Self-defense in Las Vegas

He thought breaking into a house in the middle of the day was a good idea. Homeowner fatally shoots intruder at central Las Vegas residence – Las Vegas Review-Journal

A central valley homeowner shot and killed an intruder Wednesday morning, Las Vegas police said.

This incident remains under investigation, but seems to be a case of self-defense, which is a human-right.


I Wish the Reporter Would Explain What About This Is “Unclear”

Because it seems pretty straightforward to me. Man shot and killed after trying to break into car with family inside

So you’re in your car, with your family. Someone tries to break into the car. When they are about to gain entry, you open fire and shoot them.

Then along comes a gun-hating idiot journalist to comment on the situation.

It is unclear if the shooter will be charged, or if this will be treated as a case of self-defense.

How much more evidence would this “news organization” need to at least admit that this really does look to be justified? Or do they just hate guns and gun-owners so much, that no amount of evidence would be enough?

No media bias here!

In the meantime, self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

I Wish More Women Were Prepared to Defend Themselves

I read too many stories about domestic violence that end badly. This isn’t a happy ending, but at least the intended victim (she is not a victim) is OK. Police: Man shot, killed in self-defense in North Las Vegas – Las Vegas Sun Newspaper

A 31-year-old man slain outside a North Las Vegas house Friday was shot in self-defense by his domestic partner whom he’d been in a physical struggle with, city police said today.

Actually I don’t see why people are violent towards those they claim to love. I also don’t understand the whole “How dare you live without me,” position that too many stalkers seem to take.

In any event, this is the best ending I think you can hope for, in a situation that could have ended so much worse. Self-defense is a human-right.

They Suffered a Breakdown of the Victim-selection Process

It happens more and more. This time there are photos from a Ring Video Doorbell. ‘They’re coming in. There’s no question’: Home break-in ends with gunfire | KSNV

So if you saw 2 strangers at your front door, and then suddenly there were 4 uninvited guests in your backyard, what would you do when one of them actually got INTO you home? This guy had an answer.

“They had flashlights and I’m basically just seeing silhouettes of their bodies moving around the backyard,” said Kris. “And as soon as one comes two feet into my home, I fire two rounds.”

Kris said he ran outside and fired two more rounds. The intruders took off and Kris called 911.

Personally I would have called 911 when they were in the backyard, but difference of opinion is what makes a horse race.

No word on whether or not anyone was actually shot. (Practice, practice, practice people. Most of us need more practice.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Self-defense in Las Vegas

I don’t think there are too many good Samaritans like this in the world today. Man Dead After Shooting – AM 720 KDWN

Police say the woman had signs of abuse and was bleeding from the face. It’s believed she ran from her apartment and was being chased by her boyfriend when he got into an argument with a neighbor. That’s when the neighbor shot and killed the boyfriend.

I’m not sure I could intervene for a neighbor in this way. I wish I was sure that I could, but if I’m being honest, I probably would only call 911.

Anyway going by this report, Las Vegas Metro Police seem to believe it is a justified shooting.

Armed Homeowner Stops Home Invasion

IF you break into homes, you will eventually find and armed homeowner. Homeowner Shoots Home Invaders – AM 720 KDWN

Two guys try to break into a home from the back yard. One ends up dead. One ends up shot in the butt. Unfortunately, one of the homeowners also was injured, by a gunshot wound to the arm.

The homeowner is not expected to be charged.

Because self-defense is a human-right.

20-yr-old Brit Gets Taste of US Justice System (As practiced in Nevada)

Justice His parents insist that he is disturbed and little Johnny Mikey wouldn’t hurt a fly unless someone put him up to it. Michael Sandford faces 30 years in prison for attempting to assassinate Donald Trump

Actually, the grand jury has only said that he should stand trial, but that will probably mean that there is no bail offered.

Michael Sandford, 20, is accused of trying to grab a police officer’s gun to shoot the presumptive Republican presidential nominee at a campaign rally in the city.

Sandford, who has a history of mental health problems, told police he drove from California to kill Mr Trump, and he went to a Las Vegas gun range to learn to shoot the day before the June 18 rally.

A “history of mental health problems” doesn’t mean that he is not competent to stand trial. Though the shrinks will be all over that.

You could also file this under “illegal alien commits crime,” because his visa expired some time ago.