Dancing in a Hurricane

Today marks the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, for 2019, so this goes out to all my friends in Florida and Texas. (Though most of the folks in Texas are far enough north to not have the worries of people near the coast.)

I’m not sure why a Dutch band is singing about hurricanes, but then I’m not clear on what the lyrics are actually trying to say.

This song is “Dancing in a Hurricane” by Epica from their 2016 album The Holographic Principle. (YouTube. Browser Privacy Extensions. “Unavailable.” Use link above.)

Lyrics are at this link.


Once Upon a Nightmare

Epica – maybe it is the result of the band’s name – has a tendency to do concept albums. The Holographic Principle is a concept album based around the question, “Is our universe actually a digital construct?” (It is a question that has even come up in physics as well as science-fiction.) How could you tell? I’m not sure concept albums always work, but this one isn’t bad as a concept album, and the music is top notch.

Epica is officially Symphonic metal, thanks to the soaring voice of Simone Simons, but I have trouble putting this song into Metal for Mondays, because the first half or two thirds are more of a ballad. I make the rules, so while there are a few guitar licks and some drums…. When the two most prominent instruments are a violin and a French Horn, followed by a full orchestra, I find it hard to call a song Heavy Metal, even as much as a power ballad. Though I suppose it could be categorized as a power ballad. I hope your day is off to a good start.

This song is “Once Upon a Nightmare” by Epica from their 2016 album The Holographic Principle. I think Simone Simons’ voice on this track is just beautiful.

Crimson Bow and Arrow

Symphonic Metal always throws people for a loop. Classically trained sopranos, often complete orchestras, or at least string sessions. (But then most people think Thrash Metal is all of Heavy Metal.) And despite all of that, there are plenty of screaming guitar riffs, and lots of drums.

This song is “Crimson Bow and Arrow” by Epica from the 2017 album Epica Vs Attack On Titan Songs. They are a Dutch Symphonic Metal band started by Mark Jansen after he left After Forever. (Though they do have a touch of Death Metal and Progressive Metal in some songs.) Google hates privacy, so when they tell you the video below is “unavailable” it is because they despise the privacy extensions in your browser. Use the link above.

Universal Death Squad

Back to Metal for Mondays, and back to Symphonic Metal.

Symphonic Metal always strikes me as the inheritor of Progressive Rock. At least in some ways. Epica often uses full orchestra backing, for example. Epica was started in 2002 by Mark Jansen after he left After Forever.

“Universal Death Squad” is a song by Epica from their album The Holographic Priciple, which came out in 2016. This song is in the style known as Beauty and the Beast, which includes soaring soprano, and a Death Metal Death growl. And it has enough drums and guitars for a Monday afternoon. (Youtube WILL trip over any privacy extension in your browser and tell you the video is “unavailable.” Alphabet Corp HATES privacy. Use the link provided above.)