Self-defense Is Legal in North Carolina

JusticeAnd the DA’s move with lightning speed. (It can take some jurisdictions months to make these determinations.) NO CHARGES: Brooklyn Avenue shooting was self defense, D.A. says.

The shooting that killed a 48-year-old man on July 3 was an act of self-defense and won’t result in charges against the shooter, District Attorney Greg Newman announced today.

The family of the guy who got shot is not happy, of course, but they never are.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in North Carolina it is your legal right as well.


Neighbors Are Shocked

Shocked to discover that their zip code doesn’t protect them from crime. Police say attempted burglary leaves one man shot to death in Spring Park.

One person is dead, and another detained. Cops won’t say if it is a homeowner or intruder who was shot. So, on to the neighbors.

“There’s crime everywhere, but I didn’t expect it around the block,” neighbor Melanie Blackburn said. “It’s concerning. That shouldn’t happen in the neighborhood.”

If you can read this, then you live in The Real World™ and not Mayberry RFD or Pleasantville. And in the Real World crime can, and sometimes does happen. Unless you live in a gated community, with guards, where you live doesn’t ensure no crime. Statistics are all about averages, not absolutes.

I’m Shocked – Shocked! – to Discover a Lying Politician

I mean, the Democrats in Chicago never lie. (Or only when they talk.) ‘I just made it up’: Florida Dem admits lying about treating Pulse shooting victims after going on the record as saying ‘I personally removed 77 bullets from 32 people. It was like an assembly line’.

She wanted to “be somebody.” And so she is. She is lying hack that shouldn’t be elected dog catcher. Oh, and she was slapped with a fine and Cease and Desist order. Otherwise I think the headline above says everything that needs saying.

Sadly, this level of insanity does not qualify as Peak Florida. This is just a politician lying her ass off.

What’s The Worst Part of a SWATing Call?

Danger to the public? Not by half. Swatting call takes time, manpower.

Forget about the fact that someone might get shot, since that someone is most likely to be the homeowner, and not a cop.

So did they do anything to try and contact the homeowner aside from assembling an army with the goal (mostly) of shooting a bad-guy? A bad-guy who didn’t even exist.

“We are fortunate we don’t have many instances of it in Georgetown,” said Robert Swanigan, Georgetown Police assistant chief. “While nothing may actually happen, it is a strain on resources because it is the type of reports that require a significant response. And it’s not just police. We usually have ambulances and other personnel on the scene.”

If you have a reason to assemble that army, do you think one person might approach a judge to see if a warrant might be available to get a phone number? Or is the only way cops know how to communicate over the sights of an AR-15? Suppose they were coming to my house; if they checked with the 3 largest cellphone providers in America, they would find a cellphone that I pay for, so maybe they could send me text, since I don’t usually answer calls from people who are not in my contacts list. But it seems like they are too busy getting medical support lined up and climbing into their superhero costumes. Or their tactical gear, whichever.

I get that cops have a dangerous job. They should have been told that on day one when they went to whatever police academy they attended. (And they should probably sign a document that they know the job is dangerous every January 1st) That doesn’t mean that they should get to have open-season on homeowners, whenever some anonymous call comes in.

Now no one died in this incident. Except maybe a little more of the respect I once had for cops.

Saturday Links

I hope your weekend is off to a good start.

Vodka Pundit – Millennial Writer Cries at Work, Puts Mother on Speakerphone after Editor Corrects Her Spelling. I’m so glad I don’t have to manage people in this day and age.

How does a boss manage a worker who believes their feelings trump reality, right down to the way she “feels” about her misspelled words?

The Other McCain – Teenage Girl Nearly Decapitated by Jealous Loser She Met on Internet. A commentary on the state of the culture. Maybe.

Pirate’s Cove Super Warmist Tom Steyer’s Firm Funds Lots Of Coal Plants.

It’s easy for Steyer to do all this while also pushing Hotcoldwetdry, because he has his money, and any laws, rules, and regs really won’t hurt his lifestyle. He’s yet another in a long line of climahypocrites. Surprised?

Sultan Knish – Dem Dot Coms vs. Trump’s Soldiers and Steelworkers. Guess which zipcodes show up as top donations for Democrat candidates.

And the rest of America doesn’t really matter.
Not if you’re a Democrat.

Victory Girls – Planned Parenthood Cries Over Title X.

Planned Parenthood’s dramatics over Title X are more for themselves than the women on their client rosters.

Michelle Malkin – Dear Oberlin: You had it coming…and you STILL don’t get it!

Weasel Zippers – ‘Four Horsewomen Of The Apocalypse’ — Sen. John Kennedy Rips Squad ‘Whack Jobs’

Old AF Sarge – It’s All Fun and Games Until

it’s all fun and games until someone steals a tank!

SiGraybeard – The Revolving Door Between Core Democrat Officials and Social Media.

The obvious conclusion is to bar anyone with conservative sounding ideas from social media! … so all these Democratic insiders rushed to be executives in social media companies.

Blazing Cat Fur – Yet Another Study Finds Trigger Warnings May Be Harmful. It’s Time to Do Away with Them.

Emperor Misha at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler – The Queef Squad.

Over the past week we learned that we are now supposed to refer to the Democrat Adolescent Mean Girl Caucus as “The Squad” because, who knows?

Ace at Ace of Spades HQ – 007 Will Now Be a Black Woman or Something.

I don’t think it’s real. I mean, part of it is real. But it’s not really real.

The Eagle Has Landed

Since everyone is celebrating/remembering Apollo 11… The date the Lunar Lander touched down was August 20th, 1969. The time was 20:17:40 UTC (or 4:17 PM EDT for those of you confused by universal coordinated time, or Zulu time).

They managed to land the Eagle and shut the engines down with about 20 seconds of fuel reserve left. This video is the last 40 seconds of the descent.

Good Guys 4, Bad Guys 0

Well, not quite 0; they did wound the homeowner. Deputies: 2 killed in home invasion, homeowner wounded.

Investigators tell the Ocala Star-Banner that four men entered the property, which is surrounded by dense woods. Apparently, one of them entered the home and was shot by the homeowner. The second man was hit during an exchange of gunfire.

So when the gun-hating-Left tells me how many rounds a magazine should hold, I ask them, how many people are going to be involved in the next home invasion? And how often am I allowed to miss?

Deputies found the other 2 miscreants when they searched the area.

So would this be better if everyone was limited to knives? Hand-to-hand? Without a firearm, anyone can be overcome by numbers.