Trump Kills Navy Achievement Medals for JAG Team That Screwed Up

If you call circumventing the protections of the Constitution a screw up. The medals made little sense to anyone outside of JAG. Trump nixes NAMs for 4 prosecutors tied to SEAL case.

“Not only did they lose the case, they had difficulty with respect to information that may have been obtained from opposing lawyers and for giving immunity in a totally incompetent fashion,” Trump tweeted.

And he was right. For the details on everything they got wrong, see the original story: Their case collapsed in court but 4 Navy prosecutors still netted NAMs.

First up there was some warrant-less surveillance carried out by NCIS with the original lead prosecutor on the case in question.

The spying wasn’t the only accusation of prosecutorial and police misconduct dogging the case. They were accused of manipulating witness statements to NCIS agents; using immunity grants and a bogus “target letter” in a crude attempt to keep pro-Gallagher witnesses from testifying; illegally leaking documents to the media to taint the military jury pool; and then trying to cover it all up when they got caught.

And for this they were awarded medals. Does the Judge Advocate General Corps realize how tone-deaf they are? Or is this just another issue of “Lawyers Behaving Badly?”

And for all this (and more, there was at least one more related trial scheduled) the Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson ordered a review of JAG.

Chicago’s Recipe For More Crime

JusticeIf you make something cheaper, you will get more of it. Court report: 12 years for Red Line robbery spree; 51-month sentence for opening fire on Uptown street….

So instead of two counts of attempted murder, and several other charges, he plead to a single charge that got a 51-month sentence.

Miguel Santiago, 53, reached a deal with prosecutors in which he pleaded guilty to a single count of being a felon in possession of a firearm in exchange for a 51-month sentence with 303 days credit for time served.

Two counts of attempted murder, Class X felony armed habitual criminal, aggravated discharge of a firearm and four felony weapons counts were dropped in the agreement, which was approved by Judge Charles Burns.

Which comes to just over 41 months – less than 4 years. That will send a message, I’m just not sure it is the message that the good people of Chicago want. (Do I need to create the Lawyers Behaving Badly category? I could throw in judges as well.)

Prosecutors Hate Self-defense So Much They Will Send Innocent Men to Prison

JusticeEspecially if racism comes into the mix. John McNeil recounts legal battles after self-defense shooting.

He was in his own yard. Both he and his son were threatened with a knife. He fired a warning shot, but the guy with the knife lunged at him. Cops said it was self-defense, but the DA decided to prosecute. Cops testified for the defense. He was convicted. This was in Georgia. All this in a state that had a Stand Your Ground law in place at the time.

The homeowner who defended himself was black. The guy with the knife was white.

John McNeil spent 6 years in prison for defending himself while black in the State of Georgia.

McNeil was sentenced to life in prison in Georgia after he fatally shot a man who had trespassed on his property and threatened both him and his son with a knife in his own backyard in 2005. McNeil was released from a Georgia prison in 2013 after serving more than six years of that life sentence thanks to a grassroots campaign led by his late wife, Anita, who died of cancer 10 days prior to his release, the NAACP and leaders in Wilson. McNeil had cited the Georgia stand-your ground law.

That DA should be prosecuted from being an asshole racist, but nothing will happen to him.

More Prosecutorial Misbehavior

Fraud. Acting in bad faith. Generally being really mean to poor people. Why Are Prosecutors Putting Innocent Witnesses in Jail? | The New Yorker

Why? Because they can. Because they care more about winning than about justice.

Throwing victims in jail to coerce their testimony. Why not? A rape survivor breaks down on the stand, testifying against her attacker, and what does the state do? Throw her in jail for a month.

Here is one example. (Fraud and abuse out of New Orleans? Color me shocked.) It isn’t even the worst example.

This past April, the Lens, a New Orleans news site, reported that the district attorney’s office had been issuing fraudulent subpoenas to “order” attendance at private meetings with prosecutors, alongside a warning: “A FINE AND IMPRISONMENT MAY BE IMPOSED FOR FAILURE TO OBEY THIS NOTICE.” The “subpoenas” were, in fact, improvised documents created by the D.A.’s office; they lacked full legal authority. The D.A.’s office told the press that they would stop using the fraudulent subpoenas, which they call D.A. “notices.” Bowman repeated this claim to me, adding that the use of such documents stretched back decades, across many jurisdictions. “This was not limited to Orleans Parish,”

The long term result is folks not calling the cops. You want to be jailed for being a victim of a crime? That is backwards, even by the standards of 21st Century America. Not that District Attorneys seem to be able to take the long view. That doesn’t help them get promoted.

And besides, why not lie and intimidate the public if you can. Public servants? They’re LAWYERS!