Low Standards at 911 Centers, and Other Problems

911 call centers tell call takers to “follow the script, or else!” And they don’t have infinite scripts. Florida report confirms how low we set 911 center standards.

When you don’t teach call-takers to do more than read a script, people die

The call center rep was following the script, but because of her disability, she couldn’t do exactly what was on the script, so she died.

[International Academics of Emergency Dispatch] believes one of the key problems is that Lorretta Pickard, because of her disability that required the use of a walker, couldn’t follow “the Trapped in Structure Fire instructions”. That Pickard failed to follow those instructions is an absolute fact. But what IAED’s investigation fails to consider is the possibility that relying mostly, if not solely, on its Trapped in Fire Instructions script was the real failure.

She couldn’t walk and stay on the phone. And they want you to stay on the phone. So she was trapped in a burning house, and didn’t even try to get out.

The moral of the story is, don’t let the people at 911 do your thinking for you, because they are prevented from thinking by policy.


Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

He thought breaking into a home was a good idea. He was wrong. Deltona homeowner holds suspected burglar at gunpoint, deputies say.

The homeowner said he got his 9mm handgun and told the man to leave and fired a warning shot into the ceiling because the man didn’t immediately comply, according to deputies. The homeowner said he was in fear for his life, the incident report said.

Jiminez dropped to the ground when the gun was fired, and the homeowner called 911, deputies said.

He faces numerous charges including drug charges, armed burglary to an occupied structure, (that’s home invasion to you and me) and criminal mischief.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in Florida it is your legal right.

Armed Homeowner Interrupts Burglary

Cops scooped up 2 of three people. Deputies release name of suspect they are searching for in Seminole County burglary.

A homeowner came home to find 2 people inside his home. At least one of them was armed, and the homeowner (Florida) was also armed.

According to deputies, a person returned to their home on Virginia Avenue in unincorporated Altamonte Springs at 1:15 p.m. to find two people in the home.

Deputies said one of those people was armed and the homeowner shot at the suspects. No one was injured.

Two people were arrested when they abandoned their car a short distance away, (one of them may have been released – the other story I read on this incident wasn’t very clear) and they released the name – and there’s a photo at the link above – of the person they are searching for.

Investigators are still looking for Daquon Atkins.

Deputies said he is considered armed and dangerous.

So it’s a good thing the homeowner had a concealed carry permit. Since no one got shot, this will likely fall through all the statistical counts on self-defense.

They Suffered a Failure of the Victim-selection Process

The bad-guys haven’t gotten them memo about Floridians being heavily armed. St. Pete homeowner shoots, critically injures intruder, police say.

So how would you respond to uninvited guests in your home at midnight?

According to St. Petersburg police, two masked and armed men entered the home, located in the 2800 block of 27th Avenue North, just before midnight Tuesday. They said the victim shot at the suspects, and they fled.

The homeowner shot one of the suspects multiple times. That guy is in the hospital in critical condition, and he will be charged with home-invasion and a weapons charge. The other miscreant ran like a rabbit.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Floridians Are Almost As Heavily Armed As Texans

The Bad Guys haven’t gotten that memo. Hillsborough homeowner shoots intruder, suspects on the run.

Deputies said two Spanish- speaking men with medium builds broke into the front door of the home in the 7000 block of Lawnview Court around 3 a.m.

Amanda Granit with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office described what happened next. “The husband does what I think many of us would do in this situation and grabs a shotgun,” said Granit. “He was able to confront these suspects and fired once, hitting at least one of the suspects.”

The would-be bad-guys ran like rabbits. Police are still searching and looking at local hospitals.

Self-defense is Legal in Florida

Road Rage is never a good idea. In a state where a lot of people are armed, you should just take a deep breath. Florida Man With Gun Kills Driver, Also With Gun, In Road Rage Incident.

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said in a Sunday press release the shooter was a victim of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon prior to firing his gun.

Cops consider it to be self-defense, which is a human-right.

Use the Means of Self-defense You Have Available

“Don’t mess with old people.” I don’t know who said it first, but I’ve read it a couple of times this year alone. VIDEO: 65-year-old Florida woman slugs 300-pound, half-naked attacker with baseball bat.

“He better be glad I didn’t have a gun,” Gainey said. “Because I would have shot him. But this is my gun right here (baseball bat). Because I gone ‘Pi-yow!’”

He had left behind a shirt, a sock, and pants. A K-9 unit had no trouble finding him nearby.

Officers brought Mosely back to Gainey to identify him. She says she could easily identify him by not only his appearance, but the injury to his head.

Self-defense is a human-right. (Does this qualify as Peak Florida? Probably not.)