She Gave Him the Money, Then He Shot Her

The Left always says just give them what they want, and you will be safe. This guy didn’t get that memo. Suspect in Maryland 7-Eleven Slaying Apprehended, Officials Say

After the robber got the money, he shot Maher and then fled, authorities said.

There may be some Justice in this case, because he has been apprehended, but I predict he will plead to a lesser charge, and not spend very long in prison.

Gregory DeShawn Collins Jr., 22, of Waldorf, was located and apprehended in Georgia Monday

Maybe it is too high a profile of a case for the DA to do that, but then again, I am fairly cynical when it comes to the Criminal Justice System.

Cooperation is a strategy for dealing with a violent encounter. I don’t think it is a particularly effective strategy.

But then a gun may not have saved this woman. There are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snow. But just giving them what they want (the Left hates it when you bring up Rape in that context) doesn’t work either.

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“It looked like she was complying”

CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSSHe shot her anyway. 7-Eleven clerk, mother of 4 shot and killed during Maryland robbery

Another tragedy at the hand of someone with little regard for human life.

“He approached her, he produced a gun, it looked like she was complying and he shot her at that time,” [Charles County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Diane] Richardson said.

The gun-hating Left always says “Just give them what they want,” as if that were a guarantee. Of course being armed in your own self-defense is also no guarantee. There are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snow. And it is possible that her employer forbids being armed on the job. Many of them do.

Maher was a mother of three, and stepmother to a fourth, who was regarded as a friendly fixture that made the convenience store a community gathering place, according to her family.

A tragedy.

While they mention surveillance video, no images of the bad guy have been released or none that I can find.

Because Keeping Criminals In Jail Is Unfair

We let them out and are shocked when they commit more crimes. Germantown homicide suspect released from Montgomery County jail in April due to COVID-19. OK, so I’m not that shocked.

The man accused of stabbing a 63-year-old Germantown father to death in July was freed from jail only months earlier, amid COVID-19 pandemic concerns, court records confirm.

They even call the rush to release people hysteria.

He wasn’t a violent criminal before, but he is now, and a man is dead. Social Justice? Maybe, but no actual Justice.

The Mayor Is Disturbed That Cops Are Minutes Away

So Hagerstown, Maryland Mayor Bob Bruchey had a reason to call 911. Cops were not there instantly, and he didn’t like the way things were handled. County official says mayor distorted 911 reaction to theft call.

He said in a F*c*book post that he was “on the phone for 9 minutes.” He wasn’t. He hung up on 911 because he was pissed that cops were not there instantly.

The first officer, flagged down by Bruchey, called into the dispatch center 6 minutes and 21 seconds into the call to ask to be added to the call, that he’d been flagged down and was checking the area.

Someone arrived at his house at 8 minutes after he called 911.

This was for a property theft call, in which no weapons were involved.

But politicians expect better service than the rest of us can expect. And then there is the politics…

There was no reference during the county officials’ discussion about a dispute between the city and county regarding city officials’ recent decision not to make its annual $405,630 payment to the county for the 911 center.

So how does that work? I can just decide not to pay my property taxes? I don’t think so. But then politicians don’t believe that the rules apply to them.

And yes, if you call 911 they are going to ask you a bunch of questions. They are going to REPEATEDLY ask for your address.

It matters what is happening, but emergency personnel need to know where to go.

Screaming at the 911 call-taker is not going to help your situation.

The Left Says “Just Give Them What They Want”

Cooperation with criminals is supposed to ensure your safety. (They never want to talk about how to deal with rapists in this context.) Cell phone stops bullet during Hampden robbery.

So a guy robs a store. The clerk cooperates. But that doesn’t keep him safe.

From another camera angle, you can see the unidentified 35-year-old male clerk complying with the robber’s wishes and holding both of his hands up as the suspect grabbed some cash posing no threat to the robber.

“As he was leaving the place, scot-free, he stopped, turned and shot the clerk without warning, without being provoked,” said Baltimore Police Det. Donny Moses.

The clerk suffered severe burns and may require a skin graft. Burning lithium-ion batteries are no joke. But he didn’t get shot.

The Left holds up cooperation as a guarantee of safety, but it is nothing more than a strategy for dealing with a violent encounter. I think it is a bad strategy, because as this case demonstrates, violent criminals don’t stop being violent criminals because of anything you are or are not doing.

Why Exactly Do We Care that He Was a Doctor?

