“Cold weather causes murders… due to climate change”

Or “A Tale of Two Cities: Chicago and Houston.” Scientific Results.

In a word, “Heh.”

A comparison of demographics – population, racial mix, income, etc. – and laws on Concealed Carry, murders, etc.

The only reasonable (to a Leftist) conclusion forms the title to this post. Go take a look.

If You Break Into Homes, You Will Eventually Find an Armed Homeowner

Your odds probably go up significantly if you are in Texas. Homeowner opens fire on man breaking into east Houston home, police say.

The homeowner called 911 saying he’d shot one of the men in the leg. The second man fled the scene, police said.

The guy who ran apparently did get away with some stuff, like a briefcase full of tools.

Cops took the guy who got shot to the hospital.

Self-defense is a human-right.

“He complied, but he was still murdered.”

“Just give them what they want, and they will leave you alone,” is the mantra of those who hate the very idea of self-defense. Too bad it isn’t the guarantee it is held up as. 4 men charged in murder of store clerk in SW Houston.

Violent criminals remain violent criminals without regard to anything you are or are not doing.

Investigators say Qureshi was working at Sunny’s Food Store in the 9000 block of South Dairy Ashford when the suspects entered the store and demanded money.

He complied, but he was still murdered. Officers had a break in the case when police say they noticed a vehicle blocking a lane of traffic.

He gave them what the asked for, and they killed him anyway.

Having a gun for self-defense may not have saved this man. There are no guarantees in this life save for death, and next winter’s snow. But relying on the strategy of “Just do what you’re told to do” is also not a guarantee. You should consider what is the strategy for dealing with a violent encounter you prefer.

When Only Cops Have Guns…

Only cops will negligently discharge their weapons at airports. Houston police officer mistakenly fires AR-15 at Hobby Airport baggage claim.

An AR-15 rifle wielded by a Houston police officer mistakenly fired into the floor at the baggage area of Hobby Airport on Thursday night, according to authorities.

And in the most clueless bit of all…

“As far as I understand it, (the gun) was not dropped,” [Houston police Capt. Jerome] Stevens said.

Which you know was in answer to a clueless reporter’s question. (If it went off when dropped, they have other problems as well.)

At least he was pointing the weapon in a safe direction. (Hat tip to Wirecutter and WiscoDave.)

This Was Texas. What Did He Think Would Happen?

I’m pretty sure things didn’t turn out the way he planned. Man shot after breaking into Kingwood apartment where wife spotted with other man.

His wife was “hanging out” with another man. And so he went crazy.

The woman was visiting with a male friend around 10:30 p.m. in the 2100 block of Lake Hills when her husband showed up and kicked in the front door, according to police. He started hitting the other man, who allegedly pulled out a gun and shot the husband once in the chest.

The jealous idiot is in the hospital in “serious but stable” condition.

No charges have been filed against the shooter, because self-defense is a human-right. And in Texas, it is your legal right, but the investigation continues. Though from where I sit… Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

When The Next Storm Hits, They Will Be Waiting for Federal Handouts

Why is anyone lending money on homes built in a flood plain? One year after Harvey, construction in Houston floodplain prompts new concerns.

Nine hundred homes are being built on an old golf course located in the floodplain, reports CBS News’ Omar Villafranca. The grass and ponds soaked up Harvey’s floodwaters and kept the water from spilling into the surrounding area. With new concrete going over the old course, the water won’t soak into the ground.

It isn’t just the other homes that will be impacted. These 900 homes are also in line to be flooded.

It isn’t the first time someone in Houston has done this.

There is a damn in the Houston area, which holds back water to keep the City of Houston from flooding. Usually the land behind the damn is a park, with trails and benches. So far so good. If memory serves, the top of the spillway is about 100 feet above sea level. The problem, beyond the park there are homes that are at 95 feet above sea level. You can see the problem, even if the people who built the homes couldn’t. And apparently some homeowners had never been told that fact.

But these 900 homes will be built, and people will buy them, and eventually – next year or 100 years from now – they will flood and the owners will cry, “Why did no one tell me?” Look around your home and imagine everything on the ground floor under 5 feet of water, or more. How much of your life’s treasures would be lost?

A year after Harvey, work crews are still fixing roads and sidewalks and rebuilding houses. Some areas experienced more than two feet of water, forcing a number of residents to demolish their homes altogether.

