Why Do Cops Think Killing Dogs Is Just Fine?

When I first saw this story I thought it was that the dog was running free. It was not. Detroit cop fatally shoots fenced-in dog in its own yard, disturbing video shows

The dog was in a fenced in yard and was not free. While it was in conflict with a K-9, all the cop needed to do to end the conflict was pull the K-9 away from the fence.

The Detroit Police Department has defended the cop, saying she was only trying to protect the K9 officer.

I wonder. Do you suppose it is against the law in Detroit to lose control of YOUR DOG? The cops don’t have to follow the rules that everyone else does.

Now in the grand scheme of things, this story is really not that important. But the idea that cops don’t have to act reasonably is a really bad idea.

Cops Can’t Tell the Difference Between a Motorcycle and a Car

They also need to be able to determine what STATE the license plate is from. Police apologize after girls handcuffed in stolen car mixup.

Good God. This is the stupidest police action in a while. And THAT is saying something.

Police then determined they had stopped the wrong car. It had Colorado license plates but a motorcycle with the same license plate number from Montana was the vehicle that had been reported as stolen on Sunday.

So they stop a family in a car – a black family – and even put the kids in handcuffs, because a MOTORCYCLE from a DIFFERENT STATE was stolen.

Geniuses. What will they do for an encore?

Police brutality? More like felony stupidity.

“It was like no one was in charge.”

Even in Canada, you are on your own. “An epic failure”: The first duty of police is to preserve life; through the Nova Scotia massacre, the RCMP saved no one.

The RCMP has claimed it did its best in trying to deal with the Nova Scotia mass killer on the weekend of April 18 and 19, but a reconstruction of events by the Halifax Examiner strongly suggests that the police force made no attempt to save lives by confronting the gunman or stopping his spree at any point.

I think they let the spree continue because stopping it might have been dangerous. To the cops, that is. But mostly it sounds like they were incompetent.

Lack of coordination. Lack of communication. People from outside the area who did not know the geography, the way around or much of anything.

Sources within the RCMP say a major problem was that communications between various RCMP units was never co-ordinated. “Everyone was on their own channels,” the source said. “Nothing was synchronized. They could have gone to a single channel and brought in the municipal cops as well, but for some reason they didn’t. It was like no one was in charge.”

There is much in the way of ass-covering. But then what do you expect?

It’s All About the Ratings

Justice? Safety? We are talking about LIVE Television. Sit down and shut up and let the cops be heroes on TV. Or something. They could’ve arrested him at the courthouse. Instead, deputies waited till the cameras were rolling and busted down his door..

The highly weaponized arrest came just 3½ hours after Watsky sat peacefully in a courtroom where deputies had ample opportunity to take him into custody without fanfare.

Watsky, whose alleged offense was ending an argument by hitting his roommate with a shovel, had strolled in and out of the Williamson County Justice Complex for a routine pretrial appearance that afternoon as he had done for months. He had passed through metal detectors under the watchful eyes of armed sheriff’s deputies.

But arresting him under those circumstances wouldn’t have made for good TV. Or any TV, since the cameras weren’t there. The Warrant was entered into the system as “Inactive” so that there was no chance one of the non-TV deputies would have taken him into custody. There would have been no kicking in of doors. Where is the excitement in that?

Anyway go read the whole disgusting thing. Oh, and there are probably lawsuits involved.

A SWATing That The Cops Should Have Stopped

Definitely cops behaving stupidly. Sarasota couple terrified by police during ‘swatting’ incident.

While the 22 officers were enroute to the call the dispatcher TOLD THEM it was a possible SWATing. But that is not enough to stop a SWAT team. (It has probably been weeks, in Sarasota, since they got to conduct a full-on night-time raid. Do you think they were going to give up that opportunity? Honestly, I’m surprised they didn’t start the festivities with a flash-bang grenade or two.

No one from the Sarasota Police Department was willing to discuss this case.

According to an incident report the agency provided, 22 officers responded to the call, which was originally dispatched as a shooting.

“While enroute to the call, dispatch advised that the subject had his daughter and wife tied up and was threatening to harm himself,” one officer wrote in his report. “It was further advised by dispatch that the call was a possible ‘Swatting’ attempt.[My Empahsis: Z-Deb]

So after they point guns, cuff the couple and search the house, and find nothing, the cops don’t even say “sorry.” Because they aren’t sorry; probably the most fun SWAT in Sarasota has had in a month.

White Cop Pins a Black Man to the Ground by Putting His Knee on the Man’s Neck

In what world is that correct police procedure? ‘I can’t breathe’: Man dies after pleading with officer during Minneapolis arrest.

