NYC: Crime Is Down If You Don’t Look Too Closely At the Statistics

Overall the crime rate is down, but “overall” never tells the whole story. Despite City’s Positive Outlook On Crime Numbers, NYPD Reports Murders & Rapes Soaring In 2019.

The NYPD and Mayor de Blasio have boasted about a continued drop in crime citywide, but a closer look at those numbers finds a disturbing trend being masked by an overall lower crime rate.

Murders and reported rapes across the five boroughs have spiked through the first two months of 2019.

Yeah, that doesn’t make the “overall” statistics seem very relevant to me.


Cooking the Books on 911 Response Time

This isn’t unique to Ocala, Florida. Rick Hancock: Reported response times not an accurate measure.

Publicly reported response times are tracked only from when a responder is “available” to respond, which is quite different from reality. Published response times don’t include the length of time for processing the call to the right agency for contact, acceptance to respond, and to get on the road. In addition, the clock doesn’t start until someone is actually available to respond.

So if you spend time on hold, because a 911 operator isn’t available, they don’t count that time, or the time it takes them to figure out who they need to send. (Fire, EMS or Police?) But it no officer is available to come to your aid right away, because they are all on other calls, they don’t count that time either. So you could wait for 20 minutes for an officer to be available, and they will only count the 4 minutes it takes him to drive to your location. Did you only wait 4 minutes, or was it more than 24 minutes? And are you going to be able to comfortably wait for 24 minutes? That is a really long time if bad things are happening. (Actually it isn’t usually 20 minutes, but you get the point.)

This time is not used in the response calculation and increases the true response time by 20-100 percent.

And this is “standard procedure” in a lot of police departments, because making the numbers look good, makes the department look good, and it makes the Chief look good, which is really the most important thing cops do, right?