A Couple of Reporters Got Arrested in Louisville

Shelby Talcott and Jorge Ventura of Daily Caller were arrested at the Louisville Peaceful Protest™ – known to some as riots – after the curfew had expired, and after 2 cops had been shot.

The Other McCain notes that there are Hazards of the Trade

Hunter S. Thompson got tear-gassed while covering the riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. It’s a hazard of the trade. If you’re a combat correspondent in a war zone, you might get bombed. If you’re a reporter covering a riot, you might get arrested.

He hopes they just pay the fine and consider it a business expense.

P.S.: Shelby Talcott is way too cute to be Antifa, but the cops can’t make a Pretty Girl Exception to the laws, because then they would be accused of unconstitutional discrimination against ugly chicks.

While I am tempted to include the Tiny Violin, I will resist that temptation.

Two Officers Shot in Louisville

Because BLM/Antifa/et al didn’t get what they wanted. 2 Louisville police officers shot as protesters gather following Breonna Taylor grand jury decision

This was described in the press as a peaceful protest, until the shots rang out. Louisville Democrat Mob: ‘Burn It Down’ After #BreonnaTaylor Grand Jury Ruling

The Mostly Peaceful™ Protesters didn’t wait for dark to start breaking windows in Louisville

Trashing restaurants is sure to convince people to see your point of view.

Probably be more of the same, Thursday, and over the weekend.

Lawlessness in Louisville

CuffsThe Breakdown of Civilization™ continues. Black Lives Matter Activist Wearing ‘Justice for Breonna Taylor’ Shirt Walked into a Louisville Bar and Murdered Three People

He walked into a bar, owned by a retired cop, and murdered 3 people.

Of course this is only a local story. Nothing of interest on the national scene.

The shooter was wearing a “Justice for Breonna Taylor” t-shirt. Naturally, the national media has completely ignored this story — which certainly would not have been the case if a mass shooter had been wearing a “Trump” shirt.

Hat tip to The Other McCain – 3 Killed by Louisville Gunman Wearing ‘Justice for Breonna Taylor’ T-Shirt

Professionalism in Policing

Facepalm X 2Because between the Breonna Taylor screw up and the George Floyd execution, they don’t already look like a bunch of jackbooted thugs with sub-par intelligence. Some genius needs to add to the mix. Louisville PD apologizes for targeting news crew at protest.

A police officer was seen on camera firing what appeared to be pepper balls at a news crew during a live television broadcast of the second night of Louisville protests, prompting an apology from the Louisville Metro Police Department.

But have no fear. The cops are going to look into it, and “if [they] need to do any investigation for discipline,” it will happen. What could go wrong?

Cops Wouldn’t Lie to Get a Warrant. Would They?

Of course they would. ‘FALSE INFORMATION’ ‘No suspected drug packages to justify warrant’ to raid home of black hero nurse shot dead by police.

This is about the death of Breonna Taylor.

First up we should note that the guy they were looking for was arrested earlier in the day 10 miles away. He had been involved with Ms. Taylor – 2 years ago.

Then there is the evidence used to get the no-knock warrant.

The same detective said he had verified “through a US Postal Inspector” that Glover had been receiving packages at her address.

But a Louisville postal inspector, Tony Gooden, told a local news station that Louisville police did not check with his office about Breonna’s apartment.

He said another law enforcement agency had asked his office in January to investigate for suspicious mail arriving at her home, but they concluded there were none.

“There’s no packages of interest going there,” Gooden told WDRB News on Friday.

Oops. The cops have been in cover-up mode since they killed this innocent woman. Because Lies followed by death don’t look good. To anyone.

Perjury charges. Loss of pension. Jail time. I don’t expect anything to happen to these cops. The are fighting the War on (Some) Drugs™ and there are bound to be problems in war. Truth is the first casualty.

So Can Chalk This Up to COVID-19?

I think we should blame the bleeding hearts who opened the jail doors. More inmates released amid corona concerns as one inmate gets re-arrested for murder.

Because keeping violent criminals in prison would be unfair.

Actually I will leave the murder charge, because the authorities are claiming the guy who was re-arrested was eligible for release without reference to COVID-19, and the timing is just a coincidence. Of course it is.

His [Louisville Metro Department of Corrections FOP spokesman Tracy Dotson] lodge and that representing LMPD officers recently denounced the release of Kenneth Walker, the man accused of shooting LMPD Sgt. John Mattingly on March 13. Walker was released last week to home incarceration.

Dotson said, however, the release of non-violent offenders was needed in order to protect them and his officers.

Releasing non-violent offenders is one thing. Reducing the likelihood of an outbreak in the jail, which would expose both criminals and guards, but this guy doesn’t strike me as non-violent. Louisville man pleads not guilty to attempted murder of a police officer.

When officers “eventually forced their way inside the home through an exterior door,” Ted Eidem with LMPD’s Public Integrity Unit said they were “immediately met by gunfire.”

I’ve checked a couple of stories, but I can’t find any info on why they executing a warrant, or what he was originally incarcerated for.

Hat tip to MaddMedic at Freedom Is Just Another Word… who notes, “This is the Government helping.”

Another .gov Agency Hit by Ransomware

Kentucky Provider Pays $70,000 Ransom to Unlock Patient Data.

Park DuValle Community Health Center paid hackers $70,000, after a ransomware attack locked down the medical records of about 20,000 patients for almost two months.

The 2nd attack since April the center has endured. In the first case, they were able to restore without paying the ransom. In this case they did pay.

Lack of patient records means no medical history, etc. And it has impacted care.

