Pi – It Shows up in the Strangest Places

March 14th is Pi Day (3.14) and it is also Einstein’s birthday. In celebration of Pi I give you this… (And yes, I know what day it is, this is posted a day early so I can forward it to select folks.)

The most inefficient way to estimate Pi, by using the Mandelbrot set.

For those of you who don’t remember what the Mandelbrot set is, here is a straightforward (if long-winded) description of the set, and a video of what the set looks like when you zoom in to examine a very small portion of the set.

(The colors in the rendition of the Mandelbrot set indicate if a given point is inside or outside the set. Points rendered in black are IN the set. Other colors are assigned to the points outside the set, and the various colors indicate how quickly the function for that point diverges under iteration. All that is explained in the video describing the set.)

OK, you’ve learned something. Now go plan to eat some pie with your lunch tomorrow.

If you want the proof that this is really pi, see this companion video. (Well, sort of… there is a little bit of hand waving, but then how much do you really remember about the complex plane?)

Self-Defense Is All About Attitude

“Not today, motherf*&#@er!” Woman Uses Self-Defense Techniques She Learned Weeks Earlier To Fight Off Sex Offender

Herron said that’s when her training, that she’d learned three weeks prior in a self-defense class offered by her job, kicked in.

“Time stopped. I remembered what the instructor said in class, which was to hit with the side of my hands…Hard bones in soft fleshy places. I realized this doesn’t have to be a fair fight,” Herron said. “I had one hand to use so I just started clawing his face and punching him in the face with the side of my hand.”

She and another runner were able to lock this animal in the bathroom using a carbiner and police arrested him. He is a registered sex-offender.

I prefer firearms, but they aren’t always available. But whether you think firearms work for you or not, self-defense sure can.

The Barnsley Nightingale

Kate Rusby is from Penistone, Barnsley, in the UK. I think she has a hauntingly beautiful voice. I hope you agree.

This is “I Am Stretched on Your Grave” from her 1997 debut album, Hourglass.

From the Wiki…

In 2001 The Guardian described her as “a superstar of the British acoustic scene.” In 2007 the BBC website described her as “The first lady of young folkies”. She is one of the few folk singers to have been nominated for the Mercury Prize.

Self-defense in North Carolina

How would you greet a stranger on your property at 4:30 AM? Especially if he was trying to “kill and rob” you? Police continue to investigate downtown shooting

He heard a car, and noises so he went to investigate.

The homeowner reported that the man he shot had an object similar to a shovel and came at him, according to the 911 call released Thursday by the Asheville Police Department.

Before the homeowner saw the man, he reported hearing a car pull up to his house, so he went to his back window to see what was outside.

The would-be bad-guy miscalculated, however. He ended up with a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Police are still investigating.

Border Camps in Hungary

Someone is doing something about illegal immigration. It just isn’t us. Hungary to detain all migrants in border camps, despite UN warnings of ‘terrible physical and psychological impact’</p

>Prime Minister Viktor Orban sought to justify the move, saying Hungary had to act to defend itself and describing the influx of migrants – many of them fleeing conflict in the Middle East and Africa – as a “Trojan horse for terrorism”.

Mr Orban’s chief of staff said last month that Hungary planned two or three camps along its southern border, where migrants will be kept while their applications for asylum are processed.

The UN is already screaming.

Chicago: 3 Killed, 13 Wounded Just on Tuesday

Chicago’s year is getting off to a tough start. 3 Killed, 13 Wounded In Tuesday Shootings Across Chicago « CBS Chicago

Seven of the victims came under fire in three separate attacks along a four-block stretch of the Gresham neighborhood.

There also 9 shootings on Monday, of which 2 were fatal.

Hey Jackass lists the year-to-date totals (as of very early Wednesday morning) as 104 shot and killed, 474 shot and wounded and total of 111 murders – the other 7 not being firearm-related.

Homeowner Justified in Shooting Home-invader

He thought the fact that he was armed meant things would go his way. They didn’t. DA: Homeowner justified in shooting, killing suspected burglar.

The homeowner shot him after a brief struggle.

District Attorney Hillar Moore III was at the scene and confirms that the preliminary investigation indicates that this will be classified as a justified shooting. Moore said the Castle Doctrine of Louisiana fits in this case. The doctrine states that a homeowner has the right to defend themselves and their property, if their life is threatened.

The second homicide that has been found to be justified in East Baton Rouge in the last month. Self-defense is legal in Louisiana.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.