Hurricane Michael

Is just about to make landfall. .

This is a big, well-organized storm. (The Panama City news station that I’m watching has better access than I do, but this image isn’t bad.) Click on the image for a larger version.

If I saw this coming at me, I wouldn’t be sticking around. Even if I had to drive to Chicago to stay with family.

The people who run our satellite services keep trying to hide the satellite data. But I managed to find some. (Most of my hurricane bookmarks are broken just in the past month or 2. Because what would web designers do, if they didn’t change things all the time?)

Update: One of the Panama City news stations I’ve been watching, just lost their feed from downtown Panama City. They heard a loud noise – like a roof collapsing or something – and went off the air.


Never Underestimate the Power of Human Stupidity

A “little nervous” when a category 4 tropical storm is bearing down on you. Ky. Woman Living On PCB Decides To Stay During Hurricane. (That is Panama City Beach.)

I hope she is OK, I really do, but you should not be “a little nervous” about a category 4 storm. You should be motivated to get out of the way. (How hard would it be to have driven 100 miles inland, or go stay with relatives? Granted, it would be VERY difficult to find a hotel room.)

Young and her boyfriend decided not to evacuate from their fifth floor Panama City Beach apartment head of landfall.

“I feel very, very safe. If I were on ground level, I would not be here at all.”

As long as the building doesn’t collapse, they could be OK. But look what happened in Mississippi when category 4 storm Katrina made landfall in Biloxi. (Katrina didn’t hit New Orleans. The levees failed due to rain.)

So this person from Kentucky is “prepared for the aftermath.” I’m sure that’s what a lot of people have said over the years.