When Only Cops Have Guns…

Only cops will negligently discharge their weapons at airports. Houston police officer mistakenly fires AR-15 at Hobby Airport baggage claim.

An AR-15 rifle wielded by a Houston police officer mistakenly fired into the floor at the baggage area of Hobby Airport on Thursday night, according to authorities.

And in the most clueless bit of all…

“As far as I understand it, (the gun) was not dropped,” [Houston police Capt. Jerome] Stevens said.

Which you know was in answer to a clueless reporter’s question. (If it went off when dropped, they have other problems as well.)

At least he was pointing the weapon in a safe direction. (Hat tip to Wirecutter and WiscoDave.)


Cops Raid the Wrong House – International Edition

The Keystone Cops can also be found in South Africa. Pretoria man killed as police raid the wrong house

They killed the homeowner, critically injured a family member, and shot 2 joggers who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“It’s f***ed up. The suspects who were in their cars were seen in the street. When they saw the cops they fled in their vehicles.

“Police stormed the house they thought was the safehouse‚ but its apparently the wrong house. For some reason one of the cops opened fire and then the others did. It’s a total mess‚” said a police source.

They did arrest 2 people. My guess is that they had to have something positive to spin – even if they were 2 bystanders.

It is apparently TOO MUCH to ask of police that before they break down a door and open fire in someone’s home that they be DAMN sure they are in the right place.

And they opened fire “for some reason.” Because they have dreams of being Rambo, either that or they are scared of shadows and shoot first.

SWAT Team Raids the Wrong House

Idiots with badges. And guns and flash-bang grenades. Exactly how hard is it – as part of a SWAT planning session – to make sure you have the right damn house? Bradley Co. family says SWAT team raided wrong house: theirs | WTVC

According to a release from police in Johnson City, Tennessee, the Bradley County SWAT team was one house off. The Rencks live at 4040 Lyncress Drive.

“Missed it by that much” – Maxwell Smart, in just about every episode of Get Smart. (I can’t imagine what brought that to mind.)

No one got shot, but there was a lot of damage to the house. And young kids were “freaked out” when they were attacked with flash bangs and gas.

Authorities have not yet released a statement on the incident at the Renck family’s home Tuesday.

Going to be hard to admit that they were a bunch of freakin idiots with badges, guns, and flash-bang grenades.

Charlotte Police Chief Should Be Fired for Being an Idiot

Maybe no good can come from releasing the video, but certainly no good can come from standing in the middle of what looks like a cover-up. Charlotte shooting protests: Video of killing won’t be made public, chief says – CNN.com

The city’s police chief [Chief Kerr Putney] told reporters Thursday he has no intention of releasing dashcam video of Keith Lamont Scott’s shooting “to the masses.”

The longer he holds the position, the worse things will be in the end. He “may” show the video to family, but I doubt that is going to solve anything.

Police Raid Home of Innocent Family

They were so sorry. (Sorry excuse for professionals.) This is happening so much, it is becoming a “Dog bites man” story. Police apologize after raiding home for drugs, only to find innocent family | Fox News

Armed with a search warrant, sheriff’s deputies and police officers knocked on the front door but no one answered. They plowed through the door and broke multiple windows to get into the home, only to find the innocent family. Two adults and five children between the ages of 3 and 12 live there.

The search warrant was based the “tip” of an informant. No word on if the guy was trying to Make a Deal™.

Investigators were trying to determine what went wrong and whether the informant was credible, Davidson said.

Whether the informant was credible? I vote NO!.

So how about detectives actually do some work to determine if their sources are “credible” before they break down doors, shoot grandmothers or toss flash-bangs into cribs. All in the name of the War on (Some) Drugs™.

When Cops Break Into Wrong House: One year anniversary

You may remember… Cops broke into the wrong house (in response to a 911 call) opened fire without warning, shot the family dog, the husband, and shot one of their fellow officers. Next came the cover-up. Couple plans to sue county, officers one year after wrong house shooting

So what is a group of fine, upstanding officers to do when they screw the pooch? Lie, lie and lie.

The report also lists the wrong address of the house, describes Yanna as a pit bull, [the dog was a boxer] and says Chris ‘burst out of a closed door’, which he says he hadn’t even finished opening when the officers opened fire.

“They were trying to spin a story that would protect them, that would cover what they did,” said the couple’s attorney, Mark Bullman.

Leah says DeKalb investigators kept trying to suggest Chris had a gun, which he didn’t.

The Keystone Cops couldn’t have done a finer job of screwing up by the numbers. And then the cops close ranks and try to say it was all justified. That story of theirs fell apart.

The local cops “investigated” but have not released their findings. The Georgia cops (in the form of The Georgia Bureau of Investigation) finished an investigation in September, but refuse to release it. So much for the freedom of information.

This should really be filed under “Cops Behaving Stupidly,” but I haven’t created that folder.)