Groups of Teens Terrorize Chicago

OK, Terrorize might be overstating it a bit. But not by much. Cops are prevented from doing anything about it. By policy. Chicago’s Zulu War: ‘The Cops Have Told Us They Aren’t Gonna Touch Them’.

Most of the source material – the quality material anyway – comes from Second City Cop and Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown. I was tempted to post on this, because I read both of those blogs, but I cover Chicago more than I probably should.

A startling reality of life in Chicago is that gangs of black teenagers roam the streets randomly assaulting white people:

If you follow all the links there are security videos of some of the incidents. Even some major news outlets have been forced to pay attention, though the Tribune and Sun Times have tried to ignore the issue.

As for the police response (from Second City Cop)

a Chicago police officer says department policy prohibits them from taking effective preventive measures: “All we’re allowed to do now is ‘herd’ them toward [Chicago Transit Authority] stations.”

And a note that Civilization is starting to slip away in Chicago.


August in Chicago

It had a record setting day. HeyJackass! has the August Wrap-up.

Given the end Summer Shooting Season will be upon us this coming Labor Day weekend, we figured we’d post our August Wrap-up prior to the final Shoot-O-Rahm-a and tweak it as needed.

That record setting day was on the weekend of Lollapalooza, and saw 49 people shot. As of this writing, there were 52 people killed, and 297 people wounded in Chicago in the month of August. (That is sure to go up before midnight.)

See HeyJackass! for all the statistics.

Ah, The Socialist Dream of Bike-sharing

It’s easy to pick on Chicago… Over 120 arrested since July 1st for possessing stolen Divvy bikes as system’s theft problem drags on.

Divvy bikes are “system” in Chicago and 2 adjacent suburbs. (Evanston, and Oak Park – if you know Chicago, you won’t be surprised at that.) You pay a fee to unlock a bike, when your done with your ride you lock it back in a stand. Like those carts at the airport.

I said “in theory” because sometime around the 1st of July, thieves figured out how to steal the bikes without paying any stupid fee, and without bothering to return them. Since July 1st Chicago cops – in addition to those 120 arrests – have recovered 2% of the bikes in the system. That may only be the tip of the iceberg. (Juvenile arrests aren’t in that total for one thing.)

A conversation with one Divvy valet worker this month revealed that he had been told 20% of the company’s fleet has gone missing during the theft surge.

This isn’t private enterprise. A contract was awarded by the city in 2012. So in addition to everything else, the taxpayer in the Windy City is now on the hook for these stolen bikes.

In a city that can’t fund it’s police, fire or teachers’ pensions, where crime is spiraling out of control, and the taxpayer is groaning under a fairly high tax burden. (Sales Tax, for example, is about 10 percent.)

Second City Cop on Chicago’s Meltdown

Perhaps you’ve heard that the weekend in Chicago was pretty bad. How Many Mass Shootings?

Chief of Patrol, Fred Waller, said it wasn’t because of Lollapalooza. Those cops were all on their regular days-off. So what did cause the 66 shootings?

How about we attribute it to de-policing? The “ACLU Effect”? ExamScam II and its detrimental effect on morale? Or the upcoming “consent decree” that was created without a single cops voice or opinion? There are four reasons right there.

So, where was Pfleger during all this? Livingston? Jesse? Tio? All these marches sure are driving down the crime numbers, right? A few other questions:

  • How many of these shootings were by Concealed Carriers?
  • ….by people (or folks) with FOID cards?
  • ….by NRA members?
  • How many were shot by the Chicago Police Department?

Or does that not fit the narratives being thrown around?

I would add a few names to that litany of “where were they?” But that’s enough to be going on with for now.

And Mayor Rahm Emanuel, is making even less sense than usual.

people did not pull the trigger.”

