Jihad in Germany

Are we surprised? Knife Jihad in Stolberg

Yesterday, [Monday] in the German town of Stolberg, a young man was pulled from his car and stabbed by an unknown assailant who shouted “Allahu Akhbar!”

Police are baffled as to a motive, and are looking into it. Driver stabbed in German town, police probe motive. They aren’t “ruling out” terrorism, so that might be progress.

Because they don’t want to be called the “R” word, and I don’t mean Republican.

Loschwitz Bridge – The Blue Wonder in Dresden

Loschwitz Bridge, Dresden, Saxony, GermanyIt’s a miracle the bridge survived. Wartime Bridge: Loschwitz Bridge (Blue Miracle/ Blaue Wunder) in Dresden.

Built from 1891 to 1893, that this bridge survived is a wonder. The Blue Wonder survived the repeated bombing of Dresden Germany during WWII, including the Fire Bombing of Dresden between 13 and 15 February 1945. The SS had wired it to explode, to cut off Allied Forces, but someone cut the wires to the explosives, so it survived the end of the war, with only minor damage from all the air-raids. It then survived a campaign by the East German government to tear it down and replace it with something modern.

The image above is from WikiMedia Commons. Click for a larger view, and more information, including attribution, and links to more images.

The bridge is an iron, cantilever truss bridge. It has a total length of just over 270 meters with a longest span of 146.68 meters. Actually the name, Blue Wonder, dates to when the bridge was new, and commentators of the day didn’t expect it to survive. A span of 146 meters was something of a miracle in 1891. In German, ein blaues Wunder erleben, is an idiom that means “an unpleasant surprise.” They really did not expect it to survive.

Due to its age, there are some traffic limitations on the Loschwitz Bridge, and since it was the only Elbe crossing in that part of Dresden, this was a bit a of a problem, and there was the usual increase in city congestion as well, so Dresden built a new bridge a few miles away, The Waldschlösschen Bridge (Waldschlößchenbrücke in German). There were plans to build a bridge at that location since the mid 1990s, but the good folks at the UN’s UNESCO decided that ANY changes were bad, and once construction on the new bridge began, UNESCO revoked the Dresden area’s Wold Heritage Site status. You can find an image of the new bridge at this link. As modern, arch bridges go, it isn’t bad. It isn’t a great or beautiful bridge, but it is low-key and functional. UNESCO says we can’t have functional!

I haven’t been able to find a video of the Loschwitz Bridge that I really like, but the video linked here is a short, two minute video, of a drone flight over the bridge. It shows some of the structure of the bridge, the Elbe River, and the surrounding area. There is a lot of travelogue video on The Blue Wonder, it is a tourist destination after all, but I can’t find much on the technical aspects of the bridge.

Germany: Left-wing Radical Statistics

Do you think the stats very by country much? 92% of left-wing activists live with their parents and one in three is unemployed, study of Berlin protesters finds.

The highlights:

  • Figures were compiled by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution
  • Of those arrested for politically-motivated offences, 84 per cent were men
  • The majority, 72 per cent, were aged between 18 and 29

Plus the 2 main stats called out in the title.

I can’t say I am surprised by any of this.

The original story was in Bild, the German paper. 92 Prozent der Linksradikalen wohnen noch bei Mutti Now Bild isn’t the greatest journalistic organization in the world, but it does have the largest circulation in Europe. It is in German, but Google translate does handle German pretty well, in case you’re interested.

Rail Sabotage in Germany. Authorities Mystified as to Motive

Deutsche Welle reports. German police arrest man over rail ′sabotage′

A 51-year-old man in Germany was facing charges of attempted murder on Saturday after being “strongly suspected of having removed bolts on 80 meters (260 feet) of rail on a bridge between Cologne and Frankufrt,” prosecutors said in a statement.

Investigators are still trying to determine the suspect’s motives, while police on Friday said they could not rule out a “possible attack attempt.”

It could have resulted in a train derailing. Trains were canceled until the tracks could be inspected and “repairs” (made).

