The Moral of the Story Is…

Don’t open your door in the middle of the night. Knock on man’s door in the middle of the night leads to forced entry, stabbing.

If someone was knocking on my door in the middle of the night, I would arm myself and get ready to call 911. What I wouldn’t do is open the door.

At this time, police said the early investigation shows that the victim was sleeping when he heard two men knock on his door. The victim told police when he went to see who was at his door, the two forced their way into his home and demanded him to “give it up.”

He ended up in the hospital with multiple lacerations.

This is categorized as “Self-defense” even though he didn’t defend himself. There are lessons that apply.

This Sheriff Has Some Procedures to Clear Up

From The Other McCain – Biden Voter Update

Two weeks ago, we brought you the story of Jayvon Hatchett, a social-justice activist who had “endorsed the Democratic Party agenda of stabbing white people.” Unfortunately for Mr. Hatchett, Georgia law does not recognize stabbing white people as a civil right, and so they put him in jail, where he continued his social-justice activism.

The sheriff’s department put him in a cell with a white man. Can you guess the result? Stabbing Suspect Who Felt ‘Need’ To Kill ‘A White Male’ Allegedly Kills White Cellmate; Mother Speaks Out.

Hatchett, who is black, targeted the victim, a store employee, because of his white skin, WRBL reported, telling police he “felt the need to find a white male to kill” after watching videos of “police brutality” on social media.

So of course the sheriff’s department didn’t think when they assign him to a cell.

“If this mentally imbalanced individual had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan, they would not have put him in a cell with a black person,” said attorney Craig Jones, who is representing the family, the news station reported.

Can you say negligence?

“Do you believe that gun saved your life?”

How would you react to an encounter with a dangerous fugitive. Gordon Co. homeowner says pistol saved his life during terrifying encounter with fugitive

Eddie Cloer was in his yard feeding his cat when he felt something hit his back.

“He had his gun pointed at me even after he shot me,” says Cloer.

He says Dalton Potter shot him in the back, and he knew right away it was the man that everyone had been looking for

The homeowner was able to get his own firearm.

During a Thursday news conference, Whitfield County Sheriff Scott Chitwood says Potter received a head wound after being grazed by a bullet during his confrontation with the homeowner.

The homeowner spent the night in the hospital, but he did agree to an interview from his hospital bed.

“Do you believe that gun saved your life?” asked NewsChannel 9’s Stephanie LaChance.

“Oh yeah. Without a doubt. Without a doubt,” he responded.

Another Prosecutor Abusing His Power?

JusticeIt sure looks that way to me – OR – How can a Grand Jury subpoena be issued, when there is no Grand Jury? EXCLUSIVE: GBI probe of Fulton County DA Paul Howard widens.

Prosecuting attorneys wouldn’t LIE, would they?

The Georgia Attorney General has now asked the GBI to investigate grand jury subpoenas issued by Howard’s office in the Rayshard Brooks murder case.

Senior I-Team reporter Dale Russell says those grand jury subpoenas were issued by Howard’s office even though there was no grand jury in place.

He apparently forgot about COVID-19, and its impacts on the Criminal Justice System. (A Criminal System that is in no way interested in Justice.)

“What are we doing? That is a violation of our ethical code of conduct,” says GSU law professor Jessica Gable Cino

Gable Cino is a law professor who specializes in prosecutorial misconduct. She says not only does Paul Howard face ethical questions, but potentially legal problems as well.

Ethics? We don’t need no stinkin’ Ethics! Especially when there are politically-motivated prosecutions to pursued.

Hat tip to Power Line Blog: An outrageous prosecution in Atlanta turns scandalous, who notes that when confronted with this “error,” DA Howard issued three explanations.

Jessica Gable Cino, a law professor at Georgia State University, notes that Howard’s three explanations for sending out grand jury subpoenas contradict one another, and none of them makes legal sense. “For all intents of purposes right now it looks like there’s an abuse of process which could completely derail this case, and nobody wants that outcome,” Cino said.

I’m not sure about the last part of that statement.

Also a Hat Tip goes to Wombat-socho.

Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

And the reporters still have trouble sorting the victims from the criminals. Police: Robbery suspect shot, killed by intended victim.

Reporters insist on calling the dead-guy a “victim,” despite the fact that cops say he was shot in justifiable self-defense.

Investigators said the intended robbery victim shot Cobb in an act of self-defense.

Police said the other suspects are being questioned by police and are facing possible charges.

They are not saying how many “others” are being questioned.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Where Would We Be Without Experts?

Go read the whole thing; it isn’t long. But I will highlight the stats, which caught my eye. COVID-19: The ‘Experts’ Are Clueless.

Something really went wrong in New York.

The per-capita death rate in Georgia remains 88% lower than New York’s; Florida’s rate is 93% lower and Texas is 96% lower.