And if you don’t have flood insurance, you won’t be covered for a flood. Same for earthquake, hurricane, and probably a few other exclusions. (I have lived in places where separate policies for earthquake and hurricane were available, if you could afford them.)

Texas Homeowner + Home Invader: Can You Guess What Happened?

Their night didn’t turn out as they planned. Husband shoots would-be thief in head during foiled home invasion.

They suffered a failure of the victim-selection process.

So they jumped the wife as she was getting out of her car, and tried to force her to let them into the house. Fortunately her husband was at home and heard the commotion.

The husband heard the commotion, grabbed his gun and started shooting. One of the suspects returned fire, but the homeowner shot one of the men in the head.

The guy who got shot is in critical condition. The other guy ran like a rabbit. The couple was not injured.

Self-defense (and defense of family) is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

What If You Called 911 and They Hung Up on You?

Because the operator “didn’t want to talk.” Ex-Houston 911 operator guilty of hanging up on thousands of callers – CBS News

Calling 911 is fine thing to do. They can send police, and fire or emergency medical personnel. But they can also ignore you.

Prosecutors from the Harris County district attorney’s office say she worked as a 911 operator for a year and a half, ending in 2016. Records showed that thousands of calls lasting less than 20 seconds were attributed to her hanging up. She was fired after a supervisor noticed the unusual number of “short calls.”

She faced misdemeanor charges of interfering with 911 calls and was sentenced to 10 days in jail, and 18 months probation.

Williams told investigators she often hung up because she didn’t want to talk to anyone at those times.

Calling 911 is fine thing to do, but if that is the ONLY thing you are prepared to do, then you might want to rethink that strategy. (Hat Tip to It Ain’t Holy Water.)

An Epic Fail of the Victim-selection Process

If you are going to break into homes, you shouldn’t pick the home of a cop. Off-duty officer shoots man trying to break into home on…

So the cop and his family woke up in response to someone banging on the door at 12:30 AM.

“The sergeant armed himself and came to door yelling several commands, ‘Who are you?’ ‘What do you want?'” Acevedo said. “The suspect ignored commands and questions and kept pounding on the door.”

When he broke a window on his way to breaking in, the officer shot several times, hitting the would-be bad-guy at least once.

So does this qualify as “Stupid Criminals.”

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed homeowner

In Texas, your odds are stupidly high of finding an armed homeowner. (Did they think they were in New Jersey?) Teen shot in second Greenspoint-area home invasion in just over 24 hours

Four teens broke into a woman’s home at the Park at North Vista Apartment complex in the 300 block of North Vista, according to Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman.

When the woman heard people inside her home, she opened fire, hitting one in the head. The wounded teen was flown to the hospital in critical condition, while the others fled and are still wanted, Herman said.

Texas gives homeowners the benefit of the doubt when they shoot someone invading their homes. The case will go to a grand jury, but they are unlikely to indict, and even if they do, a Texas jury would be unlikely to convict.

This gang of four may have been involved in other crimes in the area. Though apparently Greenspoint in Houston is becoming a problem area.

The area just north of Greenspoint Mall has made headlines in the past for roving gangs whose crimes have escalated from home invasions to armed robbery to murder.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Texans Are Still Armed, Home Invaders Still Getting Shot

This is becoming a “Dog bites man” story. Not really news. Homeowner shoots armed intruder at N. Houston home | khou.com

Police say the homeowner was sitting with another man on their front porch when two suspects allegedly approached with shotguns. The suspects fired at the men, so the homeowner pulled out a gun of his own and shot one of the intruders. The second suspect fled the scene.

The case is under investigation, but self-defense is a human-right.

I Thought That Cooperation Was the Key to Safety

Violent criminals don’t stop being violent criminals because you are cowering in fear. Police: Store clerk shot after giving cash to robber in NE Houston | abc13.com

The suspect demanded money, and when he was given the cash, he opened fire on the clerk.

Giving bad guys “what they want” is not a guarantee of safety; it is a strategy for dealing with violent criminals. A strategy that sadly has a lot of flaws.

A gun in the hands of this clerk or in the hands of one of the customers in the store may not have changed the outcome. There are no guarantees in this life.

Defense of Family

A violent home-invasion ended by a good guy with a gun coming to the defense of his family. Neighbor shoots, kills would-be robber, injures another in…

The headline says “neighbor,” but the article says uncle. Could you defend your nephews?

