To tell you the truth, I lost track of Jack White, after the White Stripes (his duo project with Meg White) fell apart. I liked the few songs of the White Stripes that got radio play. (“Seven Nation Army” is probably their biggest hit.) But he is still making music. And it is pretty good.

This is “Lazaretto” from the 2014 album Lazaretto. It was used in the pilot episode of Black Lightning. It was the soundtrack to the showcase fight at the end of the episode.

(Not quite metal, but hard rock…. And since I make the rules…)



Black Lightning is (in my opinion) certainly the best DC comic story on television right now. It is more in line with the quality of the Marvel stories on Netflix, than Supergirl or The Flash.

Tuesday’s show finally let us see Thunder’s official outfit. (Every superhero starts with the 1st iteration of the outfit.)

Thunder was one of the first lesbian superheros, so she has a special place in my heart. And the fact that Nafessa Williams as Anissa Pierce is especially hot doesn’t hurt matters.

Grace Choi showed up in a previous episode, but she had an Outsiders comic in her back pocket. (Both Anissa and Grace were members of The Outsiders.) I still haven’t figured out what that means.

One of the things that is most enjoyable about the show is the soundtrack. This is “The Ghetto” by Donny Hathaway from his first album Everything is Everything released in 1973. Hathaway in on Rolling Stone’s list of greatest singers of all time. This song is playing in the final fight between Black Lightning and Thunder, and the bad guys protecting the “green light” lab.


Charles Lloyd usually plays tenor saxophone, but he also plays flute, and he did so on a number of recordings. (He plays other instruments as well.)

This is “Sorcery” from the album Forest Flower: Charles Lloyd at Monterey, which was recorded at the 1966 Monterey Jazz Festival. It features Charles Lloyd on flute, Keith Jarret on piano, Cecil McBee on bass, and Jack DeJohnette on drums.

I really like the CW show Black Lightning. The music in the score is superb. This song is playing in (what can only be described as) “The Lair” while Black Lightning is getting the hang of some new/refined weapons in episode 3, of season 1.