We Are Always Told To Cooperate to Ensure Our Safety

The gun-hating Left is always going on about “If you give the bad guy what he wants, he will leave you alone”. I guess this guy didn’t get that memo. Clerk shot during Arlington gas station armed robbery.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says the suspect walked in to the store off Arlington Road and the Arlington Expressway a little after 10:30AM. He allegedly demanded money from the employee, and even though police say the victim complied, the suspect shot the clerk in the torso and then fled.

Violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because you are cooperating. They remain violent criminals independent of your actions.

Cooperation is a strategy. There are other strategies – like being armed in your own defense. I believe that some strategies are better than others.

Oh, and in 2018, we should have better quality security video. Just sayin’.

‡ regarding the crime of rape: Leftists never want to discuss rape when they bring up that “cooperate” strategy. Did I say never? I meant mostly, because some WILL advise cooperation with a rapist, which isn’t so much as stupid, as purely evil advice.


There Are Always Sharks in the Water

The just don’t usually bite people as far north as Nassau County. Rare double shark attack closes Florida beach; bites were just minutes apart.

There are always sharks in the water. Two people were bitten in the space of a few minutes. The beaches were closed, because they assume (or maybe they know) the attacks were by 1 shark. But if they are going to wait for there to be no sharks in an area, they are going to wait for a very long time.

Florida, as you may know, is the shark attack capital of the world. Of 88 unprovoked shark bites that the Florida Museum of Natural History documented around the world last year, more than one-third took place in the Sunshine State’s shores.

If you fly in and out of Fort Lauderdale as often I used to do, you will eventually land from east to west coming in over the water, and as the plane goes over the beaches you can see the people and the sharks. They are always there, separated by a few yards.

Broward County Can’t Handle 911 Calls From Cellphones (and other technical issues)

Which in 2018 is more than stupid. (This is all by way of an excuse for Parkland.) Radio Issues, 911 Call Center Delays Impacted Parkland Shooting Response.

This story is about Parkland, and how the calls to 911 from cellphones were not routed to the correct department. They have a bullshit answer about where they were routed and why, but if Broward County is responsible for security at Parkland, you have to wonder if anyone ever tested the 911 system around there, or if no on bothered. (Coral Springs wanted “hometown feel” in its 911 operations. Right.)

Also the radio system used by Broward County couldn’t handle the radio traffic.

The current radio system is more than 20 years old. The new one, purchased in 2017 following the fatal shooting at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, will provide a 300 percent increase in bandwidth and accept scores more inbound radio requests.

The new system will also be limited to “first responders” (law enforcement and fire, if I read this correctly) and not share bandwidth with public-service (like the water department).

On some level though, all this is a smoke screen. The cellphone argument might have held sway in the 1990s, but I’m not convinced that call forwarding is impossible. Instead, they relayed information from the caller through two 911 operators to the cops. The radio excuse (and it is an excuse) is even more insane. Why are the water department (or whoever is “non-public-safety”) and the cops on the same radio system? In a word, budget. And foresight. The bean counters never bothered (or weren’t smart enough) to ask “What could happen?” But in the end, the cops didn’t enter the building – whatever 911 was doing, or the delays in radio transmission.

Some Predators Have 4 Legs

I usually write about 2-legged predators, but vicious dogs can also be a problem. Man shoots attacking dog, claims self-defense

He only shot one dog – singular – but there were 2 German shepherds attacking.

He’s out walking his dog, when 2 large dogs, which had escaped from their yard – not the first time – came running at him.

He shot the one that was attacking him, and the other ran.

Deputies say Armes shooting was justified. People in the area have had violent run-ins with these dogs before, they say, including Armes’ wife a few weeks ago.

I’m sure the owner of the 2 dogs believed it was no big deal if they got out of the yard once in a while. Wonder how he feels now.

Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0

So how should one man defend himself from three aggressors, if not with gun? Polk Sheriff Grady Judd: Shooting that killed 1, left 2 others ‘clinging to life’ was self-defense. This isn’t even the most Peak Florida story I’ve seen today.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is one of my all-time favorite law enforcement officers. He is usually very quotable.

So this all started because somebody thought this guy stole his dog. He wasn’t worried enough about the dog to put a collar or a leash on it, but that is beside the point at this time. Princess (a pit bull, naturally) was picked up by a woman and her son, who thought she was a stray. But this idiot, and his 2 friends didn’t know that. They were SURE they knew what happened.

So they went to confront the guy they “knew” stole the dog.

“One witness said, ‘I know what a mob looks like and they (Peddycoart and his girlfriend) were about to be stampeded,’ ” Judd said.

Peddycoart, a military veteran, shot his gun six times, striking Johnson twice in the chest, Judd said. McDonald was killed by a bullet that struck the left side of his body. Burgess was struck in the torso.

The other two geniuses are in critical condition.

There is more detail at the story. Bits of the 911 call that the girlfriend was making while the shooting took place.

Sheriff Judd:

Judd said it’s up to the State Attorney’s Office to decide whether charges are warranted in the shooting, but the evidence so far indicates that Charles Peddycoart, 48, was defending his life and that of his girlfriend when he drew a 9mm handgun on his front porch.

Self-defense is a human-right. And in Florida (and in Polk County) it is your legal right.

Felony Murder

The Left will say this isn’t fair. He didn’t shoot anyone, but he is charged with murder. Seminole County intruder shot and killed | WFTV

Two miscreants decide it would be a good idea to burglarize a home. One guy broke into the house, while the other acted as lookout. They messed up though because the house was occupied, the homeowner was armed, and he shot the guy who broke in. (He died in hospital a short time later.)

Cops arrested the lookout after an investigation.

Investigators said Rodriguez was charged because he acted as a lookout during the burglary.

He is charged with Felony Murder and Burglary. A death occurred as a result of actions he took.

If You Break Into Homes…

You will eventually find an armed homeowner. No one should be surprised at the outcome. Woman shoots intruder in Oviedo, officials say

A woman in Seminole County, Florida was at home Monday afternoon when someone decided it would be a good idea to break in.

The intruder had either broken in or was in the process of breaking in when the woman shot him once, authorities said.

A guy suffering from a gunshot wound stopped for help at a convenience store in Orange County, Florida. (That is where Orlando is located.) Police suspect he was the person shot, but they are still investigating. Whoever got shot left blood, and so DNA, at the crime scene.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in Florida it is mostly your legal right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.