What Happens When You Disarm a Population, and Then Cut Police Support?

You get lawlessness and the breakdown of order. And no, this isn’t about California. Winnipegger turns to confrontation as police response times grow for property crimes.

About a Canadian who found a man in his backyard. The intruder produced a knife and lunged. In Texas, or Florida, or a dozen other states, that guy would be dead. But Canada is to “civilized” (read that as “domesticated”) to allow its citizens (subjects?) to be armed in their own defense.

The reason that the guy was tired of waiting on police?

Winnipeg police have commented numerous times over the past several months that their resources are being stretched thin.

They are dealing with “The increasing number of bizarre and dangerous incidents due to people believed high on meth.” 911 response time to a property crime is now measured in days. Which means, of course, that property crime is also on the rise.

Now Winnipeg has long way to go before it becomes Baltimore, New Orleans or Chicago, but the trends are clearly going in the wrong direction.


I Could Give Her an Answer She Won’t Like

People want “The System” to always work, but putting your faith in “The System” to save you is often misguided. ‘I need answers’: Mother concerned over 911 response after daughter attacked. That system is just a bunch of people after all.

A girl gets ambushed by 12 teens. She runs home and calls her mom. (Why?) Mom says to call 911.

She said it took 85 minutes and two more phone calls before help arrived.

West said the 911 call was made at 9:15 p.m. and the officer arrived at 10:40 p.m.

“911 failed. It absolutely failed here. Why? I don’t know. I need answers,” she said.

The simple answer is that depending on the State for your personal safety is a losing bet. Now this is Canada where they have a mostly disarmed the population, so expecting anyone to defend themselves, let alone a “teen” is asking too much, I know. But if you are trusting them to stay home alone, you are trusting them to deal with whatever comes along. Don’t like that “whatever” part, then don’t leave them alone. And remember that you live in The Real World™ where bad things can, and sometimes do, happen.

Now I happen to mostly agree with the cops on this one.

Police say they received a 911 call from a 15-year-old victim following an assault. The call taker confirmed with victim that she was not seriously physically injured, and safe inside her residence with the door locked. It was also confirmed that no one was attempting to gain access to the home. Given the information provided, the call was deemed to be a Priority 4.

I think what the mother is most upset about is the (relatively new) realization that she doesn’t live in some fantasy land where bad things never happen, and she desperately wants someone (the nanny state) to make the world a safe place once again. She wants to “Feel Safe,” even if she isn’t actually safe.

It’s a Good Thing Canadians Are Disarmed

One of them might have shot the cougars attacking a kid. Four-year-old boy in serious condition, two cougars killed after attack near Lake Cowichan.

Oh, the cougars were killed anyway, just much later, when the authorities, “The only ones authorized to have firearms” arrived to not quite save the day.

A four-year-old boy is in serious condition with injuries to his head, neck and arms after being mauled by at least one cougar near Lake Cowichan.

Now guns in the hands of the parents may not have saved this kid, but being unarmed in an area populated with big cats seems crazy to me.

So glad that gun control is keeping the cougars safe from otherwise-armed adults.

And the most convoluted, unclear sentence of the week award goes to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

“It’s fairly serious,” said RCMP Cpl. Chris Manseau. “It’s not completely uncommon, but still very, very rare, just a dangerous situation for everyone.”

Lack of Care and Overcrowding: The Joys of Socialized Medicine

Canadian-style care. Hospital crunch: Navy veteran finally gets bed after 6 days in hallway.

A 77-year-old man spent 6 days on a hospital gurney in the hallway. Apparently because the bean-counters lost track of him.

“The patient was moved from three different units so we lost track of the total number of days he’d been in hospital. So we lost track of how long he’d been in hospital, and that was our mistake,” said [Mark Blandford, the hospital’s Director of Clinical Operations].

Nurse’s union president, Christine Sorensen, says that overcrowding in hospitals is a fact of life across British Columbia. Why? Because government control. No private organization can spend money to fill a need (not allowed!), and the .gov doesn’t really care. (If they cared, overcrowding wouldn’t be a problem.)

What Happens When the Good Guys Don’t Have the Ability to Defend Themselves?

They are at the mercy of people who don’t follow the law. This is Canada, where self-defense is pretty much illegal. (From the comments on a different post – link at bottom of this post). Nanaimo seniors share harrowing story of home invasion.

A couple in their 70s was home minding their own business when they were the victim of a home invasion.

“I ran at him,” he said. “We got into a tussle and then he hit me on the head with some kind of a club.”

Bleeding from a gash on his head, Donald says the same man then tied him up and forced him to lie face down on the floor.

“He handcuffed and put my hands together with rope or belts, my own belts,” he said.

One of the miscreants had a firearm, but it is clear they didn’t need it. Clubs. Hockey sticks. Baseball bats. All would have been enough to overpower this elderly couple. And so they lost heirloom jewelry, and their car. They got the car back.

The seniors, who have been married for more than 50 years, say they are traumatized by the ordeal and want the suspects to be caught.

Compare and Contrast with the original post about a home invasion in this country. (UNO HU, who left a comment on that post, gets the hat tip.) Or actually, you can look at pretty much any post in the Self-defense category. Which is why it’s there.

What’s The Opposite of “Broken Windows” Policing?

The de-policing of Toronto. TORONTO POLICE MODERNIZATION: The way forward or a step backward?.

You could also title this post, “How to do less, with less.”

Of course the plan in Toronto (known as “The Way Forward”) was supposed to make the police more efficient.

But since it was unveiled in 2016, the service backed away from responding to many lower priority calls, most recently burglar alarms, in an effort to take pressure off frontline cops who spend their days bouncing around from one radio call to the next because they are constantly under-staffed.

They don’t respond to stolen cars, or cars broken into. They don’t respond to burglar alarms. They don’t really respond to retail theft. And gas theft? Clerks are told to file an online form. (Well, they do eventually show up for retail theft, it can just take 10 hours or so.)

“In other jurisdictions where they have tried this approach to policing, like the UK, all it has done is increase crime and reduce public safety,” [Toronto Police Association Mike McCormack]

This is the exact opposite of “Broken Windows,” which helped New York City reduce killings from 2,245 in 1990 to 290 in 2017. And – “unexpectedly” – Toronto’s crime is going up. (Still no where near NYC, but they should set a record this year for homicides.)

What If 911 Put You on Hold For 4 Minutes

Oh, and neighbors were shocked. Shooting in Toronto’s east end leaves neighbourhood on edge.

What has been troubling for people in the area was how long it took to get through to 911 in the first place. Several neighbours said they called 911 as soon as they heard the shots. But in each case, they were put on hold.

Long wait times at Toronto 911 have been an issue. More positions have been approved, but it doesn’t sound like they have been filled.

A lot of really bad things can happen in 4 minutes, and at that point you haven’t even communicated with a 911 operator. So what are you going to do while you wait?

And the neighbors?

One woman, still reeling from the incident, spoke to Global News anonymously. She’s lived in the area for years and now fears for her safety.

While she may be less-safe than she was years ago, she isn’t less safe than she was last week. She just thought she was safe.

And Canada has all that lovely gun control. How is it that criminals just ignore those laws?