Eisbrecher vs. Roberto Vitacca

“Gothkiller” is in English. That is unusual, because Eisbrecher (Icebreaker) is a German hard rock band, that usually sings in German. (I know how much most Americans hate foreign languages.) They are part of a musical genre in Germany called Neue Deutsche Härte (New German Hardness).

This is “Gothkiller” from their 2010 album Eiszeit. (Ice Age, in English) It features vocals by Rob Vitacca, a singer in a German Gothic Metal band, Lacrimas Profundere. (Lyrics are at this link. It may be in English, but it is still Metal.)



Last year I mentioned that I have developed a liking for the music of Rammstein. They are part of a genre known as Neue Deutsche Härte or New German Hardness. I’ve begun to explore some other bands in that genre. It is mostly very-hard-rock, influenced by alternative metal and electronica. It has lyrics in German, which drives most Americans away.

This is the German band Eisbrecher (Icebreaker) with the song “Alkohol” from their 2008 album Sünde. I really like the anvil ringing in the background of the opening.

You can find the lyrics translated at this link.