If Someone Dies As a Result of Your Crime, You Can Be Charged with Murder

JusticeThe lawyers call it different things in different jurisdictions, but it is usually called Felony Murder by us mere mortals. Accused accomplice charged with murder in death of intruder killed in home invasion | AL.com

Two guys are just hanging out in one of their homes, when 2 would-be bad-guys force their way in and attempt a robbery. The 2 friends fight back, and in the fight one of the bad-guys is shot and killed.

The other guy was arrested a few days later, and has now been charged in the death of his accomplice.

Under Alabama law, a person can be charged with murder if they are participating in a felony crime that results in death, whether or not that person actually pulled the trigger.

Neither the guy who was arrested or the guy who got shot is a stranger to law enforcement.


“How Dare You Live Without Me” is a not a way to live your life

He apparently couldn’t accept the fact that he was the EX-boyfriend. 29-year-old ex-boyfriend was killed in self-defense, Athens police say | AL.com

He shows up and shoots his ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend.

[Chief Floyd] Johnson said Carter shot his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend — hitting the woman’s leg and the man’s arm. Then, the boyfriend went into the house, grabbed a pistol and shot Carter, Johnson said. Carter died in the street.

The couple were treated and released from a local hospital.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Self-defense and Felony Murder

The lesson about felony murder may eventually be learned. After their suspected robbery accomplice was killed, 2 are charged with murder in Madison | AL.com

It goes by different names in different jurisdictions, but when a felony leads to murder, it is usually available to prosecutors.

Although police believe the robbery victim was the shooter, Alabama law allows accomplices to be charged with murder in such cases.

Three guys attempt robbery. Their intended victim is armed and defends himself. One ends up dead. The other two are charged with robbery and murder.

Investigation continues…

Felony Murder

It goes by different names in different jurisdictions. But it is usually an option for prosecutors. Homeowner shoots burglar, other burglar charged with murder

“If you are participating in a felony and someone is injured or killed in the participation of that felony, even if it’s one of your buddies or co-conspirators, you can be charged with that assault or death,” Martha Earnhardt, a spokeswoman with the Montgomery Department of Public Safety, said Friday.

The two miscreants were armed that night in June, but so was the homeowner. One of the miscreants is dead; the other charged with murder.

Can’t charge the homeowner as he as engaged in lawful self-defense.

“I didn’t want to have to kill ’em”

They couldn’t leave a Marine Corps veteran alone. They wanted his cancer meds. “I didn’t want to have to kill ’em”: Veteran talks about shootin – FOX10 News | WALA

For him, the last 24-hours have been almost unreal, and it all started with a tap on his door.

“I walked right here to open the door, and that’s when he shot me right there. They cut loose on me, and that’s when I went to the cabinet here and back behind the coffee was an old time pistol,” said Irving. “I opened the door and smoked ’em.”

Cops are still looking of the getaway driver, but the two men and one woman who came to the door to rob him are in custody. (After having spent some time in the hospital.)

They are lucky he didn’t harbor them more ill will.

“I tried not to shoot any of them in the chest. I didn’t want to have to kill ’em.”

Self-defense is a human-right.

They Suffered a Failure of the Victim-selection Process

They picked the wrong guy to rob, a 62-yr-old veteran of America’s armed forces. UPDATE: MCSO Identifies Three Suspects In Home Invasion | WKRG

They tried to invade his home before, and they told him not to report the incident to police. He reported the incident to police. So this time they showed up and fired weapons through his door. He was hit, but returned fire.

[Captain Paul] Burch [of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office] says a preliminary investigation suggests that two of the suspects were able to escape with their injuries and drive away in a getaway vehicle. They ended up at the Dollar General on Dauphin Island Parkway, where the first crime scene developed (as seen below on WKRG Facebook Live).

The third home invasion suspect was taken into custody near the home on Thomas Road.

The 2 collapsed at that Dollar General. Cops are still looking for the getaway driver.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0

A couple of home invaders are in police custody. Robber shot by homeowner

So you find someone in your home at 3AM, what do you do?

The homeowner confronted the robber, according to reports.

“He told him to ‘get out, I’ve got a gun,'” the sheriff said. “Apparently, the robber told the homeowner he had a gun also, and they started exchanging gunfire.”

They exchanged at least a dozen shots. The would-be bad-guy was shot 3 times.

The guy who got shot and his girlfriend ran and hid in a wooded area, where they were found by a K-9 unit. He is in the hospital. She is in lockup.

Oh and – surprise! – the gun the bad guy had was stolen. So no, he didn’t pass a background check!