A Reasoned Examination of Recent FBI Conduct

JusticeWritten by a former Federal Prosecutor. In a world where accusations of bias are screamed, it is nice to see someone lay out the facts calmly. The Politicization of the FBI – Imprimis

Over the past year, facts have emerged that suggest there was a plot by high-ranking FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) officials in the Obama administration, acting under color of law, to exonerate Hillary Clinton of federal crimes and then, if she lost the election, to frame Donald Trump and his campaign for colluding with Russia to steal the presidency. This conduct was not based on mere bias, as has been widely claimed, but rather on deeply felt animus toward Trump and his agenda.

It is worth the time. [Hat tip to The Road Kill Diaries.]


What Do You Do With Lying Bastards in the FBI?

What do you do when you don’t want to actually do your job? You lie to your bosses so they can sue Apple. San Bernardino Terrorist Case: The Lies of the FBI

The FBI sued Apple for a “cryptographic backdoor,” because actually breaking in is hard. They swore their was no way to break in. Except of course their was. So they lied to their bosses, and the courts.

Will the clowns in the Cryptologic and Electronic Analysis Unit who lied to both their bosses and to the courts be disciplined for that?

Don’t hold yer breath.

I used to call them The Federal Bureau of Idiots, but this isn’t just idiotic. Putting the “Criminal” in Criminal Justice system since at least the 1960s.

“The Federal Bureau of Incompetence.”

So an FBI agent (unnamed) left his vehicle running while he pumped gas. What could go wrong? Second City Cop: Four More Guns on West Side

About 12:10 a.m., a 32-year-old man left his vehicle “momentarily unattended with the engine running” in the 300 block of South Morgan, according to Chicago Police

Seriously? I have to guess he was a suburbanite who had never been in the big city. Any big city. (I guess he thought he was in Mayberry, or perhaps he thought the FBI aura prevented crimes.)

thanks to a dumb-ass FBI agent, the offender now has a Chevy Equinox, a M4, a Glock 17, a Glock 22, a Glock 27, 2 vests, full tank of gas…

That last is from 2nd City Cop. He knows more about the FBI than I do, and the papers aren’t mentioning the guns. Wouldn’t want to scare the citizens, or make it a question when they call for more gun control. (The title of the post is borrowed from one of the comments.)

(Update: They have recovered the vehicle and some of the equipment, but still no mention of the guns. Second City Cop: No Word on the Guns)

“Alexa, tell the Feds where the bodies are buried.”

More FBI Spying. The FBI Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny Wiretapping The Amazon Echo. Are you surprised? Then you haven’t been paying attention.

In many ways the Echo is a law enforcement dream. Imagine if you could go back in time and tell police that one day people would willingly put microphones in their own homes that, with a little hacking, could be heard from anywhere in the world 24/7.

And it isn’t clear that warrants are being obtained. Fourth Amendment? What is that?

Welcome to the Panoptican.

(The history of FBI hacking – which goes back farther than you may think – can be found at this link.)

Why don’t they just round up a bunch of programmers and invoke the “All Writs Act”

Suddenly the FBI is “asking” for help. I didn’t think they did that. FBI Wants Help From U.S. Businesses to Fight New Ransomware – Fortune

If you don’t know what ransomware is, consider yourself lucky. Though you might want to learn on your own so that you don’t get schooled by the bad guys.

The FBI is asking businesses and software security experts for emergency assistance in its investigation into a pernicious new type of “ransomware” virus used by hackers for extortion.

I didn’t think they needed to ask for help. Asking implies that the other party can decline. In the case of Apple and encryption they didn’t want to accept that “No,” response. They in effect said that they could treat Apples programmers like slaves. Make them do whatever they wanted without any choice on their part.

So why is this different?