Since They Can’t Blame the Cops…

The Left will blame the gun in 3, 2, … Family says fight over a girl led to shooting that killed 23-year-old

Investigators believe an ongoing dispute between two groups of teenagers and young adults led to the gunfire. Arrest warrants state the shooting was gang-related, though the Blake family says the brothers and their cousin were not gang members.

Of course not. Those cops are just lying.

Georgia has a version of Felony Murder, so there are 14 people charged in the death, including one-of the dead-guy’s brothers, and one of his cousins.

They can’t blame the cops because there were no cops around when the shooting took place.

They won’t blame themselves, even though it looks like a brother and a cousin are involved in/responsible for this guy’s death. (A family that kills together…)

So they will blame the gun. Let’s them off the hook, and it is part of the Left’s narrative today.

And the media is happy to just report their feelings, and ignore any inconvenient facts. (The linked article is all about grief, and pretty light on substance.)

What is that saying about the 12 step programs? Something like, “You can’t fix a problem if you don’t admit you have a problem.”

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The Moral of the Story Is…

Don’t open your door in the middle of the night. Knock on man’s door in the middle of the night leads to forced entry, stabbing.

If someone was knocking on my door in the middle of the night, I would arm myself and get ready to call 911. What I wouldn’t do is open the door.

At this time, police said the early investigation shows that the victim was sleeping when he heard two men knock on his door. The victim told police when he went to see who was at his door, the two forced their way into his home and demanded him to “give it up.”

He ended up in the hospital with multiple lacerations.

This is categorized as “Self-defense” even though he didn’t defend himself. There are lessons that apply.

When Do We Start Calling Them Improvised Explosive Devices?

And when will the media stop ignoring this story? Atlanta protesters attacked ICE field office with fireworks embedded with nails, leaked FBI document says.

Demonstrators who allegedly attacked the Atlanta Field Office of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) embedded nails into commercial-grade fireworks, according to a federal law enforcement document reviewed by Breitbart Texas. Reports state that the rigged devices were discovered on Sunday morning, July 26, after Atlanta police and Georgia National Guard troops converged on the building to gather evidence from the night’s assault.

“Peaceful Protests.” Right.

Another Prosecutor Abusing His Power?

JusticeIt sure looks that way to me – OR – How can a Grand Jury subpoena be issued, when there is no Grand Jury? EXCLUSIVE: GBI probe of Fulton County DA Paul Howard widens.

Prosecuting attorneys wouldn’t LIE, would they?

The Georgia Attorney General has now asked the GBI to investigate grand jury subpoenas issued by Howard’s office in the Rayshard Brooks murder case.

Senior I-Team reporter Dale Russell says those grand jury subpoenas were issued by Howard’s office even though there was no grand jury in place.

He apparently forgot about COVID-19, and its impacts on the Criminal Justice System. (A Criminal System that is in no way interested in Justice.)

“What are we doing? That is a violation of our ethical code of conduct,” says GSU law professor Jessica Gable Cino

Gable Cino is a law professor who specializes in prosecutorial misconduct. She says not only does Paul Howard face ethical questions, but potentially legal problems as well.

Ethics? We don’t need no stinkin’ Ethics! Especially when there are politically-motivated prosecutions to pursued.

Hat tip to Power Line Blog: An outrageous prosecution in Atlanta turns scandalous, who notes that when confronted with this “error,” DA Howard issued three explanations.

Jessica Gable Cino, a law professor at Georgia State University, notes that Howard’s three explanations for sending out grand jury subpoenas contradict one another, and none of them makes legal sense. “For all intents of purposes right now it looks like there’s an abuse of process which could completely derail this case, and nobody wants that outcome,” Cino said.

I’m not sure about the last part of that statement.

Also a Hat Tip goes to Wombat-socho.

No One Is Responsible

That is Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s position, anyway. And Atlanta’s mayor is still calling the riots “mostly largely peaceful.” Gun violence kills 160 as holiday weekend exposes tale of ‘two Americas’.

This article doesn’t just deal with Chicago, but I will start there.

But Chicago saw the worst violence in one of the bloodiest holiday weekends in recent memory, ending with 17 people fatally shot including a seven-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy and 63 more wounded, an increase of five shootings on the high figures that had marred the holiday weekend the previous year.

Despite an effort that included an additional 1,200 officers on the streets and pleas from the city’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, for residents not to reverse limited progress that had been made against the epidemic of gun violence, Lightfoot lamented the children whose “hopes and dreams were ended by the barrel of a gun”.

That’s right, the fault lies in an inanimate object, not in the person who pulled the trigger, not in that person who killed 7-year-old Natalia Wallace in front of her grandmother’s house, but in an inanimate object.

