Media Bias? What Media Bias?

And there’s no UN bias either. Or something. Retractions issued after media cites UN expert who accredited statistic to Trump admin.

The statistics in question were of migrant-child detention numbers. A U.N. expert for the Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty claimed the Trump administration detained nearly 100,000 migrant children. However, the following day, Nowak, issued a correction to his statement saying the 100,000 figure was from 2015, during the Obama administration.

Because they couldn’t wait to jump on the Trump administration… But it’s funny how when these detentions were actually going on (in 2015) it wasn’t a news item. I guess Democrats get a pass on everything.

And as usual, the Babylon Bee has an interesting take on the, “Sorry, this was 2015” kerfuffle.

Photos of Illegal Alien Detention Centers from 2014

Remind me, who was in the White House in 2014? Here Are The Photos Of Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Detention Facilities The Media Won’t Show You

I have tried to stay away from this topic, because like so much else, the discussion is insane.

Photos of border detention facilities from the Obama-era, taken during 2014, look nearly identical to the ones taken during the Trump era.

You never see them, however. Here they are, taken in 2014 during a media tour of Obama-era detention facilities in Brownsville, Texas, and Nogales, Arizona.

We don’t see the stories from the Obama administration, because the current kerfuffle is the answer to “What do we do, now that the Russia probe is imploding?” Which is a stupid question on its own.

Just click thru for the photos.