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the motive is Terrorism.

61 Injured in Germany by Car-attack

Can we expect the call for car-control? I doubt it. I include this German article for the count of the injured.Is Maurice Pahler a psychopath?.

Two days after the carnival drama by Volkmarsen (61 injured) strange details about the killer come out. Apparently, Maurice Pahler (29) had been a nerd with a penchant for drugs and alcohol for over ten years, neighbors from the village reported to the BILD reporters.

But most of that article is behind a paywall anyway, so you will probably want to read this English-language article from the UK. More than 30 injured after car ‘driven into crowds’ at carnival parade in Germany

Witnesses described a silver Mercedes estate car racing into the crowd. It travelled some 30 metres before it came to a stop, and the driver reportedly still had his foot on the accelerator.

Witnesses claimed the driver appeared to target children deliberately, and swerved to avoid a barrier before ploughing into the crowd. After the car came to a stop bystanders attempted to attack the driver and he had to be protected by police.

No evidence of terror. Apparently there is some evidence of crazy.

8 Germans Killed in 2 Attacks

2 hookah bars were hit. Acht Menschen erschossen – Täter flüchtig – OR – Eight people shot dead – perpetrators fleeing. Yes I know the link is in German. Chrome (or Google Translate) will do a nice job with German.

In Hanau, eight people died as a result of gunfire at several crime scenes, and several were injured. A spokesman for the police confirmed this to the FAZ. The perpetrators are being searched “at full speed”, the background is still unclear.

According to the Wiki, Hanau is a “large town” about 25 kilometers east of Frankfurt.

Apparently the attackers hit one hookah bar, and then drove to the other location. 8 dead, 5 injured.

The photos are interesting, because it looks like German SWAT officers are everywhere around the crime scenes. Which is another example Security Theater, as far as I can tell, unless they seriously expect the perpetrators to return to the scene of the crime while cops are still investigating. But then Germans are not used to this kind of thing. They’ve had a very orderly society for decades. I guess that is changing.

I want to say this is “terror,” but I don’t really believe that. If seems to be too targeted. If this happened in Chicago, I would say that The Outfit was settling some beef. Although it could just be a normal weekend in Chicago.

Germany’s War on Gold

The folks in power don’t want to give you any resources outside of their control. And gold is way outside of their control. Germany Starts War on Gold.

Until January 1, 2020, the maximum amount of gold an individual could purchase in Germany, without disclosing personal information, was €10,000. However in response to a European Union directive targeted at money laundering and terrorist financing, the German government set a new, far lower limit of €2,000.

The wholly predictable result? Panic gold buying.

The powers that be (and not just in Germany) want to be able to control what you do, how you act. But they haven’t had a lot of luck in Germany.

One of the biggest problems is consumer spending, or to be more precise, the lack of. In the United States, Canada and other developed nations, close to zero and negative interest rates have fueled consumer and business spending, along with investment in the stock market. Not so in Germany, where citizens have shunned growth-bearing assets like real estate and stocks, preferring to sock their savings away in deposit accounts (and gold).

When the German government instituted (and the turned up the volume) on negative interest rates, people started looking for alternative. Gold was one. US bonds were another. Would you rather earn about 0 percent in the USA, or get negative returns in Germany? I know Math is Hard, but you should be able to get this one.

Will Someone Please Hold Tesla Accountable

It will probably be Germany that does anything. Tesla needs to fix Autopilot safety flaws, demands Senator Markey.

Tesla’s Autosteer INCREASED crashes by 59 percent.

In 2016, the German transport minister told the company “to no longer use the misleading term for the driver-assistance system of the car.” In 2018, two US consumer safety groups asked the Federal Trade Commission to address Autopilot’s “deceptive and misleading” branding. In 2019, we discovered that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration told the company to stop making “misleading statements” when it comes to safety, and the company repeatedly made claims about the safety of Autopilot that were not supported by fact. (The data showed that Autosteer—a component of the Autopilot suite of assists—actually increased crashes by 59 percent.)

