Some People Have Difficulty With the “Ex” Part of Ex-boyfriend

The “How dare you live without me!” attitude never works out in the long run. Police: ‘Domestic situation’ leads to man’s deadly shooting in east side home.

Friends and witnesses who live in the home say an ex-boyfriend broke into the house and tried to kill his ex-girlfriend. That’s when the intruder was shot and killed.

Police would only confirm the case appears to involve a domestic relationship.

The investigation continues, but self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Self-defense Is Legal in Indiana

Though prosecutors hate that. Jury finds Gary auto lot owner not guilty of murder, intimidation.

While I don’t have a particular problem with the DA trying this case, I do have a problem with some of his arguments. Well, one argument.

Square was found with a pistol in his back jeans pocket. Prosecutors alleged he never took the gun out of his pocket, and no round was ever put in the chamber, so it wouldn’t make sense that Square threatened Ocampo with it.

As if no one in the world ever threatened anyone with an empty gun, or a fake gun, or no gun at all.

Anyway I don’t think there was ever really a chance to overcome “reasonable doubt,” but that doesn’t mean that prosecutors aren’t going to try, because Justice takes a back seat to winning.

Self-defense and Don’t Talk to Police in One Story

You have the right to shut up. EPD: Fatal shooting behind Sportsman’s being investigated as possible self defense.

Because of the convoluted nature of our legal system, you can’t just remain quite, it’s my understanding (I’m not a lawyer) that you need to actually say something, like you would like to talk to them, but you are going to wait to confer with your attorney before answering questions as is your right under the 5th Amendment.

One witness, an employee on break at the restaurant, reported seeing a man fall to the ground and being beaten up before shots were fired.

The “shooter” (victim?) was taken to a local hospital.

Police are not releasing the identity of the man with the gun because he is the subject of an ongoing investigation. The man has not spoken to police, invoking his fifth amendment rights, Cullum said.

As for not talking to the police… The video below is worth watching, particularly if you carry a concealed weapon, but really for everyone.

I love this video. A lawyer (and maybe a law-school professor, certainly he is speaking at a law school) tells you why you should never talk to police. The first 7 minutes contain some laughs that are also worth your time, and the whole thing is less than 30 minutes, and includes all of your reasons why talking to the police is OK in your case, and why those reasons are wrong. Really 100 percent wrong.

Cops STILL Haven’t Realized They Are on Video

This happened at a high school. Where 99.9999% of the population has a cellphone. So his actions got recorded. Indianapolis cop charged with punching teen in face, lying about it.

He did some stuff to a student (who was never charged with a crime) and then he wrote a report and signed it. That makes it “an official action.” There is just one problem.

“These statements are believed to be false and contrary to video evidence, which appears to show Officer Lawson striking the juvenile with a closed fist and continuing to use force, including a knee strike to the juvenile’s abdomen or chest area.”

Because of course there is video. And that video contradicts his official report. So he’s charged with 3 felonies, including perjury, and misdemeanor battery. Felony stupidity is not among the charges filed.

Is it so hard to fathom that video is everywhere? In a place like Indianapolis, in a place like a high school people have cellphones and cellphone cameras, and about 2 seconds after a cop starts “interacting” with someone, people will be taking video of the encounter, and the longer it goes on, the more video there will be. Oh, and if the cops try to confiscate the phones/cameras, there will be video of that as well. This didn’t just happen yesterday, it has been the case for years.

Another Local Municipality Makes Ransomware Payment

I’m sure the taxpayers are just fine with the $130K payment. La Porte County Pays $130,000 Ransom To Ryuk Ransomware.

Another public administration in the U.S. surrenders cybercriminal demands as La Porte County, Indiana, pays $130,000 to recover data on computer systems impacted by ransomware.

The attack occurred on Saturday, July 6 and was spotted before it propagated to all the computer on the network. The IT department reacted was able to confine it to less than 7% of the laptops.

Actually insurance covered 100K leaving the $30,000 to be picked up by taxpayers. Though if it was only laptops, then the question is, “What was on those laptops, why wasn’t anything critical on servers and backed-up?”

The other question is, “How long is insurance going to continue to pay out on this kind of things?”

He Suffered a Failure of the Victim-selection Process

He thought having a gun made him the most dangerous person in the confrontation. Terre Haute cab driver shoots 17-year-old accused in armed robbery attempt, does not currently face charges.

That wins the award for the least clearly written headline I’ve seen this year. The 17-year-old is accused of armed robbery. The cab driver does not face charges.

According to the Terre Haute Police Department, a cab driver from First Choice Cab picked up Young in downtown Terre Haute and drove him to Greenwood Manor to drop him off.

That is when Young allegedly pulled a gun on the driver and tried to rob him.

Police say the cab driver pulled out a gun and shot Young.

The guy who got shot was picked up by the cops and taken to a local hospital, where he is expected to be OK.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in Indiana it is your legal right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

A Domestic-violence Death All The Usual Suspects Will Ignore

Because while they don’t like domestic violence, they hate and despise self-defense. Woman Claims Self Defense In Shooting Death Of Dustin Abel.

Ex-husband acting in typical stalker-fashion was around in the morning. She called police in the morning, saying that she was afraid of him, but there was nothing the police could do. Then he returned later in the morning.

Police say Abel died from a single gunshot wound to the head as he rushed through the door of the home just before 10:30 a.m.

No charges have been filed, but the case is still being investigated.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in Indiana, it is also your legal right.

Domestic-violence and Self-defense

This is how guns can help victims. Woman shoots man in self defense.

Upon arrival, officers learned of a verbal domestic dispute which escalated to a physical altercation. According to police, during the fight, a man pointed a handgun at a woman. Then, she used her own firearm to shoot him because she said she feared for her life. The woman stayed at the home while the male got a ride to IU Health Methodist Hospital suffering from at least one gun shot wound.

Without the means of self-defense – namely, firearms – the small would be at the mercy of the large, the weak at the mercy of the strong, … That list can be quite long.

Self-defense is a human-right, and the cops are investigating this as self-defense.

He Suffered a Failure of the Victim-selection Process

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed homeowner. No one will be surprised at what happens next. Police: Homeowner shot home invasion suspect on southeast side.

Police say a home invasion suspect was shot by a homeowner early Friday.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Darwin Award Winner of the Week

The beautiful thing is the safe was empty when he was trying to steal it. Indiana Man Finds Burglar Crushed by 900-Pound Safe in His Home.

The homeowner was checking his property—located about 70 miles north of Indianapolis—to determine what had been stolen after the robbery and was “cleaning the clutter in his garage.” That’s when Hollingsworth discovered his safe—which was suspended by a floor jack—had been knocked over.

“Upon further inspection Mr. Hollingsworth found a body lying underneath the safe,” the police said.

Karma is a bitch.