I Feel a Strong Disturbance in the Narrative

Because how can a bunch of blacks and Hispanics be White Supremacists, and the media knows those are the only kind of anti-Semites. Or the only kind they want to report on. The Left Ignores the ‘Wrong’ Kind of Anti-Semitism.

You might think that the upsurge in anti-Semitic attacks is a new thing. It isn’t. The media have been ignoring all the violence for months or years.

It’s not mere lack of focus and time preventing the media from taking anti-Semitism in New York seriously. It’s the identity of the attackers.

Armin Rosen wrote for Tablet Magazine back in July 2019 about the Jew hatred in New York and correctly noted “that the victims are most often outwardly identifiable, i.e., religious rather than secularized Jews, and the perpetrators who have been recorded on CCTV cameras are overwhelmingly black and Hispanic.”

How can they blame Trump or the Republicans for the actions of people (in some cases demonstrably) tied to the Democratic party? They can’t, so the bury the story.

Anti-Semitism grows when the victims become secondary and the perpetrators become primary. If you’re only concerned about anti-Semitism from white supremacists but utterly blithe about Jews being beaten in the streets of one of the nation’s largest cities by suspects who clearly are not white supremacists, you’re part of the problem. And that goes for those who govern New York, from de Blasio to Cuomo.

Hat tip to Blazing Cat Fur. As for the title of this post, Star Wars has been on my mind, but I have not seen the new movie.

Good Thing We Eliminated Mental Hospitals

Because aving crazy people running around is so much better. ‘We Knew He Was Crazy But Not Like This,’ Ex-Wife of Church Gunman Says.

Kinnunen’s ex-wife said he had a bad drug habit and lost touch with reality.

“We knew he was crazy but not like this,” Angela Holloway said. “I don’t wish this on anybody. I feel sorry for the victims. I really do.”

The list of restraining orders, assault charges, etc. at the link. So what happens when you have crazy people running around? They do bad things.

A side note, and a quote from one of the congregation.

“I was so surprised because I did not know that so many in the church were armed,” Isabel Arreola said, telling the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that she was sitting near the gunman, had never seen him before, looked like he was wearing a disguise and that he “made her uncomfortable.”

Good thing they were. (Hat tip to The Other McCain on that story.)

And of course, this is not an isolated incident. A clear-eyed look at Monsey attack: It looks like New York’s mental health failures were partly responsible for the attack at a rabbi’s home.

His long-time pastor couldn’t understand why he wasn’t institutionalized, telling one reporter, “There hasn’t been anyone who has given a real solution to deal with a grown man who is dealing with schizophrenia, other than ‘Go home and call us if something happens.’ ”

That is certainly the case in New York, and it’s Cuomo who bears the brunt of the blame for the state’s failed mental health policies. He continues to close psychiatric hospitals, refuses to take the lead in amending New York’s involuntary commitment standard, and, like Mayor de Blasio, is surrounded by people who refuse to focus mental health services on delivering treatment to the most seriously mentally ill.

Unfortunately, “when something happens” usually means something bad has happened.

Antisemitism on the Rise in New York City

The mainstream media doesn’t seem to care. As the leading targets of hate crimes, Jews are routinely being attacked in the streets of New York City. So why is no one acting like it’s a big deal?

The increase in the number of physical assaults against Orthodox Jews in New York City is a matter of empirical fact. Anti-Semitic hate crimes against persons, which describes nearly everything involving physical contact, jumped from 17 in 2017 to 33 in 2018, with the number for the first half of 2019 standing at 19, according to the NYPD’s hate crime unit. Jews are the most frequent targets of hate crimes in New York City, and have been for some time.

You would think it would garner more media attention. But then the MSM doesn’t care about antisemitism, because they actually support quite a bit of it.

A Tale of Two Hate Crimes

The reality of media bias highlighted in the course of 24 hours. On January 29, Two Hate Crimes Occurred. The Media Only Covered The Fake One. Here’s Why.

The first hate crime was of course the Jussie Smollett attack. He is black and gay, and everyone chimed in. From Speaker Pelosi, who has since deleted at least one tweet on the subject, to the media, to Hollywood, etc. It was a hoax. (More on that later.)

That same night, a Jewish man in New York was beaten by three thugs. Nothing was stolen. The attack was caught on video.

