Breaking The Law

Judas Priest is probably the quintessential heavy metal band in my mind. They came around during a time when I was caught up in Progressive Rock and Punk, and not too keen on Heavy Metal, though there were plenty of people around me that were into Metal at the time. They had songs and critical success before 1980, but in 1980 they went for financial success, and achieved it. The album British Steel, released in that year, was 34 on the Billboard top 200, and “Breaking The Law” was listed by VH1 as being the number 40 of the best Heavy Metal songs, and the 12th greatest hard rock song of all time.

This is “Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest from their 1980 album British Steel. I seem to remember an acquaintance saying something about this being the perfect song to listen to while exceeding the (incredibly fair) 55 MPH speed limit Jimmy Carter imposed on everyone. (When YouTube trips, and says the video is “Unavailable” use the link provided.)