Larry Nassar and the FBI’s Failure to Investigate

Apparently it wasn’t politically advantageous to investigate crimes against people who had no power. Comey’s FBI Ignored Sexual Abuse Victims To Play Politics.

The Nassar case was a shameful display of failure at every level. It‘s earning newfound attention due to a documentary now available on HBO—”At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal.” The documentary tells the girls’ shocking story. (It airs again Tuesday. Warning: It’s not easy to watch.) While coaches, parents, USA Gymnastics executives and Michigan State University officials turned a blind eye to Nassar’s deviancy, hundreds of the world’s most talented female athletes were physically tormented for years as the doctor traveled with them across the country and around the world.

Complaints (plural) were made to the FBI, as the crimes covered several states and he even traveled internationally with the gymnastics team. Nothing was done.

Then, 17 months after two female Olympic athletes notified James Comey’s FBI about allegations of sexual assault—and 10 months after James Comey’s FBI opened up an official case on the matter—the feds arrested Nassar at his Michigan home in December 2016.

Perhaps if Nassar had been a quirky political consultant working for a candidate Comey didn’t like, Comey’s FBI would have acted faster.

Political law enforcement, and the FBI is nothing if not political, is not a good idea.