Gun Control and Knife Control. Maybe They Should Focus on Criminal Control

Still, New York and London can’t hold a candle to Chicago or Baltimore. London murder rate beats New York for month as stabbings surge | Fox News

The Sunday Times reported 15 people were murdered in London, against 14 in New York. Both cities are very diverse with large populations: London has over 8.7 million residents to New York’s 8.5 million.

Murders in London are up 38 percent since 2014. And that trend isn’t reversing.

Deadly stabbings in England and Wales are now at their highest levels since 2011, rising by 12 percent in the year ending December 2017.

The people who hate guns won’t count those murders because stabbings don’t count when you hate guns.


The UK Independence Party Is Not Happy

And why should they be? The crime rate in London is growing dramatically. Sadiq’s London – Violent Crime Goes Through the Roof

Sadiq Khan’s record on crime in his first year of Mayor is appalling. The rise in violent crime from 2015/16 to 2016/17 is both staggering and frightening, with gun crime up 16%, rape up 18%, knife crime up 31%, murder up 27% and youth murder up by a horrific 70%.

David Kurten AM said, “After stating that ‘low level crimes’ such as car crime and burglary would not be priorities for the Metropolitan Police, theft is up 34% and burglary up 19%.

“Low level crime,” like having your car stolen, is ignored. I don’t know how (or if) UK treats home invasions (someone is home) versus burglary (an empty dwelling). My guess is that they count it in whichever way makes them look best.

London is acid-attack capital of the world, and with the release of these statistics is officially less safe than New York City.

Grenfell Tower Fire in London

A non-political tragedy? Of course not. The Left will forget the roll of government in this disaster, while they blame the eeeeeevil bankers. Or whoever. Grenfell Tower fire in London leaves 12 dead, dozens injured – The Washington Post

LONDON — Through the night and deep into the day, the crackling fire raged, sweeping through apartments , destroying lives, and behaving like an out-of-control inferno from an earlier century, or perhaps from a less affluent part of the world in this one.

But this was London. This was 2017. And this was a fire unlike any seen here in recent memory, a blaze that on Wednesday transformed a 24-story high-rise that was once home to some 500 men, women and children into a charred ruin on the city’s otherwise gleaming skyline.

Allegations that renovations were not up to code, a lack of escape routes and the absence of an integrated alarm system. Add that to the fact that it is public housing and you have a story made explicitly for the 24 hour news vultures.

And while they are bemoaning the eeeeevil bankers the people who died will be forgotten. Mostly. Except in the abstract.

It was government that owned this building. Government that renovated it, and oversaw the maintenance. It was government that ignored the warnings of what was wrong. But you won’t find that in the WaPo article. (They are talking about the folks who live “a short amble” from this disaster, as if it were of their making, and government was innocent and not involved.)

UK Violence surges

The number of violent crimes in the UK went up dramatically, and they tracked cyber-crimes for the first time, which is why the number “doubled.” Violence surges as crime totals double

That 100% rise in crime falls under lies, in the “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics” spectrum. Last year they didn’t count cyber crime. This year they did.

Still violent crime is up substantially in the UK. Though there are folks arguing it just that the books were cooked in the past…

The Metropolitan Police, the country’s largest force, signalled a 24 per cent leap in violence, the largest increase in the country in terms of numbers, with an extra 32,000 crimes bringing the total to 168,000.

Other jurisdictions saw larger increases, but this is the London statistic. A large increase for such a large population.

Sex crimes numbers are up, mostly because the UK is doing a better job of prosecuting such crimes. It wasn’t that long ago that police basically said “she deserved it” and refused to do anything. Not many victims are going to come forward under those circumstances.

Even accounting for some cooking of the books, the numbers in the UK are not good.