Why Was This Guy Not in Jail?

JusticeThis is more detail on a self-defense story from Monday. Man killed in Trinity home invasion identified

The man Decatur police say was killed during a weekend home invasion in Trinity Sunday had been arrested just a couple of days before that on kidnapping and domestic violence charges, jail records show.

Kidnapping and domestic violence and that is not enough to keep him in jail. What? Did he not know that kidnapping was a vile, illegal act?

Huntsville police said Taylor was at work with a woman on May 5 and became angry about a text on her phone. He kicked and hit her and forced her into a car, police said.

Taylor drove west on Highway 72 and stopped around County Line Road, where he beat the woman with weapons, police said. He then began driving again and continued to beat her, police said. He left the woman in a hospital parking lot in Muscle Shoals.

The anti-gun crowd will blame his death on a firearm. I blame his death (and the injuries he caused before he was shot) on the courts. What does a criminal have to do, to prove he is a danger, and be held without bond? (Previous story at this link.)


Neighbors are Shocked to Learn They Live in the Real World™

Bad things happened in THEIR neighborhood. That isn’t supposed to happen. Neighbors react after man killed in home invasion

Neighbors at Creek Meadow Estates tell WAAY 31 they’re still in shock that someone broke into a home in their usually quiet neighborhood.

It is the usual litany of “It’s so quiet here,” or “Couldn’t believe it.” Believe it.

Here’s a clue. If you can read this, then you live in the Real World™ where crime can and does happen. You might see less of it depending on where you live, but you are not immune. And if you live in the boondocks, then you might consider that when something bad does happen, the cops can be a long way off. You should plan accordingly.

A Failure of the Victim-selection Process

Something in this story makes me think that a cop’s family was targeted. Homeowner kills intruder in Trinity

A guy broke into a home, grabbed a knife and injured two people.

Someone who lives there was able to shoot the man. Police say that happened during a struggle. At the crime scene, the coroner pronounced the intruder dead.

The bit about the cop’s family?

Officers with the Trinity Police Department rushed to the scene. However, Decatur Police detectives are handling the investigation. “The Decatur Police Department was asked to take over the investigation due to a family conflict,” according to Decatur Police spokeswoman Emily Long.

The two people with knife wounds are expected to recover.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Knowing Someone Doesn’t Mean They Can’t Be a Threat

JusticeThe Left loves to quote (dubious) statistics about how a gun is likely to shoot or kill someone you know. (“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”) Homeowner cleared in death probe | Crime | timesdaily.com

Kathy Jackson of A Cornered Cat started this discussion back in January, by noting that women will often need to defend themselves against someone they know, or at least have met. (See below.) This story is one of those times.

A woman who told authorities she was trying to protect herself from her former [employer] when he was killed has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

(Editor’s Note: This story confuses employee and employer. Checking other sources confirm he was a former boss.)

He broke in, started a fire, and attacked Trisha Henry, or he tried to attack her. Her 3 kids were in the home at the time. She got them out first. When he followed her into her bedroom, she picked up a gun and shot him.

All this took place in December of last year, but the Grand Jury just decided not to indict. You would think the DA could have made that call, but some like to do everything through the Grand Jury.

The Left loves to say that having a gun will kill someone you know, but as Kathy Jackson pointed out, a lot the threats in a woman’s life will be someone they know, at least a little.

The dirty little secret about women’s self defense is that women will more often need to defend themselves from people they’ve met – skeevy neighbors, violent exes, nasty stalkers who happen to be formerly sane roommates – than they will from people they’ve never seen before.

So when someone tries to convince you that owning a gun is a bad idea because it might get used against someone you know, remember this dirty little secret.

Officer Justin Billa

Police Officer Justin Billa: Mobile Police Department, Alabama. End of Watch Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Police Officer Justin Billa was shot and killed while assisting in the apprehension of a man who had just murdered his ex-wife.

Investigators at the scene of the original murder identified the subject as a person of interest. Officer Billa, along with other officers, went to the man’s home on Avondale Court to make contact with him. As the officers arrived on scene the subject exited the home and opened fire on them, striking Officer Billa. Another officer returned fire as the subject retreated back into the home.

So What Would You Do If You Found a Stranger in Your Daughter’s Room?

A 53-year-old stranger, but we’ll get to that. Blakely woman shoots and kills home intruder | DothanFirst

The woman had noticed something unusual in her daughter’s bedroom concerning a window.

“When she went to investigate that is when she reports Lindsey came out and assaulted her and her daughter,” said Caudill.

She was able to shoot the intruder, and then she locked herself and her daughter in the master bedroom to call 911.

When police arrived, they made sure the woman and her daughter were safe, then searched for the intruder. He was found, unresponsive, in the back yard and was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

He has been identified as 53-year-old Michael Lindsey.

He is listed on the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Sex Offender Registry for molesting a child almost 20 years ago.

So what should she have done, besides shoot the monster?

Defense of self and of family is a human-right. Don’t parents have a duty to protect their children to the utmost of their ability?

A Mother Faces the Hard Truth

JusticeUsually you hear stories about how a kid was bound for greatness. ‘I will not make an excuse for my child:’ Mom of teen murder suspect wants to spare other families

Two teenagers try to rob a concealed carry license holder. He draws his gun and kills one of them. The other is charged with felony murder.

“It hurts because he’s 16 and, depending on the outcome, he may never go to prom, he may never walk across the stage at graduation all because he wanted to make adult decisions,” she said through tears.

She has 2 other sons who are honor roll students at various schools. So I don’t blame her. People – even teenagers – make their own choices and have to live with the outcome. And the other parent in this story has to bury their child.