Four men invade a home and demand money. Tie up and beat the family. They tie a 10-year-old girl to a chair. They attack a friend who arrives at the wrong time, but it attracts the attention of the uncle/neighbor.

The man said his uncle, who lives next door, heard the commotion and opened fire on the group of men, killing one and shooting another in the leg.

Two other men ran away. Police said they do not have a descriptions of the men.

Mother, father, twin 19-year-old brothers and a 10-year-old sister were saved.

The family [the Garcia family] said the men spoke both English and Spanish and sounded like they were from Central America.

Would-be Home-invaders Still Haven’t Gotten the Memo about Texas Homeowners

Texans are heavily armed. Homeowner shoots, wounds would-be burglar – Houston Chronicle

Silva [a spokeswoman for the Houston Police Department] said the homeowner, whose name has not been released, was with his wife in their guest house when they heard a commotion outside. A man, who was later identified as Shepherd, had climbed over a fence into the couple’s yard and was trying to break into the guest house.

Silva said the homeowner grabbed a gun and fired two shots at Shepherd, wounding him in the arm and leg. Shepherd then crawled beneath the homeowner’s parked pickup.

He came out from under the truck once the police arrived. He was taken to the local hospital, were he is under arrest.

They Suffered a Failure of the Victim-selection Process

The walked around the neighborhood a couple of times before settling on a father and son to rob. Teen shot, another hurt after attempted robbery in east Houston

According to investigators, it appeared the teens were trying to rob the two. One of the teens raised a gun at the residents, causing the son to pull out his gun and open fire.

Both were hit. One died at the hospital. The other ran home, where his parents called 911 when they realized he’d been shot.

Texans are pretty heavily armed. So this outcome is not really all that surprising. And, as we have been reminded recently, Texas is a state that applies the felony-murder laws.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Texans Are Still Armed. Bad Guys Still Haven’t Gotten the Memo

He tried to break into a home, and got shotgun blast to the torso for his efforts. Homeowner shoots suspect breaking into SE Houston home

When the husband heard the burglar breaking in, he grabbed a shotgun and shot the man, who then fled from the home.

So lucky this guy. He is expected to survive. Shotguns often do a lot of damage.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Smoked Goblin? Aisle 5

Texans are armed and robbers are getting shot. (You would think the bad guys would have gotten that memo by now.) Store clerk shoots, kills one of two suspects during NW Houston robbery

Police say two suspects arrived at a convenience store just after 10 p.m. Saturday night in the 4300 block of West 34th Street near Mangum Road. They say the suspects were wearing ski masks and held employees at gunpoint while demanding money from the register.

Authorities say one of the employees from the back of the store walked out to the front armed with a gun and exchanged gunfire with one of the suspects.

One bad guy died at the scene. The other guy ran like a rabbit.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

Texans are still armed and home invaders are still getting shot. Texas Homeowner Kills Burglar in Act

The bad-guy was in the daughter’s room when the family came home. He had a knife and started fighting with the several family members. It didn’t end well for him.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0. Self-defense is a human-right.

Texans Are Still Armed…

Two stories from Texas today that reinforce the notion that Texans are armed, and home invaders are getting shot.

This first story is from Dallas. Man Shot By Homeowner After Attempted Break-In

Authorities say that a man tried to break into a home and was shot by the owner of the house.

The suspect and another man were found a few blocks away and were taken into custody by police.

The second story is from Houston. Police: Homeowner shoots, kills man trying to kick in his door in southeast Houston | abc13.com

Houston police tell us two men had an argument earlier in the day when one of the men returned and tried to kick in the other man’s door.

The homeowner shot the man and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Self-defense is a human right.

Texans are Still Armed… or How Should a 65-yr-old Defend Himself?

Would-be burglar meets armed homeowner. In Texas. HPD: Homeowner shoots burglary suspect in head

He came into his yard to discover an unknown person using a ladder to scale his fence.

He had been burglarized several times in the past year.

He shot the would-be-bad-guy in the head.

Sr. Ofc. Huff says there are no charges pending against the homeowner.

Relatives/friends of the guy who got shot are shocked and appalled because, “he doesn’t do stuff like this.”

If you break into homes you will eventually find an armed homeowner. Don’t be surprised at the results.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.