Father Defends His Son

Which is exactly what parents are supposed to do. Police: Armed dad stops man from stealing truck with 10-year-old son inside.

And the son locked the doors to the truck, when he saw the guy coming towards him.

“He’s kind of down low, goes to pull up, looks in (and) sees my son,” Ratkovich said. “I come around the corner without any hesitation from my Alien Gear Holster pulled and told him to get on the ground.”

Ratkovich pointed his gun the moment he spotted Six trying to get inside his pickup truck.

The dad told the miscreant to get on the ground, there were a couple of instances where he could have legally fired his weapon, but he didn’t and the cops eventually showed up. (only minutes.) They arrested the guy who had a long criminal history, and had walked away from work-release.

Ratkovich said he and his son went fishing after they finished talking with police but caught nothing more than a small bluegill.

Self-defense is a human-right.


Electric Cars, Cold Weather, and Emergencies

Three things that do not do well together. An electric car can’t fully replace a gas-powered car in my world.

So recently I was at a graduation party for the son of a friend. (It was more like 2 parties, one of high-school kids, one of adults.) One of the neighbors had recently purchased a Tesla, and so someone else came up with a Tesla-cold-weather-driving story. After enjoying the schadenfreude, I went on a search for info about Tesla’s performance in cold weather.

Here’s the situation. You are driving to see family. Your young child develops a medical emergency. So you need to divert from your intended destination to an urgent care, then to the local hospital, and then to a regional hospital. Now for part of that time, the kid was traveling by ambulance, but that isn’t the point. The point is, sometimes plans, destinations, and expected driving distances need to change. Without regard for the nearest charging station.

Here’s the meat of the issue.

We can breathlessly talk about driving range, but neither that nor more chargers would have erased my anxiety—the anxiety of a parent who can’t spare extra minutes because his kid needs to get to the hospital.

Other situations where driving distance is an issue… Evacuation ahead of a hurricane in Florida. Evacuation ahead of the Camp Fire in Paradise, California. I’m sure you can think of others, while playing along on the home version of “Situations where charging time can be deadly.”

The whole thing is well written, and not terribly long. I encourage you to go read the whole thing. Here is the detailed account of what happened to that family at Christmas, driving to see family.

After further discussion and tests at Allen Hospital, it was clear Seth had intussusception—his intestines had folded onto themselves, and nobody could do the more complicated procedure on a toddler at the small-town hospital. I immediately wanted to go north, back to Minneapolis to get him care from doctors we knew and trusted, or at least head north and go to The Mayo Clinic. From that point, that would’ve asked an electric car to cover at least 339 miles, or at most 446 miles in the dead of Iowa winter. Waterloo, Iowa, isn’t far and has electric-car charging, but waiting at a Level 2 charger to charge over hours, at a trickle, wasn’t an option when every minute counts.

Self-defense In Iowa

If you break into homes, you will eventually find an armed homeowner. What happens then will surprise no one. Police: Man dies of gunshot wounds after Sioux City home invasion.

After an altercation in one house, this guy jumps out of a 2nd story window, and runs a short distance, and then breaks into a second house. He meets an armed homeowner in that second house.

Cut by the broken glass and leaving a blood trail, he ran through alleys, and then broke into the home at 1321 24th St. at about 8:30 a.m., police Det. John Sanders said. The intruder reportedly struggled with a male homeowner, who was armed with a gun to protect himself.

A single shot was fired. The home-invader was taken to a local hospital, where he died from his wound.

It is quite a long article, including a definition of “Stand Your Ground,” the law in Iowa since 2017, and a short discussion of reasonable force.

Self-defense is a human-right.

CSI: Des Moines?

Well, maybe not. Hey, technology is wonderful. With new gear, Des Moines police arrest robbery suspect by linking casings to firearm.

An Ankeny man has been charged after shell casings found at a robbery were linked to a handgun he possessed, the first arrest made with newly installed equipment to assist Des Moines police in solving gun crimes sooner, authorities said

So does this mean that Des Moines is a bigger city than I think it is, or is the technology for forensic science (and in particular, ballistics) just getting cheaper?

He Really Needed to Get Over the Failed Relationship

Because the way he was going about things didn’t work out so well. Police: Shooting death was “Lawful Self-Defense”, No Charges Filed.

Someone damaged her new partner’s car tire. They were in the driveway considering the damage. “It looked intentional.” That’s when the ex showed up, despite the existence of a restraining order. (Court orders are just a piece of paper.)

Police say Wheeler forced his way into the home and began to physically assault the other man. The assault stopped briefly, and then started back up. As that assault continued, the man fired one shot from his lawfully-owned handgun. Wheeler was hit in the abdomen.

He died in a local hospital. Cops are calling it an act of self-defense.

Violent stalkers. Crazy ex-boyfriends. They are not stopped by a piece of paper, and when the SHTF the cops are minutes away. (It doesn’t say in the story, but likely no one called 911 until after the shot was fired. When was there time?)

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Iowa Gets “Stand Your Ground” and More

More 2nd Amendment rights are recognized in Iowa. Branstad hails Iowa’s new ‘significant…pro-Second Amendment’ law (AUDIO)

The new law’s “stand your ground” provisions will shield Iowans from lawsuits or criminal charges if they shoot to defend life or property, not just in their own homes, but anywhere they are legally permitted to be. That part of the bill takes effect July 1.

People from any state with a permit to carry a concealed weapon will be able to take it into the state capitol after July 1st, too.

There are more provisions.

Congratulations to the folks in Iowa and the legislature who worked to make these changes.

He Was Released from Jail for Violating a Protection Order, So of Course…

He went back and violated the same protection order, and committed assault, and may have shot out a glass door. $90,000 cash bond set for man shot by Oxford homeowner after alleged assault

The sheriff’s office said Kahler entered the residence without permission to do so, went into the basement and confronted the protected party. Authorities said Kahler then began breaking things and screaming for his belongings.

The protected party went upstairs to show Kahler where his possessions were and he hit the woman across the face, police said. Another woman in the residence attempted to intervene and Kahler pushed her against a dishwasher and kicked the woman while she was on the ground, the complaints state.

After this fine-upstanding example of manhood beat up 2 women, he was ejected from the residence by the homeowner. At that point the glass door shattered. Since the homeowner thought he heard a gunshot, he grabbed his shotgun.

The homeowner then grabbed a shotgun and confronted Kahler, the sheriff’s office said. When Kahler allegedly made an “aggressive move” toward the homeowner, the homeowner shot the man in the leg with bird shot, authorities said.

Some of this is still under investigation, but after he got out of the hospital, he was hauled back to jail. If convicted of everything he is charged with, be may be in that jail for 20 years.