You know, I never knew that my guns, could get up, jump out of their cases, open the safe and shoot of their own accord. It’s a good thing Rahm Emanuel is here to tell us how the universe works. </sarcasm>

Cook County has been practicing a type of Criminal Justice that continually trades down the severity of the crime tried (or pleaded) and the sentence handed down. They have made it cheaper (because putting criminals in prison is bad) and now they have more of it.

HeyJackass! has the complete and depressing tally.

Longer Sentences Under Get-tough Gun Law? Not in Chicago!

JusticeIf you make something less-expensive, you will see more of it. Number of longer sentences in Cook County under new get-tough gun law? Zero | Chicago Sun-Times

The aim of the law was simple: Repeat gun offenders in Illinois would face tougher sentences.

But a Chicago Sun-Times review of sentences in Cook County since that new law took effect in January has found that no one is actually being hit with those stiffer sentences.

The so-called Criminal Justice System in Cook County/Chicago is not interested in stopping gun crime. (Well, the cops are interested, but they have been abandoned by just about everyone else in City/County government.) Hat tip to Second City Cop.

What Happens When You Make Something Less Expensive? – Criminal Justice Edition

JusticeWhat happens? You get more of it. CWB Chicago: Prosecutors: Gun Offender Was Free On Recognizance Bond When He Got Another Gun And Killed A Man

The Left hates everything that came out of the late 1980’s Get Tough on Crime initiatives. But violent crime peaked in this country around 1991 or so, and even with the increase we’ve seen in the past 3 years or so it is still near historic lows, at least in most of the country. (Chicago, Baltimore and a few other places are notable exceptions to that statement.)

In an effort to turn back some of that tough on crime stuff, Cook County (home to Chicago) is trying to go easy on defendants who might have a hard time affording bail. In some case releasing criminals on their own recognizance. Which brings us to the case in point.

A guy bought an illegal gun, that was originally stolen from Spokane. He fired a couple of shots to “be sure it worked.” He got busted for illegal possession of a firearm. Released – no bond, no electronic monitoring. He was just left to walk out the door. He skipped his hearing. (Color me shocked!) While out awaiting that hearing, he bought another gun. He used that gun to shoot a man in the back of the head.

So while I firmly believe that the guy is responsible for his own actions, I also think the judge (Judge Stephanie Miller) should be called to account. Chicago is in the grip of a crime epidemic. (Go to HeyJackass! for the details.) If you are not going to hold people in jail for gun crimes, what are you going to hold them for?

We get an answer to that question in this case, because the bad-guy in question was brought before the SAME judge, this time on the murder charge. (The universe, it seems, has sense of irony.) Judge Miller ordered him held without bond this time.

A final note: The Sun-Times had a reporter in court for Williams’ appearance on Wednesday. For some reason, the paper’s story makes no mention of the fact that Williams was free on a recognizance bond for a handgun violation when he allegedly committed the murder.

Media Bias? What Media Bias? Nothing to see here! Move along. (Hat tip to Second City Cop).

Seems Chicago PD (and the Mayor) Got Caught Trying to Bury a Major Crime Story

Because it is all about managing the numbers. CPD scrambles to explain why parents of injured suburban man ignored

They didn’t want to take a police report, because that would make it official. (This is why HeyJackass! doesn’t rely only on the “official” Chicago PD numbers.)

The Chicago Police Department is scrambling to explain why the parents of a 21-year-old suburban man – who suffered a serious head injury after a Gold Coast attack by a mob of teenagers – were ignored for days when they tried to file a police report.

Local Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd) said Friday the young man, whose family wishes to remain anonymous, is in the intensive care unit at Northwestern Memorial Hospital six days after the Saturday evening incident.

Second City Cop gets the hat tip. Look Who Woke Up is a critique of a Sun Times Reporter, and what the Mayor’s office seems to want to do downtown. Which is have the media ignore anything that would make the city look bad.

Fran stirred from her slumber and noticed that an alderman was paying attention to alternative blogs who weren’t involved in the Rahm-bargo of actual news happening downtown:

Not the first time Chicago (and the PD) have been accused of cooking the books where the number of crimes are involved.