Sharia Law in Berlin and Beyond

Yes it is in German. Use Google translate. (or see the Breibart link below.) Islamist moralists terrorize Berlin (Original: Islamistische Moralwächter terrorisieren Berliner).

A group of Islamist thugs threatened and assaulted Chechens living in Berlin , especially women and their contacts, for alleged violations of their archaic morality . Some victims were said to have been seriously injured.

No comment from police. No comment from the Bundeskanzler (Angela Merkel) Hat tip to Breitbart.

In a related story, Swedish police had to walk-back comments that said Christian Extremism was just as much a problem in that country as Islamic extremism. The police take back claims of Christian extremism in vulnerable areas. And yes, this one is in Swedish. See my comment about Google translate.

In a radio interview, a police chief had the following to say (as translated).

The SR reporter then asked if it was also about Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.

– Yes exactly. Together with the security police, we see that different forms of recruitment, different forms of bringing young people towards extremist views are stronger in vulnerable areas than generally in society, Löfving replied.

But when a Christian publication asked for more details, they were told there is no Christian extremism to speak of.


Armed Self-defense: German Edition

I know, it’s from a month ago, but how often do you see an armed self-defense story from Europe? Überfallener Juwelier schießt auf bewaffneten Räuber OR Ambushed Jeweler shoots at Armed Robber (Chrome should offer to translate, or there are the Bing and Google translators.)

So a 27-year-old goes into the shop and pulls out a gun.

The shopkeeper immediately drew a pistol and fired at the man several times. The suspect was hit in the upper body, left the store and dragged himself to a pharmacy about 600 meters away, where he collapsed badly injured. There he was provided first aid by the staff.

The would be bad-guy is in hospital, recovering from surgery.

The story doens’t have a happy ending however, as the shopkeeper – the son of the owner – has apparently gotten himself crosswise with the convoluted weapons laws in Germany.

Berlin is becoming a more dangerous place and more people are applying for a small weapons license. But they have to beg the .gov for the ability to defend themselves.