My Apocalypse

Angela Gossow wasn’t the first woman in Heavy Metal, but she may have been the first woman to sing the Death Metal, Death Growl. She is the first I ever knew of anyway. For years she was the lead singer for Arch Enemy. Then she stepped down to be the manager of that group (and a couple of others).

This is “My Apocalypse” by Arch Enemy from the 2005 album Doomsday Machine. Angela Gossow was still lead singer at the time, doing her signature Death Growl. Here’s a link to the lyrics, because Death Growl.

Blood in the Water

Arch Enemy is a Heavy Metal Band (Melodeath actually) from Sweden. Alissa White-Gluz sings in English, don’t worry! Though it can be tough to understand her through the signature Death Metal, death growl.

This is “Blood in the Water” from their 2017 album, Will To Power. (YouTube and Google don’t like privacy – or ad blockers – so if you are having problems with the embedded video, use the link above.)

‡ Will To Power (or more correctly Wille zur Macht in German) is a bit of Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy. If you are familiar with Nietzsche I don’t need to say any more. If you aren’t versed in Nietzsche, you can find more easily enough – even via the Wiki.

No More Regrets

Can’t ever get enough of Arch Enemy and Alissa White-Gluz with her signature Death Metal, death growl. And the stereotypical heavy-metal screaming guitars don’t hurt.

Arch Enemy is a Swedish Melodeath Band. (Melodic Death Metal) And don’t worry, the songs are in English. (Even if death metal can be a bit hard to understand.)

This is “No More Regrets” from the 2014 album War Eternal.

The World Is Yours

Something about Swedish Death Metal. Well, Melodeath (short for Melodic Death Metal), to be precise, that appeals. English lyrics, guitar riffs. And in the case of Arch Enemy, a female lead singer? Alissa White-Gluz can sing Death Metal with the best of them.

This is “The World is Yours” by Arch Enemy from their album Will to Power, which was released September 8, 2017.

While the lyrics really are in English, Death Metal can be tough to understand. So with that in mind, the lyrics can be found at this link.