Israel and Bahrain Establish Diplomatic Ties

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Peace moves forward. The media and the Left (but I repeat myself) will ignore this. Bahrain, Israel formalize diplomatic ties

Israel and Bahrain have signed an agreement to establish formal diplomatic ties following U.S.-brokered negotiations, paving the way toward the signing of a peace treaty.

The establishment diplomatic core hasn’t been able to do much in the Middle East for more than 50 years. I wonder what changed all of a sudden?

Twitter Apparently Supports Genocide

I thought the Left was supposed to be intolerant of intollerance. Twitter defends blocking Trump tweets but not Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei.

Apparently Twitter’s outrage doesn’t extend to antisemitism.

A Twitter spokeswoman has defended the company’s decision to block and restrict tweets from President Trump but not those of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei which call for genocide of the Israeli people.

The reason? Because the Iranian dictator’s tweets pass as “commentary on political issues of the day” while Trump’s could “inspire harm,” Twitter claims.

So calling for the elimination of Israel, by the leader of a country with ties to terrorism, won’t inspire harm. OK Twitter, tell us what you really think of Jews.

And they say the Nazis are in the White House? Take a look in the F-ing mirror.

Hat tip to both Don Surber – Big Tech works for Red China and Wombat-socho –
In The Mailbox: 07.31.20.

Who Will Turn This Down? The BDS Idiots?

Though I’m sure the CDC/NIH/FDA/EIEIO will delay its release in this country. For safety. Israeli scientists: ‘In a few weeks, we will have coronavirus vaccine’.

Once the vaccine is developed, it will take at least 90 days to complete the regulatory process and potentially more to enter the marketplace.

Hat tip.

UN Publishes Blacklist of Companies to Boycott

Why are we still part of this disaster? UN blacklist crushes cooperation that actually boosts Israeli-Palestinian ties.

If you have doubts about whether or not the UN is actually antisemitic, consider the following.

In 2018, while the Bashar al-Assad regime was gassing its own women and children, and thousands of civilians were dying in a vicious civil war, the council passed only two condemnations directed at the Syrian regime — but five directed at the Jewish state. Incidentally, Israel was delivering aid to refugees of that conflict at the time.

Useless Nitwits.

Terrorist Stabs 16-year-old Boy in the Back

Don’t expect to see this covered in the US media. Doesn’t fit the narrative. Terrorist attacks two in Jerusalem’s Old City, gets shot by police- watch.

On Friday morning, a 19-year-old terrorist from the West Bank, who had allegedly come to the Temple Mount for Ramadan to pray, stabbed and critically wounded a 47-year-old man at Damascus Gate – which wasn’t captured in the video. Minutes later, while running through the Arab market, the terrorist stabbed the 16-year-old.

The Palestinian doing the stabbing was shot and killed by police.

Both stabbing victims are expected to survive.

Firebombing of Christian Broadcaster in Jerusalem.

Major Christian Broadcasting Studio In Jerusalem Destroyed in Arson Attack.

There are two competing theories.

Maayan Hoffman reported in the Jerusalem Post that police investigators are pursuing two possible motives behind the attack. The first theory is that the attack against a Christian facility in the Palestinian neighborhood, coming towards the end of the month-long Ramadan period is religious motivated.

The second theory police are pursuing is that the culprit was an Arab employee of an adjacent studio who recently became upset with some of the workers at the Daystar studio. Sharett told Jerusalem Post that the employee has not returned to work since the incident.

The mainstream American media’s coverage of this incident? Absolutely nothing. Media bias? What media bias?

Attacks on Jewish Children in Israel

Such a peaceful people… Arabs shoot fireworks at Jewish school children in Jerusalem.

Residents of the neighborhood of Maaleh HaZeitim, which along with Maalot David is home to over one hundred Jewish families just to the southeast of the Old City of Jerusalem, say Arab teens targeted elementary school-age children Tuesday morning, shooting fireworks at them from a distance of just several dozen yards.

The children targeted by the Arab teens fled the scene, and managed to avoid injury.

When local security guards approached the Arab teens, the attackers shot several fireworks at the guards before fleeing.

Absolutely no coverage in the Mainstream Media. Media bias? What media bias?

UK’s Guardian Newspaper No Longer Sees Any Terrorist-Palestinians

Terrorists kill Israelis? No mention of terror. Israelis kill terrorists? No mention of terror. Just poor Palestinians. Guardian headline omitting ‘terrorists’ sparks outrage in Israel.

Website of Britain’s left-wing Guardian paper says “Israelis and Palestinians killed in West Bank violence” without stating that the Palestinians were terrorist gunmen who deliberately targeted Israelis • Israel is fighting back against biased coverage.

