Longer Sentences Under Get-tough Gun Law? Not in Chicago!

JusticeIf you make something less-expensive, you will see more of it. Number of longer sentences in Cook County under new get-tough gun law? Zero | Chicago Sun-Times

The aim of the law was simple: Repeat gun offenders in Illinois would face tougher sentences.

But a Chicago Sun-Times review of sentences in Cook County since that new law took effect in January has found that no one is actually being hit with those stiffer sentences.

The so-called Criminal Justice System in Cook County/Chicago is not interested in stopping gun crime. (Well, the cops are interested, but they have been abandoned by just about everyone else in City/County government.) Hat tip to Second City Cop.


What Happens When You Make Something Less Expensive? – Criminal Justice Edition

JusticeWhat happens? You get more of it. CWB Chicago: Prosecutors: Gun Offender Was Free On Recognizance Bond When He Got Another Gun And Killed A Man

The Left hates everything that came out of the late 1980’s Get Tough on Crime initiatives. But violent crime peaked in this country around 1991 or so, and even with the increase we’ve seen in the past 3 years or so it is still near historic lows, at least in most of the country. (Chicago, Baltimore and a few other places are notable exceptions to that statement.)

In an effort to turn back some of that tough on crime stuff, Cook County (home to Chicago) is trying to go easy on defendants who might have a hard time affording bail. In some case releasing criminals on their own recognizance. Which brings us to the case in point.

A guy bought an illegal gun, that was originally stolen from Spokane. He fired a couple of shots to “be sure it worked.” He got busted for illegal possession of a firearm. Released – no bond, no electronic monitoring. He was just left to walk out the door. He skipped his hearing. (Color me shocked!) While out awaiting that hearing, he bought another gun. He used that gun to shoot a man in the back of the head.

So while I firmly believe that the guy is responsible for his own actions, I also think the judge (Judge Stephanie Miller) should be called to account. Chicago is in the grip of a crime epidemic. (Go to HeyJackass! for the details.) If you are not going to hold people in jail for gun crimes, what are you going to hold them for?

We get an answer to that question in this case, because the bad-guy in question was brought before the SAME judge, this time on the murder charge. (The universe, it seems, has sense of irony.) Judge Miller ordered him held without bond this time.

A final note: The Sun-Times had a reporter in court for Williams’ appearance on Wednesday. For some reason, the paper’s story makes no mention of the fact that Williams was free on a recognizance bond for a handgun violation when he allegedly committed the murder.

Media Bias? What Media Bias? Nothing to see here! Move along. (Hat tip to Second City Cop).

Seems Chicago PD (and the Mayor) Got Caught Trying to Bury a Major Crime Story

Because it is all about managing the numbers. CPD scrambles to explain why parents of injured suburban man ignored

They didn’t want to take a police report, because that would make it official. (This is why HeyJackass! doesn’t rely only on the “official” Chicago PD numbers.)

The Chicago Police Department is scrambling to explain why the parents of a 21-year-old suburban man – who suffered a serious head injury after a Gold Coast attack by a mob of teenagers – were ignored for days when they tried to file a police report.

Local Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd) said Friday the young man, whose family wishes to remain anonymous, is in the intensive care unit at Northwestern Memorial Hospital six days after the Saturday evening incident.

Second City Cop gets the hat tip. Look Who Woke Up is a critique of a Sun Times Reporter, and what the Mayor’s office seems to want to do downtown. Which is have the media ignore anything that would make the city look bad.

Fran stirred from her slumber and noticed that an alderman was paying attention to alternative blogs who weren’t involved in the Rahm-bargo of actual news happening downtown:

Not the first time Chicago (and the PD) have been accused of cooking the books where the number of crimes are involved.

ATF Agent in Chicago is Shot in the Face. Protests Against Police Ensue

Because really, who else are you going to protest? VIDEO: Cops Heckled By Protesters While Hunting Gunman Who Shot ATF Agent – Blue Lives Matter

The ATF agent was working with Chicago PD on a federal gun investigation near West 45th Street and South Hermitage Avenue when shots rang out at around 3:15 a.m., WLS-TV reported.

