The Insanity of High Speed Chases

A lot of high-speed pursuits seem to take place in Los Angeles, though this story is about Arizona. Crazy People Are Dangerous : The Other McCain

If you watch enough police chase videos on YouTube, you find yourself developing a thorough hatred of these lunatics who endanger the lives of others — and tie up traffic for hours — by their madcap vehicular misadventures.

The story of Mitchell Timothy Taebel, “sovereign citizen.” Click thru for the insanity. (Does anyone EVER get away today? This seems especially doubtful in an urban area where cops are sure to have helicopters to help out.)

You’re In Public. You Have “No Expectation” of Privacy

This woman is insane. Tik Tok Trouble: Albany Park Woman Upset With Man Taping Her Without Consent.

CBS 2’s Meredith Barack has a warning from that woman and an apology from the man who posted the video.

It all began at a BP gas station at Pulaski and Montrose when Vanessa Gonzalez said a van pulled up and gave her an uneasy feeling.

Days later, she would find out the man inside was recording her. He said it was because she was texting while pumping gas, which signage does warn against.

She recommended that women call police. Really? You don’t want to be recorded, and you call the police.

So she wants to call the police….who will drive up in a camera equipped car, wearing a camera, and then probably be surrounded by half-a-dozen morons whipping out their camera phones….for something that is completely legal last time we checked. Legal and encouraged by society it would seem.

Even if he told the cops he was making a “spank video” for his own personal needs at home, it still isn’t illegal.

That link in the quote is Second City Cop, who gets the hat tip, and he has a point. People can video you when you are in public. Welcome to the 21st Century.

More Fake News

Though this may actually be paranoia, as opposed to fabrication. Fake Noose, Fake News.

The supposed “noose” was just the rope pull-down handle for the garage door, where somebody had tied a loop in it for a handle. No one who had spent any time around that track could have thought this was a racial threat, but for some reason, NASCAR officials did

The FBI did an investigation and concluded you’re a bunch of paranoid fools. They were more diplomatic about it.

Trust the Science, Except When It Isn’t Trustworthy

Facepalm X 2Because this looks more like the smear job than a serious science paper. A mysterious company’s coronavirus papers in top medical journals may be unraveling. The suspect company is known as Surgisphere.

So there was a paper published in The Lancet, that caused the halt of a bunch of of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 studies. Now that paper seems to be falling apart.

Today, The Lancet issued an Expression of Concern (EOC) saying “important scientific questions have been raised about data” in the paper and noting that “an independent audit of the provenance and validity of the data has been commissioned by the authors not affiliated with Surgisphere and is ongoing, with results expected very shortly.”

The New England Journal of Medicine had problems with other data from Sugisphere, and issued a similar EOC.

While the Science Magazine article deals with the science, The Guardian took a look at the company behind the data. That is an interesting read. Surgisphere: governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data from tiny US company.

A search of publicly available material suggests several of Surgisphere’s employees have little or no data or scientific background. An employee listed as a science editor appears to be a science fiction author and fantasy artist whose professional profile suggests writing is her fulltime job. Another employee listed as a marketing executive is an adult model and events hostess, who also acts in videos for organisations.

This is the organization responsible for halting numerous random trials of hydroxychloroquine.

Media Bias? Anti-Trump Bias? General insanity? Why would you say that?

Hat tip to Clayton Cramer.

How Was Cleaning Subway Trains Not a Thing?

The grocery stores near me close early everyday for cleaning, and there are fewer people (infected or not) in this part of the world. New York City to halt 24/7 subway service for daily coronavirus cleanings.

They were being cleaned every 72 hours. So it isn’t completely gross. More on that later.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced today, alongside Mayor Bill de Blasio, that the state and city will coordinate on an effort to halt subway service between 1 and 5 a.m. each night in an effort to disinfect every train every 24 hours. The unprecedented service change, which will shutter all 472 subway stations for four hours every night, will begin on May 6.

May 6th? What were they thinking on April 6th? That the whole transit system was not an incredible Petri dish of germs helping to spread the infection? Maybe that old saying about fish not being able to see the water is true, though I doubt it, since the transit workers have been screaming about the conditions for sometime. No this is a combination of “We’ve always done it that way,” and insanity, with a dash of hubris. Are we surprised that the situation in NYC got so out of control? I’m sure they are. And they have to wait until the 6th because of Cinco de Mayo? They don’t have access to soap?

Geniuses. They are Geniuses running NYC and New York State.

Here is where I jump off the rails and go on a rant. Just sayin’ …

A quick check of the Wiki reveals that, aside from having different numbers for the same thing in different places, they show Manhattan has a population density of 72,033 people per square mile (2018 estimate of population). The county I live in has a population density of a little less than 600 people per square mile. And I don’t live in the most densely populated part of the county.

This is why I am always disturbed by people who think that the rules for this country should be set at the national level. Sorry, but that is an insane idea. If NYC needs to be on a lockdown, fine. They can decide that. What they do shouldn’t do is have any impact on what Buffalo, NY does, let alone what happens in Cincinnati, and certainly not what happens in my corner of the world.

I was reading an article the other day about people “escaping from New York” and heading for the burbs. (If you get the movie reference, more is after the break.) They were willing to spend $8,000 per month to rent a place. Which as far as I can see, is insane.

But that insanity spills over into everything else they are sure we are doing wrong. From minimum wage, to public transit, to all the things they are sure we are doing wrong, and that they are in love with, in their rat-infested, disease ridden city. But you, who are riding in your underground Petri-dish-trains, avoiding the rodents and bad guys, you are soooo much smarter than those of us who live where the air is clear, we don’t trade germs with 70,000 people every-time we step out the front door, and we don’t have to pay $8,000 to rent a temporary home. Yeah, right.