Is anyone shocked that kneeling on a man’s throat leads to suffocation and death?

A man appearing to yell “I can’t breathe” as a Minneapolis police officer pinned him to the ground and put his knee on the man’s neck for about eight minutes died Monday night, prompting the FBI and Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to step in and investigate.

This all took place in Bright Blue Minneapolis, in Deep Blue Minnesota. Media will declare this to be Trump’s fault as soon as they figure out how to spin it.

Onlookers outside the Minneapolis deli urge the officer to get off the man.

“You’re stopping his breathing right now, you think that’s cool?” one man says. “His nose is bleeding, look at his nose!” says a woman.

The officer doesn’t budge.

And since this is 2020 it is all caught on video, including him saying he cannot breath. There is no penalty too severe for that idiot cop and his partner. Though I doubt Minnesota has Capital Punishment. Cold Blooded Murder.

I realize that a lot of cops are thugs, even if they didn’t start out that way, but they should really not be murderers.

Cops Get Address Wrong on Another Warrant

They kill a resident who thought they were burglars. Woman shot and killed by police who entered wrong home, family says.

A woman was shot and killed in her Louisville, Kentucky, home by police executing a “botched” search warrant who forced their way in, surprising the woman and her boyfriend who thought the officers were burglars, her family says in a lawsuit.

When are cops going to learn to read a map? This isn’t the first time they barged into the wrong home. Probably won’t be the last.

Welcome to the Police State

Some cops are getting up every morning and putting on their jackboots. Crackdowns on Lone Surfers and Paddleboarders Threaten to Erode Respect for Law Enforcement Even Further.

So LA Sheriff’s department has ticketed a lone surfer and a paddleboarder. For the paddleboard, they had to use 2 boats, because he was 25 yards from the pier. Yeah that makes sense, because being 25 yards from the nearest person is a violation of social distance. Or something.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department ticketed people for sitting in their car, watching a sunset.

You disrespected their authority to control every aspect of your life. Or they were just following orders. Either way, sounds like a police state.

As for the insanity, it is hard to miss.

While sheriff’s deputies, police officers, and park rangers made sure the beaches and recreation areas of Southern California were kept free of people, the skid row area was just as teeming as ever, with tents lining the sidewalks in unambiguous violation of the law, and with the denizens free to roam and congregate as they please, undeterred by the prospect of arrest for their drug use or any of the other crimes they so routinely commit. One such encampment thrives along the 101 Freeway where it can be viewed from the nearby Hall of Justice, the headquarters for both the L.A. County District Attorney and, yes, the Sheriff’s Department.

Hat tip to Second City Cop, who notes that Mayor Lightfoot, not so affectionately known as Groot to SCC, threw some officers under the bus for doing exactly what she told them to do.

Closing down church services? Conducting checkpoints on the public way? “Sweeping the corners” without warnings and making arrests without any sort of dispersal order as happened on the west side last week? And then promptly disavowed by the mayor? You can guess exactly where that one is going….and you better be sure you’re ready, willing and able to take that ride under the bus.

“I was just following orders,” hasn’t worked as an excuse in more than 50 years.

I’m Shocked – Shocked! – To Discover Criminals Don’t Obey the Law

OK, I’m not that shocked. Philadelphia’s Only Surging Industry.

It seems that the media’s ongoing attempts to downplay the rise in crime in Philadelphia is failing.

2020 is the most dangerous year since 2007, with violent crime up 11 percent, and even during the quarantine, crime is rising.

Though the Philadelphia Inquirer has tried to downplay the spike in crime, statistics show that, even as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds, crime has increased overall, despite a slight dip during the city’s first full week of shutdowns. [SNIP]

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, newly transplanted from Portland, announced that her department—in response to the pandemic—will no longer make arrests for all narcotics offenses; thefts from persons, retail, and autos; burglaries, vandalism, and fraud; and prostitution. In addition, she announced a moratorium on bench-warrant arrests.

While I get that there are reasons to not arrest people during a pandemic, the lack of enforcement isn’t going to make the city safer.

Because Using a Database of Gang Affiliations Would Be Profiling

Facepalm X 2And we can’t have profiling, even if it means people might die. Family sues county, sheriff over jailhouse beating death.

My guess is the suit will go nowhere, but buried in the piece the following bit of trivia.

About one year ago, the sheriff’s office announced that it would no longer use its gang database and said it had plans to “terminate” the tool after politicians and activists called for its destruction.

And so we can see the true cost of Social Justice. It is measure in blood and lives.

