Are Canadians Getting Fed Up With the Insanity?

Could be. GUNTER: Eddie Maurice a symbol for frustration over growing crime in rural communities.

So a couple of guys break into vehicles, etc. in rural Canada. They wake up the homeowner who grabs a .22 rifle and shoots warning shots over their heads.

According to RCMP forensics tests, one shot ricocheted and ended up striking Watson in the forearm.

Watson’s statement of claim alleges he suffered “severe damages and disability” as a result of the shot, had to have a metal plate implanted in his arm and ever since has suffered pain, discomfort, dizziness, nausea, migraines, fatigue, insomnia, and PTSD.

What!? No itchy scalp or outbreak of psoriasis?

Heh. So he’s suing, and Canadians have raised 50 grand for the homeowner’s defense.

As I have written before, there was one easy way for Watson to have avoided all his discomfort: Don’t break into other people’s property in the first place.

The author of the piece seems to think that the Canadians, and especially rural Canadians, are tired of “elite theories and lenient institutions.”

It took police hours to show up at the Maurice ranch. When they finally did, they came out guns drawn and arrested Maurice for dangerous use of a firearm and aggravated assault.

Police assumed the homeowner – the father defending his daughter – was the criminal. They accepted the elite theory that individuals have no right to shoot at those who mean to do them harm. They agreed we should always use “our words” rather than fists or guns.

As he says, that’s where populism comes from.


3/4 of Calls to 911 Are in Error

At least in Orangeville, Ontario. Oops is no excuse: You’d be surprised how many 911 calls Dufferin OPP receives in error or by accident.

Nearly three-quarters of the time 911 has been dialed in its jurisdiction this year, Dufferin OPP has responded to learn that the call was made in error or by accident.

From January to Aug. 31, Dufferin OPP Const. Shannon Gordanier reports that officers have responded to a total of 413 calls made to 911 — of those calls, police report 307, or 75 per cent, were made in error.

Those 75 percent of calls need to be investigated. Which means those services aren’t available for real emergencies.

You’re Only An Apex Predator When Armed

As this guy found out. Musician, 44, is dragged from his tent and mauled to death in his sleep by a grizzly bear while on a trip in remote Canada to record ambient nature sounds for his work.

Disney has done much to convince people that nature is not dangerous. It is.

A musician who was collecting nature sounds while camping at a remote spot in Canada was mauled to death by a bear that dragged him away as he slept.

As one of the comments pointed out… While he may have been asleep when it started, I don’t think you would sleep thru that.

Bear preparations include things like electric fences, safe food storage, and guns. I doubt that he asked anyone about this kind of thing, or that he would have listened. (Guns are bad, right?)

When these kinds of things come up, I’m usually amused by the way the people are remembered.

First of all, he wanted to transmit by his music to the public his love and respect for nature.

“Respect for nature?” Not so much. You would show “respect” by recognizing the risks and taking some reasonable precautions, like being armed. Or something. No, he had bought into the Disney version of the wilderness. He never read the old stories about the forest, about how nature is “red in tooth and claw.”

Hat tip to Kim du Toit via Nature In The Raw, in which he recommends one of my favorite shotguns, The Mossberg 500 Mariner 12 gauge. Completely (or as completely as possible) impervious to salt water. With a “mixture of 00 buckshot and slugs” it should handle most situations.

Please, people: as far as that old bitch Mother Nature is concerned, we humans are like marshmallows: soft, slow, tasty and harmless. It’s only when we take on accoutrements (such as the above) that put us at the top of the food chain that we stand a chance of survival.

Too true.

Never Underestimate the Power of Human Stupidity

What is so hard about understanding when you should, and when you shouldn’t, call 911? 911 misuse rate hits 23% in Peel Region.

On Tuesday, police received a 911 call about a water leak from a resident’s refrigerator who expected the police to help with the cleaning up.

If 23 percent of calls to 911 are of insanity like this, then they have to pay more people, and they are slower dealing with real emergencies.

Do people really think the cops are going to deal with a plumbing issue?

“While we understand that a water leak from your refrigerator is concerning and annoying, it’s definitely not a call for 9-1-1 and no we won’t come and clean it up,” Peel police tweeted. “Instead, shut off the water and call a plumber.”

It isn’t hard. Crime. Fire. Medical emergency. For these things for which you call 911. Plumbing. Problems with your fast food orders. Not so much.

90 Minute Wait After Calling 911

Paramedics won’t show up to crime scene without cops. Because safety. ‘She had blood all over her’: Edmonton man says 911 response took 90 minutes.

John Saunders was on his way to the gym at Londonderry Mall early Wednesday morning when he heard a cry for help coming from a nearby walkway, where he found a woman on the ground, covered in blood.

He called 911, and waited. Called 911 two more times. And still waited. 90 minutes later, support arrived.

While talking to 911 dispatch, he was told the fire department was waiting on police, and safety trumped emergency.

“I said, ‘What about my safety?’ And [the 911 operator] said, ‘Well, you don’t have to be there; there’s no obligation for you to be there.”

Calling 911 is fine thing to do, but the results won’t always be what you expect.

What Happens When You Disarm a Population, and Then Cut Police Support?

You get lawlessness and the breakdown of order. And no, this isn’t about California. Winnipegger turns to confrontation as police response times grow for property crimes.

About a Canadian who found a man in his backyard. The intruder produced a knife and lunged. In Texas, or Florida, or a dozen other states, that guy would be dead. But Canada is to “civilized” (read that as “domesticated”) to allow its citizens (subjects?) to be armed in their own defense.

The reason that the guy was tired of waiting on police?

Winnipeg police have commented numerous times over the past several months that their resources are being stretched thin.

They are dealing with “The increasing number of bizarre and dangerous incidents due to people believed high on meth.” 911 response time to a property crime is now measured in days. Which means, of course, that property crime is also on the rise.

Now Winnipeg has long way to go before it becomes Baltimore, New Orleans or Chicago, but the trends are clearly going in the wrong direction.

I Could Give Her an Answer She Won’t Like

People want “The System” to always work, but putting your faith in “The System” to save you is often misguided. ‘I need answers’: Mother concerned over 911 response after daughter attacked. That system is just a bunch of people after all.

A girl gets ambushed by 12 teens. She runs home and calls her mom. (Why?) Mom says to call 911.

She said it took 85 minutes and two more phone calls before help arrived.

West said the 911 call was made at 9:15 p.m. and the officer arrived at 10:40 p.m.

“911 failed. It absolutely failed here. Why? I don’t know. I need answers,” she said.

The simple answer is that depending on the State for your personal safety is a losing bet. Now this is Canada where they have a mostly disarmed the population, so expecting anyone to defend themselves, let alone a “teen” is asking too much, I know. But if you are trusting them to stay home alone, you are trusting them to deal with whatever comes along. Don’t like that “whatever” part, then don’t leave them alone. And remember that you live in The Real World™ where bad things can, and sometimes do, happen.

Now I happen to mostly agree with the cops on this one.

Police say they received a 911 call from a 15-year-old victim following an assault. The call taker confirmed with victim that she was not seriously physically injured, and safe inside her residence with the door locked. It was also confirmed that no one was attempting to gain access to the home. Given the information provided, the call was deemed to be a Priority 4.

I think what the mother is most upset about is the (relatively new) realization that she doesn’t live in some fantasy land where bad things never happen, and she desperately wants someone (the nanny state) to make the world a safe place once again. She wants to “Feel Safe,” even if she isn’t actually safe.