The shooting death of an eight-year-old girl, Secoriea Turner, in Atlanta, prompted the mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, to call for justice while noting the shadow such street violence casts over the huge and largely peaceful Black Lives Matter protests against racism and police brutality.

Largely peaceful? She must not have been watching the same news footage I was.

There is more. Escalating carnage in New York City. More of the same in Philadelphia. And platitudes, but very little in the way of a plan.

Hat tip to The Other McCain – Black-on-Black Crime Explodes in the Wake of #BlackLivesMatter Protests, which he calls “entirely predictable.”

Democrats can’t blame white racist cops for this, so they don’t care.

Did Secoriea Turner Matter?

This is what happens when you let the Rule of Law breakdown. Police identify 8-year-old girl killed after shots fired into car near burned Wendy’s.

The person driving the car had tried to turn into a parking lot that the protestors rioters had blocked off. That was an UNFORGIVABLE sin, and worthy of a death-penalty (you disrespected their authority! What does that sound like?) and they opened fire into the car.

The location of the shooting was in a parking lot across the street from the now burned-out Wendy’s, which has been occupied by demonstrators since Brooks’ death at the hands of an Atlanta police officer.

She will be just be another statistic, because there is no way to blame her death on anyone but the 2 people reported to have opened fire on the car. No one will have seen anything. No one will name names. No one will testify. There will be no national protest. Because there isn’t a way to advance anyone’s agenda.

Karma Is a Bitch

From The Other McCain – Courageous Social Justice Activists Vandalize CNN Atlanta Headquarters.

I much prefer the bit from Proverbs. “Those who plant injustice will harvest disaster.” If you encourage rioters by calling them “mostly peaceful” (which granted, was actually done by MSNBC) then you can expect the waves to continue. But CNN and MSNBC have moving in lockstep for a very long time.

The Other McCain isn’t very upset about the situation in Atlanta…

Terrible? No, it’s beautiful. Karma is a beautiful thing.

Come on. Tell us how you really feel!

I-85 Bridge Collapse in Atlanta

On March 30, 2017 a large fire, apparently set, (though arson charges were dropped) under a section of I-85 in Atlanta resulted in the collapse of part of one of the major freeways through Atlanta. 7 things we know now about the I-85 bridge collapse. (There is a nice – short – video at the link. More videos will play if you don’t stop them.)

If you’ve ever driven through Atlanta, well you know; traffic is bad. And if you haven’t driven through Atlanta, you probably can’t appreciate how bad traffic can be when everything is fine. After this fire, everything was not fine.

A large amount of plastic was stored under the bridge. It was ignited, and the fire damaged the steel in the bridge.

When The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s reporters investigated what exactly happened under the bridge and why the materials were stored there, the newspaper found security at the site was lacking and determined that officials don’t really know what’s stored under other bridges around the state.

Not what you would call “good management.”

After a massive rebuilding effort the bridge opened in May of 2017. Restoring what passes for normal in the Atlanta commuting environment. That is a pretty Herculean effort by the standards of today. I am sure it helped that it was a completely ordinary highway bridge.

According to police, the flames ignited in a state-owned storage area under I-85 northbound just south of Ga. 400.

Stored there were high-density polyethylene pipes, which are commonly used in the transportation industry for cabling and fiber optic wire networks.

This isn’t a marquee bridge, like The Tacoma Narrows Bridge or The Silver Bridge, that collapsed in a dramatic fashion and killed lots of people. It is a low-key bridge of the kind that millions of people drive over every week. And it is a reminder that even the small bridges, when they fall, can make life miserable for a lot of people. It isn’t just the marquee bridges that need inspection, maintenance and repair. And talk about not managing infrastructure, if you can’t say, what is stored where, and it turns out that what is stored can bring down that infrastructure, then I think there is a problem. If you don’t know what you have stored where, how do you know what you need to order? Maybe you just keep ordering more stuff, after all, it isn’t your money being wasted. I don’t think it would be much different in any other state, aside from Georgia, and I don’t expect the situation has gotten much better.

Not managing infrastructure is not the way to ensure that infrastructure lasts. But not managing anything seems to be the way of government.

Drugs And Alcohol Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Because doing stupid shit can have consequences. Atlanta homeowner shoots alleged prowler banging on his front door.

In the middle of the night, he is banging on and kicking the door like he is trying to break in. Homeowner arms himself, and eventually shoots thru the door.

An officer at the scene said Davis seemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Upon his release from the hospital, Davis was booked into the Fulton County jail, where he remains

He’s lucky he wasn’t shot in the head.

No charges will be brought against the homeowner, because self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Gun Up

Atlanta has decided its cops will no longer chase subjects. For safety, don’t you know. Second City Cop: No Chasing – Ever.

Chief Shields seems to know exactly what’s what and which way the wind is blowing, and she’s laying it right at the feet of the judicial system not holding anyone accountable.