Asking Inmates About Gangs Would Be Profiling

Instead they just assign them to cells randomly. OK, not randomly, exactly. “Unexpectedly,” there was a murder. Inmate beaten to death with soap-filled sock half hour after he was put in cell with rival gang member: prosecutors.

An inmate beaten to death last weekend at Cook County Jail suffered injuries so severe, they were similar to those of a person who had been involved in a car crash, Cook County prosecutors said in court Thursday.

AS for info on gangs…

Asked if inmates are still asked about gang ties when they enter the jail, a sheriff’s spokesman said, “we do have a gang intelligence unit in the jail and we monitor gang activity and affiliations.”

So that would be, “No.” I’m guessing that this “gang activity” wasn’t monitored as closely as it should have been.

So do we expect people on the Left to start clamoring for Sock and Soap control? (Hat tip to Second City Cop.)

When Only Cops Have Guns…

Only cops will have negligent discharges into their neighbor’s apartment. Holly Hill officer’s accident sent bullet into neighbor’s apartment, police say.

“This morning one of our officers had an accidental discharge of a personally owned firearm. The firearm was an old bolt action rifle,” Aldrich said. “The errant round entered an adjacent apartment, but no injuries were reported.”

The cops are “investigating” (I have no idea what is left to look for) to see if there was a “policy violation.” What, firing a gun in city limits isn’t a crime? But we can’t charge cops with a crime…

Look, I don’t think you can expect people to be perfect. People make mistakes. But do you really think, that if he wasn’t a cop, they would be looking into policy violations and not criminal charges?

Political Correctness Let Evil Run

Because stopping it would have let you be called a RACIST. Or something. Sultan Knish: A Tale of Two Englands.

Call it a tale of two girls. And a tale of two Englands.

One is an actress who grew up to marry a prince, lavished with luxuries, amassing a fortune, before her tantrums and antics drove her to depart her newfound royal family for a Canadian billionaire’s manor.

The other was put into foster care when she was only 8, by the age of 13 she was being raped by a Muslim sex grooming gang, and by 15, Victoria Agoglia was already dead of a heroin overdose.

What’s this? Rape gangs in South Manchester? Surly the authorities – we are supposed to depend on the state for EVERYTHING, even our safety – wouldn’t let something like that go on, would they?

Some in the GMP didn’t see the point to stopping the rape of young girls because of cultural differences.

“There was an educational issue. Asian males didn’t understand that it was wrong, and the girls were not quite there. They were difficult groups to deal with. We can’t enforce our way out of the problem,” Constable B said.

And so they didn’t.

And unspeakable horrors were ACCEPTED because to stop them would have been to violate the strictures of Political Correctness. It was about education, not crime. It was about cultural differences, not rape.

Again, by Asian, they mean Indian, Afghan and Pakistani cuisine, kabobs and curry, not Egg Foo Yung and General Tso’s Chicken. These traditionally Muslim businesses served as coordinating networks for the rape and abuse of children.

And while this story doesn’t say so, others have mentioned that this horror has been going on for DECADES. But to say anything, to do anything is to open yourself to cries a RACIST. A fate worse than letting young girls get raped. Or something.

Hat tip to The Daley Gator, who notes that Leftism is evil, period.

Crime-fighting: UK Style

This is so sad, it is funny. Diogenes’ Middle Finger: Eating Your Daily Gruel In London Might Just Get You a Trip to the Dungeon.

So the cops in a UK town have taken some “dangerous weapons” off the street. (Click thru for the photo of those weapons.) There is most of a set of steak knives, a couple of what appear to be either Wüsthof, or J.A. HENCKELS chef’s knives, or some imitations, a couple of sharpening steels (hey, they have pointy ends. sort of) …

It’s also hard to miss the 3 pot roast forks as well as a rusty spoon. Wait. A rusty spoon?
In the annals of crime fighting, bragging about taking a rusty spoon off the streets qualifies as the most pathetic law enforcement action ever. British thugs started using knives to victimize people. The natural reaction was to ban knives because without knives assholes have no way of hurting other people. Criminals found and exploited a loophole and apparently started using hammers and so UK police asked citizens to report anyone buying tools in a hardware store. I’m not even kidding about this.

Steel pipe and rocks will be outlawed next. In that place where Great Britain used to be.

“How come they didn’t show a search warrant?”

Good thing we live in a free country; I would hate to live in a police state. Niland family outraged after Marshals invade their home; held at gunpoint.

In a police state cops can show up, without a search warrant, invade your house, damage your property…

A family who’s lived at their home in Niland for 11-years feels unsafe and violated after they say the U.S. Marshals intruded on their home without any decency or respect for their rights.

