Meanwhile in The People’s Republic of Illinois…

What happens when you try to solve decades of bad management by squeezing the taxpayers left in the state? They leave. Why Is Illinois Hemorrhaging Residents?.

Taxes are up and going higher, because for decades politicians in Illinois promised stuff to the unions (teachers, cops, fire, whatever) but never bothered to fund those promises. And the bill is finally coming due.

Vincent Flaska wanted to expand his forklift manufacturing business in 2015. He could have either kept Hoist Liftruck in Illinois, where the company was based since 1994, or moved it just over the Indiana border to East Chicago.

He chose Indiana.

“The environment that has been created in Illinois is not supportive of those blue-collar jobs,” he said.

With the move, Flaska saved $1.75 million annually on workers compensation insurance and an additional $1.5 million on state taxes

Without jobs, there will be no one to pay the taxes. So then the politicians in Illinois will raise the rates higher in hopes of generating revenue. Rinse repeat. (Hat tip to Second City Cop.)


In the Least Surprising News of the Day, Democratic Mayor of Chicago to Raise Taxes

Because you can’t cut expenses. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: ‘No question’ city will need more tax money from residents.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Wednesday said there’s “no question” residents will need to pay more in taxes or fees to plug a looming city budget shortfall estimated at more than $700 million.

Sales tax is over 10 percent in Chicago, or it was the last time I was there. And the city lot wanted to charge me $21 per hour park next to the Art Institute.

And to be fair, a lot of things – mostly pensions – she can’t cut, not without declaring bankruptcy.

Emmanuel raised property taxes $588 million, and also raised water/sewer bills $233 million. The middle class is (once again) abandoning Chicago, for the somewhat lower tax suburbs at least.

So will squeezing harder actually result in any net revenue? When the wealthy start to leave, then the city will enter a financial free-fall.

Self-defense in The People’s Republic of Chicago

I know this is late. I probably need to update my news feeds. Concealed carry holder kills man with gun.

A concealed-carry holder shot and killed someone who approached him with a gun May 27 in Little Village on the Southwest Side.

He shot the guy in the head, and it took him 3 days to die.

Self-defense is a human-right, and even in Chicago, it might be your legal right. (Though when this article was published, the investigation was still underway.)

Even in The People’s Republic of Chicago, Self-defense Works

Don’t expect the Gun-hating Left to admit that. Concealed carry holder shoots back, wounds 2 gunmen in Chicago.

Two guys walk up to a car and start shooting. They hit an innocent bystander first.

The license holder was seated in a vehicle about 2:15 p.m. when at least two men came up and started shooting, Chicago police said.

The gunfire hit a 22-year-old man standing outside the man’s car in the 6200 block of South Justine, police said. The concealed carry holder stepped out of the vehicle, took out his own weapon and shot two men.

Hat tip to Second City Cop, who says…

these CCL people ought to be getting Special Junior Police Badges and a coupon for ammo and range hours:

Would-be Burglar Shot in the Butt

I’d like to say, “That’s Karma, Chicago-style,” but the whole legal self-defense thing is still a new idea in the Windy City. Homeowner shoots burglar in butt, Chicago police say.

Guy breaks into a home in Chicago.

A homeowner, 39, confronted the man and shot him in the buttocks, police said. The homeowner was not injured and has a valid FOID [Firearms Owner’s ID] card. No one else was inside the residence at the time.

So even in the People’s Republic of Chicago, self-defense works. And it’s a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Think “The System” Will Protect You? Not in Cook County

Not anywhere, really, but Cook County seems to be doubling down on the “We won’t protect victims of domestic violence” stance. Domestic violence victims face risk of being attacked again following Cook County reforms, a Tribune investigation found. Not that the system did such a wonderful job before the “reform.”

So bail reform. It isn’t fair to keep people in jail before their trial. (Innocent until proved guilty.) Even if they are a known threat to someone.

One guy set his girlfriend’s garage on fire with a Molotov cocktail. The 2nd beat up his wife when a judge reduced his bond.

A third woman was attacked by her ex-boyfriend at least five times in 18 months, but he never spent more than 17 days at a time in jail until prosecutors finally charged him with a felony after he racked up five cases and probation violations.

Those are just three anecdotes. The numbers are a lot higher than that.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx (or as Second City Cop calls her, Crimeshea), says the Tribune should have used her department’s web site/information portal, even though it doesn’t allow for the level of reporting done in this story, and only considers felonies to begin with.

More info on that 3rd case:

Brandon Miles was arrested five times in 18 months on charges he stalked and beat his ex-girlfriend Tasha Blanchard. But prosecutors didn’t charge Miles with a felony until December

He plead to misdemeanors, and time served, so the attorneys could just make the case go away. If he had managed to kill that woman, they would have been at least partly to blame. (At least in my eyes, but probably not before the law.)

If you are expecting “The System” to protect you, wake up. If you need an order of protection, then you need a plan for your personal safety because the courts and the lawyers are not going to do much, and the cops are never going to get to you to prevent bad things from happening. That just isn’t how the world works. (Usually the victim, or someone else, calls 911 after the attack has begun. Or maybe after it has ended.)

Just When You Thought the Jussie Smollett Case Was Over…

It starts up again. Kim Foxx subpoenaed to appear at hearing on Smollett special prosecutor request.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has been subpoenaed to appear in court as a lawyer seeks the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Foxx’s handling of the Jussie Smollett case.

Retired appellate judge Sheila O’Brien, who filed the petition for a special prosecutor, also filed a subpoena for Foxx’s top deputy, Joseph Magats, and another document requesting Jussie Smollett appear at the hearing.

Because this whole thing smells of a backroom deal.

And the Tribune has an opinion-piece (by former ASA) on how the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office is basically a train-wreck under Foxx.

Today, however, it is clear that a discussion of Foxx’s qualifications was important. Her inexperience, poor judgment and misaligned sense of ethics — not her race — have led to the state of mistrust we endure today.

Hat tip to Second City Cop for both of these links.