The US Media is “Mystified” By the Vienna Attacks

An Afghan national goes on a rampage in a part of Vienna known to have “much of the city’s Jewish community,” but the media can’t figure out why. Four hurt in Viennese mystery stabbings

“According to witnesses a man attacked three people. All three were seriously injured and are in a life-threatening condition.

“Half an hour later, there was another attack and here a person was also seriously injured and their life is in danger.

The new head of the Austrian government, and his vice-chancellor are a bit less confused. Regierungsspitze entsetzt nach Wiener Blutnacht > Nachrichten > Österreich OR Head of government horrified after Vienna’s night of blood. Google translate does a fair job with German.

„Es ist furchtbar, dass sich mitten in Wien derartige Szenen abspielen.“ Gleichzeitig gratulierte der Vizekanzler der Exekutive zu ihrem raschen Fahndungserfolg. Solche Attacken seien leider auch eine der Folgen des unkontrollierten Zustroms von Migranten nach Österreich in den Jahren 2015/2016. „Genau deswegen arbeiten wir für eine restriktive Asyl- und Fremdenpolitik. Denn wer glaubt, er kann sich bei uns Asyl erschleichen, er kann das Asylrecht missbrauchen, er kann kriminell werden, Menschen nach Belieben verletzten oder gar töten, täuscht sich gewaltig“, betonte [Vizekanzler Heinz-Christian] Strache.


“It’s terrible that such scenes take place in the middle of Vienna.” At the same time, the vice-chancellor congratulated the executive for their swift and successful search. Unfortunately, such attacks are also one of the consequences of the uncontrolled influx of migrants to Austria in 2015/2016. “That’s why we work for a restrictive asylum and foreign policy. For anyone who believes he can seek asylum with us, he can abuse the asylum law, he can become criminal, injure people at will or even kill, is deceiving himself tremendously, “stressed [Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian] Strache.

You should note that the Left HATES Kronen Zeitung. It is the largest paper in Austria, and they refuse to fall in line with the Leftists’ agenda.


Austria moves to ban full-face veil

Immigrants to Austria will need to integrate or leave. Austria moves to ban full-face veil – The Local

The 35-page programme also includes beefing up surveillance and security measures, obliging migrants granted the right to stay to sign an “integration contract” and a “statement of values”.

State employees will have to be “religiously neutral.” Though exactly what that means has yet to be hammered out.

Anti-terror Raids in Austria

Europe is in deep yogurt, but they seem to be digging themselves out. Slowly. 14 arrests after major anti-terror raids in Austria – The Local

“As part of an ongoing investigation into suspected membership of a terrorist organisation (‘Isis’) a coordinated operation planned for some time took place involving 800 officers,” Graz prosecutors said.

A total of 14 people were arrested in several cities.

New Year’s Eve: 16 sexual assaults reported in Austria

I don’t remember seeing/hearing about this in the MSM 16 sexual assaults reported in Austria after New Year’s Eve celebrations – The Local. But then I am not tied into the 24hr news cycle much these days.

Eleven women, from Tyrol, Vorarlberg, Italy, Germany and Switzerland, told police that they were harassed and groped by a group of men in and around Innsbruck’s Marktplatz, where public Silvester celebrations were taking place.

The only descriptions include “dark hair and beards.”

Austrian Police Blame Her for Being Attacked by Immigrants

Europe is in deep yogurt if the cops are basically saying it is open season on blonds. Which is sort of what these cops in Austria said to the woman profiled in this story. She was dressed provocatively. She was on the street alone. She was blond. Attack victim claims police told her to dye hair

She said: “At first I was scared, but now I’m more angry than anything. After the attack they told me that women shouldn’t be alone on the streets after 8pm. And they also gave me other advice, telling me I should dye my hair dark and also not dress in such a provocative way. Indirectly that means I was partly to blame for what happened to me. That is a massive insult.”

Europe is learning a hard lesson, but they won’t adopt some preventative measures, and they won’t legalize self-defense. Which is somewhat legal in Austria but carrying a concealed weapon is not.

So if she was attacked for being a blond, does that make this a hate crime?

Europeans Are Warming Up to the Idea of Self-defense. At Least Austrians Are

The Europeans thought that they were oh-so-civilized without the need for self-defense. That is changing fast. Boom in demand for self-defence weapons – The Local

Up until September 2015 an average of 100 weapons permits were issued a month in Vienna. Police records show that this doubled in October, and quadrupled in November to 457.

I’m not sure why there has been an uptick in the number of “blank-firing guns” being sold, but the number of real guns is going up.

The New Year’s Eve attacks in Germany and around Europe have proven that the influx of immigrants has changed things. The police stood by and did nothing. Other attacks earlier last year were also ignored – because reporting on them wouldn’t have been PC.