Paris Knife Attack

Gun Free Zone? Any bets? (Mine? Yes of course it is a defenseless-victim-zone. Europeans are too “civilized” for it to be any other way.) Paris knife attack: Four dead in Paris police HQ stabbing.

Three officers and an administrative assistant were stabbed to death at Paris police headquarters by an employee who went on a rampage after evading security with a ceramic knife.

The 45-year old, named by local media as Mickaël H, had worked for 20 years in the IT department of the police intelligence section in offices in Paris’ central île de la Cité

France clearly needs ceramic knife control, and pasta knife control, and rock control, and…

This article doesn’t say, but the NY Times mentioned that the IT staff is dealing with very low morale in Paris, because they aren’t cops and so they’re second-class citizens. But then the cops are also dealing with low morale, and they just had a demonstration 2 or 3 days ago, to voice their displeasure.

Police sources said the assailant, who was partially deaf and reportedly converted to Islam 18 months ago, was “in conflict” with his superiors.

Which is a fact presented without comment. And not just by me, both the NY Times and the London Telegraph also make no comments. Well the NYT quotes their source who did some backpedaling lest he be thought politically incorrect.

I would love to post this in Cops Behaving Badly, but one of the things that they are looking at revolves around the fact that he wasn’t a cop, and hence a 2nd-class citizen in the police department. Another disgruntled worker, a defense-free workplace, and a bunch of people saying that it can’t happen to them.


August 25th – 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Paris

I hate it when I miss important anniversaries. This one is August 25, 1944. Paris celebrates its liberation from Nazis, 75 years on.

Paris celebrated the American soldiers, French Resistance fighters and others who liberated the City of Light from Nazi occupation exactly 75 years ago on Sunday, unleashing an eruption of kissing, dancing, tears and gratitude.

Firefighters unfurled a huge French flag from the Eiffel Tower, recreating the moment when a French tricolor stitched together from sheets was hoisted atop the monument 75 years ago to replace the swastika flag that had flown for four years.

A Solar Road. What Could Go Wrong?

Color me shocked. France’s Wattway solar road proves to be a big, expensive failure. The term “abject failure” came up.

Do people with these dreams of solar everything have any idea how much stress is imposed by vehicles? I’m guessing, “No.”

The solar roadway is constructed from panels with a special silicon resin acting as the driving surface, and while its designer, a company called Colas, claimed it would stand up to a semi-truck, tractors seem to have been enough to cause the silicon layer to flake and crack, damaging the delicate solar panels underneath.

The Wattway is also loud. So loud, in fact, that the local government has been forced to limit traffic to just 70 kilometers per hour (around 43 miles per hour) to cut down on the sound. So, it seems like the Wattway is a failure at being a road, but how is it at generating solar energy?


The “shade” from cars driving on the road. Where it was placed, wasn’t a great solar location, and the flat nature of roads added up to less than expected performance.

The best quote is really from the Popular Mechanics article on the Wattway.

“If they really want this to work, they should first stop cars driving on it,” Marc Jedliczka, vice president of the Network for Energetic Transition (CLER), which promotes renewable energy

Stop driving on your solar “road.” That’s probably a Progressive dream. Or something.

The Yellow Vests Are Back At It In Paris

After a few weeks of low-level protests, this weekend is being described as a riot. Macron under attack as authorities fail to prevent vandalism on the Champs-Elysées.

Why is the Left so violent?

Demonstrators smashed nearly every shopfront on the Champs-Elysées, set fire to a bank and torched cars on the 18th consecutive Saturday of protests against Mr Macron’s business-friendly economic reforms.

They don’t want business to thrive, because they might have to work harder. Or something.

Macron is taking grief because he was out of the city skiing. Though why they are screaming at the president of the country and not the mayor and the chief of police is beyond me.

The Future Is Stupid

Because the sound effects are key. Meanwhile in … France, lightsaber dueling is now a recognized sport.

In an effort to engage young people and make exercise more attractive, the French Fencing Federation elevated lightsabers to the same status as foils, epees, and sabers. The federation’s officially sanctioned lightsaber duels last three minutes and use light-up lightsabers (sometimes with sound effects) paired with traditional fencing safety gear.

That will make all the difference to the coach-potato generation.

Anti-vaccine Family Gets to Spend Vacation in Quarantine

And (maybe) they will be credited with starting an epidemic. French boy suspected of reintroducing measles to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica had been measles-free for 5 years.

An unvaccinated French child who went on holiday with his parents to Costa Rica is suspected of reintroducing measles to the Central American country.

The 5-year-old boy and his parents entered the country on February 18, Costa Rica’s Health Ministry said.

Authorities have quarantined the boy in a hospital and are searching for people he may have come into contact with since his arrival.

I’m sure they are happy they bought into the “vaccines are scary” narrative.

Measles vaccine prevented an estimated 21.1 million deaths worldwide from 2000 to 2017, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

It isn’t just France of course, all of Europe has seen a huge increase in the number of measles cases in 2018.

France and the “Yellow Vest” Uprising

I stopped reading The Local regularly some time ago. For a time they morphed into “Happy News” about Europe. But it may be they are rethinking that. In any event, the French edition (in English!) has what looks like a fairly thorough rundown of the state of the Mouvement des gilets jaunes protests/riots/uprising.

French President Macron tries to appease the people and fails. ‘Yellow vests’ slam Macron’s speech as ‘charade’ and vow to go back into battle.

“Nonsense,” “a charade”, “a bluff” and “a drop in the ocean,” were among the immediate reactions that greeted the head of state’s televised speech Monday evening announcing an increase in the minimum wage and a range of other financial measures.

Macron just doesn’t understand why the peasants don’t shut up and do exactly what the aristocrats tell them to do. (There is a lot of that attitude in Europe.)

Police are wearing down. French police warn the government: ‘We’re at breaking point’.

Working back-to-back days of long hours in hostile conditions, with breaks and meal times often cancelled, has left police officers exhausted according to Denis Jacob, the spokesman for national police union Alternative Police.

They’re asking for help, and not getting much.

This is probably a simplistic look, but it’s an attempt to let the people say what’s on their minds. In their own words: France’s yellow vests explain their grievances and goals

Protesters turning out across France on Saturday highlighted demands ranging from better support for pensioners to the downfall of capitalism.

The French economy is not very good, which is underpinning a lot of this. Of course the .gov meddling in the economy is a big part of that, and the solution of more meddling isn’t likely to help.