He was killed because he opened fire with a rifle on a house, and was killed for being a violent criminal. Armed doctor killed by Charles County deputy was shot first by neighbor in self-defense, police say.

Diane Richardson, a spokeswoman for the Charles County Sheriff’s office, says Dr. De Quang Tran walked onto the front lawn of a home on Spring Oak Drive on April 26th and began shooting at the house with a rifle.

The homeowner inside, who has not been identified, returned fire with a small caliber handgun, wounding Dr. Tran, Richardson said.

An exchange of gunfire lasted until a cop showed up and killed the good (or not-so-good) doctor. Or madman. Or whatever.

He busted a storm-door at a neighbor’s house and pulled a security camera from the door frame. Then he went up the street and opened fire with his rifle. All at about 10 o’clock in the morning.

So what makes it important to know that he was a doctor? Before he was a violent criminal, that is. Doctors don’t do that kind of thing. (Obviously false) Educated people don’t do that kind of thing. (Also false.) It was such a nice neighborhood that kind of thing shouldn’t happen here. (You are not protected by your zip code.) What?

Less Than $10,000 Per Year for a Life Stolen

JusticeThey covered up evidence that he didn’t commit the crime. Baltimore to pay $125,000 to man who spent 16 years wrongfully in jail.

A man who spent 16 years in jail for murder – before another man’s confession was uncovered in a Baltimore City police report – will be awarded $125,000 to settle his lawsuit.

The prosecutor said the confession was “not to be released” to the defense. Why? Because winning was more important than justice. Oh that lawyer, went on to become a judge. She died while this guy was in prison for a crime he did not commit.

The Criminal Justice System. Definitely criminal, and not interested in Justice.

So Does This Count as a Threat of Terror?

At least he’s being held without bond. Hagerstown man charged with making threats at Meritus.

According to the news release, Smith was in the emergency department and “it was learned that Smith had been tested for COVID-19 prior to his arrival at the hospital.”

“When asked to wear a protective bandana, Smith refused and became combative with staff and security,” the release states. “Smith yelled that he didn’t care if he infected other(s) because no one cares about him.”

Smith pulled down his bandana and coughed several times in the direction of a deputy and a Meritus security officer.

Hat tip to The Other McCain who notes that Crazy People are Dangerous.

“Emergency” is not a synonym for “panic”

The Other McCain has an update on COVID-19 Maryland Governor Declares State of Emergency Over Coronavirus Cases.

Gov. Hogan is both (a) Republican and (b) very popular, despite (c) Maryland being an overwhelmingly Democrat state. He is efficient and businesslike, and declared a state of emergency not because the state is on the brink of a coronavirus pandemic, but simply so that he could use broader executive power to coordinate a statewide reponse. Everybody chill out.

That is pretty good advice. But I would add, “Everybody think.” Italy should have canceled Carnival, and people should have known not to go, but the government didn’t say anything and people didn’t think, so now they do have an epidemic on their hands. So things like “You shouldn’t got to SXSW.” That shouldn’t need a .gov edict. Ditto for AIPAC. I wouldn’t have gone to CPAC (if I had a way to go). If everyone would avoid crap like that for 4 weeks, this would be over. But people will continue to go to concerts, and conferences, and whatever, and we will still be talking about COVID-19 in August. All for stupidity, and stupid reasons. “I didn’t want to cancel my trip to Disney, or to NYC, or to wherever.”

The title to this post is a quote from The Other McCain.

What If You Called 911, And They Sent Rescuers to The Wrong Address?

The “system” is mostly people, after all. Dispatch error causes delayed response to house fire in Montgomery County.

Last week, a call went in for the report of smoke to 2005 Prichard Road in Wheaton. Officials say when the initial dispatch went out, the dispatcher misunderstood the caller and entered the address as 2005 Piccard Drive in Rockville. As a result, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue crews responded to the wrong address, delaying their response time.

This was fire; it could have been police just as easily.

Officials are “reviewing” to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Good luck with. “Humans working here are not allowed to make mistakes.”

Calling 911 is a fine thing to do, they can send all kinds of help your way, but that help won’t arrive instantly. Maybe you need something in you plan, in addition to “Call 911.”

Baltimore’s Murder Problem Shows No Sign of Improvement

They are on track to have more murders than last year. Man killed in Waverly, Baltimore police say, as city nears 300 homicides for 2019.