The center that got hit gets some funding from the federal .gov, so this does impact you, even if you don’t live in Louisville. (They are a non-profit center and serve low-income patients and the uninsured.)

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

How would you respond to an intruder, in an 11-year-old girl’s room who stripped to his underwear? Homeowner shoots home invader who undressed to his underwear, Louisville police say.

The main confrontation with the homeowner happened in the kitchen.

A male homeowner demanded Oliver leave and got into a physical fight with him, injuring his hand, police said.

He yelled to his girlfriend for help. She fetched a gun from the bedroom which he then used to shoot Oliver multiple times.

He was taken to a local hospital, and then to the county lockup.

Self-defense, and defense of family, is a human-right.

Break Into Houses (or Garages) And Eventually You Will Find an Armed Homeowner

No one will be surprised at what happens next. Homeowner shoots burglary suspect in Edgewood neighborhood.

This guy tried to get on a day-care bus, then tried to get into the house via a side door. The homeowner was alerted by the bus-driver and his fiance. He went to look around, then got his gun and went outside, and saw the schmuck in his garage.

Baker says he called the police and told the man officers were on their way.

“Then he proceeded to open up the main door, yanking and pulling on it, trying to get to me. So, I drew my gun, and I let him know if you come toward me I’m going to fire. Stay where you are,” Baker said.

When the man lifted up the garage door and charged, Baker shot him in the thigh.

Cops took the would-be bad-guy to the hospital. No charges have been filed against the homeowner.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Man and Man’s Best Friend Defend the Homestead

“Nevermind the dog. Beware of the owner.” For those of you who haven’t seen that sign – you can find it at most gun shows somewhere – it shows a gun. The would-be intruder ignored the sign, but there was both a dog and an owner with a gun. Armed Louisville homeowner holds off suspect with gun and 150-pound Great Dane named ‘Tank’

He was locking up when he noticed someone “lurking” in his yard and then enter his truck. (His words.) He confronted the bad-guy and told him to get out of his truck. Firing a couple of warning shots when the guy tried to crawl away. He called to his wife, who was inside with the 3 kids, to call 911, and bring out backup. That would be Tank.

“Started barking and go crazy,” said Thomas. “I said, ‘You hear that? That’s my 150-pound dog, and I’m not chasing you, but if you run he’s going to catch you.'”

When cops got there, he was found to have drugs and $3500 in cash. He tried to bribe the officers with the cash. Because it turns out, he had somewhere else to be, aside from jail.

The 25-year-old has a history of drug convictions and was due in court Wednesday to be sentenced in another case.

The judge kept him in jail Monday.

Thomas says he has no regrets. He says it’s all case of man — and man’s best friend — protecting their home.

“I work hard for my money, and it makes me upset someone was out here in my stuff, stealing my stuff,” he said.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

That’s What is Known As Felony Murder

He thought he was committing home-invasion, but but he ended up being charged with murder. Homeowner shoots and kills suspected burglar | WHAS11.com

Police say 23-year-old Aaron McDuffie and another person kicked in the door and broke into a home… .

Once inside, the homeowner, shot at McDuffie and the other suspect, hitting and killing the other man.

The arrested McDuffie shortly after, and charged him with murder.

A local attorney explained to us that McDuffie is charged with the murder because he and the man who was killed were in the middle of committing a crime they knew could put their lives at risk.

Because reporters who cover the crime beat can’t be expected to know things like this. They are journalism majors after all, not engineers or lawyers.

Note: I am not a lawyer, and I don’t play one on TV.

He Suffered a Failure of the Victim-selection Process

His day did not go at all as planned. Intruder in home invasion shot and killed by homeowner in east Louisville

A man on the scene says his mother shot and killed an intruder in a home invasion. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Another intruder got away after the shooting.

“They busted the back window out, and that’s when she stepped out of the hallway and let one shot go and hit somebody, and obviously she got him,” said Bruce Haddix, whose mother shot the man.

The gun banners would rather that this woman was at the mercy of two men. I, for one, am glad she had a firearm.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Self-defense Friday

Several stories of self-defense.

File this first story under “Don’t bring a crowbar to a gunfight.” Crowbar-wielding intruder is shot

Sgt. Vince Lewis says the homeowner called police early Thursday morning to report shooting the intruder after waking to find him inside the home.

According to Lewis, the resident chased the intruder outside, shot the suspect and then held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

That one is still under investigation…

A home invasion robber thwarted by an armed homeowner in Portland, Oregon. Reported intruder dead, homeowner injured in SE Portland

Later Thursday, police said the homeowner was the victim of a home invasion robbery involving several suspects. Lazarides was killed in the home and the others fled. Police said they had very little information about them.

From Louisville, Kentucky another story of self-defense. Resident shoots man trying to break into home, police says

Police were called to the house after the homeowner said he shot one of two men who were trying to break in. The other man ran.

One is injured and in custody. The other ran like a rabbit. There was a call earlier in the week about 2 men casing houses.

In each of these cases police were eventually called via 911. But bad things were already happening (or already done happening) when those calls were made. Calling 911 is a fine thing, but the need for self-defense can come on in an instant. How prepared are you?

He Suffered a Failure of the Victim-selection Process

He set out to rob a liquor store Friday night. The evening did not end they way he anticipated. Man fatally shot during attempted liquor store robbery identified

According to police, the clerk at the store fired several shots at Abulaila, who had displayed a weapon in an attempt to rob the store.

The would-be bad-guy was taken to a local hospital where he died from his injuries.

The clerk was back at work on Saturday.

Self-defense is a human-right.