The US Marshals were “looking for someone.” Of course they are always looking for someone, it is what they do. But they really got things wrong this time.

So they found someone who was, maybe, the right age, but the wrong person. They didn’t seem interested in his ID, or in providing any of their own identification.

“I had to ask four times before I even got anything. They didn’t want to give me anything, I feel like they gave me a fake name, fake badge number, and [officers] just ended up leaving,” Jonathon said.

And then there is the property damage, because cops can’t search anything without breaking shit gratuitously. Hey, it’s fun to break shit, especially if you know you won’t have to pay any damages.

Definitely a Case of Cops Behaving Stupidly

They were searching for a guy who had been arrested 12 hours earlier. Authorities shot a woman during a botched raid at her home. The real suspect was already in jail.

I’d say that they need some new procedures.

Speaking with local media, Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran acknowledged that Rylee was never a suspect and blamed authorities’ errors on a “miscommunication.” Officers were searching for 41-year-old Nicholas McLeod, who, according to jail records, had been booked more than 12 hours earlier on drug charges. Cochran said police would not have gone to the house had they known he was already in custody.

So there will be no one held accountable. As per usual. Cops can show up at your door at any time of day or night, and when they surprise you awake, they can shoot you because you respond to surprise. Good thing we live in a free country, I would hate to live in a police state.

More Proof British Cops Don’t Care About Rape

It is barely a crime in the UK. If you gauge by how often it is prosecuted. Britain’s most dangerous rapist Joseph McCann who went on a sickening cocaine-fuelled rampage after being wrongly released from jail TWICE and was found by police in a tree is guilty of sex attacks on 11 victims including boy, 11, and woman, 71.

In this case, the bit of proof that British cops don’t give a damn about rape:

He’d been twice released from jail, the second time without parole board hearing

The Mail is “charitable,” and says that the cops were not evil, just stupid. They can be both.

When the cops initiated the high speed chase, they had interrupted his attack on two 14-year-olds.

He will probably face a “life sentence.” But in the United Kingdom, “Life” is not life. Not usually. So while the judge can decide he will die in prison, that doesn’t usually happen, and he will likely be eligible for parole eventually. (Keeping dangerous criminals off the street is “uncivilized,” or something.)

When Only Cops Have Guns…

Only cops will negligently discharge their weapons at airports. Houston police officer mistakenly fires AR-15 at Hobby Airport baggage claim.

An AR-15 rifle wielded by a Houston police officer mistakenly fired into the floor at the baggage area of Hobby Airport on Thursday night, according to authorities.

And in the most clueless bit of all…

“As far as I understand it, (the gun) was not dropped,” [Houston police Capt. Jerome] Stevens said.

Which you know was in answer to a clueless reporter’s question. (If it went off when dropped, they have other problems as well.)

At least he was pointing the weapon in a safe direction. (Hat tip to Wirecutter and WiscoDave.)

Cops Raid the Wrong House – International Edition

The Keystone Cops can also be found in South Africa. Pretoria man killed as police raid the wrong house

They killed the homeowner, critically injured a family member, and shot 2 joggers who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“It’s f***ed up. The suspects who were in their cars were seen in the street. When they saw the cops they fled in their vehicles.

“Police stormed the house they thought was the safehouse‚ but its apparently the wrong house. For some reason one of the cops opened fire and then the others did. It’s a total mess‚” said a police source.

They did arrest 2 people. My guess is that they had to have something positive to spin – even if they were 2 bystanders.

It is apparently TOO MUCH to ask of police that before they break down a door and open fire in someone’s home that they be DAMN sure they are in the right place.

And they opened fire “for some reason.” Because they have dreams of being Rambo, either that or they are scared of shadows and shoot first.

SWAT Team Raids the Wrong House

Idiots with badges. And guns and flash-bang grenades. Exactly how hard is it – as part of a SWAT planning session – to make sure you have the right damn house? Bradley Co. family says SWAT team raided wrong house: theirs | WTVC

According to a release from police in Johnson City, Tennessee, the Bradley County SWAT team was one house off. The Rencks live at 4040 Lyncress Drive.

“Missed it by that much” – Maxwell Smart, in just about every episode of Get Smart. (I can’t imagine what brought that to mind.)

No one got shot, but there was a lot of damage to the house. And young kids were “freaked out” when they were attacked with flash bangs and gas.

Authorities have not yet released a statement on the incident at the Renck family’s home Tuesday.

Going to be hard to admit that they were a bunch of freakin idiots with badges, guns, and flash-bang grenades.