And Chief Shields recognizes that this change will probably lead to an increase in crime. That seems to be what the politicians want, with these policy changes.

So why is a Chicago Cop writing about Atlanta? Because he expects the same thing to happen in Chicago, and elsewhere. His recommendations to all law abiding citizens…

Two words of advice for Mr. Rich – and everyone else in lib-tarded areas of governance (like Chicago):

  1. Gun
  2. Up

The police cannot protect the individual – they are actively being restricted from enforcing the laws as written. You are responsible for your own safety. Police respond after the fact with a report. Get a gun and learn to use it properly.

Self-defense Is Legal In Georgia

JusticeCops prefer it when you remain completely dependent on the state for your safety, but admit that self-defense is legal. No Charges For Homeowner Who Shot Guy He Found Inside His House.

So this guy was renovating a house and he stopped by to check on things.

“He noticed that the door was open and a man came out of a room yelling and screaming. The homeowner took out his firearm and fired shots because he felt like his life was in danger,” Atlanta Police Officer Stephanie Brown said.

The guy who got shot looked for help a short distance away, but that homeowner called the cops.

This all took place on Friday, so there is some amazement that the authorities moved so quickly to acknowledge the legality of self-defense.

Armed Homeowner Meets Intruder

Are we surprised at what happened next? Homeowner finds intruder in his house, pulls out his gun and shoots.

He comes home and discovers someone in his home.

“He noticed a door was open, a man came out of a room yelling and screaming, the homeowner pulled out his firearm and fired several because he felt like his life was in danger,” said Atlanta Police Officer Stephanie Brown.

He only shot the guy in the leg, which is a gift, from my point of view.

The guy made it about a mile, and pounded on a door asking for water. That homeowner told him to call 911. Someone did, because he’s been arrested. And it isn’t the first time he’s been arrested for “criminal trespass.”

A neighbor had the money quote.

“Nobody ain’t got no business on that property but the homeowner. That’s private property. I’m surprised he didn’t kill him,” said Thompson.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

How Would You Respond to Two Armed, Uninvited Guests?

At least someone was prepared. NEW DETAILS: Woman shoots, kills intruder in northwest Atlanta, police say.

“The preliminary investigation revealed that the deceased male and a second male were both armed when they entered an apartment at that location and attempted to rob the occupants,” Officer Jarius Daugherty said in a statement. “At that time, an occupant of the apartment shot one of the intruders.”

The other guy ran like a rabbit. Police have not identified anyone at this point, and the investigation continues.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

He Apparently Went to the Home to Settle a Score

Or something. So how did that work out? Police: Man killed in home invasion shootout.

He knew the homeowner. He broke into the home. The homeowner confronted him. They exchanged gunfire.

Investigators said the suspect broke into the home to assault the man who lives there.

While still under investigation, cops say it looks like a case of self-defense, which is a human-right.

Six Months On From Atlanta Being Hacked

Atlanta was hit with a ransomware attack at the end of March. SamSam to be precise. City of Atlanta: Cyber attack ‘over’.

There is much they don’t know. Who hacked them. What the final cost is going to be. (Though it could be in the millions.)

The CBS46 Bulldog was first to uncover an audit that warned the city of their vulnerability months before the breach. We were the first to report the Atlanta Police Department lost valuable data which could impact the availability of investigative evidence.

No one is talking because there is still an ongoing criminal investigation, and hopes for insurance payouts.

If I was the sort of person to place a bet, I would wager that the audit mentioned in the quote was accompanied by a proposal (either internal or from a consulting company) to remedy at least some of the items that were turned up. I would also wager that the response was either, “We don’t have that kind of money” or “Everything works fine the way it is.”

Some city departments lost 16 years of digital records in the original hack. No word on if they got any of that back. It impacted 911 some, but it didn’t shut them down, though some departments were just closed for a few days.

Have copies of your data. Have copies offline. Have copies offsite. (A fire can be just as devastating as a hack.) Have copies on different media.

The original post on the Atlanta hack can be found at this link.

If You Killed Someone in a Traffic Accident, How Long Would the Investigation Last?

Especially if it was clear you ran a stop sign, while driving on the wrong side of the street. Cop Runs Stop Sign with No Lights On, Not Responding to a Call, and Kills a Man—Hasn’t Even Gotten a Ticket.

The cop in question is on paid vacation – excuse me, administrative leave – while they “investigate.”

According to officials, as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, Atlanta police Officer Ryan Chandler, 24, ran a stop sign and was not using emergency lights at the time of the crash. The man on the scooter was taken Grady Memorial Hospital, where he died. His name has not been released.

There is a witness to his driving on the wrong side of the street. I would like to know if he was given a breathalyzer test at the time of the incident, but I doubt it. (Those rules don’t apply to the cops!)

