He Thought Robbing a Cellphone Store Was a Good Idea

He was wrong. Police identify robbery suspect shot by phone store clerk in Overland Park.

A man had entered the store, displayed a firearm and demanded items, police said. When the man jumped over the counter, the store clerk shot him.

He died at the scene.

Self-defense is a human-right.


Teenager or Adult? The Media Seems Confused

He got shot, so it is much more anti-gun to say he was a teenager. Wichita teen shot in leg by liquor store clerk pleads guilty to armed robbery.

While I suppose being 19 still qualifies someone as a “teenager,” he’s actually an adult of legal age, and is going away for a while.

A Wichita teenager has admitted to robbing a liquor store where the clerk shot him and held him at gunpoint before police arrived.

Rayquan Hill, 19, pleaded guilty Monday to one count of robbery

And he took that plea so they don’t charge him with a bunch of similar robberies from 2018.

Prosecutors also agreed not to file charges against Hill in connection to four other liquor store robberies in 2018. They include an April 10 robbery at F&K Liquor, an April 19 robbery at Dave’s Liquors, an April 27 robbery at ABC Liquors and a May 11 robbery of Judy’s Liquor.

This isn’t the only story to call this guy a teenager; they are all equally stupid.

I Don’t Often See Articles About Bounty Hunters

But they’re out there… Suspect shot by bail bondsman during attempted apprehension.

Topeka Police say the suspect was shot by a bail bondsman, who was attempting to take the suspect into custody.

They say the bondsman shot the suspect in self-defense after he was attacked with a large metal lamp.

No charges filed. No names released. Self-defense is a human-right.

Prosecutors Really Hate Self-defense

JusticeAnd some judges don’t like it either. Kansas Supreme Court again overturns Shawnee County murder conviction.

First up, the prosecutor.

The Kansas Attorney General’s office argued that Qualls only needed to fire one shot if he were acting in self-defense, a suggestion panned by justices during a December hearing. As Qualls emptied his gun, Rosen said in Friday’s ruling, he didn’t know if he even hit Beier.

Then the judge

During the 2014 retrial, Rios refused to tell the jury that self-defense was an option because there was no indication at the time of the shooting that there were any weapons in the bar.

If you twitch the wrong way during a traffic stop, a cop will shoot you – even if you are unarmed – and they will be all over self-defense. This guy was already injured, and he and his wife fled the scene they were fired on. But the State HATES self-defense.

How Should a 74-year-old Defend Herself from a Home Invader?

If not with a firearm that is? No charges filed against 74-year-old woman who fatally shot burglar.

You could also file this under, “A failure of the victim-selection process.” He probably thought she would be easy to rob.

Leavenworth County will not file charges against a 74-year-old woman who shot and killed a man as he broke into her home.

Unfortunately, she suffered a heart attack right after she shot the guy breaking in on Saturday. (She is recovering.)

And in strange twist, the family of the guy who got shot, isn’t surprised, or even upset.

“She was protecting herself, and I’m not mad at her at all. I would have done the same thing. I think anybody would,” said Elvis Byrd who wasn’t surprised to hear what happened to his big brother, Ralph Byrd Jr. on Saturday night. “I’ve been saying for quite a while now that Ralph was either going to get himself shot stealing from somebody or he was going to OD on heroin.”

So what would the Left have her do? Without the means to defend themselves, the old and the infirm will be at the mercy of the young and the violent.

Self-defense is a human-right, and it appears to be your legal-right in Kansas.

Another Self-created “Hate Crime”

I guess kids don’t read “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” anymore. Must not be PC. Or something. Racist note on K-State apartment door was a hoax.

Investigators say the student admitted making the sign and hanging it.

The school says they will handle the situation “in accordance with applicable disciplinary procedures.” Officials did not define what that entailed.

Because you need to be victim to gain victim-status. (Hat tip to Weasel Zippers.)

This Commissioner Apparently Thought IT Services Should be Free

Even after a cyberattack, and complaints about IT services from the police department, they really didn’t want to spend the money. IT services agreement reached.

Harvey County commissioners stood at a proverbial crossroads on Monday. With change coming to the information technology (IT) department, they had two choices to consider — either increase staff and expertise on site or outsource IT services to a vendor.

As only a .gov bureaucracy could be constructed, the IT department consisted of 1 director, 1 technician, and 1 temp/contractor. So when that technician went on vacation, they were stuck. When that person got some experience and quit, they were stuck. So it was either admit that IT was important enough to staff, or admit that IT was important enough to outsource. The initial outsourcing contract is for $186,000 for the 1st year. (That will go up in out years. They always do.)

“The dollars just blow my mind, but it’s something that has to be done,” said commission chair Randy Hague.

What exactly did he think it should cost?

The county in question was the victim of a cyberattack in February. Even after a disruption in county services, they still don’t want to spend money on infrastructure and security. Why am I not surprised.