The Silver Man Walks

Crystal Method is an interesting group. The two guys (Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland) often enlist others in their work. This is “Born To Slow” from the Legion of Boom album. The single was released in 2003, though the album didn’t come out until January of the next year. The vocals are by Kyuss’ lead singer John Garcia and guitar work is from Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland. Billy Blanks is the Silver Man in the video.

Lyrics are at MetroLyrics


Name of the Game

I still love Crystal Method. This is “Name of the Game” from their 2001 album Tweekend. (Please note this is the “uncensored” version. Definitely NOT the radio edit.)

The track features guitars by Tom Morello, vocals by Ryan “Ryu” Maginn, and scratching by DJ Swamp; it also contains samples from “Calling All Freaks”(1974) by Tina Dixon. [from the Wiki]

It was used in the soundtracks of Resident Evil, both Blade II: Bloodhunt and Blade: Trinity. It was in the trailer for Live Free or Die Hard, though not in the movie. And others.

After the break we get more Crystal Method. “Acetone” from Legion of Boom, because you can never have too much industrial dance music in your life.

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