Of course with more than 70,000 people per square mile, and a governor who set things up to kill old people in nursing homes, it’s hard to see how a virus wouldn’t ravage that city. And state.

Media Bias? What Media Bias?

If it weren’t for double-standards, the media would have no standards at all. Spot The Difference: Two Governors Reopened Their States, Only One Was Accused of ‘Human Sacrifice’.

A Republican governor and a Democratic governor walk into a bar. Only one is accused of being an alcoholic.

The governors of Georgia and Colorado have at least one thing in common. They both took steps to reopen their states’ economies in late April amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But for some reason, the media’s coverage of Gov. Brian Kemp (R., Ga.) has been slightly different from the media’s coverage of Gov. Jared Polis (D., Colo.).

Kemp, for example, has been accused of experimenting with “human sacrifice.” So reads the headline of an April 29 article published in the Atlantic, which accuses Kemp of turning Georgia residents into “unwilling canaries in an invisible coal mine, sent to find out just how many individuals need to lose their job or their life for a state to work through a plague.”

In a brief aside, the article acknowledges that some other states, including Colorado, “have already put similar plans in motion.” Polis, for some reason, is not identified as an accomplice in Kemp’s murder scheme.

Objective? I don’t think so.

I’m Shocked that the Media Was Completely and Utterly Wrong

OK, I’m not that shocked. I am also not expecting this apology to occur in my lifetime. Dear Media, Governor Kemp Will Accept Your Apology Now.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp reopened his state. The doom and gloom predictions where universal – from the media. People would die. Cases would skyrocket. The sky would fall.

Well, the results are in and the media can now apologize for the savaging of my governor. Since the tentative reopening on April 24, the state has not seen a spike in the percentage of positive cases or hospitalizations. Kemp and his team are measuring this correctly. [SNIP]

The entire purpose of mitigation was to protect the hospital system and ensure those critically ill with COVID-19 could be adequately cared for. Georgia has a more than adequate capacity to deal with a hot spot. Despite increased testing, a lower percentage are testing positive

So, everything is OK, and the sky didn’t fall. Not that the media will admit they are not perfect predictors of the future.

Hat tip to The Other McCain, who asks Remember How Everybody Was Going to Die Because Georgia Ended Lockdowns? And he notes…

Epidemics are always subject to Farr’s Law, in which cases rise and fall in a bell-curve pattern. The death toll peaks and then recedes because, in the early stages of the outbreak, the disease “grabs the low-hanging fruit” (the most vulnerable population), but eventually runs out of such victims. While quarantine policies can “slow the spread” and “flatten the curve,” ultimately no human intervention matters more than the effect of Farr’s Law.

A Monster Attacks an 80-yr-old Man

He didn’t count on the neighbors coming to the old-man’s defense. Neighbors run to man’s aid, shoot intruder, Bartow sheriff says.

The old man was attacked with a board. He was flown to a trauma center in Atlanta.

The suspect had been shot several times by the man’s neighbors, who heard the commotion and rushed over to help, police said.

The burglary suspect was shot after trying to attack the man’s neighbors with a metal post, Rogers said Friday. He was held at the scene until deputies arrived.

The suspect was treated in a local hospital, and is expected to survive. He faces a host of charges including aggravated assault.

The neighbors will not be charged because self-defense is a human-right, and in Georgia, is mostly your legal right. (Every bullet comes with a lawyer attached.)

Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

Things probably won’t end well for you. Eatonton homeowner shoots knife-wielding intruder, sheriff says.

[Putnam County Sheriff Howard] Sills said the man, 28-year-old Hunter Layne Harrison of Eatonton, threw a brick through a glass porch window before trying to enter through a set of French doors.

The homeowner grabbed his pistol and warned the alleged intruder to leave, but Harrison broke a second window with a barbell and entered the house, Sills confirmed.

That’s when he got shot.

Cops found him bleeding in the kitchen. They eventually arrested him. He is charged with “home invasion, burglary, disorderly conduct and four counts of felony obstruction of a law enforcement officer.”

And the sheriff had more to say in another interview. Putnam County Sheriff says ‘these hoodlums make me sick’ after homeowner shoots burlgar.

“These hoodlums make me sick. He’s got a twenty-page rap sheet and he’s over at the hospital, taking up a bed where someone more important, who might have coronavirus, might need it,” Sills said Wednesday.

They have some details on that rap sheet, if your interested. My only thought is that he was on probation for multiple crimes committed at different times. Doesn’t committing a new crime violate the terms of probation?

Self-defense is a human-right.

How Old Do You Have to be to Defend Yourself?

The Left doesn’t want the young to be able to defend themselves. But sometimes that is both necessary and right. Police: 17-year-old shoots, kills armed home invader in Cobb County.

Police said three people with guns tried to break into and rob a home on Olive Springs Road around 9 p.m.