Baltimore with an (estimated) population of 620,500 has had 296 homicides this year. That is a rate of 47.7 per 100,000 people.

Chicago with an (estimated) population of 2,706,000 has had 450 homicides this year (according to HeyJackass!, who has the best Chicago stats). That’s a rate of about 16.6 per 100,000. Not that Chicago is exactly winning the war on crime.

The pace of violence is ahead of last year, during which 309 people were killed. This year would be the fifth straight in which the city surpasses the 300 mark.

Self-defense Is Legal in Maryland

JusticeAnd though the guy was shot after he forced entry to a home, the DA had to wait a month in case he was able to find SOME way to charge the homeowner. Prosecutors decide not to press charges in Woodbine shooting.

But in Baltimore, they HATE that.

“The horrible loss of life in this case is a product of a series of unfortunate coincidences that all came together to end in a horrific result,” Howard County State’s Attorney Rich Gibson said.

Gibson announced Tuesday that the state will not file charges against Dorsey for shooting and killing Espinoza in July. Gibson said the video was just one factor in that decision. Gibson said Espinoza had been at a pool party at another home in the neighborhood, and his blood alcohol level was two to three times the legal limit.

So alcohol really can ruin your health.

So a belligerent drunk forces his way into a home where he was told repeatedly to leave, and when the homeowner defends himself from said drunk, the State’s Attorney spends a month trying to figure out how to charge the guy who was forced to defend himself and his family. Oh, and it’s all on video. So eventually having to admit defeat, the State’s Attorney admits that self-defense really is legal in Maryland.

Illegal Alien Rapes Woman in Sanctuary Jurisdiction

Not that ABC will mention Sanctuary. (or use the word “illegal” to describe immigration.) ‘You know you like this’: Court docs reveal horrid details in rape of Silver Spring woman.

The suspect has been identified as Kevin Mendoza, a 26-year-old undocumented immigrant illegal alien. Mendoza is currently facing a trio of felony charges: first-degree rape, attempted second-degree murder and first-degree assault.

I edited that sentence for them, to remove the euphemism.

The article is full of some disturbing details, but it is a disturbing crime.

How Much Does the Left HATE Self-defense?

JusticeEven though everything – including profanity and threats – is on security video, they hate it. Is it legal to shoot an intruder? Here are the laws in Maryland, Virginia and DC.

The self-defense laws for Maryland, Virginia and D.C. vary, but each jurisdiction has some type of law in place that addresses when it’s deemed legally justified to use a firearm in self-defense.

Both Maryland and Virginia follow what’s called a castle doctrine, which allows homeowners to use deadly force to protect themselves, their home and their family. However, the use of deadly force must be considered reasonable.

So if someone is threatening you, on video, are you reasonably able to construe that they mean you harm? In Maryland the answer is apparently, “Yes.” The Left hates that. You are supposed to rely on the State for everything, even those things they can demonstrably not supply, like your personal safety in the face of an attack. The linked article isn’t the only story on this topic. Because The Left. Hates. Self-defense. (There are better articles on this than the one I linked, but the one article I really like has a video I cannot shut down. And I won’t inflict that hell on you.)

For my take on the original incident see the post at this link.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Self-defense Caught on Video Doorbell System

And this wins the “Most Misleading Headline of the Month” award, since he wasn’t shot until AFTER he broke in. Man shouted profanity, shot by homeowner in Woodbine incident.

Upon review of the footage, police said Espinoza can be heard shouting, saying at one time “I’m going to f— you up,” and, “you want a piece of this s—.” Espinoza was wearing no shirt or shoes at the time, and that he may have been drinking. Police said he had been staying with friends at a house in the neighborhood.

When he pushes the door open, he gets shot. He died of his injuries

The investigation is ongoing, but no charges so far.

Self-defense is a human-right.

Stupid Criminals and WiFi Auto-login

It’s good to see that the American educational system is still just like it always was. Wi-Fi Auto-Login Helped Identify Hate Crime Vandalism Suspects.

The plan was to write “Class of 2018” everywhere, but it didn’t end there. They painted racist, homophobic and antisemitic graffiti all over the place.

They knew there were security cameras, so they covered their faces.

What the suspects did not realize however, is that their smartphones automatically connected to the school Wi-Fi once they were in the area. Which of course, would only possible if they have an account or attend the school. Since each student has their own unique ID, their login times were recorded on the server and could be cross-referenced with the surveillance video.

