Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0.

So how should an 80-year-old defend himself from 2 (much younger) miscreants if not with a gun? MCSO: homeowner in his eighties shoots suspected burglar.

So two guys try to break into a home in the middle of the afternoon on Wednesday. They set off an alarm, and that brings the homeowner home. Police were also responding.

Captain Paul Burch with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office said, “The owner has been a victim of burglaries numerous times in recent months. The alarm went off, he responded to his house, encountered some burglars, some incidents occurred leading up to him firing some shots, and one burglar was struck.”

The guy who got shot ended up flagging down some cops for help. He was taken to a local hospital. Cops caught up with his partner-in-crime later in the day, and arrested him. A grand jury will decide if the homeowner should face charges, but it seems like the police believe he was within his rights to defend himself.

That is because self-defense is a human-right.


Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed homeowner. Birmingham homeowner shoots home invasion suspect.

The shooting happened at about 2 a.m. at a home on 3rd Avenue North in the Eastlake area. Police said a man was breaking into a house when the homeowner shot him in the stomach.

The guy who got shot was taken to a local hospital in stable condition. The homeowner was NOT arrested. The investigation continues.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

When Hurricane Gordon Comes Ashore in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi or Florida…

The fact that no one is preparing, or getting the hell out of Dodge, will be all Trump’s fault. (Either that or it will be Bush’s fault.) Tropical Storm Gordon Public Advisory.

Gordon is currently a tropical storm. At 1500 UTC it was about 145 miles east-southeast of the mouth of the Mississippi river, heading northwest at 15 miles per hour.

The GOES satellite imagery shows that the storm is strengthening.

Even though they are predicting up to 5 feet of storm surge in some areas, no one will evacuate. Even though a huge swath of territory could experience as much as 8 inches of rain (and the flash flooding that goes with that) no one will evacuate. Because I sort of remember a hurricane in Texas, but did it really do that much damage? And besides, evacuating so much WORK.

If (when?) someone is in trouble because they didn’t prepare or evacuate, it will be all the .gov’s fault and in particular, Trump’s fault. (Or Bush’s fault.)

If and when Gordon becomes a hurricane in the next 24 hours, it will be the 4th Atlantic hurricane this year. (The 3rd which is a category 1 hurricane, is currently churning in the Atlantic.)

When The System Can’t Protect You, You Must Protect Yourself

Where to begin? She knew the guy. He was a neighbor causing her trouble. She went to the cops, they arrested him, but he was out on bail, and he was back to causing her trouble. Helena Police: apartment shooting appears to be self-defense.

He had threatened her with violence. That was why he was arrested. But when they released him on bail he went home – to the same apartment complex she lived in. So in the end, she was forced to protect herself.

After taking witness statements, police said it appeared that Boykin was behaving erratically, accosted a female neighbor at her apartment, and she shot Boykin in self-defense.

So this is another instance of someone you know being enough of a problem that lethal self-defense “appears” to be justified.

This is also another instance that shows, even when cops are doing everything they can, they can’t keep you safe. And it isn’t the fault of the cops – they didn’t set his bail conditions; they just arrested him and turned him over to the courts.

At least this woman had a firearm and was able to defend herself. If she had been disarmed by the state (it is ALWAYS for your own protection) she could be dead today.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Relatives of Dead Criminals Don’t Like Police K9 Units

Usually I’m writing about how they don’t like self-defense. ‘Nobody deserves to die like that’: Police K9 killed man, family says.

He was in the process of burglarizing a home when the homeowner approved a K9 entry.

Pettaway’s family on Tuesday said the 51-year-old died after the police dog attacked him inside a Cresta Circle home. State Bureau of Investigation Captain Joe Herman said preliminary autopsy results indicate Pettaway died from “an accidental death as a result of a ruptured femoral artery.”

He apparently had a fear of dogs. He didn’t have a fear of breaking the law, which might have saved his life.

How upset is his family?

Less than 24 hours after Pettaway’s death, the Cresta Circle home burned in a house fire Montgomery fire officials said caused “total loss.”

Montgomery Fire/Rescue Lt. Jason Cupps on Wednesday said investigators believe the someone intentionally set the fire

Not that there is any evidence against any of them, even though his 10 brothers and sisters and his mother still live in the area.

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0

Another failure of the victim-selection process. 2 burglary suspects shot and killed by Clanton homeowner

Two brothers decided that it would be a good idea to break into a home in central Alabama. They were mistaken.

Chilton County Sheriff’s Office says deputies were called to a residence on Sunday morning about a possible break-in and a suspicious vehicle.

The statement says deputies then got another call from the property owner saying that two males had come on the property trying to take the vehicle. The owner believed the car contained items taken in a burglary.

An altercation resulted in gunshots, and two dead burglars, Darryl Lee Price and William Arlond Price. (The police did find items from the home in their car.)

Self-defense is a human-right.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

If he is banging on the door, as if to bring it down, and won’t leave when told to do so by the homeowner, my guess is that he is there to do someone harm. Geneva County woman kills man during apparent home invasion attempt

[Sheriff Tony] Helms said initial indications are the homeowner repeatedly told the man to leave. When he refused, and kept banging on her door, she shot him.

No charges are expected against the homeowner, because self-defense is a human-right.