Not that anyone will say boo to Tesla.

Yazidi Woman Faces Down Man Who Raped Her When She Was 14

JusticeNo Justice for the Yazidi. Well, maybe a teaspoon’s worth. ‘Do you have feelings? Do you have any honour?’ Powerful moment a brave Yazidi former sex slave confronts the sobbing ISIS rapist who attacked her when she was just 14-years-old while he hangs his head in shame.

However, she revealed last year that her slaver and rapist, Abu Humam, had stopped her in the street in Stuttgart and said he knew where she lived.

Ashwaq said she ‘wanted to leave Germany immediately’ after the encounter and said she ‘felt better staying in a refugee camp’ in Iraq with her father after meeting her slaver.

He is arrested and in Iraqi custody. Germany would send him to a spa for 5 years. So some justice? I doubt it.

Hat tip to Blazing Cat Fur, who notes…

She should have been allowed to kill him.

That doesn’t compute for the Social Justice Warriors in the crowd. Of course the SJWs are not interested in actual justice.

The End of Freedom in Germany?

But then I’m not sure Germans have really had freedom in over a Century. Not during WWI, and definitely not during WWII. And I don’t think they’ve had much since then. It isn’t getting better. Angela Merkel and German ‘Freedom’ of Speech.

Germany can limit “Hate Speech.” Define Hate Speech. It isn’t possible. I don’t like communism. I point out how communism has killed hundreds of millions of its own citizens. You get triggered and call me a hater for casting aspersions on your hero Marx, or the Russians or the People’s Republic of China. It gets even worse if we talk about illegal immigration because then you call me a racist. My speech about economics and history and open borders gets censored.

Instead of violence, which is a physical act, language is entirely abstract. Merkel’s definition applies an immeasurable emotional filter to language in order to drag it from the abstract to the physical. By speaking of hatred and dignity as if they are physical bodies of flesh and bone that can be torn or cut, Merkel deliberately destroys the boundaries between words and violence. Is it any wonder why the phrase “speech is violence” is now widely accepted?

As they say, go read the whole thing.

The High Moselle Bridge Opens to Traffic

High Moselle BridgeThe Hochmoselbrücke (High Moselle Bridge) opened yesterday to regular traffic. Germany’s second-highest traffic bridge opens. It is a key part of a road project connecting Germany to the Benelux Union (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg).

Click the image to be taken to the source page for a larger view, and to get attribution and license info. (Photo by Störfix.)

I’ve noted that America doesn’t build much infrastructure these days. Germany struggles with some of the same the objections as well, but they did build a monumental bridge. 1.7 kilometers long (just over a mile) and 158 meters high (518 ft).

The controversial building project kicked off eight years ago. Some critics argued that the massive bridge would destroy the area’s idyllic vineyard landscape, while environmentalists argued it would pollute the ground water.

So NIMBY and ground water. I’ve never heard that before. I wonder if the plan was for a railroad bridge, if anyone would have dropped their concerns. Or the government could have built a ground level highway through the same section of the country. My guess is that the objections would have been the same.

As modern bridges go, it is quite nice. It isn’t as stunning as The Millau Viaduct in France, but few things are. You can find a nice photo of the French bridge at this link.

November 9, 1989: The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall and Death Zone, 1977An important historic event happened 30 years ago tomorrow. The Berlin Wall stood from 13 August 1961 until 9 November 1989.

The image at the right is a portion of the wall, and the Death Zone on the East German Side. It includes a guard tower and a row of Czech hedgehogs. Click for an enlarged view. Photo by George Garrigues. (For more info on the photo and the author see this link, or the author’s link.)

I was surprised (when I started thinking about this post in August) to find out that there was media coverage of the Berlin Wall recently. True, most of it was German and European, but it seems people mark the anniversary of the building of the wall, or at least they did this year on August 13th.

