Does It Surprise Anyone That a McDonald’s Hires Private, Armed Security?

River North was an up and coming section of Chicago when I lived there. Attack on River North McDonald’s security guard caught on video.

According the Wiki it contains the largest concentration of art galleries outside of Manhattan. What I remember are the Blues Clubs, the restaurants and the nightclubs.

This incident comes amid a backdrop of several incidents in the River North neighborhood over the weekend where 21 people in different groups were arrested for causing disturbances.

More on the 21 arrested at CWB.

Law and Order seems to have taken a holiday in the City of Chicago. Given that the State’s Attorney won’t lock up most people arrested by the Chicago PD, you can see how that could be.


Crime In Chicago Not of Interest to the Media

Second City Cop reports on a Massive Wilding Downtown.

Don’t expect the media to say a word about it.

If you have a scanner, it’s all over the place.

Patrol and the Bike Unit is pretty much overwhelmed.

While he expected zero arrests there were more than 10. Not that anything will come of it.

And he was right about the “regular media blackout.” Not a word. (I guess that means it never happened.)

No Consequences = Keep Doing the Same Thing

Only he did run into a different kind of consequence. Teen shot dead while trying to rob woman had been accused of attacking Chicago cops last year.

And (as Second City Cop points out) what is with this “teen” BS? A 19-year-old is a legal adult, and he had prior run-ins with the law.

I covered this story when it came up, because self-defense in Chicago is still a bit of a novelty.

The lack of consequences – courtesy of the Criminal Justice System in Cook County Illinois.

Goings was charged with six counts of aggravated battery to a peace officer but they were dropped in October after the teen pleaded guilty to a drug charge. He was given probation and released from jail in early November, just days before his 19th birthday.

That is 6 felony counts. An as Second City Cop says…

Great job there Crimesha. Six felonies pled down to “dead in a justified bus stop shooting because no punishment equals no feeling of consequences.”

Not sure how Kim Foxx got the moniker Crimesha.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics – Chicago Edition

When a politician, and especially a Chicago politician, tells you things are wonderful, look for the real story elsewhere. Man carjacked in Wrigleyville Tuesday evening, just hours after police execs boasted about city’s carjacking rate.

So Chicago – in the persons of the Police Superintendent and Deputy Chief – is celebrating the fact that car-jackings are down 14% since last year. But if you look at their own data, you can see that it is pretty nearly 100% higher than 2013. Not much to celebrate.

Hat tip to Second City Cop, who notes…

We sarcastically called carjacking the “ghetto Uber” not too long ago – a gunman jacks a car, uses it to get from Point A to Point B, maybe uses it for a shooting, perhaps even a smash-and-grab driving into a building, then abandons the car somewhere, knowing that if he is ever connected to it, probation is probably the worst thing that might happen to him. We even pointed out years ago that this lack of consequences would inevitably lead to uptick in carjackings.

Because putting criminals in prison would be unfair. Or something.

The Continuing Decline of a Once Great American City

I loved Chicago. It has always had its problems, but there are great museums, Second City Comedy Revue (Think Saturday Night Live without network censors) and wonderful music, everything from Jazz to Classical. (At least in the past…) But it has become a nightmare. How The Grinch Stole River North: Violent crime pours into once-safe downtown neighborhoods, stats show.

Muggings, robbery, and carjacking have all become an epidemic in the city. A few short years ago people were genuinely shocked when crime showed up in their “safe neighborhoods.” Not so much anymore.

And the police beat that covers the River North dining and nightlife district has seen robberies spike nearly 400% since 2014. If you want to get robbed in Chicago, River North is the place to go. It is now the #1 police beat for robberies citywide.

This is also the district that covers The Magnificent Mile. If you were going to Chicago for business or pleasure you would likely be told of restaurants or things to do in this part of the city. Neighborhoods that have beaten crime back have “invested heavily” in private security, because the politicians – and the cops – have failed. Though mostly the politicians and the courts.

I haven’t been in the City of Chicago, including the airports, since early the early years of this century. The last time I drove into the city it was $21/hour to park my car at the city lot near Chicago’s Art Institute. I doubt I will ever go again. (Hat tip to Second City Cop.)

Groups of Teens Terrorize Chicago

OK, Terrorize might be overstating it a bit. But not by much. Cops are prevented from doing anything about it. By policy. Chicago’s Zulu War: ‘The Cops Have Told Us They Aren’t Gonna Touch Them’.

Most of the source material – the quality material anyway – comes from Second City Cop and Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown. I was tempted to post on this, because I read both of those blogs, but I cover Chicago more than I probably should.

A startling reality of life in Chicago is that gangs of black teenagers roam the streets randomly assaulting white people:

If you follow all the links there are security videos of some of the incidents. Even some major news outlets have been forced to pay attention, though the Tribune and Sun Times have tried to ignore the issue.

As for the police response (from Second City Cop)

a Chicago police officer says department policy prohibits them from taking effective preventive measures: “All we’re allowed to do now is ‘herd’ them toward [Chicago Transit Authority] stations.”

And a note that Civilization is starting to slip away in Chicago.

August in Chicago

It had a record setting day. HeyJackass! has the August Wrap-up.

Given the end Summer Shooting Season will be upon us this coming Labor Day weekend, we figured we’d post our August Wrap-up prior to the final Shoot-O-Rahm-a and tweak it as needed.

That record setting day was on the weekend of Lollapalooza, and saw 49 people shot. As of this writing, there were 52 people killed, and 297 people wounded in Chicago in the month of August. (That is sure to go up before midnight.)

See HeyJackass! for all the statistics.