The agent was shot in the face and transported to the hospital in critical condition. He is expected to survive his injuries.

Second City Cop says it better.

Just so we have this straight – these alleged “citizens” would rather live under the heel of gangs running around shooting each other, using innocent bystanders as lead backstops, dealing drugs, robbing, pillaging, raping, etc., than have the ATF come in and attempt to stop the flow of illegally acquired and used weapons around their children?

Why not move to a third-world shithole? The weather is probably better there anyway.

What Happens When You Don’t Punish Crime? You Get More of It

As Chicago is finding out. CWB Chicago: Mag Mile Goes Wild: At Least Four Injured As Dozens Of Teens Run Rampant Near Historic Water Tower

It started with 50 teenagers in a fight, near Water Tower Place on the Magnificent Mile. (Formerly Magnificent?) But it escalated.

A Mag Mile resident told CWBChicago, “I went downstairs to warn security…and I saw police tackle and handcuff a teenage male.” The witness estimated that “300 to 400” people were involved in the melee. That number was later echoed by police.

That is a lot of people. Second City Cop, who gets the Hat Tip, notes tat that is more than the number of police working in District 018. (The police district that covers downtown and the Loop.) From the comments at SCC…

Anonymous said…
As we speak 018 is up for grabs…gangs of inner-city teens are running around punching people, running in traffic, jumping on cars while shouting “All white people must die!”

This was formerly a great city. But the Left has stopped putting people in jail for committing crimes, because that was somehow deemed to be not politically correct. Witness the result.

If Michigan Avenue, from the Water Tower to The Chicago River loses its appeal to the middle and upper classes, then that will have a significant impact on Chicago’s tax revenue. One of the few reasons to venture into Chicago is to spend time on the Magnificent Mile.

For a long time people from Chicago would “argue” with me about crime in the city. It was confined to certain areas. It didn’t impact the whole population. And so they mostly A) didn’t worry when the courts and the politicians didn’t punish crime as severely as they had, and B) they kept electing the same idiot that enacted more of the same kind of insane policies. The result? Anarchy. (Or what would you call this incident?) Of course a fair number of the people who used to argue with me have left the city. (Crime. Taxes. Poor public schools. etc.)

The Mainstream/Lamestream media is unexpectedly silent. Or may that should be “predictably silent.”

Chicago’s April Homicide Count Not Helped By the Weather

HeyJackass! has the April Wrap-up | Chicago Murder, Crime & Mayhem

A very chilly March gave way to the 4th coldest April on record. Surprisingly enough, this resulted in a bit less lead meeting flesh, but the homicide tally still managed to average out with the assistance of six fatal stabbings.

April’s Homicide count matched 2016 – the WORST year in Chicago for a long time. Doesn’t hold out much hope for the rest of the year.

April 2018: 40 killed, 183 wounded

Residents of Chicago’s Gold Coast Are Learning They Aren’t Immune to Crime

A lot of the crime in Chicago is concentrated in some neighborhoods, but no part of the city is immune. 2 shot, including elderly man, during Gold Coast-area carjackings; 12 others shot within 15 hours – Chicago Tribune

The story is long, and includes some info an a lot of shootings and several carjackings. But the part that caught my attention was the fact that some residents of the Gold Coast were shocked to discover that crime can happen in their neighborhood.

Steve Brown, an attorney who lives a block away, was walking home from getting groceries when he saw paramedics helping a man with a gunshot wound to the arm out of the driver’s seat of the Nissan. He was placed on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance, Brown said.

Brown, like others in the city, has heard of shootings taking place on the city’s South and West side but thought this was abnormal.

“It’s troubling. This is right in the middle of the most affluent part of Chicago. But it’s crazy because they know they are going to get caught.’’

Passersby snapped pictures and live-streamed the scene on social media.

“And this is supposed to be the good side of town,” one man said before leaving.

Even the Gold Coast is part of the Real World™ and is not immune to crime. And given the epidemic of carjacking in Chicago that is hardly to be expected. If you are going to steal cars, you might consider going to those places where they keep the nice ones.

Crime isn’t something that happens only in “other kinds of places” even if that is a comforting illusion. (Hat tip to Second City Cop)