Ayreon is a Progressive Metal project by Arjen Anthony Lucassen. I ran across them because Anneke van Giersbergen provided some vocals for the work. Progressive Metal isn’t quite Progressive Rock from the 80s, but it isn’t far off, either. You might like it.

This is “Comatose” by Ayreon from their 2018 live album Ayreon Universe. It features vocals by Jonas Renkse and Anneke van Giersbergen. The song was originally on their 2008 album 01011001. (That’s the binary representation of an ASCII letter “Y” if your interested.)

Eye of Ra

What do you get if you cross Rick Wakeman’s progressive rock with Heavy Metal? Well, you might just get Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Star One. I tripped over them because Anneke van Giersbergen did some work with Lucassen on a different project. Floor Jansen, of Nightwish and After Forever, is (was?) a member.

This song is “Eye of Ra” by Star One from their 2002 debut album Space Metal.