Even The Socialists In Charge of Chicago Understand This Much about Economics

You can’t bilk tourists out of the 10.5 percent sales tax, if they don’t come to into the city to spend money. OT Doors Swing Wide.

Rumors are the Lightgroot phoned in her displeasure the other day following the 500 over-exuberant youth further destroying Chicago’s reputation as a tourist destination.

Except of course the ACLU is already unhappy that cops are doing anything about the wilding which has taken over The Magnificent Mile the past few weekends. (Past few years.) Apparently the ACLU doesn’t think much of maintaining order.

The upside is that Chicago is going to have more cops working the weekends.

Amusingly, HQ told everyone they’d be working in their Districts of Assignment….at first, but you could potentially (almost 100% certainly) be deployed elsewhere (meaning downtown) should wilding break out.

It used to be such a great city. But I have been staying away for nearly a decade. (When they raised the price of the city-owned parking garage to $20/hour, I stopped going to the Art Institute.)

And if you’re not up on the wilding in the streets of Chicago, and The Magnificent Mile in particular, the Tribune has this article, where an aldercreature alderman dares to criticize Kim Foxx, the State’s Attorney for Cook County.

Hopkins, whose second ward includes part of North Michigan Avenue, says it’s clear looking at social media that the teens flooding downtown last night are emboldened by new policies by Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who has declined to prosecute many low level crimes like shoplifting and theft.

“You don’t even get a slap on the wrist anymore. You get a ride home. So that’s happening in increasing numbers and it’s disturbing and it has implications for the downtown area, where retailers are seeing their shrinkage rates from theft increase dramatically,” Hopkins said.

So fine, for the tourists, go to Galena, Illinois instead. Hell, even Naperville is a better choice. Hat tip to Second City Cop, who notes…

Welcome to the party pal. Only what we’ve been saying here since….2006?


Rent a Car Via an App? They Are Stealing Them, Not Renting Them

I don’t think they thought this thru. Rental company Car2Go reports theft of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, more than a dozen questioned by police.

As many as 22 stolen Mercedes-Benzes were recovered Wednesday by police and about a dozen people were arrested, according to law enforcement sources.

Car2Go has suspended operations in Chicago until they can figure this out. There are about 100 stolen Mercedes somewhere in Chicago.

Hat tip to Second City Cop who thinks…

This is fucking ridiculous:

“General Mayhem” in Chicago

At least 500 kids were on the Magnificent Mile, which wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t causing problems. Cops: 38 arrested as hundreds of teens swarm downtown (VIDEOS).

The title comes – apparently – from the description used by the cops.

Thirty-five juveniles and at least three adults in their late teens were arrested as another night of “large group activity” overtook the downtown area on Wednesday, according to multiple Chicago Police Department sources. Most of the arrests were for disorderly conduct while a handful was facing battery, criminal damage to property, and shoplifting charges, the sources said.

Hat tip to HeyJackass!, where it is noted….

By early evening, a CPD deputy chief closed the department’s central detention facility to adult arrests so it could handle the influx of juvenile detainees, according to a source with knowledge of the night’s operations.

Does It Surprise Anyone That a McDonald’s Hires Private, Armed Security?

River North was an up and coming section of Chicago when I lived there. Attack on River North McDonald’s security guard caught on video.

According the Wiki it contains the largest concentration of art galleries outside of Manhattan. What I remember are the Blues Clubs, the restaurants and the nightclubs.

This incident comes amid a backdrop of several incidents in the River North neighborhood over the weekend where 21 people in different groups were arrested for causing disturbances.

More on the 21 arrested at CWB.

Law and Order seems to have taken a holiday in the City of Chicago. Given that the State’s Attorney won’t lock up most people arrested by the Chicago PD, you can see how that could be.

Crime In Chicago Not of Interest to the Media

Second City Cop reports on a Massive Wilding Downtown.

Don’t expect the media to say a word about it.

If you have a scanner, it’s all over the place.

Patrol and the Bike Unit is pretty much overwhelmed.

While he expected zero arrests there were more than 10. Not that anything will come of it.

And he was right about the “regular media blackout.” Not a word. (I guess that means it never happened.)

No Consequences = Keep Doing the Same Thing

Only he did run into a different kind of consequence. Teen shot dead while trying to rob woman had been accused of attacking Chicago cops last year.

And (as Second City points out) what is with this “teen” BS? A 19-year-old is a legal adult, and he had prior run-ins with the law.

I covered this story when it came up, because self-defense in Chicago is still a bit of a novelty.

The lack of consequences – courtesy of the Criminal Justice System in Cook County Illinois.

Goings was charged with six counts of aggravated battery to a peace officer but they were dropped in October after the teen pleaded guilty to a drug charge. He was given probation and released from jail in early November, just days before his 19th birthday.

That is 6 felony counts. An as Second City Cop says…

Great job there Crimesha. Six felonies pled down to “dead in a justified bus stop shooting because no punishment equals no feeling of consequences.”

Not sure how Kim Foxx got the moniker Crimesha.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics – Chicago Edition

When a politician, and especially a Chicago politician, tells you things are wonderful, look for the real story elsewhere. Man carjacked in Wrigleyville Tuesday evening, just hours after police execs boasted about city’s carjacking rate.

So Chicago – in the persons of the Police Superintendent and Deputy Chief – is celebrating the fact that car-jackings are down 14% since last year. But if you look at their own data, you can see that it is pretty nearly 100% higher than 2013. Not much to celebrate.

Hat tip to Second City Cop, who notes…

We sarcastically called carjacking the “ghetto Uber” not too long ago – a gunman jacks a car, uses it to get from Point A to Point B, maybe uses it for a shooting, perhaps even a smash-and-grab driving into a building, then abandons the car somewhere, knowing that if he is ever connected to it, probation is probably the worst thing that might happen to him. We even pointed out years ago that this lack of consequences would inevitably lead to uptick in carjackings.

Because putting criminals in prison would be unfair. Or something.