So This Is the State of American Democracy

I feel like I’m living in the world described by the movie Network, it just isn’t all about the TV broadcasts. ‘Dark Psychic Forces’ 2020.

but last night in the CNN debate, [Marianne Williamson] got the biggest applause of the night with her advocacy of slavery reparation and her line blaming Trump’s success on “dark psychic forces”

So it wasn’t Russian manipulation of Google and F*c*book, it wasn’t collusion with the folks working for the Trump campaign, it was the wizards conjuring dark forces, or something. I can hardly wait for the Congressional investigation into that.

Was Someone Delusional Enough to Base a Life on Sex And The City?

Apparently the answer is yes, and she’s disappointed that things haven’t worked out quite the way she expected. The Sad Lesson of a Former ‘Fame Whore’ (Or, Why Slut-Shaming Is a Good Thing).

Fiction – and especially absurdist comedy – is not supposed to be a life map.

This, and is noted in the link above, is a case of internet fame going completely wrong.

“Easy come, easy go,” as they say, and Julia Baugher was notoriously easy. The young carousel riders never seem to figure out why promiscuity is a bad bet until it’s too late to retrieve their lost fortunes. Youth is a valuable commodity, and racking up a long list of ex-boyfriends (e.g., Men’s Health editor Dave Zinczenko, tech entrepreneur Jakob Lodwick) is not the smart way to invest such an asset. Feminists who rant against “slut-shaming” are like carnival barkers for sexual dysfunction. There is a reason why sluts are shamed, after all, because promiscuous young women are the supply of “free milk” that makes men reluctant to buy cows, as the old adage goes. Why should a tech entrepreneur or a magazine editor in New York City find a nice girl and get married, when every spring brings a new crop of 23-year-old hotties to town, eager to make the same kind of foolish mistakes young Julia Baugher made?

And she didn’t just try to live the life of SATC. She wrote a sex column at Georgetown University. And then for supermarket tabloid The Star. Things look a bit different of course from the far side of 30.

Now of course Ms. Baugher is confused as to why she can’t seem to find a husband, and start a family. Even after 8 years of trying to trap someone. That is a fairly accurate description of her attempt of to wed John Sidney “Jack,” McCain IV (at least in my First Amendment Protected opinion – her father is a lawyer after all.)

There is also Chateau Heartiste with The Cock Carouseler’s Lament, which is brutal in its honesty.

In a self-aggrandizing confessional, she blames a TV show produced by gay men that glamorized the lifestyle of the barren urban slut for leading her down the Plan B path.

This is a cautionary tale in some ways, but it is also pretty much a sign of the times. And based on the recent utterances of high-school and college “students” things are not likely to get much better anytime soon.

First It Was Tide Pods, Now It’s the “Hot Coil” Challenge

But they should totally dictate policy around the 2nd Amendment. Hot Coil Challenge: The Dumb And Dangerous New Internet Fad « CBS Tampa

Maybe we should pass a law outlawing stupid.

The “Hot Coil Challenge” reportedly requires the foolish participant to press their bare arm against the red hot coils of an active stove top and then posting the proof of their injuries online.


USA Today Loses Twitter (and it’s mind)

Chainsaw Bayonet OK Twitter is usually pretty entertaining. And the mainstream media’s understanding (or lack thereof) of all things firearm related can be entertaining. When you apply one to the other, it is downright synergistic.

USA Today, in it’s fine tradition of journalism about guns, decided to take a look at the Ruger version of the AR-15 that was used in the latest shooting in Texas.

While they get it MOSTLY right, they include a reference to a “Chainsaw Bayonet,” which do exist – but mostly as a joke for fans of Gears of War, or The Walking Dead.

Since you can bolt pretty much anything to the front of an AR-15, yes, you can bolt on a chainsaw. Why you would want to as anything but a joke… or a reference to The Army of Darkness isn’t clear to anyone. Least of all USA Today. The denizens of Twitter immediately responded, as they are wont to do in these circumstances, with the hashtag, #ChainsawBayonet. Everything from velociraptors to “Fully Functioning” Deathstars are shown bolted to the AR-15.

USA Today did offer a clarification.

To clarify, the video shows both the shooter’s modifications, as well as other possible modifications. The shooter did not use a chainsaw bayonet.

The full video is below.

As noted, you can bolt just about anything to the front of an AR-15. You could bolt a Table saw to the front of a rifle and it would be only slightly less useful than the chainsaw version.