A Failure of the Victim-selection Process

What would you do if you came home and discovered a burglary in progress? Police: Burglary suspect sent to hospital with gunshot wound after altercation with homeowner.

There was an altercation and the homeowner shot the burglary suspect, according to Sgt. Johnny Williams.

The guy-who-got-shot was taken to a local hospital. When he gets out the hospital, he will be taken to the local lockup.

Self-defense is a human-right.


A Play-by-play of What Happens When a Town Assumes Nothing Will Change

“Change is the only constant in the universe.” If you assume nothing will change, you will get run-over by inevitability. Courtland could ‘run out of money’ if golf course doesn’t sell.

There was a paper mill in the town. They assumed that it would be there forever. It wasn’t there forever.

In 1999 – assuming that nothing would change – a small town built an 18-hole golf course complete with a clubhouse and a maintenance building, for a little more than 3 million dollars. (They still owe 1.4 million and are paying about $12,000 a month to pay off the bond.)

Then in 2014 the mill closed, and in 2016 the company stopped paying “in lieu of ad-valorum” which was about 700,000 a year. And now the city or town is in deep yogurt.

The course’s bond holders are guaranteed on their investment, [Farrell Hutto, town councilman and lifelong resident of Courtland] said. “If we don’t sell it, (the bond company) will. Then they’ll sell the Town Hall and anything else until they get their money.”

They tried to sell the golf course, but there are covenants and restrictions that limit what can be done, so the auction didn’t reach the reserve they set.

The high bidder that day, Mount Hope farmer Sam Spruell, said earlier this month he wasn’t certain the purchase would have been a good investment. He said the covenants on the property near the Courtland Air Base limit how the land can be used.

The property currently cannot be used for residential development or as farmland for raising livestock, according to county records. Hutto said the property has built-in irrigation and six lakes that could lure a row crop producer.

“I’d probably turned it into a mixture of sod farm and row-crop farm,” said Spruell. “I might have sold some of it off.”

Covenants and restrictions are the ultimate hubris of the time, limiting what can be done with a bit of land, has put this town in a position where they will lose everything. Everything that can be sold to raise money to pay off a bond they should never have taken on in the first place.

How many people do you know under the age of 50 who play golf? Under 30? In 1999 you really couldn’t conceive the idea that the mill might close? That happened so many times it is literally a cliche.

The mayor says there is no plan B. So why didn’t they accept the offer of 700,000 bucks?

Courtland, Alabama isn’t alone of course. A lot of major cities are paying off bonds used to build ballparks and football stadiums, while their schools and pensions are ignored. It is just that being a small town, they are running out of cash faster than places like Chicago.

Self-defense Is Legal In Alabama

And prosecutors aren’t happy. Murder charge dismissed in Albertville shooting.

The facts.

Crawford was indicted on a murder charge for the November 2017 shooting death of Jason Myers at Pleasant View Trailer Park. According to court documents, Crawford claimed Myers approached the home at night saying he was going to kill Crawford and his wife. Crawford fired one shot, hitting Myers.

The judge ruled that evidence shows this was a case of legal self-defense. The DA can appeal in the next 30 days.

Self-defense is a human-right, and it seems it is also your legal right in Alabama.

Self-defense is Legal in Alabama

JusticeBut then I always suspected that it was. Birmingham resident kills burglar; shooting deemed justified.

Guy tries to break into a home, and finds an armed homeowner. The results surprise no one.

Investigators presented the case information to the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office and it was ruled as a justifiable shooting.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in Alabama it appears to be your legal right as well. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Being Pissed About Service Is No Reason To Lose Your Life

Or to take someone else’s life. But people are crazy. The Latest: Police: Worker shot man who opened fire in IHOP.

In a statement, police said Turner was picking up a carryout order and became “disruptive and loud regarding the service at the business.”

After a confrontation, police said Turner pulled a handgun and started firing at employees, striking Brown and another worker. Police said the wounded employee “then pulled a handgun and shot the customer-shooter in self-defense of others.”

IHOP will be firing this hero employee in three, two…. (That’s a guess, based on the fact that most companies would rather see dead employees than live survivors of an attack. Oh, they say things like “safety,” and “policy,” but that’s what it comes down to.)

In addition to the wounded guy who killed the attacker, the miscreant killed one employee.

The investigation is ongoing, but police don’t expect any arrests. Because self-defense is a human-right.

Self-defense in Alabama

Because you are able to legally defend yourself… No charges expected in Dale County shooting.

On Wednesday morning, an argument between two truck drivers concerning a parking space at a convenience store outside of Clayhatchee led to a shooting.

Dale County sheriff officials said they believe the shooting was an act of self-defense.

People need to keep asking themselves, “Is this worth it?” before they pick a fight.

Self-defense is a human-right.

A Failure of the Victim-selection Process

Maybe he thought an elderly man would be easy to rob. MCSO: Elderly resident shoots at would be burglar on Snow Road.

Authorities say an elder homeowner told deputies that a subject forced entry into his home and that he fired a shot at the subject.

They say the subject fled on foot, leaving his truck in front of the homeowner’s house.

In other words, he ran like a rabbit.

Self-defense is a human-right.