NYPD Doesn’t Like the First Amendment and Freedom of the Press

But then they probably don’t like your First Amendment right to video them as they go about their day, either. NYPD demands Google stop revealing checkpoints on Waze.

The department fired off a cease-and-desist letter to Google over the weekend, demanding it “immediately remove this function from the Waze application,” and change all of its apps, including Google Maps, to prevent users from posting similar data.

Now what’s a Freedom-hating multinational corporation to do? Fight them on the Right to Publish news, or contribute to the furtherance of the Police State?


How Much Does Google Hate Privacy?

Enough to sabotage uBlock Origin and uMatrix. Chrome Extension Manifest V3 May Break uBlock Origin Content Blocker.

uBlock Origin keeps most adds off my browsers. But then I only use Chrome anymore, when I am testing something. Because privacy.

This won’t win me back.

Developer Raymond Hill says that phasing out ‘webRequest’ API in favor of the ‘declarativeNetRequest’ API would mean the death of uBlock Origin, his highly popular extension for filtering web content, used by over 10 million users.

Like I said, I don’t use Chrome, and unless they force this into the Chromium base – isn’t mentioned – I will keep using Opera and Vivaldi. (Both Chromium-based browsers). And I will keep using Firefox and Pale Moon – both Goanna-based browsers. Not to mention TOR every once in a while.

Just When I Thought Google Had Reached Peak Slime

I discover that in order to leave a comment on a Blogspot Blog, you need to allow third-party cookies. I guess too many people have followed the advice to disallow 3rd-party cookies.

So when faced with slime, I fight it with slime. In this case Microsoft Edge. Which is also slime. I don’t use Edge for anything, except when I run into problems like this. And I have it set to delete cookies when I exit. So in order to comment, I enabled 3rd-party cookies. (I disabled it again, so even if I forget, the rule of one-thing-at-a-time in edge will handle it..)

They really and truly need to be destroyed, or at least busted up and hemmed in. They dropped “Don’t be evil” and went straight to maximum evil. Monopolies who are not good for anything.

Google is the New USSR

Because the Truth is so 20th Century. Google: ‘To Control the Narrative, We Planted Stories with Journalists’.

What happened to Damore was eerily reminiscent of Stalin-era purges in the Soviet Union — the dezinformatsiya campaign spread through party-controlled channels, demonizing the targets as an “enemy of the people” (vrag naroda) to justify their destruction.

Damore was the engineer who wrote the memo who dared to question the Google position on women in tech. He didn’t toe the line, so he had to be destroyed. And Google has the power to do it.

Since Alphabet Corp. HATES Privacy, Why Call This a Bug?

They promise privacy and don’t deliver. Color me shocked. Bug in Google+ API Puts at Risk Privacy of over 52 Million Users.

The exposure lasted for six days in November and was caused by a bug in the Google+ People application programming interface (API), specifically built to allow access to profile data with the owner’s consent.

Private data of users that did not give consent to apps to get their profile information was also exposed if they shared it with a profile that permitted such an app to access their profile details.

Google says, “No foul.” What else are the going to say? They Can’t say, “We hate privacy and everything to do with privacy, so we don’t really pay too much attention to this crap.” Which is probably how they really feel, but that would be bad PR.

This is 2nd bug in Google+ since October. So Google is pulling the plug in April. Because not very many people were using it anyway.

Google Gets Creepier Every Year

They want to monitor everything in your life. Everything. Google Reveals Plans to Monitor Our Moods, Our Movements, and Our Children’s Behavior at Home.

Google is developing smart-home products that are capable of eavesdropping on us throughout our home in order to learn more about us and better target us with advertising. It goes much further than the current Google Home speaker that’s promoted to answer our questions and provide useful information, and the Google-owned Nest thermostat that measures environmental conditions in our home. What the patents describe are sensors and cameras mounted in every room to follow us and analyze what we’re doing throughout our home.

They want to be able to recognize – via cameras – individuals. In their own homes.

You couldn’t pay me to have one of these things in my home.

Hat to Claire Wolfe and her Thursday Links, which you should definitely take a look at. This is (perhaps) the most upsetting link she highlights, but it isn’t the ONLY upsetting story. Not by a long shot.