Bruha Bembe

This might not be exactly an appropriate song for Halloween, but I think I’ve used up best ones in the past few years. And it is a song I like.

Mac Rebennack, better known as Dr. John, put out an album in 2001 that was rooted in New Orleans. An album that was ignored by more people than I would have thought possible. Even the Wiki doesn’t have an article on it. But then I guess Dr. John wasn’t cool, by the time the turn of the century rolled around. An ALLMUSIC review had this to say.

It’d been nearly a decade since Dr. John’s last record of straight-ahead New Orleans R&B. Creole Moon rectifies that situation nicely — it’s “a personal interpretation of New Orleans” (as he says in the liner notes), and these 14 vignettes of New Orleans life are soaked in Crescent City soul.

This song is “Bruha Bembe” by Dr. John (Mac Rebennack) from his 2001 album Creole Moon. (YouTube. Browser privacy settings. “Unavailable.” Use link.)

I was sort of amazed, when Dr. John passed away in June, how many people didn’t know anything, except maybe “Right Place, Wrong Time” from his recordings. He made some truly amazing music. Not everything was great, of course, but some great songs were recorded along the way.

Mos’ Scocious

One of the things I was surprised to discover when Dr. John passed away, is that people – even people I think should be – are not familiar with his music. Well aside from the “hits” he had on Top 40 radio, back in the day. Which is too bad really, because he was a great piano player, and made some wonderful music.

This is “Mos’ Scocious” by Dr. John (Mac Rebennack). It means “everything’s fine.” (YouTube. Browser privacy settings. “Unavailable.” Use the link)

Dr. John: November 20, 1941 – June 6, 2019

Do the kids today even know who Dr. John was? Dr John dies aged 77: Ringo Starr leads tributes to Grammy-winning New Orleans singer.

The New Orleans-born musician, whose real name was Malcolm John Rebennack and who was a six-time Grammy winner, died on Thursday, a message posted to his official Twitter account said.

Here is Dr. John performing “Such a Night”

Right Place, Wrong Time

This song was on a TV show I was watching recently, where Dr John actually made a cameo appearance, though he only played a couple of seconds of the song. I seem to remember when this song was always on the radio.

The song is “Right Place, Wrong Time” from the 1973 album In the Right Place by Malcolm John Rebennack, better known as Dr. John.

The show? NCIS: New Orleans, because that is Dr John’s hometown.