It’s Funny How the Rules Change, Depending on Who Is Involved

CNN Forgives Reporter’s Homophobic Tweets Because It Was A Long Time Ago When She Was Just A Silly College Kid

CNN is doubling down on its support for a White House correspondent who was discovered to have used anti-gay slurs and homophobic language in tweets. The tweets uncovered Sunday revealed CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins using the word “fag” and expressing bigotry toward lesbians.

In one tweet, posted in July 2011, Collins called another user on Twitter a “fag,”

Only the Log Cabin Republicans have had anything bad to say, but we know the Left hates them.

CNN Says Women Can’t Carry Concealed

CNN analyst claims women can’t carry concealed because of wardrobe. CNN ‘Analyst’ Says Women Can’t Carry Guns Because of Their Wardrobe Choices

On Saturday, CNN’s Senior Law Enforcement Analyst (because they obviously know so much about women’s fashion and concealed carry options) Tom Fuentes made a bold statement, declaring female teachers and faculty can’t possibly carry concealed in schools due to their fashion choices…

Anyway, Jenn Jacques has the original story and her very apt demolition of his position. Just go read it.

UPDATE: Kathy Jackson of the Cornered Cat weighs in on the topic.

Another Update: A Girl and a Gun shooting league also have a few choice words on the subject.