Google Hates Privacy

And so they play games with privacy settings. Google Payment Privacy Settings Hidden Behind Special URL.

This Settings page can be accessed using the navigation sidebar, as shown below, or directly through the URL From the Settings screen you can set your address, payment users, some general settings, and other information. There is, though, no privacy settings on this page when accessing it normally.

Because Google thinks they have the RIGHT to know every time you stop at Starbucks, what you had for lunch yesterday, how many drinks you paid for at happy hour, etc.


Google – the New Thought Police

Google is about the same as F*c*book. They want everyone to think the same thoughts. Algorithms of Suppression.

The Claremont Institute has launched a campaign to engage our fellow citizens in discussion and debate about what it means to be an American. As part of that effort, we have begun to point out the increasingly existential danger of identity politics and political correctness to our republic. As if to prove our point, Google has judged our argument as wrongthink that should be forbidden. They are now punishing us for our political thought by refusing to let us advertise to our own readers.

Soon anyone espousing anything like “conservative values” will be blocked from Google, F*c*book and Twitter. Because you dare to disagree with your masters in Tech, so you will be silenced.

Hat tip to The Other McCain, who notes

Google, like the mainstream media establishment, has decided that President Trump’s election proves that freedom of speech is dangerous, and so anything that might conceivably prevent the election of a Democrat in 2020 must be suppressed as some form of “hate speech.”

And also to Instapundit, who notes that Google dropped “Don’t Be Evil” and went to Full Evil.

And you can Live Without Google. Or mostly, anyway.

Welcome to the Police State

I think it was the Stazi that said, “If you know everything, you can control anyone.” Close Enough.

Police departments are using “reverse location search warrants” to force Google to hand over data on anyone near a crime scene.

Because Google is already running surveillance on everyone, why keep the data away from the .gov?

Many privacy advocates argue that these sort of indiscriminate data sweeps are prohibited under the Fourth Amendment, which generally dictates that searches by law enforcement need to be specific and limited only to what’s necessary. “[Law enforcement] needs to suspect a particular person or criminal activity, not just go, for example, search every home in a given area,” says Jennifer Lynch, who serves as the surveillance-litigation director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Hat tip to Schneier on Security, who notes…

Once you have everyone under surveillance all the time, many things are possible.

NYPD Doesn’t Like the First Amendment and Freedom of the Press

But then they probably don’t like your First Amendment right to video them as they go about their day, either. NYPD demands Google stop revealing checkpoints on Waze.

The department fired off a cease-and-desist letter to Google over the weekend, demanding it “immediately remove this function from the Waze application,” and change all of its apps, including Google Maps, to prevent users from posting similar data.

Now what’s a Freedom-hating multinational corporation to do? Fight them on the Right to Publish news, or contribute to the furtherance of the Police State?

How Much Does Google Hate Privacy?

Enough to sabotage uBlock Origin and uMatrix. Chrome Extension Manifest V3 May Break uBlock Origin Content Blocker.

uBlock Origin keeps most adds off my browsers. But then I only use Chrome anymore, when I am testing something. Because privacy.

This won’t win me back.

Developer Raymond Hill says that phasing out ‘webRequest’ API in favor of the ‘declarativeNetRequest’ API would mean the death of uBlock Origin, his highly popular extension for filtering web content, used by over 10 million users.

Like I said, I don’t use Chrome, and unless they force this into the Chromium base – isn’t mentioned – I will keep using Opera and Vivaldi. (Both Chromium-based browsers). And I will keep using Firefox and Pale Moon – both Goanna-based browsers. Not to mention TOR every once in a while.

Just When I Thought Google Had Reached Peak Slime

I discover that in order to leave a comment on a Blogspot Blog, you need to allow third-party cookies. I guess too many people have followed the advice to disallow 3rd-party cookies.

So when faced with slime, I fight it with slime. In this case Microsoft Edge. Which is also slime. I don’t use Edge for anything, except when I run into problems like this. And I have it set to delete cookies when I exit. So in order to comment, I enabled 3rd-party cookies. (I disabled it again, so even if I forget, the rule of one-thing-at-a-time in edge will handle it..)

They really and truly need to be destroyed, or at least busted up and hemmed in. They dropped “Don’t be evil” and went straight to maximum evil. Monopolies who are not good for anything.