Outside of a report in The Jerusalem Post, the story received virtually no attention.

Hate crimes against Orthodox Jews are just not interesting to Hollywood, or Capitol Hill, or the media. And it isn’t only one hate crime. NYC has seen about double the hate crimes in 2019 versus the same period in 2018, and two thirds of those have been against Jews.

But back to the original article at the first link above…

The New York Times reported in October of last year that “there have been four times as many crimes motivated by bias against Jews — 142 in all — as there have against blacks. Hate crimes against Jews have outnumbered hate crimes targeted at transgender people by a factor of 20.”

But it is hard to blame Trump for all of that, especially when a couple of the high-profile attacks on synagogues were carried out by a black Democrat. There was a hint of some coverage, and then the “black Democrat” part came to light, and the media lost all interest in anti-Semitic attacks in New York City.

But to the Left Jews are the enemy, and so antisemitism is of no interest, not even when it is on the rise.

On the subject of Jussie Smollett…. You can get some info about when his story began to disintegrate at And Just Like That, The Smollett Story Begins to Unravel, and the problems with sending terroristic threats through the mail at the posting Whoever Mailed the Threatening Letter to Smollett…

Hate Crimes: The Smollett Outrage vs The Silence about NYC Anti-Semitic Attacks

This rabbi has a point. Why Crown Heights Hate Crimes Aren’t Newsworthy.

Rabbi Yaacov Behrman, who heads the Crown Heights-based “Jewish Future Alliance,” innocently asked, “Where is the public outrage? Indeed, why isn’t this front-page headlines?”

And of course there was another attack. Brooklyn Synagogue Vandalized In Possible Hate Crime, Police Say.

[Rabbi Heller of the Chabad of Bushwick Synagogue] says community members were enjoying Shabbat together early Saturday morning when vandals destroyed the house of worship’s window.

It looks like a rock or brick was thrown thru a window. It made quite a mess.

So Jussie Smollett is (allegedly) attacked in Chicago, and Twitter and the 24-hour-news (so-called) machine lights up like the Fourth of July, but on the subject of antisemitism in New York City… [insert sound of crickets.] (Well there was some attention paid to a couple of attacks, until it turned out that the person responsible for some of them was a Democrat.)

New York City, Mayor de Blasio admitted Thursday there had been 47 hate crime incidents in the city this year – nearly double the number at this point in 2018.

Of those incidents, two-thirds reportedly targeted the Jewish community.

Media bias? What media bias? Nothing to see here. Move along.

The Night of Broken Glass: November 9th, 1938

Kristallnacht could be counted as the beginning of the Holocaust. German politicians remember Nazi Kristallnacht pogrom.

Germany is marking the 80th anniversary of attacks on Jews that foreshadowed the Holocaust.

Other things that happened in Germany on the 9th of November.

  • Demolition of the Berlin Wall began on November 9, 1989
  • Weimar Republic was created (de facto) on that date in 1918 when Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated.

“How many dead does it take to prove that pacifism doesn’t preserve peace?”

A moving reflection on the antisemitic hate-crimes (and particularly the shooting in Pittsburgh) from
The Ultimate Answer to Kings. “Who will be the guardian*?”

I’ve said it before: I have nothing against American liberal Jews and don’t understand people who do – but I’m equally perplexed by the Jews themselves. How many dead does it take to prove that pacifism doesn’t preserve peace?

I’m sure it’s very pleasant to sing Kumbaya and imagine there’s no psycho hater just outside the door. Sounds great. Until he comes inside.

Hat tip to Claire Wolfe, and her Thursday Links, which you should definitely take a look at.

Jews Under Attack in France

Practical, given the French authorities have lost control. Civil society requires people be civil. Marseille Jews warned not to wear skullcaps – The Local

The top Jewish leader in Marseille on Tuesday urged Jews in the southern French port city to refrain from wearing skullcaps “until better days” after a teacher was hurt in a machete attack by a Kurdish teenager.

Not an isolated incident… Though the the autopsy is not yet done. Jewish politician found dead in Paris home – The Local

While it remains unclear if the man was indeed a victim of an attack, and if so whether there was an anti-Semitic motive, there have been an alarming number of assaults on Jews in France recently. As recently as Monday a Jewish teacher was attacked with a machete in Marseille