My (completely worthless prediction) is that the very worst he will suffer is that he resigns, and is back at a work in another police force within a few months. The least he will suffer is being on “administrative leave” while they sweep this under the rug. (Hat tip to Claire Wolfe.)

I Wonder How Many Times Atlanta’s Info Tech Department Asked for More Funding

We don’t need to update all these PCs and Servers. Those crazy IT folks are always worried about something. Everything is working just fine. Atlanta officials reveal worsening effects of cyber attack | Reuters. Everything was working until everything stopped working of course.

What’s the “extra” cost to fix the problem? They just asked for ANOTHER 9.5 million dollars. And that may not be the end of it.

For those of you who are not paying attention to the state of cyber attacks and hacking, Atlanta got hit with the SamSam ransomware attack in March of this year.(Wired had a pretty good article on attack in case you want to refresh your memory.)

The City of Atlanta has still not put all of the pieces back together.

Departments citywide, including municipal courts, told the council on Wednesday about their struggles to regain workplace normalcy since the attack. Interim City Attorney Nina Hickson said her office lost 71 of 77 computers as well as a decade of legal documents.

What’s the cost of that? No backups for “decades of legal documents?” I want to assume that they have paper copies of everything, but it is really hard to search through paper copies of documents.

The question of the day is, “How long has the city’s IT department been wanting to fix any of this?” SamSam isn’t as easy to avoid as WannaCry, but it is a known attack. Have they been asking for resources to head off stuff like this, and been turned down, or have they just given up? You would think that the 2nd might be true, but I’ve worked with some pretty ground down IT organizations that still tried to do the best with the resources they were given. (Of course I was usually replacing the system they’d been struggling to maintain for the past 5 years.) The other question is how many IT organizations are still asking, and still getting turned down, because the executive suite doesn’t want to spend the money to fix things that aren’t broken.

Bulletproof Glass Saves Clerk in Atlanta – Outlawed in Philadelphia

It did what it was supposed to do | Bulletproof glass saves grocery store clerk from armed robbers

Two guys enter the store with a gun, and basically start shooting. The clerk just moved to one side and waited it out.

“Very dangerous and violent situation. Both these suspects should be considered highly dangerous,” [Atlanta Police Overnight Commander Captain Andrew] Senzer said. “The clerk was very fortunate that he had the protection of the glass and that the door was not open at the time.”

The clerk told 11Alive he would be dead if it wasn’t for the glass.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia City Council approves bill to remove bulletproof glass from storefronts. Because while it may enhance safety, it makes some people feel bad, and the 21st Century is all about feelings. And what’s a few dead convenience-store clerks stacked up against FEELINGS? In Philadelphia, you can see what is more important.

Atlanta Hit By Cyber Attack

Another city gets hacked. With paper and phones, Atlanta struggles to recover from cyber attack

Atlanta’s top officials holed up in their offices on Saturday as they worked to restore critical systems knocked out by a nine-day-old cyber attack that plunged the Southeastern U.S. metropolis into technological chaos and forced some city workers to revert to paper.

More cities get targeted because they are tempting targets to people who want to make a name, and they are not taking security seriously. Or at least not putting the money into security.

The attack is by the SamSam virus. It is slightly more sophisticated than WannaCry.

First identified in 2015, SamSam’s advantages are conceptual as well as technical, and hackers make hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars a year by launching SamSam attacks. Unlike many ransomware variants that spread through phishing or online scams and require an individual to inadvertently run a malicious program on a PC (which can then start a chain reaction across a network), SamSam infiltrates by exploiting vulnerabilities or guessing weak passwords in a target’s public-facing systems, and then uses mechanisms like the popular Mimikatz password discovery tool to start to gain control of a network.

In this day of readily-available of password-managers, that will generate as complex a password as the system can handle, there is NO Reason that a public-facing system should have “weak passwords.” Though it is a little more complicated than that. The way people administer groups of employees is, in all too many cases, flawed. (Problems with Windows Don’t Help.) And if anything is immune to change, it a bureaucrat in a .gov department who can’t be bothered about those stupid folks in IT who have NO IDEA what they do to run the city.

City of Atlanta Hit By Ransomware Attack

If it turns out that it is due to software that should have been updated years ago, someone should lose their job. Officials: Atlanta working with feds to address cyberattack | News | But it is civil service, so there will be no consequences.

Chief Operating Officer Richard Cox said the city’s information management officials were made aware of the hack at about 5:40 a.m. (today) of “an outage of internal and customer-based applications such as the website where people pay their bills or the website where people access court-related information.” In a ransom note, the hacker(s) are asking for thousands of dollars be sent via Bitcoin.

Public safety (911, Police and Fire) are not impacted. So is that good planning or just dumb luck?

I doubt they will release any meaningful info about the attack, because it will just make them look bad.