The Berlin Wall has now been torn down longer than it was in place. The Cold War is a distant memory. So much so, that when Hawaii decided to scare everyone a few years back with a fake missile-attack warning, people were guessing that it would take DAYS for a missile from North Korea to reach Hawaii. (Maximum travel time for an intercontinental ballistic missile from anywhere to anywhere is on the order of 35 minutes from launch. Longer or shorter depending on the exact locations of launch and target.) My guess is that anyone born after 1995 or so won’t know (without access to a web search) what Checkpoint Charlie was, or who the Stazi were. Does anyone remember why people thought Kennedy told the people of Berlin that he was a “jelly doughnut?” Or what it was like to wonder about imminent death from thermonuclear war?

There is too much history to include much in a post like this. The East German border guard who jumped the barrier when it was just a 3-foot high coil of barbed wire, the 2 brothers who escaped separately and then flew back to get their kid brother, and the more than 100 people who were killed by their own government for trying to leave. [Insert reference to recent events in Venezuela here.]

Since I feel the need to include at least one reference. A collection of photos seems best at this juncture. The story of Berlin Wall in pictures, 1961-1989. You can find other accounts in other places. Even the Wiki does a fair job.

German Teens Are Afraid of their City

Americans are used to being afraid. It is how the Left has wanted us for a long time. But in Europe, the cities have been very safe. Not anymore. “We girls can’t be carefree and light-hearted anymore in our own country”.

Marla is a 14-year-old in Cottburg, Germany, a university town in Brandenburg. She spoke on August 21st. And I should note, that Cottburg is not Berlin, or Munich. It has a population of about 100,000 people.

There is a video, with subtitles and a transcript at the link above. (Hat tip to The zombie apocalypse survival homestead.

Environmentalism or Socialism? It’s Impossible to Tell the Difference Today

Germany needs to nationalize everything because of Global Warming, or Climate Change, or something. Sozialistischer Quatsch – OR – Socialist nonsense. (Yes, I know the article is in German.)

The Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg penetrates. “I want you to panic,” she wished at the World Economic Forum in Davos at the beginning of the year. The leader of the Left Party has clearly taken this to heart and now ventilated climate protection ideas that simply make [you] speechless.

Nationalize the utilities and airlines to combat global warming. So that means they will limit your travel and limit the amount of energy you have available. Or are utilities suddenly more efficient when owned by the .gov? (Pay no attention to what is going on in Venezuela on the utility front. Or any other.)

The Largest Military Invasion in History

As I’ve mentioned, the Soviet side of World War Two has captured my attention recently. Why was it that when the rest of the world didn’t think women had a place in combat, the Soviet Union was fielding women snipers, and whole regiments of women bomber and fighter pilots?

The answer is Operation Barbarossa, the largest military invasion in history.

On June 22, 1941, more than 3 million German (and other) troops, spearheaded by panzer divisions and supported by the Luftwaffe, invaded the Soviet Union. Before grinding to a halt less than 100 kilometers from Moscow, Operation Barbarossa would inflict 4.9 million military casualties on the Red Army, and destroy 1000s of towns and villages. It would destroy tanks, and planes, and nearly destroy the Soviet Union.

While the Wiki and other sources are good for a quick overview (the link above is to Britannica), most of my knowledge comes from Operation Barbarossa: Hitler’s Invasion of Russia 1941. That link is to Amazon, but I got a copy of the book courtesy of my local public library. (As several people have noted, it is NOT the definitive account of that period of the war. It is too short. There is a 3-volume set that probably fills that bill, in the Osprey Campaign Series, but I haven’t gotten to it.) It is a bit dry, considering the nature of the material, but it does seem to be a good overview of the campaign. I’m sure there are more readable accounts of what went on, but that volume covers information from both sides of the conflict.

While I can’t go into details here it is a hell of a story. The treaties signed between Germany and the Soviet Union that the Nazis never intended to honor. The initial invasion that all but destroyed Soviet command and control. The ensuing insanity of the Russian generals, and the secret police, until reality intruded. The Soviet Union’s wholesale dismantling of industry in the west and moving it to the east, followed by “scorched earth” tactics denying everything to Germans – destroying their own railroads, power plants, etc. On the German side there were war crimes. The Germans were especially brutal to the civilians.