But then the Guardian isn’t known for its balanced, unbiased coverage.

October 6, 1973: Israel Invaded

The Yom Kippur War: One of many wars that are forgotten by people who don’t pay attention. Which is just about everyone not in the military. 45 years ago – Yom Kippur War launched against Israel.

Which includes reference to

The famous battle for the Golan Heights in which a small group of Israeli tanks held off a Syrian armored force a hundred times their size. … The Heights of Courage (available for free online) by Avigdor Kahalani tells the story of the battle from the view of a participant. The battle also is the focus of the Prologue to Tom Clancy’s The Sum of All Fears:

Not the only war against Israel that is “forgotten.”

Jerry Seinfeld Goes to Israel, Hangs Out with the IDF, and Shoots Guns. People Have a Fit

The Left is unhinged. This week about Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld Shot Guns at an ‘Anti-Terror Fantasy Camp’ in the West Bank, And Lots of People Are Mad About It

The camp is Caliber 3, in the West Bank. The Jerusalem Post had this to say.

While courses tend to be geared toward professional military and security personnel, Caliber 3 is part of the growing “military tourism” trend in Israel and offers packages geared towards tourists and celebrities, with survival training, self-defense/ Krav Maga classes or clay target shooting. It also offers simulations of suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks.

So of course the Left has a fit. For all the expected reasons.

Because being trained in anti-terrorist attack strategies by the IDF must just be awful. </sarcasm>.

Terror Attack in Jerusalem isn’t Interesting Enough to Be Covered by MSM

The NYSlimes, the WaPo, et al seem to be ignoring this attack. Terrorist stabs two Border Policemen with screwdriver in Jerusalem – Arab-Israeli Conflict – Jerusalem Post

I guess Palestinian Terrorists attacking Jewish Police doesn’t reach the level of interesting for them.

Two Border Police officers are in light condition after being stabbed in the head and upper body with a screwdriver by an Arab terrorist near Lion’s Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday afternoon.

The terrorist has been ‘neutralized,’ (with extreme prejudice).

People (in the media) Seem Shocked That There is No Peace in the Mideast

I’m not sure when most of the folks in the media started paying attention, but there has been no peace in the Mideast since before the formation of the State of Israel. Look up the bombing of the King David Hotel, or Operation Black Sabbath (both in 1946) for examples.

The Washington Post seems confused. And this confusion confuses me, because as long as I can remember, the WaPo has been covering the West Bank, Gaza and Israel. Not to mention things like the war with Lebanon, or the wars (plural) with Egypt. Hamas, Israel signal unwillingness to compromise – The Washington Post. Maybe there is a new crew of reporters/editors. That must be it.

Let’s see… the way it went this time, is the way it has always gone. One side sees some issue, and they take an action. The other side responds. Eventually this leads to rockets being fired into Israel, and a response of Israeli air attacks, followed by ground attacks.

The stark assessments offered little hope for quick progress toward ending a 14-day-old conflict that has inflicted heavy costs on each side.

I also think that calling the conflict “14-days-old” is disingenuous at best. And a bold-faced lie, more likely. This conflict has been going on since at least the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. And maybe a bit longer than that. But hey, its the WaPo. If the conflict is only 14-days old, then it isn’t Obama’s fault he hasn’t settled things yet, it just got started…. Just you wait. But Gaza and the West Bank were added to Israel after the Six-Day War (1967) after the IDF defeated Egypt, Jordan and Syria (who were fighting with help from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Algeria, and others). So the conflict is at least that old. And there was a war in Gaza in 2008 and 2009. And a similar operation in Gaza in 2012 (Defensive Pillar). Continue reading

Is the Obama Administration Serious About Anything?

Aside from destroying capitalism, that is. Kerry warns US is evaluating role in Middle East peace talks | JPost | Israel News.

So the “Peace Process” has been going on since before Jimmy Carter was President, but because they haven’t made any progress in the 2 years (or less) that he has been Secretary of State, John Kerry is “losing patience.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday Washington was evaluating whether it was worth continuing its role in Middle East peace talks, signaling his patience with the Israelis and Palestinians was running out.

So this “process” has been going on for 40 years, and they are upset/petulant/whatever that they aren’t going to get to declare victory. (Why not? Carter declared “Victory” at Camp David in 1978 – look where that got us.) These people have no grasp of history. (If you doubt that, look at the situation in Crimea.)

I think Obama and Company really believed their propaganda, when they said if everyone liked Obama, then butterflies and unicorns would find a new home in a peaceful Middle East. What a shock it must be to their world-view to discover this isn’t the case.