Chicago/Cook County Won’t Keep Bad Guys in Jail

JusticeNo matter how many times they jump bail, or commit crimes. CWB Chicago: Another Boystown Menace Charged With Armed Robbery

Despite the facts that [the guy arrested for armed-robbery] is charged a Class X violent crime; that he has a pending court case for sale or possession of a weapon; and the fact that he has previously jumped bail on an assault charge, Cook County Judge Stephanie Miller ordered him released on electronic monitoring with a $50,000 recognizance bond.

If the there is no penalty for crime, you will get more crime. Now for things he is charged with, but not convicted, you can make a case. But jumping bail on an assault charge should have some sort of penalty.

I will believe Chicago and Cook County and Illinois are serious about stopping crime when this kind of thing comes to an end. The cops arrest people, and the courts put them right back on the street. Then they blame a gun for the crimes that the people commit.


Chicago Crime Over the Past 4 years

Things are not going well in Chicago. More Trends: Second City Cop.

Everything is on the rise.

A 21% increase in robberies over four years.

A 41% increase in homicides over the same four years.

A 209% increase in car-jackings? Over four years.

Since the numbers (not including car-jacking) are down in 2017 from 2016, the politicians are celebrating. Second City Cop sees less to celebrate.

Self-defense in the People’s Republic of Chicago?

Maybe. Concealed carry license holder released after he says he shot would-be robber

So while getting into his car at a Target store, he is accosted by a would-be bad-guy. Who was armed. After a brief struggle he draws and fires his own weapon.

A Chicago police spokesman on Saturday said the man was released by Area Central detectives without criminal charges, but did not say whether investigators believe the shooting was self-defense.

Because the Chicago cops and the Cook County DA really, really, really hate the idea of armed citizens defending themselves. It knocks over ALL of their narratives. The investigation is ongoing.

The guy who got shot died.

No matter what the authorities in Chicago believe, self-defense is a human-right.

And Chicago Wonders Why It Has a Crime Problem – Part 2

JusticeNo jail time for kidnapping and beating – racially motivated BTW – broadcast on Facebook. Woman pleads guilty to hate crime in beating of disabled teen live on Facebook

A Chicago woman who live-streamed video of the racially charged beating of a teen with mental disabilities pleaded guilty Friday to a hate crime and was sentenced to four years of probation.

Also 200 hours of community service and no social media for the 4 years. Yeah, that’ll teach her!

As Second City Cop says, “What in the holy fuck is this?”

For Part 1, see the previous post.

Chicago Man Who Shot Cop Was Sentenced to Five Years In June for a Gun Crime

And Chicago can’t figure out why they have a crime problem. Man charged with shooting Chicago Police officer on Far South Side

Luckily the Cop is OK, considering. He’s in the hospital but should make a full recovery. (Yeah Ballistic Vests!)

[Chicago Police Supt. Eddie] Johnson explained Thursday that [the bad guy] had been arrested 25 times as an adult, and convicted of four felonies. Most recently, he was convicted of possessing a handgun as a felon on parole and sentenced to nearly five years in prison last June.

As Second City Cop points out…

Sentenced to five years in prison just six months ago….and walking the street just Wednesday. Armed.

Johnson, being from the People’s Republic of Chicago, wants more common sense gun control. I’ll leave you with Second City Cop’s reaction.

How about enforcing the fucking laws on the books? That’d be the most common sense of all.

Don’t Bring a Pellet Gun to a Gunfight

More legal self-defense in the People’s Republic of Chicago Suspect shot after using pellet gun in attempted robbery on South Side

A 23-year-old man was walking into his home about 1:20 a.m. when a 20-year-old walked up behind him in the 500 block of East 38th and pulled out what appeared to be a gun while he announced a robbery, according to Chicago Police.

The older man took out his own legally-owned handgun and fired at the robber, police said. The younger man was shot in the abdomen and both legs.

The guy who got shot is in the hospital. (The trauma center at Stroger Hospital is very good.) Cops are still investigating.

Self-defense is a a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0. (Hat tip to HeyJackass and the Weekend’s Shoot-O-Rham-a.)

October In Chicago

The only thing you can say is, “It isn’t as bad as last year.” October Wrap-up from HeyJackass.

HeyJackass is the place to go for Chicago crime stats. And Chicago is interesting (to me at least) for a number of reasons. On the personal level I grew up just outside of the city, and went to college in the city. I used to take the trains in regularly to visit museums, and I worked in the city for a short time. As a student of the Second Amendment, Chicago government (and the intelligentsia that supports its positions) is interesting because of their vehement hatred of guns, and the back-flips they do to outlaw and restrict legal gun ownership. And yet for all that focus on guns, they have a tremendous amount of crime. It is almost as if they should focus more on the criminal element than on a bunch of inanimate objects.

October 2017: 55 killed, 228 wounded
October 2016: 82 killed, 348 wounded

For more interesting commentary, click through the link above, and look at the HJ main page.

When I look at what has become of Chicago, I am amazed and saddened. High taxes. High Crime. Bankrupt schools. Pensions unfunded. The list goes on.