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Stupid Democrat Moments Caught on Video

The 10 Stupidest Things Ever Said By Democrats.

Maxine Waters, AOC and Joe Biden are conspicuous by their absence, because they are each getting their own top 10 lists.

The number 1 item is Hank Johnson wondering if an island might capsize. And remember, Democrats are sure that they are smarter than anyone who isn’t a Democrat. Other highlights include one of my favorites, Barack Obama saying that he had already visited all 57 states.

I do take exception with #2, which was Bill Clinton asking for a definition of the word “Is.” That wasn’t stupid so much as it was crooked.

Engineer Derails Train Because He Was “Suspicious” of Hospital Ship

So is this Trump Derangement or just plain derangement? Engineer intentionally crashes train near hospital ship Mercy, believing in weird coronavirus conspiracy, feds say

I missed this story. I know I’m not tied into the 24 hour news cycle, but it seems like this should have been on a news feed somewhere….

So this guy wrecked a train trying to get it to run into the USNS Mercy, which is docked in LA.

Prosecutors say Moreno was “suspicious of the USNS Mercy,” believing officials were lying about its true purpose. He believed “it had an alternate purpose related to covid-19 or a government takeover,” they said.

The hospital ship is docked in LA to provide relief to over-burdened land-based hospitals. He didn’t damage the ship.

As the Other McCain often says… Crazy People Are Dangerous.

Riots in Belgium

I am not even a little surprised. MIGRANT RIOT: Foreigners CLASH with Police During COVID-19 Lockdown.

So after a 19-year-old migrant tried to flee a police check, there was an “accident” and he died. So the only response available seems to be to riot and attack police.

MIGRANTS rioted and pelted police with stones and heavy objects on Friday night into Saturday afternoon.

Some generic “social media” company was used to plan the riots. Doesn’t say which one.

Rioters apparently stole at least one firearm from a police vehicle.

Florida Man Has Competition

“I wish I could make this up.” Police: Man teaching his dog to drive was arrested after leading troopers on a high-speed chase. The difference between reality and fiction, is that fiction has to make sense.

The suspect was driving “absolutely recklessly,” and a pursuit ensued at 109 miles an hour, [trooper Heather Axtman] said. One of the troopers attempted to corner the suspect’s car, looked inside and realized a pit bull was sitting in the driver’s seat while the suspect steered, Axtman said. [SNIP]

Eventually troopers were able to use spike strips to end the pursuit. During the arrest, Axtman said the suspect gave them one explanation: He was “trying to teach his dog how to drive.”

“I wish I could make this up,” Axtman, who is also a public information officer, said.

Who knew Washington State was this crazy? Hat tip to Wirecutter – All I wanna know is how did its feet reach the pedals?

Some People Refuse to Learn

And reality is true, even if you don’t want to believe it. Western Couple Travel to Middle East to Prove It ‘Gets a Bad Rap’ — End Up in Iranian Prison.

A blogger couple who traveled from Australia to Asia and the Middle East in an attempt to “break the stigma” surrounding developing countries was reportedly arrested in Iran.

The duo were recently identified as Jolie King and Mark Firkin, the BBC reported on Thursday. Although the couple was arrested 10 weeks ago near Tehran, it wasn’t until Wednesday that the news became known.

They were apparently arrested for flying a drone without a permit.

And they aren’t the first people to have problems. They probably won’t be the last.

In July, a Somalian-born Canadian journalist returned to her homeland to tell “uplifting” stories of how people lived there. However, her homecoming ended in tragedy when she was killed in an attack perpetrated by al-Shabab militants.

Last July, Jay Austin and Lauren Goeghegan were biking in southwest Tajikistan – a region that borders ISIS-territory in northern Afghanistan – when they were murdered by five men who stabbed the couple to death. The attack was led by an Islamic State terrorist.

At this point, trying to “prove” that the Mideast is not dangerous should be grounds for finding someone insane. Hat tip to Instapundit and EBL by way of Wombat-socho.

When The Next Storm Hits, They Will Be Waiting for Federal Handouts

Why is anyone lending money on homes built in a flood plain? One year after Harvey, construction in Houston floodplain prompts new concerns.

Nine hundred homes are being built on an old golf course located in the floodplain, reports CBS News’ Omar Villafranca. The grass and ponds soaked up Harvey’s floodwaters and kept the water from spilling into the surrounding area. With new concrete going over the old course, the water won’t soak into the ground.

It isn’t just the other homes that will be impacted. These 900 homes are also in line to be flooded.

It isn’t the first time someone in Houston has done this.

There is a damn in the Houston area, which holds back water to keep the City of Houston from flooding. Usually the land behind the damn is a park, with trails and benches. So far so good. If memory serves, the top of the spillway is about 100 feet above sea level. The problem, beyond the park there are homes that are at 95 feet above sea level. You can see the problem, even if the people who built the homes couldn’t. And apparently some homeowners had never been told that fact.

But these 900 homes will be built, and people will buy them, and eventually – next year or 100 years from now – they will flood and the owners will cry, “Why did no one tell me?” Look around your home and imagine everything on the ground floor under 5 feet of water, or more. How much of your life’s treasures would be lost?

A year after Harvey, work crews are still fixing roads and sidewalks and rebuilding houses. Some areas experienced more than two feet of water, forcing a number of residents to demolish their homes altogether.

And if you don’t have flood insurance, you won’t be covered for a flood. Same for earthquake, hurricane, and probably a few other exclusions. (I have lived in places where separate policies for earthquake and hurricane were available, if you could afford them.)