it isn’t 3000 meter capable. If I am wrong about what weapons the US military is using, please note it in the comments. I understand that the Marines have been looking for a replacement, but the .338 Lapua rifle I saw mentioned as under consideration had also been cut down to 24 inches. Someone with more experience in that caliber will have to say if that makes sense or not. I’m sure the 24 inch rule is out of deference to some US military doctrine, but not everyone agrees with it.

McMillan Tac-50The Canadian special forces soldier used a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle, that shoots the BMG .50 caliber round, with a barrel of 29 inches. That is another round, built around relatively slow-burning powder that benefits from increased barrel length. [Photo of Tac-50 via Wikimedia Commons and User MathKnight]

L115A3A recent record holder, Craig Harrison, formerly a Corporal of Horse in the Blues and Royals cavalry regiment of the British Army, used an Accuracy International L115A3 chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum, which sported a 27 inch barrel. [Photo of L115A3 rifle via Wikimedia Commons and user Andrew Linnett]

Click either image for a larger view of the weapons used.

The Australians provide their snipers with Barrett 50 caliber rifles. I have no direct evidence, except the 2800+ meter shot they made a few years back, but I expect they are using the 29 inch barrels for that weapon.

All that said, the current record is quite a feat, with whatever weapon is used.

They Suffered a Breakdown of the Victim-selection Process

Cody Shane DurrantOne is in the hospital. Of the 2 on the loose, police have identified one of the bad-guys. Police: Quiznos employee shoots, injured robbery suspect – Story

Three people come into a sandwich shop with the intent of robbing the place. It didn’t go as planned.

Another store clerk ran into the back of the store and tried to barricade herself and another employee in the back, away from the suspects. When the situation escalated, police say the female employee pulled out a gun and opened fire, shooting the female suspect in the neck.

Cody Shane Durrant, 36, of Kearns, was one of the male suspects and police say he took off along with another Hispanic male suspect, possibly in his 30’s or 40’s. Both men left the female suspect at the store.

No honor among thieves I guess.

Police looking for Cody Shane Durrant. They say he may be driving a red Nissan Versa with plate number X398AM. [That’s the caption from the photo.]

Tropical Storm Cindy

Tropical Storm Cindy is expected to make landfall tonight (or very early in the AM). Tropical Storm Cindy Public Advisory

Maximum sustained winds are 50 MPH with higher gusts. It is expected to make landfall around the Texas/Louisiana state line.

Wind isn’t the biggest danger in a tropical storm – though 50 mph winds can do damage. And of course tornadoes are always an option. Flooding is often the real issue.

RAINFALL: Cindy is expected to produce total rain accumulations of 6 to 9 inches with isolated maximum amounts up to 15 inches over southeastern Louisiana, southern Mississippi, southern Alabama, and western portions of the Florida Panhandle through Thursday night. This rainfall could cause life-threatening flash flooding in these areas.

Rainfall amounts of 3 to 5 inches with isolated maximum amounts of 7 inches can be expected farther west across western Louisiana and eastern Texas through Thursday night. Rainfall should spread northeastward across Arkansas and into portions of the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys through Friday, with total rain accumulations of 3 to 5 inches with locally higher amounts possible.

3 to 5 inches is a lot of rain. 15 inches is a crazy amount of rain.

When I lived in hurricane country, I used to do a late spring/early summer post on the virtues of being prepared. It isn’t a question of if, it is when the next storm will come. Usually it is best to get out of their way. But it is always a good idea to be prepared for days or weeks without electricity, or access to the internet, or credit card/debit card transactions, or Apple Pay or whatever. No refrigeration. No electric stove. (No gas stove that relies on electricity.) No cellphone service. But every time the forecast called for a storm, the folks around me ran about as though they never considered the possibility of a hurricane.

So are you prepared for a few days or a few weeks without the trappings of modern life? Do you have some canned food, and a non-electric can opener? Some cash for when the ATMs/credit cards don’t work? Look at the aftermath of Sandy in NYC, if you doubt that all of this can happen.

Airport Attacks Not Limited to Europe

Not too surprising to see these kinds of things everywhere. Michigan Airport Stabbing: Officer Attacked in Possible Terror Incident – NBC News

The attacker allegedly shouted “Allahu akbar” before stabbing Lieutenant Jeff Neville, who was bleeding from the neck, sources and witnesses at Bishop International Airport said.

Poland is not ready to sign up for these kinds of things. Poland Shuts Border to Islamic Migrants to Keep Potential Terrorists Out

Despite the threat of sanctions from the European Union (EU), the Polish government has decided to not allow any more Muslim migrants into its country to help reduce the risk of radical Islamic terrorism.

America’s Cup Red Bull Youth Finals

There is a regatta of youth teams competing at the America’s Cup. (See that link for today’s news story.) They are mostly sponsored by the teams and companies involved in the main event.

They are racing the old boats from 4 years ago, the AC45. And it looks like they aren’t foiling the boats. But I’m not sure if that is in the rules, or just a judgement call on the part of the skippers.

The video is interesting because is shows the pandemonium that usually characterizes regatta racing. (As opposed to match racing between two boats.)

The main event resumes tomorrow.

Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight. Oh, and Always Wear Pants

You could also file this under “Intoxication can be hazardous to your health.” Riverton homeowner shoots pantless, knife-wielding man, police say | The Salt Lake Tribune

The teens’ father confronted the man in the garage with his gun, according to Unified Police officials, but the man refused to leave and brandished a knife.

The injured guy tried to grab the homeowner’s gun after police told him to put it down, and the cops were forced to Tazer the guy. He was arrested and taken to the hospital where he is listed in serious condition.

So what would you do if you were the parent of 2 teens who called home to report a pantsless man in the street in front of the house. (The teens were able to run into the house when their mother opened the garage door.)