As summer turned to fall and winter, the Germans had problems with the Russian weather. First the fall rain turned the mud in Russia into a paste that could stop German panzers. From the Wiki

Additional snows fell which were followed by more rain, creating a glutinous mud that German tanks had difficulty traversing, whereas the Soviet T-34, with its wider tread, was better suited to negotiate.

That winter saw temperatures that were exceptionally cold, early in December. This was significant because of the destruction of Russian railroad engines. The Russians used a different gauge track, so Germany had to rebuild any railroad that they intended to use, and then when winter set it, the German engines could not maintain steam pressure in the cold. (That is COLD!)

Even so, the Germans managed to come within a very short distance of Moscow. Though I think they were stopped as much by logistics as by the Red Army.

On 2 December, part of the 258th Infantry Division advanced to within 24 km (15 mi) of Moscow. They were so close that German officers claimed they could see the spires of the Kremlin, but by then the first blizzards had begun.

The other problems from the cold were coming up. Lack of cold-weather uniforms were only the start. Germans were running short of everything, because the tanks – even with the problems they faced, kept outpacing their wheeled support vehicles.

Operation Barbarossa was the largest military operation in history — more men, tanks, guns and aircraft were committed than had ever been deployed before in a single offensive. The invasion opened up the Eastern Front (World War II), the largest theater of war during that conflict, and it witnessed clashes of unprecedented violence and destruction for four years that resulted in the deaths of 26 million Soviet people and about 8.6 million being Red army deaths. More people died fighting on the Eastern Front than in all other fighting across the globe during World War II. Damage to both the economy and landscape was enormous for the Soviet Union as approximately 1,710 towns and 70,000 villages were razed. [Reference]

There isn’t room in a post like this for everything, and the War Crimes of the Einsatzgruppen (“Deployment groups” of the Schutzstaffel – SS – were paramilitary death squads) could fill a book, let alone a post. One of the more interesting (and disturbing) events surround the Jewish Ghetto in Vilna, and the Fareynikte Partizaner Organizatsye (United Partisan Organization) and Abba Kovner. Before there was a Marvel Cinematic Universe, and even before there was Mr. Steed and Ema Peel, there was Nakam, “The Avengers.” Though that would come after the war. Fareynikte Partizaner Organizatsye was the resistance in the Vilna Ghetto. Even in the face of eyewitness testimony, a large number of Jews in Vilna didn’t want to believe that the SS was committing mass-murder. Kovner understood, and the FPO took to the woods to fight the war alongside other Soviet Partisans. There are books written about Vilna, the uprising, Kovner and The Avengers.

The same people who will talk about recognizing the valor of soldiers commanded by Robert E. Lee during the Civil War, have given me grief over recognizing the accomplishments of the Red Army during The Great Patriotic War. (That’s what the Russians still call World War Two.) The Confederate States of America was not the greatest government ever, but Lee, and his troops, fought with valor, and honor, and what they did was even recognized by the Union veterans before the Turn of the Century. The Soviet Union was an awful government, but the Red Army did some amazing things in defending Russia from the Nazis, even – and especially – if you consider the insanity of the officer corps, Stalin and his government, let alone the Secret Police. And they managed to do some things right, like move their industry when it became clear they couldn’t protect it. That kept that industrial base out of German hands – it was one of the reasons Hitler wanted to invade – and it meant that they could continue to prosecute the war for the next 3 years. And the Soviet Union’s ability to call up reserves, in the face of what can only be described as devastating losses, impressed me.

Note: By way of comparison, the D-Day invasion consisted of “nearly 175,000” men.

Sharia Law in Berlin and Beyond

Yes it is in German. Use Google translate. (or see the Breibart link below.) Islamist moralists terrorize Berlin (Original: Islamistische Moralwächter terrorisieren Berliner).

A group of Islamist thugs threatened and assaulted Chechens living in Berlin , especially women and their contacts, for alleged violations of their archaic morality . Some victims were said to have been seriously injured.