To be completely surrounded by technology, to use that technology every day of your life, and to be so completely ignorant of how that technology works… I guess they figure it is like magic, they go to school and get connected to WiFi, and don’t bother to think what that means. Or when they go to their favorite coffee shop, fast food restaurant, or anywhere else that they use the free WiFi. Privacy? What’s that? Stupidity they seem to have a handle on.

Cops Still Haven’t Figured Out They Are Always on Camera

And he and another cop at the scene were wearing body cameras. Former Baltimore officer and man he punched on viral video testify in assault trial.

Cellphone footage of the incident that went viral last year showed Williams confronting and striking McGrier multiple times on a sidewalk in the 2500 block of E. Monument St. of East Baltimore. Body camera footage from both Williams and a second officer, Brandon Smith-Saxon, provided more angles and details of the altercation.

He resigned the day of, was charged, and is in the middle of a bench trial.

McGrier, 26, suffered a fractured jaw and ribs, swelling around his eye and ringing in his ears from Williams’ punches, his attorney has said. McGrier was hospitalized for three days, according to testimony.

Defense attorney Thomas Maronick argued that the hospital stay of only three days shows, “The injury was not serious in any regard.”

I know lawyers are paid to spin things in their clients’ favor, but is stretching the truth part of that deal? A few broken bones is no big deal. Really?

Baltimore STILL Suffering from Ransomware

I feel like they are in the mode “search for the scapegoat.” Baltimore Council President Scott to form panel to examine city’s cybersecurity after crippling computer hack.

I wonder if his panel will discover past requests for IT support dollars that were deemed not important. Any bets? (On whether there were requests, or on whether his panel will find evidence of them?)

The ransomware attack last week on the city’s computer network has caused widespread problems across agencies, including shutting down systems essential for completing home sales in Baltimore.

“This cyberattack against Baltimore city government is a crisis of the utmost urgency,” Scott said.

Actually this guy said, after the previous hack, that they weren’t spending enough on IT security. But it’s easy for one politician to say “we should fix this.”

A review of city budgets shows that certain elements of cybersecurity strategy has lagged as funding has declined.

After they suffered a MAJOR attack about a year ago, funding for security DECLINED. They deserve whatever they get. And what they’ve got is, they can’t pay bills or accept payments. So there’s that.

Security isn’t free. It takes software, and people (who need training regularly) and probably outside audits. Oh, and training so people outside of IT don’t click on spear-phishing emails.

And people ask me why I will never work in Information Technology again. I don’t know how to do something with nothing. I can’t put 10 pounds in a 5-pound bag, not matter how loud you scream. And public bureaucracies aren’t that much different than private. (The best plan, in case of emergency, is to keep your resume updated on your PC at home.)

Use the Weapon That Is Available

I fully expect WaPo to come out in favor of “common sense rock control.” Robber died after victim struck him in head with rock, police say.

A man who authorities initially said was fatally shot last month was actually killed when he was struck by a rock during a struggle with a robbery victim acting in self-defense, Prince George’s County police said.

He tried to rob 2 people and shot one. (That victim remains in critical condition.) The other guy fought back with the only thing available. The would-be robber died 2 days later.

Baltimore’s Ransomware Attack Drags On

Baltimore got hit with ransomware (again) on Tuesday, and it is taking a while to correct the problems. Baltimore struggles to recover from ransomware attack.

Email is down for most city employees, as is bill-paying via credit cards for stuff like paying water bills, etc.

It’s the 2nd time Baltimore has been hit with ransomware in 14 months.

At a Wednesday press conference, city IT director Frank Johnson said the city was working with the FBI and that it appeared to be a “fairly new variant” of the RobinHood ransomware that is “quite aggressive.”

Baltimore isn’t saying exactly what happened, since they are still trying dig themselves out from under… But things with .gov at all levels aren’t great.

The Baltimore attack is a reminder that many governments remain vulnerable to cyberterrorism, largely due to a lack of funding and staffing. In a 2018 Deloitte-NASCIO survey of 50 state officials in charge of information security, nearly half said their state did not have a separate cybersecurity budget line, and most allocate between 0% and 3% of their IT budgets to addressing cyberthreats.

Doesn’t sound good at the next election for the politicians to go on about spending money to avoid crap like this. And so, Baltimore isn’t alone.

And that is only the .gov from the past week.