Machavellia Bagsby, 21, was shot and killed by a 17-year-old juvenile who lived at the home. Bagsby died at the scene.

At 17 he is too young to purchase either a handgun or a long gun. But he isn’t too young to use them in legal self-defense.

My original post on this topic is at this link.

Home Invaders Are Not Sheltering in Place

And they’re getting shot by armed homeowners who are. Police: Homeowner shoots 2 intruders, killing 1 in Cobb County.

Actually I’m not sure what the great pandemic situation is in Georgia.

Police said a homeowner shot two people who broke into his home off Olive Circle Sunday night.

One of the suspected intruders died from their injuries, according to police.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

Georgia is also not New Jersey. Homeowner shoots man after breaking into Milton home, police say.

Police say a man broke into a locked front door at the residence, where he was confronted by the homeowner.

The homeowner shot the suspect multiple times, according to police. They said the suspect was treated at the scene before being taken to WellStar North Fulton Hospital.

The DA, not the police, decide if charges will be filed, but it certainly seems like self-defense to me.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Drugs And Alcohol Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Because doing stupid shit can have consequences. Atlanta homeowner shoots alleged prowler banging on his front door.

In the middle of the night, he is banging on and kicking the door like he is trying to break in. Homeowner arms himself, and eventually shoots thru the door.

An officer at the scene said Davis seemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Upon his release from the hospital, Davis was booked into the Fulton County jail, where he remains

He’s lucky he wasn’t shot in the head.

No charges will be brought against the homeowner, because self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

Things didn’t work out for this guy who did exactly that. Armed gas station clerk shoots perp in the leg to stop attempted knifepoint robbery, police say.

“Surveillance video showed a black male run into the Shell, with a red shirt covering his face armed with a knife,” a release said.

Police described how the “male continued to run in the store towards the cashier area still armed with the knife,” before he was stopped in his tracks by the store’s armed cashier.

He called 911. Cops arrived and offered first aid. Paramedics took him to a local hospital. Then cops charged him with a number of things. Felony stupidity was not among the charges.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Being Drunk Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Why are the cops speculating? Intruder shot, killed by Macon homeowner may have thought he was at his own house, cops say.

Whether or not he was drunk, he broke into someone else’s home.

“His wife told him that someone was trying to force their way in. He said he (opened) the front door and that the suspect pushed him saying ‘Open the damn door, get out of the way.’ Mr. Allen pushed the suspect back giving verbal commands to ‘get back.’ The suspect then charged at Mr. Allen and that is when Mr. Allen stated he fired 2-3 shots at the suspect.”

Turns out the dead guy lived across the street, and may have thought he was trying to get into his own home. He was wrong, and he paid a steep price.

Yet Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

Hand CuffsThat wasn’t on the menu. Sheriff: Man tries to rob Georgia restaurant, gets shot by employee.

I’m guessing he thought that Chinese Americans didn’t exercise their rights under the 2nd Amendment.

A Macon man is in jail after trying to rob a Chinese restaurant at gunpoint Saturday night.

A release from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office says around 8 p.m., a masked man in dark clothing entered the China Inn on Vineville Avenue with a gun and demanded money from the employees.

He left the restaurant, and police tracked him down a short time later. They took him to a local hospital, and then to the county lockup. No charges for the clerk who defended himself. Because self-defense is a human-right, and Georgia is not New Jersey.

Corruption Worthy of Chicago

This is a beautiful little set piece of “How to screw the taxpayers.” Opinion: S/p/a/c/e/ GRAFTport Camden.

For years, a group of cronies in Camden County, Georgia have been sucking up millions of local taxpayer dollars for an alleged “spaceport.”

There will never be a “spaceport.” The US Navy forced them to close the local airport over security concerns. And there are other reasons as well. Doesn’t stop the graft from being real.

Woman Defends Herself from 2 Home Invaders

Sadly, she was injured, and flown to a trauma center. Rockdale woman injured in shootout after ‘targeted’ home invasion.

The woman was alone inside her Lost Valley Drive home when two men kicked in the front door, Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett said. She ran upstairs to her bedroom before the men kicked down that door as well, he said.

Gunfire was exchanged. Authorities responding about 6 p.m. found her shot twice, and she was flown to a hospital for surgery. Her condition was not released.

A guy with a gunshot wound was found nearby. Police are still trying to figure out if he is one of the bad guys in this incident.

Neighbors are more pissed than shocked, which is a sad commentary, and they want to see more police presence in the neighborhood.

Self-defense in Georgia

Georgia is also not New Jersey. Brookhaven homeowner shoots, kills burglary suspect, police say.

Police confirmed a homeowner shot and killed a burglary suspect Wednesday afternoon in DeKalb County.

Officers are talking to the homeowner to find out exactly what happened, but it appears the homeowner interrupted the burglary inside his home. The suspect died from his injuries.

Self-defense is a human-right.