Officer Justin Billa

Police Officer Justin Billa: Mobile Police Department, Alabama. End of Watch Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Police Officer Justin Billa was shot and killed while assisting in the apprehension of a man who had just murdered his ex-wife.

Investigators at the scene of the original murder identified the subject as a person of interest. Officer Billa, along with other officers, went to the man’s home on Avondale Court to make contact with him. As the officers arrived on scene the subject exited the home and opened fire on them, striking Officer Billa. Another officer returned fire as the subject retreated back into the home.


So What Would You Do If You Found a Stranger in Your Daughter’s Room?

A 53-year-old stranger, but we’ll get to that. Blakely woman shoots and kills home intruder | DothanFirst

The woman had noticed something unusual in her daughter’s bedroom concerning a window.

“When she went to investigate that is when she reports Lindsey came out and assaulted her and her daughter,” said Caudill.

She was able to shoot the intruder, and then she locked herself and her daughter in the master bedroom to call 911.

When police arrived, they made sure the woman and her daughter were safe, then searched for the intruder. He was found, unresponsive, in the back yard and was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

He has been identified as 53-year-old Michael Lindsey.

He is listed on the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Sex Offender Registry for molesting a child almost 20 years ago.

So what should she have done, besides shoot the monster?

Defense of self and of family is a human-right. Don’t parents have a duty to protect their children to the utmost of their ability?

A Mother Faces the Hard Truth

JusticeUsually you hear stories about how a kid was bound for greatness. ‘I will not make an excuse for my child:’ Mom of teen murder suspect wants to spare other families

Two teenagers try to rob a concealed carry license holder. He draws his gun and kills one of them. The other is charged with felony murder.

“It hurts because he’s 16 and, depending on the outcome, he may never go to prom, he may never walk across the stage at graduation all because he wanted to make adult decisions,” she said through tears.

She has 2 other sons who are honor roll students at various schools. So I don’t blame her. People – even teenagers – make their own choices and have to live with the outcome. And the other parent in this story has to bury their child.

He Cooperated, They Tied Him Up, and When He Was NO Threat, They Shot Him

This is an update to a story from a couple of days ago. Tuscaloosa gas station clerk wants robbery suspects caught

A gas station got robbed, and the clerk got shot.

Sunday night, two men wearing black outfits and masks went inside the Chevron gas station on Highway 69 south and robbed the clerk, tied him up, then shot him in the stomach.

As I said before, violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because of anything you are doing or not doing. This guy was cooperating – the secret key to safety according to the haters-of-self-defense. They tied him up, and when he was absolutely no threat to them, that’s when they shot him.

So I guess cooperating with the bad guys isn’t really the key to safety after all.

The Gun-hating Left Loves to Say Cooperation is the Key to Safety

Just give the bad guys what they want and they won’t hurt you. Seems these guys didn’t get that message. Tuscaloosa store clerk shot during Christmas Eve holdup; 2 gunmen sought

[The clerk] said he was trying to comply with their demands when one of the suspects shot him.

Violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because of anything you are doing, or not doing.

Cooperation is a strategy. One that failed in this instant.

There are no guarantees in this life, but I think a better strategy than acting like a doormat might yield better results.

If Someone Dies As a Result of Your Crime, You Can Be Charged with Murder

JusticeThe lawyers call it different things in different jurisdictions, but it is usually called Felony Murder by us mere mortals. Accused accomplice charged with murder in death of intruder killed in home invasion |

Two guys are just hanging out in one of their homes, when 2 would-be bad-guys force their way in and attempt a robbery. The 2 friends fight back, and in the fight one of the bad-guys is shot and killed.

The other guy was arrested a few days later, and has now been charged in the death of his accomplice.

Under Alabama law, a person can be charged with murder if they are participating in a felony crime that results in death, whether or not that person actually pulled the trigger.

Neither the guy who was arrested or the guy who got shot is a stranger to law enforcement.

“How Dare You Live Without Me” is a not a way to live your life

He apparently couldn’t accept the fact that he was the EX-boyfriend. 29-year-old ex-boyfriend was killed in self-defense, Athens police say |

He shows up and shoots his ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend.

[Chief Floyd] Johnson said Carter shot his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend — hitting the woman’s leg and the man’s arm. Then, the boyfriend went into the house, grabbed a pistol and shot Carter, Johnson said. Carter died in the street.

The couple were treated and released from a local hospital.

Self-defense is a human-right.