An Hour Wait for an Ambulance After 911 Call

I usually write about 911 response time and police, but this hits the topic of “socialized medicine.” EMS staffing emergency results in response time delays.


So this is from Eastern Kentucky, but once you get away from major metro areas, the same conditions apply in a lot of the country. Long waits for ambulance services in response to a 911 call.

One aspect many may not realize, is the reimbursements ambulance services receive.

“Oftentimes, your 911 provider, and it doesn’t matter if it’s our company or if it’s the company in the next county over, we operate at a loss. It’s because of some of our Medicaid reimbursements,” said Absher.

After the cost of medical supplies, trucks, and other important items, outweigh the profit of a call.

So the .gov doesn’t pay the cost of an ambulance ride, and then people are surprised that there aren’t 100s of companies lining up to be put out of business by the .gov. Only someone in government could set up a payment system designed like this. Someone with no contact with the real world.

“Medicare for all” would sink every one of the ambulance services that try to cover medicare patients with the profit from other patients. Unintended consequences? At some point you have to believe that the idiots in government (while clearly idiotic) are not that completely stupid. They want something to fail, so there’s an excuse to take more control.


Another .gov Agency Hit by Ransomware

Kentucky Provider Pays $70,000 Ransom to Unlock Patient Data.

Park DuValle Community Health Center paid hackers $70,000, after a ransomware attack locked down the medical records of about 20,000 patients for almost two months.

The 2nd attack since April the center has endured. In the first case, they were able to restore without paying the ransom. In this case they did pay.

Lack of patient records means no medical history, etc. And it has impacted care.

The center that got hit gets some funding from the federal .gov, so this does impact you, even if you don’t live in Louisville. (They are a non-profit center and serve low-income patients and the uninsured.)

What’s The Worst Part of a SWATing Call?

Danger to the public? Not by half. Swatting call takes time, manpower.

Forget about the fact that someone might get shot, since that someone is most likely to be the homeowner, and not a cop.

So did they do anything to try and contact the homeowner aside from assembling an army with the goal (mostly) of shooting a bad-guy? A bad-guy who didn’t even exist.

“We are fortunate we don’t have many instances of it in Georgetown,” said Robert Swanigan, Georgetown Police assistant chief. “While nothing may actually happen, it is a strain on resources because it is the type of reports that require a significant response. And it’s not just police. We usually have ambulances and other personnel on the scene.”

If you have a reason to assemble that army, do you think one person might approach a judge to see if a warrant might be available to get a phone number? Or is the only way cops know how to communicate over the sights of an AR-15? Suppose they were coming to my house; if they checked with the 3 largest cellphone providers in America, they would find a cellphone that I pay for, so maybe they could send me text, since I don’t usually answer calls from people who are not in my contacts list. But it seems like they are too busy getting medical support lined up and climbing into their superhero costumes. Or their tactical gear, whichever.

I get that cops have a dangerous job. They should have been told that on day one when they went to whatever police academy they attended. (And they should probably sign a document that they know the job is dangerous every January 1st) That doesn’t mean that they should get to have open-season on homeowners, whenever some anonymous call comes in.

Now no one died in this incident. Except maybe a little more of the respect I once had for cops.

They Suffered a Failure of the Victim-selection Process

They thought robbing a house sounded like a good idea. They were wrong. 20-year-old man shot and killed by homeowner during burglary attempt, Radcliff police say.

Kobie Long, 20, and another man forced their way into the door of a home on North Wilson Road and were shot by the homeowner, Radcliff Police said.

Long was killed, but the other man is in critical condition at University Hospital.

Radcliff Police Capt. Willie Wells says that the shooting is apparently justified by way of self-defense.

“You have a responsibility to protect yourself and your family in whatever means possible to do that,” Wells said. “So, long as you can articulate that your actions were in defense of yourself or your property, then I think you would be justified.”

Definitely not New Jersey.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in Kentucky, it is your legal right.

He Apparently Doesn’t Understand The “Ex” Part of Ex-boyfriend

It nearly cost him a lot. Lexington homeowner shoots at suspect.

The ex-boyfriend shows up at the home of the current boyfriend at 4:30 in the morning and starts banging on the door. Things go downhill for him from there.

The homeowner came out and started arguing with the suspect.

That’s when police say the homeowner fired several shots at the man in self-defense.

It isn’t clear if he was hit by any bullets or not.

He could have been wounded. He could have been killed. All because of the “How dare you live without me” attitude that all too many people, both men and women, seem to embrace.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Self-defense in Kentucky

He picked the wrong store to try and rob. Store clerk derails would-be Lexington robbery, fires shot at suspect.

Robbing a convenience store at 12:30 in the morning is almost cliche. Didn’t work out the way he expected.

When he started to come around the counter, however, police say the store clerk reacted, pulling out a handgun and firing a shot at the would-be robber.

Cops are still looking for the bad-guy.

Video of Armed Self-defense

There isn’t often video. Kentucky homeowner shoots at intruders.

A violent home invasion was caught on camera when four men burst through the door of a home in Kentucky, but they soon discovered the man inside was already armed. The home security cameras caught what happened next.

Which is that the 4 bad guys ran like rabbits.

According to another story on this incident, one of the 4 bad guys was shot, and he is in custody. The other three are still on the run.

Self-defense is a Human-right.