Feeling Safe Versus Being Safe

The stabbing death of the USC professor is certainly a tragedy. But it doesn’t have a material impact on campus safety. That is, nothing has changed. Grad Student Held in Stabbing Death of USC Professor Bosco Tjan – Higher Education

The campus is mourning; colleagues are remembering, etc.

But the snowflakes are waking up to the fact that they are not safe in the ivory tower.

While those killings raised concerns about the safety of international students, this new killing has some on the USC campus wondering about their own general safety.

Zhongtang Li, a teaching assistant and fourth-year doctoral student in chemical engineering from Shanxi, China, told the Los Angeles Times he does not feel as safe as before.

I have news for your, cupcake, you are exactly as safe as you have ever been. Which is to say, you are and have always been, at risk. You do not live in Pleasantville, but in the Real World™ where bad things can happen.

(Side note: has there been a call universal knife control in the wake of this killing, and I just haven’t heard it? Background checks and waiting periods before you can buy those steak knives?)