No comment from police. No comment from the Bundeskanzler (Angela Merkel) Hat tip to Breitbart.

In a related story, Swedish police had to walk-back comments that said Christian Extremism was just as much a problem in that country as Islamic extremism. The police take back claims of Christian extremism in vulnerable areas. And yes, this one is in Swedish. See my comment about Google translate.

In a radio interview, a police chief had the following to say (as translated).

The SR reporter then asked if it was also about Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.

– Yes exactly. Together with the security police, we see that different forms of recruitment, different forms of bringing young people towards extremist views are stronger in vulnerable areas than generally in society, Löfving replied.

But when a Christian publication asked for more details, they were told there is no Christian extremism to speak of.

Germany Has A Problem They Don’t Want to Deal With

Antisemitism. Um, Germany?.

Germans are known for their efficiency, which is how we know that these commissions, councils and laws they create to “combat” the problem are window-dressing in lieu of actual combat. If they really want to stop antisemitism in their country, it would be over with yesterday.

Baldilocks (Juliette Akinyi Ochieng) spent most of the 1980s in Berlin, “Courtesy of the USAF.” She has been posting at Da Tech Guy Blog for a while. Go read the whole thing. (Hat tip to the Other McCain.)

Islamist Terrorists Arrested in Germany

The goal? “The aim was to kill as many people as possible.” German prosecutors arrest 10 suspects over Islamist attack plan.

According to the initial investigation, the accused were planning to use a vehicle and firearms to kill as many “unbelievers” as possible. They had rented a large vehicle and made contact with weapons’ dealers and started to raise funds.

There have been a number of plots stopped in recent months by German authorities.

Prosecutors Don’t Like Self-defense – German Edition

In Texas, the cops would have bought this guy a beer. But in Germany, you are supposed to rely on the state for everything. American fends off, kills suspected robber in Germany.

So how would you react to 4 men in your home in the middle of the night, while your kids are asleep?

Prosecutors in Zweibruecken said the 41-year-old American father managed to fend off the men using a kitchen knife, stabbing one of them several times. The American and his wife, who weren’t named, suffered minor injuries, prosecutors said. Their three children were unharmed.

Use the means of defense at your disposal.

Prosecutors said the American man is being investigated for bodily harm leading to death, although authorities are considering whether he acted in self-defense.

How else can you characterize this but self-defense?

The guy who got stabbed, and his brother got dumped out of the getaway vehicle. The brother called for help, but the only thing that happened is that he was arrested.

And while self-defense is a human-right, the European authorities don’t believe that.

Germany and Trade – Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost

Germany is worried… Germany heading for RECESSION – Brexit and trade wars BLOWING HOLE in economy – experts.

Germany sells a lot of cars in the UK. Once Brexit hits, that number will probably decrease.

Then there are the rumors – or whatever – about a US trade deal with China. If that happens, then Trump will likely turn his attention to Germany.

What follows is from memory. I can’t find my sources. So take it with a grain of salt, but if I find them they will be in the comments.

In the days before Trump, under what passed for “Free Trade” in the mind of the professional diplomats, cars imported from Germany into the US had a 2.5 percent tariff. Cars going from the US to Germany had a 10.5 percent tariff, and there was a hard limit to the number of cars Germany would accept. And that isn’t theoretical, because BMW produces SUVs in America, and ships some of them to Europe, including Germany. As I said, that is what Obama and Bush and Clinton and Bush, et al considered “Free Trade.” And maybe something like that made sense in 1948 or 1960, but it doesn’t make sense today.

And so back to the German economy.

The country’s economy just escaped entering recession territory last month, with GDP growing at just zero percent following a 0.4 percent contraction in the previous three-month period. But Germany could be just weeks away from a recession-threatening double whammy as a potential no-deal Brexit and Donald Trump’s warning to hike car tariffs by up to 25 percent could send the economy tumbling.

And that 25 percent is because the situation I described above is not fair and it is not free.