The Haunting

Kamelot is a Tampa-Bay-Area based Power Metal group. In 2005 Ray Kahn was the lead singer. On today’s song he was joined by Simone Simons, soprano who usually is lead singer for the band Epica.

This is “The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)” by Kamelot featuring vocals by Simone Simons. It is from their 2005 album The Black Halo.

This album was rated as the #1 album of 2005 and #22 “of all time” by Metal Kingdom.

Veil Of Elysium

On Saturday, April 13th, I featured a sweet acoustic song by a band that usually is doing Heavy Metal. So for contrast, here is the original, Heavy Metal version of the song.

This song is “Veil Of Elysium” by Kamelot from their 2015 album Haven. It was the first single released ahead of the album. (Haven hit number 75 on Billboard’s 200 album chart, 6 on the Independent Album chart, and number 1 on the Hard Rock Album chart.)

“One day I know we will meet again”

Kamelot is Power Metal band out of the Tampa Bay Area, and I would usually feature one of their songs on Metal for Mondays, but this is an acoustic version of a song that I quite like. (I like the original, and I like this version.) I find there are a number of songs by Kamelot that disrupt the idea most people have of Heavy Metal bands. I will feature some more of them in the future, but let’s get on with it for now.

This is “Veil of Elysium (acoustic version)” from deluxe edition of the 2015 album Haven. YouTube will trip over the privacy extensions in your browser and tell you the video is unavailable. When that happens use the link above.

You can find the lyrics at this link.

Under Grey Skies

For a change of pace, I thought I would feature a power ballad from one of my favorite Heavy Metal bands, Kamelot. When the only choice in musical selection was FM radio, power ballads were one hope that Heavy Metal bands had of breaking into the mainstream. And a lot of them ended up in the playlists from a lot of High School Proms.

This song is “Under Grey Skies” from the 2015 album Haven by Kamelot. It features vocals by Charlotte Wessels of Delain. The combination of Ms. Wessels’ vocals with Tommy Karevik’s voice is quite appealing.

Mindfall Remedy

Can’t get enough Power Metal. And so we have more Kamelot, a Tampa Bay area Power Metal band.

This is “Mindfall Remedy” featuring Lauren Hart, from Kamelot’s new album, The Shadow Theory. Maybe not so new, as it came out in April of this year. Lauren Hart is lead singer for Once Human, a Los Angeles area Melodeath band. (This is not the Lauren Hart who sings prior to Philadelphia Flyers games.) This Lauren Hart does the Death Metal, death growl.

If YouTube gives you grief about embedded videos (probably over ad-blockers and the like) use the link above.

March of Mephisto

The Black Halo is a concept album from Tampa-Bay-Area Power Metal band, Kamelot. The album is based on Goethe’s Faust. The Black Halo is actually Part 2. Part 1 is told in the earlier album Epica. It seems that the various divisions of Heavy Metal have taken up the concept album baton from Progressive Rock.

This is “March of Mephisto” featuring vocals by Shagrath, from the 2005 album The Black Halo by Kamelot.

Ghost Opera (Part 2)

Continuing an idea from last Monday, we have more Kamelot. Kamelot is Tampa-Bay-Area power metal band. Their music often surprises people who are not familiar with the the current state of Heavy Metal. The extensive use of violins throws people off.

Last week we had the 2 opening songs to the 2007 album Ghost Opera, “Solitude” and “Rule the World.”

Today we have the 3rd song on the album, “Ghost Opera.” (It came out in 2007.)

Ghost Opera (Part 1)

Kamelot is Tampa-Bay-Area power metal band. Their music often sounds Symphonic to me. Their music often turns folks ideas of what is a Heavy Metal band upside down. (People don’t expect a Heavy Metal band to make extensive use of violins.)

Case in point, the 2007 album Ghost Opera. The opening to the album is “Solitare/Rule the World” (These are listed as 2 songs, though you would be hard pressed to say where exactly “Rule the World” starts. Together these 2 songs open the album, Ghost Opera in true album form; they start slowly and build.

Next Monday we will visit the song that comes after these 2, “Ghost Opera.”

Liar Liar

This song is unusual for a couple of reasons. First, it isn’t very often that you get to hear Alissa White-Gluz’ regular singing voice, when she isn’t doing the Death Metal, Death Growl. (She’s the current lead singer of the Melodeath band Arch Enemy.) Second, when you have clear ringing vocals coupled with someone doing the death growl (Alissa is growling in some of this song) in Symphonic or Gothic Metal, it is usually styled as “Beauty and the Beast.” (Though it doesn’t have be growling…) But the roles are reversed here.

This is “Liar Liar” by Kamelot (a Tampa-Bay area Power Metal band) from their 2015 album, Haven. This line-up features the clear vocals of Tommy Karevik, who was originally from Sweden. This song also features vocals by Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy. She is singing naturally, as well as doing her signature Death Growl. Overall it works. (And the video isn’t bad, as videos go.)

Center of the Universe

Power Metal always sounds Symphonic to me, but I guess to be really Symphonic Metal you need at least 1 female lead singer. (Kamelots Ghost Opera album often sounds, well, operatic to me.)

This is Kamelot – a Tampa Bay Area Power Metal Band. “Center of the Universe” is from their 2003 album Epica. Clean, clear vocals from Roy Khan, (no screaming and no growling) a requisite number of guitar riffs… what isn’t to love?